New discounts start today on PlayStation Store

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New discounts start today on PlayStation Store

Save on Star Wars Battlefront, Minecraft Story Mode, Helldivers DLC, Need For Speed

It’s time for some new savings on PlayStation Store! Pick up the explosive Just Cause 3 in our Deal of the Week or grab a bargain or two (or three, or four) in our massive EA franchise promotion.

There are some incredible deals to be had across a wide range of titles, including Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA 16, Dragon Age Inquisition and Need for Speed. Whatever your taste, there is definitely something in there for everyone.

Elsewhere, if you’ve already picked it up via PlayStation Plus you can now expand your Helldivers experience with great savings off a range of DLC. Finally, if you’re still searching for more then make sure you check out the Digital Discounts promotion which has been updated with all new deals including Minecraft: Story Mode, Rogue Legacy and Skullgirls 2nd Encore.

Deal of the Week: (until 10/02/16)

EA Franchise Promotion: (until 17/02/16)

Helldivers DLC Sale (Until 01/03/16)

Digital Discounts:

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Hey folks, just wanted to warn people to STAY AWAY from Just Cause 3.

    The developers rushed it, left the game unfinished and then never bothered to patch it. They’ve since gone silent and most of their studio got fired.

    Half of the game is (quite literally) empty and it stutters and has terrible framerate issues. It’s worse than New Vegas on PS3!

    If they ever sort it out I’d happily recommend it, but in it’s current state it’s a real stinker and the fact that it’s on sale so quickly doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    • I respect your opinion but for all its faults, I found it to be a pretty fun game. Not disagreeing about the framerate problems, but I never found it empty, I thought they had some pretty nice touches as far as ambient interest and side activities went.

    • Actually they DID patch it and removed most of the insane Loading Times… Been playing for the last 4 Weeks and never even experienced Slowdown to a IMO truly `distracting Extend` So, I definitely got my Moneys worth, even with paying Full Price

    • Even though I personally preferred JC2 over this, I still found this to be enjoyable. I defiantly wouldn’t avoid this title as a whole. Considering some of the devs from Burnout Paradise worked on it though, the driving is the biggest flaw IMO.

    • How could they abandon a game like this? Didn’t they just announce the Sky Fortress DLC?

    • I don’t think it’s awful just a little soulless. It has an attractive sandbox and great destruction physics but too little going on.

      Apparently it was originally created as an online multiplayer game then retooled, which would explain the emptiness as a single player outing.

    • ^ well i HATE when they make multiplayer only titles and then convert them to singleplayer. That’s what literally killed the Command and Conquer franchise on PC. C&C4 was meant to be a multiplayer game made specifically for the Korean market.

      (also, fun fact: the modders behind JC2 Multiplayer Mod on Steam were planning, or already released, i don’t know, the same mod for JC3)

    • “Actually they DID patch it…”

      – You’re referring to the 1.02 patch which was done mid-December. Yes, it improved the loading times but did nothing to improve the terrible framerate and stuttering.

      We were promised a 1.03 patch “In January” to fix the latter issues. This was never released and the devs went silent.

      “Apparently it was originally created as an online multiplayer game then retooled”

      – This just isn’t true. It was always intended a single-player experience, and the devs have repeatedly said that they “look forward to the mod community creating multiplayer features” (this was prior to them ‘going quiet’)

      “How could they abandon a game like this? Didn’t they just announce the Sky Fortress DLC?”

      -Actually Sky Fortress was announced a week after the game was released. It was intended for a 12th January release but technical problems and major ‘restructuring’ at Avalanche (read: half the staff getting fired) means it has now missed that deadline, and now missed the subsequent “In January” promise as well.

      Regarding Framerate and Stuttering – I guess some people might not notice such things, so I’ll keep this bit purely factual. If you drive a car along any main road (or travel fast by any other means), the game will ‘pause’ for about half a second, every 5 seconds or so. I find this terribly distracting.

      I was able to to (roughly) measure framerate using video recording software. When idle, it sits around 25-30. Destroy something and it drops to 20-25. Go anywhere near the bigger bases and it drops below 15-20. Some people might be OK with this, but I found it pretty much impossible to control anything in the bigger action scenes on the Northern island. And remember – this is on top of the mini-loading pauses I mentioned previously. It’s by far the worst-performing game on the PS4.

      Square Enix have now taken over all PR for Avalanche (who are still totally silent on all channels). Square Enix themselves are having difficulty getting info from them and “Cannot confirm any release dates” – the 3 promised expansion DLCs will eventually be released but we don’t know when, or whether the game will ever be truly fixed.

      Oh yeah, and the Leaderboards have been broken since December 12th.

      But please, don’t take my word for it. Go check out the Just Cause Forums, or try to contact Avalanche yourselves. I just don’t want anyone else to suffer the same miserable experience that I’ve had with this sorry mess.

    • Sorry, that stuttering problem just isn’t true. I’m coming to the end of the game, with 3 missions left. I’ve done all challenges and 5-geared them all – Wingsuit tours, air races, land races, and everything else, and while the frame rate isn’t the highest, it’s been smooth through all of them, without a stutter in sight.

      The game certainly has its flaws, and maybe isn’t as enjoyable JC2 (bikes and planes handle poorly), but it’s still fun. If you’re getting those stutters, I can only suggest deleting the game and re-installing it. Whatever the issue, it’s not the game.

    • The stuttering issue is well-documented. There are countless videos of it on Youtube, though the severity does seem to vary from one system to another.

      I just threw together a few video captures from my own game and uploaded it to youtube as an example – can’t put a link here but search for “Just Pause 3” and you’ll find it.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m a huge fan of the Just Cause series, but Just Cause 3 feels so empty compared with Just Cause 2, it really seems they just rushed the game. They patch it, but the game still have some problems. Developers promised a patch at the end of January… and still nothing. Sadly is what we have this days, the devolopers rush their games and just release the Seasons Pass, must of the times the DLCs aren’t even worth it.

    • @Bovrillor
      – This just isn’t true. It was always intended a single-player experience, and the devs have repeatedly said that they “look forward to the mod community creating multiplayer features” (this was prior to them ‘going quiet’)

      Of course! They were definitely going to admit they released a cobbled together product in order to minimise losses. Inviting modders to fix it in the future is no evidence at all that they didn’t originally intend on a multiplayer game. Personally the design of many of the games expansive but empty landscapes says online multiplayer to me.

  • lol at all of those EA PSX games which aren’t compatible with Vita.

    • I would get theme park for my vita, but nope.

    • I remote play C&C: Red Alert on my Vita from time to time. Granted, it would be better if it were fully compatible of course.

    • Argghhh i bought Magic Carpet thinking it would work on PS VITA, i cant even install it, it requires a PS3 to transfer it to vita, i dont even own a PS3. Now i must ask for a refund, waste of money.

  • I have to say, a sale post without discounts is really quite weird…

  • A lot to choose from! Can anyone recommend a little known gem for PS4 under £5?

  • “Digital Discounts: (Until 03/02/16) ”

    Assuming the dates mentioned follow the dd/mm/yy format, these discounts last one (1) day? Probably not.
    Seriously now, can the information you still choose to provide at least be accurate or meaningful?

    “You’ll notice that we’re no longer listing dates in the weekly Store update, and the same will apply to regular sales and discounts posts, starting with the new promotion kicking off today.”

  • It would be great if those EA ps1 games were also vita/tv compatible. Stopping me from buying them as I can now only play theme park/theme hospital/command and conquer on my PS3 if I decide to connect it up.

  • One of the problems with not listing prices is how do we know that the discount has been correctly applied? It is fairly common that there would be problems with a few items in a sale staying at their old price and it was only when people posted on here that it got flagged up and changed on the store itself. How do we know that now we can’t see the prices that the games are meant to be listed at?

  • Once again Dragon’s Lair games are on sale, but the PSP version isn’t. Why is it that the PSP version never gets a price drop despite the console versions getting it every now and then? Is it just straight up impossible?

  • Do you think 35 is a good price for Star Wars?
    Thinking to buy this one, but reviews are mixed.

    • Was 27 last month, hold out again for it. Great game but not much variety within it. It’ll be cheaper the more DLC’S come out.

    • For me, it’s pretty tedious to play alone, but a blast with friends.

    • Thanks both for your answers.
      I will think about it, but it seems I’ll pass it for now.

    • @Myntero, it’s £27 again. 35 is the price in Euros, which is also presumably the same as it was last month

    • Apologies, I’m ignorant and believe the UK to be the centre of the world hahaha

    • Star Wars Battlefront is a complete disaster,buy it for 20 bucks or don’t even buy it,the amount of players is going to decrease a lot,and the game will be abandoned as soon as all DLC come out.Wait for the next DICE game

  • So pointless a list like this without even percentages. Just link to in topic and all is good. They can do it properly.

    (lets not start the too lazy to post prices discussion again)


    Has all the prices you need. You might as well stop coming to this Blog at all now.

  • Well looks like it’s finally time to get that Red Alert 3 Commander’s Challenge after it was labeled as discounted by mistake several months ago. I loved RA3 Uprising on PC (i even got it at half price when it was supposed to cost 20 lol)

  • I would buy “Driver 2″,”Driver 3”, “Tekken 3” without discount even. But why huge bunch of awesome games not avalable on PS Store I’m really don’t undestand Chris Howe. Why Sony such a bad respect a good legacy their own.

  • Just a bit of feedback, I understand prices can not be posted as previously stated but can you maybe post the percentage discount. I think an overview of the discounts would help as opposed to opening the store for each item. Just a thought!

    • %s vary oer region. It’s why there was a big fuss when they announced a 50% sale on something in the Xmas sale, but it was 40% in the UK and 30% in India or something.

  • Imagine if you had just paid £24.99 for Batllefield 4 last night at 10pm :( Feel Sick…..

    • That’s why you first wait for the discounts to arrive. You should’ve known that there are some discounts at the beginning of each month.

  • Can command and conquer be sideloaded from ps3 to vita?

  • Helldivers dynamic theme is FREE if you have Plus. Not sure why they didn’t just list that here because free is free in any currency.

  • Battlefield bundle (hardline and 4) still showing at £64.99

  • Just a warning people, at the very least, some of these discounts are pure bs. For example, FIFA Street’s original price used to be 5,99€ (or 4,99€ can’t remember exactly), now they pumped the original price to 19.99€ so they can call it a 70% discount and sell it again for 5,99€. Dirty tactics.

  • No Vita love at all in this sale… Disappointing.

  • 1. Any chance for any of those games on sale in near future: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky SC (2nd part), Gungnir, Growlanser: Wayferer of Time, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Astonishia Story, Phantasy Star Portable 2

    2. Any chance for fixing PSN shop? It’s been months since PSN started acting weird – and by weird I mean displaying random pictures instead of proper ones. At first it was funny to see for example Raymen DLC with picture of FIFA… but enough is enough. It is completly random, and most of times each person see different products displayed with wrong picture.

    3. And it would be great if finally after years someone decided to listen to feedback of fans and added back both PSX and PS2 tags. It’s really annoying that PSX tag is on NA PSN but not on EU PSN. It’s hard to find anything browsing all PS3 games just to find few PSX ones.

    • It would be nice if they listed them separately like PS2 on PS4 in NA store…but that won’t happen. Never mind fixing the errors etc that occur both on PS3 and vita when accessing the store. It’s reached a point where it obvious that they (SCEE) just don’t care. More thought and consideration was given in the creation of Martin Creed 227 Turner prize artwork and that consisted of a light switch being turned off and on.

    • I don’t think they’re going to fix the pictures at this point.

  • thank you for the non information. these sale posts are now one big clusterf**k. imagine walking into a physical store which had a big “SALE NOW ON” sign on the window but none of the items inside the store had a price on it and you had to go to the till to find out every single price. yeah…that’s right sony, it would be really really reaaallllyy stupid.

  • Prices aren’t listed so we can’t see were being mugged off on the 1:1 ratio on £&€ When the £ is stronger

  • Oh, look! It’s EA sale once again… when was last one? Before January sale… I do propose Japan deals or at least some Vita/PS3 DLC deals… last time I saw them it was around One or Two Years ago!

    • Actually there have been several sales recently of vita & psp JRPG’s and other Japanese games both in Jan and Dec

  • Hey Sony,
    I’d be really interested in buying some Vita games this week if your latest update wasn’t both stopping me accessing the store from the device and also draining it’s battery.

  • The 1 time EA don’t have a season pass.

    The Dragon age DLC is cheaper to get by buying the GOTY edition than if you’ve already got it.

    Got the Deluxe at launch so spent a load on that and it’s ~€1 cheaper to buy the remaining DLC rather than buying the GOTY for me.

  • EA sales again…eyes glaze over the dirge (yes its a term usually applied to the dead or a song especially being booed). *note to self time to pull out old Dead in Vegas cd’s*

    The issue is you present some notion that prices can’t be listed as if its some big secret about which country you (as in SCEE) would like to rip off. Then you cobble together a list of sale items and can’t even be bothered to promote them in such a way that people have to “work” to buy sales items. At the very least they should be listed by system.

    All the excuses given for why Europe is so complicated are made void by the fact that blog posts are a fob. If people are incapable of doing the work then its time to hire new staff or better yet just merge SCEE and SCEA together. That way we would have informative blog posts, a drop (that lists the games coming to the store that week) and flash sales monthly. Not to mention being ripped off by the company case in point Gravity Rush is $29 on US psn will be £24 on UK and 29 euros in euro zone.

    All we have ever wanted was to be treated fairly and this has been a failure ever since I bought a PS3 in Nov 2010. There is no excuse for such shoddy service and that’s before you consider all the failures of trying to purchase something from the store and being booted out (PS3) or receiving an error code on the vita. Antagonistic service and the realisation that staff don’t seem to understand that without customers the staff won’t have a job.

  • Seriously considering Minecraft story although it’s still a bit pricey for me, but I don’t mind supporting these guys.
    As for EA again and last gen sales still : Lame.

  • Typical Sony, give everyone the “Lite” version of a game via PS+ and then sell everyone the DLC.
    Ever notice how they don’t do this on services such as Humble Bundle?

  • Another major EA sale… zzzz…zzz.

  • This is a fantastic sale thank you.
    Picked up Hardline, PGA Tour & The Bridge

  • Lack of rpgs makes me :(

  • Will be picking up Battlefront for under thirty quid will give that a good go at that price. Just wish the mostly tedious, whinging PS customers would turn it off for a change, miserable, ungrateful crowd in the main aren’t they.☝️

    Thanks for the sale!

  • I’d seriously recommend star wars battlefront to anyone for that price, It gets a bad rep but is actually quite fun also that dragon age inquisition goty is mighty tempting :)

  • Add me on psn for FIFA 16 friendlys. Craigafrica47

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