PS4 3.50 system software update – key features detailed

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The closed beta goes live on 2nd March

Our beta program for PS4’s next major system software update, codenamed Musashi (or 3.50 if you prefer numbers), kicks off on 2nd March. If you signed up for the beta and were selected, keep an eye on your email for instructions on downloading.

Regardless of whether you’re in the beta, we wanted to detail some of the key features we’re adding to PS4 in this update. We’re making it easier to connect and play together with friends and the wider community, as well as introducing some much requested features.

  • Friend Online Notification – Want to know the moment your friends come online? With this update, you can, as we’ve added an option to be notified when members of your friends list sign in on the network. Notifications can be tailored to certain friends.
  • Appear Offline – Sometimes you want to play a game or watch a movie without being interrupted. Now it’s easier to go incognito as we’ve added the option to appear offline. You can designate if you would like to appear offline when you log-in or at any time from your Profile or the Quick Menu.
  • User Scheduled Event – Now it’s easier to organise a game session. We’ve added the ability to schedule a future gameplay session with your friends on the system. When your event starts, users who registered for the event will automatically be added to a party so you can start playing right away.
  • Remote Play (PC/Mac) – We’re bringing PS4 Remote Play to Windows PC and Mac. This feature won’t be available to test in the beta, but you can look forward to it soon.
  • Dailymotion, new service partner in Share feature – Dailymotion, an additional live streaming service, will become available for PS4 users to enhance their broadcast experience. Like other live streaming services available on PS4, users will enjoy the following features: Activity Feed, What’s New Broadcast Info Tile, Live Detail and Live from PlayStation.

If you’re in the beta, please download the software and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more details on 3.50, including its release date.

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  • Was hoping for External HDD support, but this isn’t bad either.

    • Same, here’s hoping they will surprise us and throw it in with the final release cause frankly i’ve got tons of spare external HDD and don’t feel like spending a fortune on a small 2.5 HDD that runs slower then my spare 3.5 HDD.

    • I use my external hard drive. Already. What do you mean

    • Grown_B, how can you be using one already? The games can currently only install to the internal (and WAAAAY too small) unit???

    • I’m guessing its for films and music media he/she is referring to.

    • you can swap out that eww 500 gig hdd im using a 1tb hdd and i have all my games on it

  • Sounds like a great update especially the remote play feature as xbox was boasting the same feature for windows 10.

    Keep up the good work

    • I noticed on a blog I read on that that the user mentioned input lag causing it to be okay for casual gaming online for the xbone, can’t trial that cause I don’t own one but of that’s the case, it’s just a localised share play equivilant. Remote play was always a super smooth experience for me so I’m hoping it’s just a major upgrade solution to PlayStation TV but for the ps4 exclusively. Either way very very excited to utilise this. :)

  • No Custom Folders still??? :( Cool about the 1st 2 tho :P

    • Custom folders are essential like on PS3! Got some looooooooong stripe of games that need to be organised.

  • No custom folders and no ability to hide/delete unwanted stuff like Playroom, ShareFactory and the “TV/Video”-folder? Meh… :/

    • i understand them promoting their things like that but what really boggles my mind is that it keeps showing netflix as one of the download thing in the tv/video section when i have already downloaded.

  • Remote play for PC *and* Mac !! Woohoo!!

    • Do you recon this will include tablets like iPad or Windows tabs too. At the moment it only works on Sony tablets.

    • @DragonsGash maybe in the future but pc & mac for this update

    • @DragonsGash well if the Windows tablets run full Windows 8.1 or 10 I reckon it will be able to run the remote play program.

    • At the moment it works on all android devices. This also means it works on any pc using BlueStacks. Ever wanted to have a PC app to send/view ps msgs? Use BlueStacks to emulate android and install the desired apk. Works like a charm

  • Folders Pleeeeessssseeeeee

    • We asked that on the ps3 from the start until yesterday but never got it. I guess it’s to hard of they don’t care.
      I wish we would get external hdd support but I’m afraid iwe’ll never get thatq either.

    • @OttoT we have had folders on the PS3 as long back as i can remember, so thats just not true…

    • dimikiller only preset ones for fields like game format, you cant make your own.

    • You absolutely CAN make custom folders on PS3, I’ve been doing itsince I got my PS3 4 years ago. Press triangle on a game and you can add a label to it. Then cycle through the different folder types with square and your labels will organise the games into matching folders!

  • Will the beta allow remote play with vita? (the last beta I tried didn’t)

  • You had me at ‘Remote Play (PC/Mac)’

  • Really pleased with friend online notifications and appear offline. All I would like now is folders and delete certain things from my library.

  • thats it? are you freaking kidding me? other than appear offline everything else is junk. let us delete our downloaded games including our purchased games. If i buy a digital game i should have the right to remove the licence. enough of the social crap as i play consoles to get away from that facebook garbage.

    • What he said ^.
      I subbed to the beta expecting a bit more than just social fluff. Color me disinterested.
      And tell the Japanese to fix your libraries and store on all platforms including web browsers.

    • Why would you delete a purchased game from your download list?
      Deleting demos, betas, trials and such would be great though.

    • This ^ as well as deleting games from the trophy list would be also nice to have.

    • @misi2mezei well i have bought a few awful games that i no longer want to own as they remind me i wasted money.

    • but deleting that awaful game from the list allows for (stupid) people to accidently delete games they didnt mean to. And this results in more headaches for customer support.

      I still think this update is light on features because it is/was more focused on optimizations behind the scenes for psvr.

      And everything else might be junk to you but as we have seen social aspect is growing in everything. People cant even sit next to eachother and talk anymore as they are glued to their phones.

      I do think these features should have been here a long time ago and even foldes should have been here already before the communities.

    • I would also favor an option to delete games, like Steam does. And if they want to hinder others from deleting your games, they should implement TFA. And add a simple “Are you really sure you want to remove this purchase from your library?”-question. So simple, so effective.

    • PS4 has and always was marketed as a social console. You knew what you were buying into, so stop complaining.

    • Thank GOD someone thinks like me! Yeah I hate this social stuff crap, I buy a console to play games and nothing more! Best consoles were the ones that you would put a cartridge or a disc and just play the god damn game!

    • Life is hard :(

    • Maybe the ability to hide purchases would be good for you? Incase you decide to play it again one day.

      Also the only thing I think is junk is appear offline and everything else is awesome. Especially PC remote play. Appear offline is a feature that I will never use.

    • The activities schedular is really really handy for both unique friends groups and a community (if you manage one) the fave groups function mess engine groups, communities and events schedular have quite seamlessly come together, it’s really nice to come online and check out what my friends or me are aiming for on our gamer nights, and you just be able to sign up and have it happen is just lush. Much like Guild organisation for MMOs.
      Personally I don’t think I won’t ever not use this feature again it’s just way too handy. :)

  • What about the error due enough free space system says content can not be installed?

    • Isn’t that an error on your part? You need twice the free space it needs, and you should have 10% free space at all times to avoid issues anyway.

    • No, it’s a bug.

      I tried downloading a 7GB game despite having 40GB free.

    • Try deleting the downloads in your notifications download list.

    • @MoFoMedia

      How is that user error? You shouldn’t need double the space to download anything. That is a horrible bug that should be fixed.

    • It’s not a bug needing double the space as you need the initial space to download to and then the same again to install. Not being able to download a 7gb game with 40gb available is a bit messed up though

  • Friend online notifications should have really been built into the system software on release don’t know what you were thinking leaving it this long.

  • Remote play for PC is excellent news; I get a lot of use out of the feature on Vita but the added stability of a wired network and DS4 support is even better. Good to see the much requested friend notification/appear offline making an appearance too. Much better update than the previous one

  • Great! Thanks for getting these features to us :) I’m sure folders is coming for the people asking for that. This clearly shows they’re listening to what we want! :)

    • Does it? It’s been two and a half years and they are still only putting in features the other team have. Nothing innovative.

    • @ Adam
      The other team has been doing the same thing, they have been adding that the PS4 has been doing. It’s not a one sided issue

  • No folders? Come on…

  • Some good features that have been asked for but the ongoing lack of any home screen organisation is baffling. I’m also disappointed to see no improvements being made to the half-baked Communities which desperately need more features like the ability to reply to posts and for the list of active game sessions to actually work.

  • Great news about remote play, is there any news when PlayStation now will be available for tablet and pc please?

  • Appear Offline? About time!

    Still missing folders and a way to re-arange the dashboard..

  • Wheres the Twitch app that was meant to be coming to PS4 and Vita? That was mentioned ages ago!

  • Remote play is great. But yeah, we need folders or some kind of sorting options

  • I signed up for the beta, hopefully I can get in. I can’t wait for this update, looks awesome. :D

  • Really need folders, the 15 most used and then the remainder hidden in library isn’t enough. Got so many games, across PS2 releases, PS+ titles, physical releases and digital buys, that some form of organisation is required now

    • You can change the option so that it shows all your installed games rather than just 15 most used, its a tickbox in the setting :)

  • Still can’t manage/delete DLCs separately without deleting whole game?
    Someone may just want to get rid of some uninteresting/cosmetic/finished DLCs without redownloading dozens of gigabytes of main game again.
    And some games have hundreds DLCs (and Rock Band’s count is already over thousand).

    • thats my biggest complaint about the ps4 too. the HD is so small in relation to the size of the game installs its a total pain putting all the dlc for games back in so frequently as there just isnt room to leave your games installed like there was on the ps3.

      If I could delete the game data but leave the DLC in like a lot of PS3 games can the issue wouldnt be as bad.

  • Well that’s nothing too exciting, what about bigger party chats, that thing everyone’s been asking for since forever!

  • My update wishlist. I’m sure I have others but these simple additions would be a start.

    1. Clean up and Organise Library
    2. Rearrange Games & Apps on main menu
    3. Custom Themes allowing for images from USB
    4. Preview of Themes in PS Store before purchase
    5. Ability to remove people from ‘Players You May Know’
    6. PS Store Wishlist
    7. (Longshot) Change PSN name. Mine sucks.

    Oh and please get rid of the Discover notification for Power Options every time I log in.

    Thank you

  • Who says that folders or other items questioned here are not coming. It clearly states “some of the key features”

    Other features may be included but not mentioned.

  • Is this going to resolve the loss of connection to PSN messages when playing online?

  • Allow us put are trophy list in alphabetical order on ps4 ^_^

  • Great update. Thanks, Sony.
    Please look into folders and deletion of unwanted content also :)

  • As a single player guy the friend notification and party stuff is of no interest. The roll out of remote play to PC/Mac is cool though. Shame it’s not part of the beta. Kinda kills the point of a PlayStation TV. I can now remote remote play to my PC in my bedroom instead.

  • I was hoping to get video chat…

  • I keep updating my ps4 to the latest software but whenever I play a game or halfway through it quits the game and comes up error occurred why this can u email me details at

    • How much free space do you have? Could be hard drive failure as well. Leaving your e-mail here makes no sense.

    • I doubt it’s HDD failure as i’ve had the same issue with recent updates.

      I had at least 40GB free and it wouldn’t let me download a 7GB game.

      It is a bug.

    • I get failed to download aswell sometimes, but I keep retrying til it works

  • How about up sizing on the Party Chats.
    8 is a bit small is you need you whole clan in one chat.

    • agreed. Party size is far to small, and with spotty in-game chat support, bumping up the party size would be a very nice addition

  • I have two questions. First, for some games is easier to play with keyboard and mouse so will be able to use it on PS4?
    Second, I have Logitech G27 steering wheel, whether I’ll ever be able to use it on PS4?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Never by the looks of it. There used to be a petition somewhere to get them to update drivers for this but it got nowhere. Just so Sony can shift more thrustmasters.. Shame.

    • You CAN use the G27 but you will need to buy an adapter. You can buy the adapter on Ebay.

    • Thanks. Maybe Sony will make keyboards and mouse for PS4 and we will use it for play games, for example world of tanks, first person shooter games…

    • Yes I saw that adapter for G27, but you don’t have force feedback.

    • You can actually use mouse and keyboard on the console already, and it works on certain games like DCUO, WarThunder, FF XIV:ARR.

      It won’t work for World of Tanks as that is the console Edition, not a PC build.

      In the end it’s down to the developers to include that control scheme, not Sony.

    • Just sell the G27 and buy the G29 or if you have a lot of money fanatec clubsport

    • VeneinigMannekke

      Its a console if you wanne use your keyboard and mouse play on pc

  • Mettete la funzione per selezionare tutti i messaggi ed eliminarli.. Selezionare un messaggio o notifica alla volta è preistorico

    • I’ll have a crack at translating that:

      “Add the option to select all messages and delete them… Selecting one message or notification at a time is prehistoric”

      Not sure for messages but I know we already the option to dismiss all notifications, just press the option button.

    • Not just prehistoric, but a step backwards. PS3 had the option to delete all and it was great. Ps4 just doesn’t have the seemingly obvious features that the ps3 did. Maybe by the time ps5 comes out there will be enough firmware patches to the ps4 to make it suitable. Of course by then, the OS will weigh like 40gigs

    • Meant to add you can’t remove all on ps4. Clearing your notifications has nothing to do with anything. Invitations and messages have to be individually deleted.

  • Appear offline is pretty sweet.

  • Please increase block list.
    I can have 1000 “friends” but can only block 30 trolls??

    Also, I don’t get the big deal with Appear offline – can you not just sign out of psn for the required period?

  • Seriously, after more than 2 years the there’s still no way to manage your library?

    • I don’t see why people are so bothered by it. I have loads of games but they’re easy to find. They’re all listed alphabetically, and ones I have installed are shifted to the top.

    • Definitelly should be there. I don’t understand people complaining, that we complain about no folders. No one forces you to use it. It’s huge help if you can put the games/apps into the folders. The big thumbnails are not very handy to scroll.

  • Appear offline!!?? YES :)

    Thank you

  • Remote Play (PC/Mac) :O AMAZING ! =D

    never been bothered about
    Friend Online Notification& Appear Offline
    but remote play is great gaming feature!


    can we get a way to see which games are split screen , 2 player?
    maybe a filter or a 2 player icon in the library in corner of games when enabled

    when people come over i sit there for 5 mins trying remeber which one are

    and way to delete old Betas


    keep up the good work Sony !

    • “can we get a way to see which games are split screen , 2 player?
      maybe a filter or a 2 player icon in the library in corner of games when enabled”
      I’m sure this option is already available. It’s called “writing it down”

  • While I’m sure many of these updates are great and super… custom folders… pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssse!!! Come on Sony!!! Seriously, jesus, it’s 2016, let me organise my damn content already.

  • While there are some good features being added, it utterly baffles me why simple features are missing from the system, features that were present on the PS3!
    Please add the following ASAP:-
    1) Option to sort games and apps into folders
    2) Option to view trophies offline
    3) Option to sort games on trophy list alphabetically

    Also support for external HDD’s would be nice since I have a 2TB internal HDD that is nearly full!
    Finally please update the Media Player app, it is a far inferior experience to the USB Music feature that the system was using before. Lately I just play music on my Xbox One because the Media Player is a far more enjoyable experience on Xbox than PlayStation.

    • External HDD’s open security risks and possibilities to pirate as people could have access to game files.

      PSP was exploited through a save file.

    • MaxDiehard – are you working for Sony? Why are you worried about that? ;) Not everyone want’s to pirate things. Do you? ;)

    • So Nintendo can do it and Microsoft too but not Sony? Says a lot about their security abilities.

    • I didn’t even know you couldn’t look at your trophies offline. I’m gonna check myself and see if this is true.

    • 4 add a option to fully turn off community invites and multi messages

  • I was beginning to think PC remote play was only mentioned to scupper the kid that got it working on his own. Great news this is out soon.

  • Great update. Thanks, Sony.

  • My wishlist:
    – truly being able to disable all notifications (currently screenshots icon pops up destroying successive captures)
    – wishlist for console PS Stores
    – gifting options of digital goods on PS Stores
    – automatic in-game translation (even Google Translate quality) for imported games (since there’s no region-lock and not every great title is localized)
    – upgrading groups (for instance, replying to posts and a proper search engine)

    • i think all but the automatic ingame translation are fine.

      if the game isnt available in your region and the developer doesnt have your language either learn the language or bother the devs to support your language.

      There are many different ways that games my decide to use text and i dont think it is worth the amount of resources to create such a feature.

    • Gifting won’t happen due to regional restrictions. It’s out of their hands.

    • @Sereal_Killer
      I’m trying but Japanese is quite hard to learn with kanji, grammar, dialects and the like.

      I’m not talking about cross-region gifting (although I’d very much like to be able to obtain Chrono Cross without creating fake accounts).

      I’d like to be able to, for example, send Yakuza 5 to my friend in the same city registered for the same country as I am. That should be feasible, right? What other reason to include browsing our friends’ wishlists (especially when filled with digital-only stuff or DLC)?

      PSN would just need to check if a given user is from a region where a given PS Store item is available and then allow me to proceed to the checkout. Doesn’t look like a very advanced process. But I’m not into coding so I’m rather the last person to tell if it’s that easy for the programmers :)

    • Just gift a physical copy.

      Some stores also have codes too.

    • @MaxDiehard
      Yeah, if you could show me a store with a retail English version of Yakuza 5, that would be great. Or at least a store with EU codes (for the game, not some login details for an account). I’ll gladly purchase a few.

    • It’s on Amazon.

      You can also try

    • Nope, still no Yakuza 5 on the one site, nor info regarding the region and even if they would be for EU, they’re currently unavailable on the other. It would be even harder to get codes for DLCs, avatars or themes.

      Sony needs to consider allowing gifts. They would earn more money from digital stuff.

    • @Finka_Karfein Japanese is indeed harder to learn than Python, however, programming is rather simple(to the point of being intrinsically difficult) and you seem to grasp the basics well.

    • @Finka_Karfein… there’s a new setting to disable the screenshot icon :)

  • external hdd pleeeeeease

  • Remote play on my mac is great news so my better half can watch TV while I game. Presumably there will be an easy way to pair a PS4 controller to a Mac/Pc too?

    FINALLY! Appearing offline has been on my wishlist for years. Sometimes you just want to fly solo while still being online. Great news.

  • Schedule download please…………………

  • How can I sign up to be apart of beta??

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