Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End update

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End update

A message from Shuhei Yoshida

We have some unfortunate news to report that a number of copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were stolen while in transit. While we are continuing to work with the police to resolve the matter – which is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation – it appears that a few copies of the game have surfaced in the UK.

We know that very many of you have been looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to the latest masterpiece from Naughty Dog. From what I have played of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, I can tell you that it is very much worth the wait. As with most Naughty Dog games, the unfolding story is such an integral part of the experience and for this reason we wanted to warn you to beware of the potential for spoilers to be posted by people with access to stolen copies of the game. An extremely talented team has worked long and hard to bring Nathan Drake’s greatest adventure to life and we would urge you to help us prevent this from being spoilt by not purchasing copies of the game ahead of the launch date. Please rest assured we will be very vigilant to protect you from this as far as we can so you can enjoy Uncharted 4’s experience to its fullest on May 10th.

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  • Stolen? I thought they were sent out early by retailer?

    Ah well you can fix it by releasing the game early for everyone ;)

  • Interesting to hear copies were stolen while in transit

  • Huh?! So the receipts that appeared online are fake?!

    Well why not email all the UK retailers and ask them to ship the game now so we can all enjoy it bit early ?

    • Nah the receipts are real I believe the copies were bought from a particular store that specialises in selling and buying used technology.

    • A secondhand shop? god way launder stolen products. get your mate to sell it to the guy and then go and buy it afterwards…

    • there was another shop in bexleyheat in london :) not only cex.

  • Best way is to release digital version now :)

  • A game with the word ‘thief’ in it’s title got stolen? Ironic :O

  • Harsh for the makers that wanted fans to experience it together, no doubt it’s pretty common place. Hopefully the main gaming sites will be smart enough not to give away major plot lines before it’s release.

  • I hope there were not so many copies stolen to affect delivery to those of us who pre-ordered this masterpiece.

  • I mean logically now as clearly alot of copies of the game have been made abd it was meant to release this week best course of action to protect us from leaks is move the release date forwards a week but warn of stock shortages in some locations fir the hardcopy. After all digital exists and likely preorder would be fulfilled fine it’d just be walk in day one sales….. Ans it’s bot like most people couldn’t download it I’d they really couldn’t find a copy anywhere.

  • Speaking of thieves, Please be aware that sony turn subscription auto-renew back on every time you top up your ps+ account. I found this out at my cost yesterday when they snuck £15 out of my bank and wouldn’t give it back. Its underhanded and not even microsoft pull this crap. If i turn off auto-renew I expect it to stay off.

    • Then don’t put your bank account on there take it off

    • Oh I had to find out the hard way too..

    • WOW. No wonder I have 735 days left of PS+.
      This is such an important discovery hahaha.

    • *748 and counting.

    • Hahah wow lol at least you don’t have to worry

    • Same happened to me today. After I read your post and got home, I immediately checked my PSN wallet and boom, €19,95 had disappeared (I had previously had €27,57 there in store for Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe edition). Worst thing is, I hadn’t known about this whole “auto re-newal” [DELETED] at all. It feels incredibly cheap on their part, because I can’t recall ever getting a notification of it.

    • Found this out last time my PS+ ran out. Absolute joke that this happens.

    • Well to be fair Sony tells you that they’ve turned it back on when you top up your PlayStation Plus. You can’t really blame them for you not turning it off.

  • Why did you delay the game by 2 weeks, it’s obviously 1. ready. 2. in shops?

    • Could be because of they day 1 patch that they intend to finish before release

    • They may have anticipated it taking a little longer to polish up, and there’s also all the marketing they would have had to have planned months in advance with the correct release date on.

      Personally I’m glad they gave it the extra time even if it’s not needed. It shows that Naughty Dog haven’t taken any chances on what will hopefully be a phenomenal game!

    • There was no extra polish needed. The game went gold ages ago. Sony delayed the game, probably because they didn’t want it to release so close to Ratchet & Clank.

    • They delayed the game because they wanted a worldwide release.

  • Would I be in trouble if I bought the stolen goods and play it before launch?

    • Probably not but you would be generating profit for the thieves, which is kind of uncool.

    • why ? if you pay some money and have reciept.

    • I like to know how thiefs sold this game to cex. this they told this because want stop reselling more copies ,

    • I don’t care if it’s uncool, I’ll buy it if it’s really cheap.

    • As you would be aware they are stolen goods, and are knowingly purchasing them regardless of this fact, I’m sure there would be some precedent/legislation to bring charges.
      Perhaps not…

    • I suspect the Amazon mix up contributed to it, CEX would have seen that some people thought they were expecting their copies so until now they wouldn’t have known they were stolen

    • Will they do anything no, but receiving stolen goods is illegal. It’s more serious for the store, but the customer doesn’t get to keep and could be prosecuted if they knowingly bought stolen good.

      Personally I’d say Sony should ban every PS4/account who plays before the date, and then unban them in return for information (where they bought it/from who) which can then be handed over to the police on who originally received the stolen games.

    • Playing it is the problem, the means of receiving stolen goods can be an entirely separate problem that may lead to you needing to clarify how you came across such goods.

    • Yup, purchasing stolen goods makes you an accomplice. Don’t do it.

  • So when are we getting multiplayer info ?

  • This is very unfortunate, feel bad for Naughty Dog. Hope the perpetrators are caught soon.

  • Funny that you guys advertise the game (and previous games) by showing off all the big action sequences in the trailers, and you’re worried that we’ll be spoiled? DansGame

    • Lol, yea I stopped watching anything Uncharted 4 after that trailer a while ago, already showed too much of what I prefered to had seen on my big screen :p

    • Action sequences are one thing, plot points are another. Shuei is concerned many will not get to experience the game as they should which is why he gave this statement. I personally appreciate it as I am now aware I will avoid where I can

  • That kinda sucks for people who love the game well I don’t like uncharted maby this is a sign to stop making the same game over and over but hope you find all copys

    • A bunch of stock of one of the most anticipated games ever getting stolen is a sign to stop making them? That makes sense.. And by your logic, every game is the same over and over.. Moreover, how can you not like Uncharted? Oo

    • I just find em boring and not every game is the same online yes but story change but the way I see uncharted you looking for treasure and the 4th one you still doing the same thing I fell asleep playing uncharted plus I’m into games where you make the story and free play of course but I’m dising uncharted because alot of people like the game plus I like naughty dog some games are incredible

    • Looks like somebody stole all your fulls tops and commas to buddy. Maybe Sony can get that investigated to :-)

    • *full stops

    • Hahaha yep they did but has you noticed did you steel the games hahaha it’s okay I won’t tell just give me 50% for what you sell em at hahah

    • I like the bit where people keep making things over and over, because that is what Naughty Dog intend to do. They are ending Uncharted so they can make 50 TLOU’s. Which will always be about the end of days, nothing will ever be new there.

      There is nothing wrong with making the same game though if people like it. As it happens I don’t like TLOU. I don’t want anymore. one is quite enough. I could do with another 50 Uncharted games though.

      So yeah I wish people would stop making the same games over and over that I don’t like…. But that’s just selfish.

    • If you really cared about us getting spoiled before the release date you’d have just given everyone authority to sell the game now.

      Essentially you are telling people to evade the internet. In the internet age… That’s like telling everyone to evade water or food.

    • @Aureilia Not every retailer has probably received the game by now, easier said than done. And by what you say, those that have should start selling them right now so that only a part of consumers gets to experience the game early, which is essentially what they’re trying to stop here to stop people from spoiling it for others..
      They’re not telling you to evade the internet, just the Uncharted 4 news – which you should probably do by default so close to launch.

    • What you on about the Internet nobody talking about the Internet and i ment to put not dising uncharted but its not my type of game I don’t dismind the last of us when it came out on ps4 I got into it more but to make a second one I’d like to see that to see whats different but it’s like film the first is always the best from there they become rubbish but not always

    • No idea why the internet thing was even posted here, there was nothing about spoilers mentioned here either so why would I intentionally post that here?. I didn’t even click to reply here with that comment, this blog is broken, I have no control over Sony’s bad web design, and sure. i get not everyone can like a game. There are plenty of big massive titles everyone seems to love that I absolutely hate with a passion.

      As for the other guy saying that retailers don’t have it, every retailer I’ve been into before I knew they were stolen actually does have it. they just can’t sell it. maybe throughout the world not every retailer has it but every retailer in the UK certainly does. They are all delivered in the same two days thus why Amazon were prepared to send and then noticed the date. Why shopto says in stock but wont send it, why Game has it behind the counter for you to just stare at.

      If they are not already in every store worldwide they are very close to getting there, the date could easily be moved to the 29th worldwide. I’m pretty sure all game stores would be like Game where they actually get the games at least 3 weeks before release usually. Sometimes a few days late.

  • I had wondered about this- all the receipts seem to be from somewhere that sells second hand games but are known to break street dates (I got pokemon Silver back in the day almost 3 weeks before release, and San Andreas a good week.) Amazon apologised- the emails automatically sent the day they were originally due to go out.

    As much as this sucks for Naughty Dog, opinions are positive (I can’t imagine Assassins Creed would cope as well) so whatever they’re fixing up is Multiplayer or late game

    • Well the game is gold and clearly in print so they’re not fixing anything up, I imagine right now they’re working on bug squashing and stability works for the day one patch.

  • i will dodge and avoid un4 stuff for two weeks, but will be hard to not get spoiled, if i got any spoiler it is your own fault, if i got a major spoiler and ruin my experience and enjoyment is your fault. So, its TWO WEEKS to staying vigilant, this is too much and much different from 3 days. People already selling this game out there, somewhere spoilers everywhere will happens soon or latter, just consider release this early on psn and phisicaly

  • Nice of Shu to give us a spoiler warning. As soon as I read ‘unfortunate’ I feared the worst.. Not very common to see a post of this relevance in the media, but it’s no secret this is a majorly anticipated game.

  • I remember this happening with Modern Warfare 3 as well

    • I still got my mw3 day 1 but my mw3 had bits of the game missing I couldn’t play online I couldn’t finish campaign

  • Let’s hope the thieves are caught… And that it really is a thief’s end…

  • Sad to hear. Credit to Sony for flagging it up and doing their best. Nothing but contempt for the thieves and sympathy for Naughty Dog. The talented create; the useless…steal.

  • This happened last year too when some guys stole the ENTIRE shipment of Splatoon Collector’s Editions. Bunch of jerks.

  • for sell games to cex you need to have account with your ID copy , so solve this will be easy if this are stolen for sure.

  • Who cares? This game is well past its sell by date anyway!

    • Hahaha people who pre orded the game but I don’t understand why pick uncharted when they can have better games with the full collecters edition

    • Im confused? If you really don’t like Uncharted why are you still here? This post is 100% clearly about Uncharted why even click it? I don’t like a game, so when I see a post related to it I generally don’t click it cause it has no interest to me. Your comments on all these posts are irrelevant and incoherent, I can barely understand any of it.

    • Many people who don’t like uncharted are here and I wanted to know what Sony are doing about this you right I don’t like uncharted but I like too see what’s going on

    • No it isnt UNCHARTED 4 WILL BE AWESOME end off

    • Sony will find the ppl playing the stolen copys and ban them and tell the police

    • Haha wat ever rayna UNCHARTED 4 will be way better so shh

    • Well I hope you enjoy it and why would Sony ban it’s not there fault and no because if the did buy stolen games everybody aint ganna say anything because they will stick together

  • Hey Shuhei Yoshida First good luck with the investigation i hope you find the thief’s and end them :) you catch that? end thief’s :)
    But you forget about something is in the web long time like 4 and K or Matrix no sorry Neo 4TFLOPS faster, 512mb more memory, any update for that :)

  • How about updating this post with contact info in case someone is able to help?

  • I’ve read a few spoilers on IGN and Twitter, they’re popping up like flowers in the spring but not sure whether they’re legit or not, some of them were to weird to believe, I don’t get why the game still isn’t out, this is legit torture. RELEASE THE GAME ALREADY!

    • we been waiting an because of some stupid thieves the game is coming out late!!

      or is this some trick because they didn’t get the game ready on time ??

  • Think I’m going to stay off uncharted videos on YouTube to avoid spoilers then

  • This is a marketing stunt by Naughty Dog and Sony. Nothing more, nothing less. And it’s brilliant. And on day one the game will still be glorious – can’t wait.

  • This whole “delay” is going to backfire. The number of copies that have already been leaked is absurd and this news just adds insult to injury. Somebody already posted a major spoiler as the heading of a forum thread and it took hours for the post to be removed. Whether or not the post was legitimate isn’t really relevant, it’s the accessibility to the information and how sensitive it is…

  • Someone should end those thieves.

  • Well, looks like it’s someone else’s job to spoil the game now, I was planning to do it but oh well. (Just kidding)

  • Well damn Those Thieves can’t wait until may 10.

  • They should release the digital game immediately…no more waiting..why should we wait all this time for the stupid physical copies..and now got stolen??.. so some lucky people will play it earlier..RELEASE DIGITAL NOW

  • I’m buying the game no matter what so no problem
    hope they catch the people who did it

  • I hope Those Thieves Are Really Proud of What They Did.

  • it must be the end of uncharted :(

    the THIEF’S END

  • Is the special edition out on PS4??????????
    cause i was looking on Ebay to c if any one put anything stolen on there an there was a special edition one ?? that estimated to b delivered before release date.

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