PlayStation Store’s Easter Sale starts today

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PlayStation Store’s Easter Sale starts today

Save on GTA V, FIFA 16, Rainbow Six Siege, Unravel, Bloodborne, more

Ladies and gentlemen, today sees PlayStation Store’s annual Easter Sale get underway – and it’s a big one. Look out for savings on the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 16, Unravel, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Bloodborne and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. See the list below for full details and come back next week for a few additions.

Easter Sale (until 30/03/16)



PS Vita and PSP:

Easter Sale (until 06/04/16)



PS Vita:

Cross Buy:

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Nice variety of games. :)

    • And a nice 1-Year Plus promotion (25% Discount) until the end of the month. But why did no one refer this discount? And why isn’t it available to those already with plus? Or are you considering that existing plus users aren’t going to renew it?

    • As @JorgesUD mentioned, I would like to know about why the 25% PS+ Discount isn’t available for me just because I already have PS+. Was a perfect time to extend my subscription that ends this summer.

      And also enjoyed the games listed, going to get me BF4 Premium, both Wolfensteins and maybe Tearaway.

    • That discount is nowhere mentioned yet you feel entitled you need it.

    • indeed

  • Now were talking! Got myself Onechanbara Z2 and Dark Chronicle :)

    • Only the strong ones can stand the test of time! Caught inbetween these two worlds, finding our way!

      The sun will riiiiise to pierce the sky-iies

      Until this wonderful world starts to shiiiine!

      (great game that Dark Chronicle!)

    • @PyroTails *claps* bravo, bravo! :’)

  • Nice Tropico is good.

  • this blog is getting more useless every day… the only way I have of checking the sales is on psprices… here is totally meaningless, lack of prices, discount %, plattform availability….

    nevertheless, nothing for me right now… I’d rather buy some ps3 games but I’m “new” to the plattform and have my hands full of IGC games (those you gave when IGC games were worth the subscription).

    • Is clicking the hyperlink too onerous?

    • Clicking the hyperlink for each thing individually takes a lot more time than having all the information in one place, which is annoying however there’s not much point mentioning it anymore since they have explained why it is like this a few times now and are highly unlikely to change.

    • Oops, didn’t notice that the titles linked to the whole sale page so ignore me on that part, although navigating the store is still a pain, especially on a phone

  • Been waiting patiently, but what does a person have to do to get a sale on tetris vita?

  • A lot of good stuff on sale (though most games I own already). Bought Talos Principle and thinking about Unravel.
    I’d spend at least 100 € on Vita games alone, though, but since the Vita doesn’t allow multiple accounts, no can do. Which is a damn shame, really, because the EU store has so many wonderful Vita deals and the US Store seems to have forgotten the Vita almost entirely…
    Really, one last patch for the Vita to allow more than one account would be wonderful!

  • Not too bad this time.

  • YES. I’ve been waiting to buy Bloodborne GOTY Edition, now is the time. Thank you. :-D

  • By the way everyone, there is a tonne of vita games on offer which the blog hasn’t mentioned

    • The fact that Sony keeps doing this with sales and new games is just baffling. Don’t they work at Sony? Aren’t they supposed to know exactly what’s on sale and what’s new?
      Is this ignorance, incompetence, or both?

    • Folks, it’s a big list this week and we had some issues with the database. We’re adding a number of additional titles – including extra PS Vita titles – to the post now.

    • @Fred: Why not post the complete list an hour later, instead of posting an incomplete list and getting complaints? Gotta learn from mistakes made in the past to be able to improve.

    • @Fred any chance we can get plants vs zombies and breach and clear put back in the store ??

    • YEP ill second plant v zombies vita. been waiting for AGES. PLEASE PUT IT ON ILL BUY IT IMMEDIATELY

  • Nice sale but… some titles have a 10% PS+ discount and some don’t. Is this still being applied to other titles like Tomb Raider? Also TLOU Remastered is more expensive now (29,99) then in december last year (19,99), what is up with that?

    • Sony is taking advantage of our belief that big annual sales means big discounts so they jack the prices up because they know we’re already conditioned to expect bargains when in fact we’re actually paying more. It’s the more obscure sales that tend to be legitimate sales.

    • That’s why you can use sites like this:
      to track previous price drops, discounts and what not.

  • I have only one question about that vita sale: are you kidding me?

  • £2 off Unravel is a strong contender for most pointless discount ever. GTA Trilogy and Arkham Knight season pass will be mine, however

  • I’ve noticed some DLC related to some of these games is on sale? But there’s no mention of that (For Example: Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass)

    What else is on sale?

  • I guess I might pick up FFX/X-2 HD for €24.99 since it’s the PS4 version… just maybe. Would have liked more Vita sales though.

  • Hmm, cant see this under deals and offers when browsing store from PS4. Will this be there?

  • Sick vita titles sale, doods.
    Uh, everytime I see Metal Gear Rising for sale I expect DLC to be on sale aswell, not this time again though. Still kinda weird to see one DLC chapter twice the price of the main game. Please make it happen. IIRC US got all dlc for free.
    Hey, there is a Dark Cloud in there, yay.

    • MGRR DLC is free on every platform, every region, except for EU PSN.

      Why? Because the game was on PS+ (during the time they decided to make the DLC free too I recall) and Konami decided to keep the DLC paid. It’s pretty ridiculous.

  • Pretty cool! Gotta say the sales got better this came in terms of both amount of games and the size of price drops.

  • Nice.
    One thing I want to know is if all PS+ discounts have already been applied or not. Cause those often appear randomly after a sale starts.. Guess i’ll wait till the end of the day before I buy anything just to be safe
    Would be a non issue if the post mentioned what discount each game has.

  • Decent sale but The Order: 1886 from €40 to €30 isn’t good enough, I can still get it for around half that almost everywhere. 50% off and I would have bought it right now.

    • Picked that up for $10 at the US store. The game is so beautiful to look at but the gameplay…I think I paid a good price for it.

  • That’s a nice discount on Guilty Gear – I guess there’s no excuse not to get it now ;)

    • *DO NOT* buy Guilty Gear Xrd. It has absolutely no DLC support unlike the rest of the world, SCEE did a disgusting job publishing it.

      The upgraded version Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- is due out soon (from pQube). Wait for that instead.

    • I bought it a few months ago from the PS Store, and I would recommand to buy the US version instead, or wait ofr Xrd Revelator because that EU/FR version has no support, no update, hidden character that you cannot unlock because of no DLC support and so on. I called, sent messages, tweets, etc to SONY, ARC SYSTEM WORKS, and no one could help me about this, and Playstation phone line said no to a refund. Since this I don’t care about supporting any developper or brand in this world.

    • Also, online on the FR/EU version doesn’t work, I don’t mean people online, I mean you can’t for example fight against someone who has an US version of the game. While US people can fight against the world

    • Oh well… too late :P
      I’m still expecting some fun from this and the price was quite low so no biggy ;)

    • @theVoltan Hope you still will enjoy it like I did but it’s still wrong what they did to the EU version of that game, never again

  • Why has Crypt of the Necrodancer gone *UP* in price?

    Seeing that it wasn’t in today’s Easter sale, I decided to stump up the full £9.49 and finally grab it for my Vita. But it’s now suddenly gone up to £12.99?!!

    Is this right?

    • It most likely had a launch sale. I can’t say for sure but I’d be extremely surprised if £9.49 was the normal price as that’s cheaper than the PC release (£10.99) and the PS4/Vita releases are usually more expensive.

      I can’t say for sure though as I can’t find any info on that.

  • SUPERBEAT XONiC is also on sale for 29,99€ (39,99€ regularly). It’s imo the best rythm game on the vita.

  • This is a very fine sale, indeed. Gonna buy DMC4 and Onechambara: Z

  • Bloodborne standalone: £24.99
    The old hunters DLC: £8.54
    Total: £33.53

    Bloodborne: GOTY edition – £40.39

    Is this right? Surely not.

  • Any chance of Final fantasy X/X-2 remaster on the Vita to get a price reduction too?

  • Yeah. As if to make up for last weeks omission resident evil,for the vita, is on sale. Saaaweet.

  • No Witcher 3 on sale!? :-(

  • Guilty gear xrd reduced by more than 50 bucks!? I am so there dude!

    • Me too! Have been waiting for it to drop to this kind of price, big fan of Guilty Gear but just don’t play fighting games enough to justify the full price it was originally listed at.

  • If anyone is wondering what to buy.

    Steins;Gate – exceptionaly good. Marvelous story, characters and music.
    Persona 4 Dancing – Very good selection of music.
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – very good jRPG with minor issues. Although this particular english dubbing is bad.

    Probably best games of the last year.

    • I’d get Cold steel if it wasn’t dub only. What a shame

    • The Legend of Heroes really is a great game.40 hours in so far but yeah,some of that voice acting is cringe worthy!

    • @Pocupeth00
      You can turn off the voices. Game is worth the money even with as bad dubbing as it got.

      There are few that are actualy spot on. Misty sounds really great. Towa seems ok. Sharon is also so-so. But on the other hand Alisa, Fie, Millium…. ugh… Probably out of whole main crew I can somewhat agree only with Laura and Emma choice. Not perfect but those are ok~ish. But the rest is just bad… some are just bad and others are “urgh” please don’t say anything!

  • Can anyone counter the average reviews for knack? Because it is pretty cheap. Not my bag but maybe for the kids?

  • That Vita Sale though…

    Checked the store itself and there is like a whole bunch of games on sale not listed in this article.

  • Check this site, it’s much more usefull than PS Blog

  • Nice sale. Does that mean we won’t have deal of the week this week? How much is that sale in terms of %? How can we see the original prices? Thanks.

  • Huge number of games on sale thanks sony – I agree that the blog post could be more useful, but gotten used to going to psprices for checking prices and discounts. But anyway thanks Sony for the discounts, great sale

  • Any chance of a sale on Super Star Wars?

  • as others have stated this is a great sale, and it is. however, i see a lot of games on here that have DLC attached to them and it would have been nice for the DLC to be discounted as well. but i have a serious question regarding other titles that are never in the sale, for one MODNATION RACERS for the PS3. the game in the EU store is £7.99, and the DLC packs that have trophies attached to it are £7.99 also. will we ever see these discounted? i bought the disc version some time ago for £2 and it would be nice to see the DLC packs discounted just once to the price of £4 or £5 please

  • can you still fix the Monopoly PLus price
    2.99$ (from 14.99$) vs 8.99€ (from 14.99€)
    is a bit of a slap to the EU members

  • As a rpg/jrpg lover cant say no to trails of cold steel and it come out on january so its recent atleast on the west lol and a good promotion shame tales of zestiria sucks so i will wait to drop more,but overall good sales like one piece bundle theres two games for a cheap price good for people to enter the series

  • This is pretty good. Thanks!

  • I was counting on Ratchet & Clank Trilogy sale but there are still lots of titles from my wishlist that got discounted.

    • That’s a tough one to get on sale. I think I’ve only seen it on sale once in two years. I got R & C 1 & 2 on discount. When I gave up waiting for 3 to be discounted, I bought it full price. Only for it to go on discount two weeks later.

  • Guys, buy Tearaway Unfolded. I know the PS4 is the hot thing on the block, do it. Just do it.

  • I really want to see Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on sale, is like 1 year that I’m waiting….

  • So… when will the european version of ps2 games for ps4 be updated to 60hz?

  • o Borderlands 1.5: Why is the complete bundle 19.99E, but the season pass still stuck at a ridiculous 29.99E? What about the people who bought the game alone, are we that unworthy?

    o Poncho: Do NOT buy it, the game is completely bugged and the (five) Steam patches were never released on PS4.

  • Lots on sale but lots of ridiculous principal usual. I mean Project Cars at £30? Uncharted at £35!? Most are either still overpriced or retail price. So stupid and annoying

    • Problem is when you start comparing with other regions or plataforms, for example:

      Project Cars is $30 on the US store, not on promotion, it’s the normal price for it;

      Final Fantasy Type 0 is 25€ on Steam while here, on sale, is 35€;

      But hey, i guess different regions/plataforms get to pay some tax, Valkyria Chronicles is 20€ on Steam (5€ during sales) but somehow ps4 players have to pay 30€ (using the publishers logic of $=€, if i’m not mistaken the price hasn’t been announced for europe).

  • Thank you, I was intending to buy Dark Chronicle at some point and at £6.49 I went from intending to pouncing.

  • I’m going to grab ALL those Level-5 PS2 gems, those games are awesome, I got such great memories. It’ll take me years to finish them though.

  • I agree with that guy about listing the games you are selling, the ps1 games in the store wasn’t accessible for months probably why Sony is give Street skater ps1 away for free the week they fixed it. Here too there is dozens of psp games that will work on ps3 and even the ps4 list has games that works on ps3 but not listed.. Ps1 and psp still isn’t listed in a category in the psn store. Looking too far ahead eh Sony

  • Ps can anyone tell me if tmnt game on sale here is worth £5? Is it really that bad to avoid at this low price?

  • Final Fantasy X/x-2 still have same price in store

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