PlayStation Plus in February: Helldivers, Nom Nom Galaxy, more

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PlayStation Plus in February: Helldivers, Nom Nom Galaxy, more

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Grid Autosport, Nova 111 also join the service

Calling all heroes! It’s a mega action month for PlayStation Plus so prepare your best hero outfit and badass one-liners. With February’s games, you won’t just take on the world in the fight for survival – you’re also going to take on the entire galaxy. So rally your best comrades – you are going to need to be in it to win it next month!

Here’s the full list of great titles that await you on 2nd February:


We are losing the war to protect “Super Earth”, and you and up to four friends are the last line of defence against three invading enemy species. You will face near insurmountable dangers in unforgiving environments, and if you manage to survive your adversaries you could still lose out to friendly fire from a trigger happy teammate. It’s all about tactics and communication, so you and your squad better bring your A game if you hope to become heroes of the federation!

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the giving stops! From now until 29th March, PlayStation Plus members can download the Helldivers dynamic theme for free!

Nom Nom Galaxy

Wondering why aliens haven’t made contact with us yet? The answer is (probably) soup, and Nom Nom Galaxy has the recipes you need! The genius minds at Q-Games and Double Eleven have cooked up a medley of awesome in this quirky sandbox adventure. Mixing up everything from base building to tower defence, it’s got all the gaming action you need to compete in the competitive galactic soup industry! It’s not easy keeping a galaxy of insatiable aliens well fed, so invite up to four friends to join you in co-op mode.

Not enough? Good, because it’s not over yet! Ready your PS3 and PS Vita systems for the thrilling fighter Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3), the world of professional motorsports in Grid Autosport (PS3), classic puzzler Lemmings Touch (PS Vita) and sci-fi themed adventure Nova 111 (PS4, PS3 & PS Vita)

Last chance!

January’s batch of games are still available for download until 1st February. Go download them now, before you forget!


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1 Author Reply

  • Pretty nice list.

    • Agreed, wouldn’t expect P4U on Plus o.O
      Sony definitely outdid themselves this month =D

    • @mike, good point

    • because of u sony will never deliver better games! If u like those type of games go geat snes or some old old console! U waistingu ps4 life with those adroid titles….

    • Not if you’re a PS4 owner, since PS plus membership was enforced upon us I can’t think of anything other than Ground Zeroes that I actually played.

    • Well i try Helldivers on ps4,why not is free! And the game in my opinion is very addicted! Much better than Magica 2!Helldivers is the best exclusive game for ps4 and Im not kidding, when u will start play the game u will see what I am talking about! I also I tested on vita, cous my frend have vita and i play on ps4 at the same time and the game works perfectly voice chat no lagg nothing! The game is worth much more then 19.99€! I will buy this game for 69.99€! This game is masterpiece 10/10!

  • Feb is the month of love! Valentines day but damn no love from Sony!! Ouch..

  • Wow. Those Vita games. Lemmings is literally £2.50 right now and Nova 111 is more PS+ fodder from Curve Digital that didn’t sell for a reason. Pathetic.

    • There isn’t that many vita-games left to choose from you know…

    • They could have at least tried to get Persona 4 for Vita. It’s what pretty much everyone has been requesting for years now.

    • That’s not true though. It’s just an excuse that works in favour of Sony. The Vita store isn’t a barren wasteland of nothing but curve digital games. There are loads of games that aren’t unreasonable.

      Toukiden Kiwami
      Ragnarok Odyssey Ace
      Titan Souls
      Bit trip runner
      Dead or Alive
      Deception IV
      Dynasty Warriors
      Super Stardust Delta
      Dragon Fantasy
      1001 Spikes

      I could find more but I’m not gonna bother. Sony are just being ultra cheap

    • @Huono_peleis that’s a blatant lie, you know

    • @MaxDieHard People who really wanted to play Persona 4 already bought it years ago. Offering popular games is not what many of us want. We already own them.

    • We finally go a Japanese game on plus, there’s a hope for other months! :D

    • Finally a japanese game? Freedom Wars, Yakuza 4 or Demon’s Souls, just as examples, aren’t japanese, then?

    • Helldivers is also for vita,is great, and has had some great updates. As said by someone else, there’s not exactly an abundance of Vita games to give out.

    • Finally, my one year subscription is over, and i can stop it. I have only a VITA, i don’t know what i thought when i subscribed to this crap.

      Sony, i am disappoint.

  • Thank you for Grid Autosport and Lemmings Touch (I already have Nova-111)!

  • Nothing of interest for me. Hasn’t been much for quite a few months now.

  • Just bought Lemmings Touch on the sale a few days ago, not even downloaded it yet. Shouldn’t put items in the current sale on plus!

    • I did the same, and I totally agree. Okay, so it’s only £2.50, but the practice in general takes the [DELETED]

    • Dragon Age was on sale last month at the same time it was announced for PS plus and Medal of honour had rubbish reviews and we still got that. I agree with you, but they don’t care anymore.

    • If you didn’t download it you can get a refund. But yea they are taking the…

    • Completely agree, so annoyed about this, yes it’s only £2.50 but it’s disguting that they put it in the sale and then straight onto plus only a few days later. I’ve not even played the game yet, such bad practice and I will no longer be purchasing games off of PSN now as it’s not the first time this has happend :(

    • Have you tried requesting a refund?

  • Was kinda hoping for Crypt of the NecroDancer. Helldivers is the only one I don’t have.

    Still, we’ve definitely had worse months!

  • Persona Arena is more than enought for me this month, not that I wont play the rest, but you deserve a chickenpie for this one :)

    • Having got Persona 4 gold quite recently I fully agree that is the one that makes this month interesting for me as well

  • No hope left with PS+.

  • Helldivers had since launch found it very repetitive very quickly…Lemmings Touch I’ve also had since launch too …. got bored of that also……Hmmm that means NO games again that will be on the hard drive.

    Surely there could be better games out there to put onto PS+ … I wont say HellDivers is bad its just REALLY repetitve.

    Tempted to get me a PS3 with the money I get with from selling the PS4 since SONY like to support the PS3 PSPlus more. Hell even Microsoft have started putting retail games in their Monthly Subscription service. If Sony aren’t careful they are going to start loosing all those XBOX owners that jumped ship to PS4 with Microsoft offering the “better” subscription service … or at least thats what it looks like to many gamers atm.

    • So you are pretty much confirming from your point of view that Xbox Live was absolutely worthless from launch in 2001 to August 2013 then? I always thought that about Live though :)

      THIS…… however is nothing like that but THIS is what you say is going to cause a mass exodus to another platform??? And during an awesome month of Plus too???

    • @andrewsqual XboxLive was horrendous at launch! It was better when 360 came out. I am talking from an ex-xbox gamerpoint of view.

    • Really? Have you seen the Xbox ‘Games with Gold’ lineup this month (current prices in brackets)?

      – Hand of Fate (£15.99)
      – Styx: Master of Shadows (£23.99)
      – Sacred Citadel (£7.99)
      – Gears of War 2 (£14.99)

      Only ‘retail’ game there is GoW 2, which is going to be 8 years old soon!

      And I’m not saying PS+ is much better, but both of them seem to be dropping the ball recently…

  • Don’t mind me… just waiting for my sub to lapse. Who knew that the PS + would become this, merely a carcass of its former self. I’ll be glad when my sub finally ends

  • Once again an awful Vita lineup. Helldivers is the only interesting one, but not enough to renew my subscription this month.

  • Some people will never be satisfied… that’s sad. Over on the US blog there is much more sympathy for the games. People should start to be more open to play any game they get.
    You’ll never know if you really like or dislike it. But who am I to say something like this… ugh, disgusts me, every month again and again.

    Happy to see Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy in the IGC this month. Don’t know much about the other games.

    • That’s because in the US they get prices which reflect reality. Not that prices apply to PS+, but Sony have poisoned the well and nobody in the EU sees anything but unfairness and ignorance (and endless pixellated indie games) any more.

      I enjoyed Hellldivers until the DLC ruined the balance and made it a chore to play.

    • Unfortunately, humans’ hunger for more of anything will never be satisfied. It’s not about quality, it’s always been about quantity. Give the people GTA 5 and they will still want more free games. It’s greed, not displeasure. Considering the majority of the install base are teenagers with no high source of income, the greed will not end for quite some time. I for one could not care less for PS+ games seeing as how I can actually afford to buy and play the games that I want and not rely on some arbitrary service to give me what I want.

    • I don’t really have a problem that people are not getting want they expect. That’s their issue. The sad thing is to see their negativity here on the blog on no one seems to care. Spamming that the line-up isn’t the best won’t give them a better one.
      How you see it is exactly what this service is about. It’s an addition to your own library of games. No one should rely on this. This is not what PS+ is about. I don’t care about human’s nature, their hunger for more, and such. I just don’t want to see all their BS comments here.

    • Good for them. But as a costumer I have no intent of displaying sympathy towards a corporation that clearly doesn’t give two flying Fs about me.

      They force us to pay yearly fees to use our online connections in order to play online while giving these kind of “Free” games as rentals. It’s disgusting…

      In conclusion, people should be “more open” to voice their opinion because after all… it’s their money coming out of their pockets.

    • @NamelessGamer505: You keep those games as long as you pay for the service. It’s not a rental service. You don’t pay for these games, you pay for the “online service” which seems to be a common thing in the world of game consoles. These games are an extra to PS+, so they are bound to that.
      When did a corporation ever “give a flying F” about anyone else but themselves? Corporations are capitalistic constructions with rare exceptions.
      Are you subscribed because of the games or because you want to play online? That’s a question people rarely ask themselves. If you don’t want the games, then just don’t download them.
      Voicing an opinion, as I know it from the real world, is something so much more friendly, thoughtful, and mature. Only because you dislike something doesn’t mean you have to be rude.

    • Go jerri go! You are right, people should be more open minded and try the games before judging whether the month’s worth their money or not.

      And call me crazy but, perhaps, they should should go ahead and buy that awesome AAA game they dying to play rather than waiting 3 years to see it available in the PS+ service. Madness, I know!

    • jerrikoe, tell that to folks with only a ps3. The service ps+ is originally a service that was supposed to deliver the instant game collection and bonus discounts. Payable online multiplayer was added way later. So, you’re technically wrong.

    • @Cronoss69: PS+ was always about the extras you get, trials for an hour, early access, beta access, special discounts, and extra features like auto-sync of trophies, auto-download of updates, and cloud saves. Yes, games are a huge part but you should never rely on that. It’s so much more than the games. People should know that. Over on reddit, some guys showed off some stats and I saw this: You pay €50 a year and get games that are worth more than €1,200. And all I have listed above… Isn’t that enough? PS3 owners got +€660 worth of games in the time from 06/2014 through 05/2015.
      I don’t care if you only own a PS3, a PS4, or a PS Vita. You get more than you pay for.

      @CookieMonsterES: Hehe, if that’s what they are looking for in PS+ then more power to them. But they will never be happy.

      Alright, I go play some games. Bye!

    • People were more than satisfied with PS+ for many years when it was actually a good service. You either havent been around long enough to know that, or you must have a short memory.

      I dont understand why you guys have a problem with people voicing their opinions… like you are the devs of these games and you are taking it as a personal insult.

      The only negativity that shouldnt be here is from the hypocrites moaning about those who actually have a valid reason to moan.

    • I really don’t understand why people here always feel the need to complain about other people complaining :s Does it somehow make your own opinion feel more valid to yourself? Or is it just plain fanboyism and you can’t stand seeing something negative being written? Do you have shares with them and somehow feel a negative comment on a blog is going to endanger them? What is it? I honestly wonder about this. How does a random person’s negative opinion hurt you in any way that you have to consistently bring it up again and again, yourself whining and ‘acting unsatisfied’ about something completely irrelevant in the process? As if complaints about people complaining are any less annoying than actual on-topic complaints :s Consider people doing that to all you positive minded people for a change, the other way around. Everytime you give another comment of praise, getting commented on it by some random dude telling you your opinion isn’t valid and shouldn’t be outed because it might hurt their little feelings or ruin the mood on a blog :s Get real, people.. Real men mind their own business.

    • Wall said FPS Dominator. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who can actually feel the palpable hypocrisy going on in some of these topics :p

    • If we got the same flash sales as they do on the US store, I might be more sympathetic to this too. We don’t. SCEE really has became the ginger headed child of the family.

  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax? *boom*

  • No old AAA game? O Sony gods why. Am at the point now where I actually might have to……buy Knack and Killzone. Spend actual money on a game.

    That was sarcasm by the way. Made up with Helldivers.

    • How about spending some actual money on Indies for a change if you’re going with that argument again? Oh that’s right, you get to rent them all for free in this ridiculously one sided subscription.

      That was truth, by the way.

  • Persona 4: Arena is a good add.

    nom nom should be fun as i do like pixeljunk

    helldivers might be alright.

    just a shame the 2 ps4 games have just been on sale not too long ago i thought you would stop doing that but guess not

  • It’s shocking how consistent PlayStation Plus is, sure consistently bad but still consistent…

  • That vita lineup is pathetic

  • finally something worthwile for PS4, very nice surprise ;)

  • Nothing to bother the immense back log for another month.

  • After the downright awful January IGC offerings, I’d say that February is actually pretty decent. Plus, it’ll be nice to finally try Helldivers (IGN scored it at 9.0 at reviewed).

  • *sigh* This is not getting better at all. The PS4 lineup is consistently bad and Vita is going really downhill. The PS3 lineup is solid, but I don’t care about the ps3 anymore.

    • Which PS4 game would you be happy to see offered?

    • to MikLSP: I own probably 95% of the games I wanted, but I wouldn’t mind if they started including the ones I own, cause it would mean that the service is getting better. Not some goddamn 2D, indie or pixelart game, I’m getting so sick of those. Any big game released in 2013 would do. Competition (which shall not be named) offered Thief a while ago, some Lego games wouldn’t be bad as well, for example.

    • We already had Thief on PS3 months ago. Better not repeat games. And especially not games that have been part of sales countless times like Thief did. If people doesn’t get games like Thief on PS4 when it’s less than 10 quids I’m not sure what do they expect..

    • @MikLSP I’d settle for anything in the £15 price bracket! Even if it was something like KillZone or Knack (Which I own both)

    • Same for me pretty much. Except that imo Vita has been consistently bad as well after the initial releases of exclusives (and coincidentally, launch games) like Uncharted and Gravity rush. The ps3 usually has one game that I might consider downloading and is obviously the best of the three sections, but yea, also the oldest and least relevant..

    • Fair enough, it is perhaps a surprise that one of the older first party titles hasn’t been thrown in by now. Killzone or Knack are the prime examples but I would still expect that to be broadly criticised for giving us “old rubbish”, “bottom of the bin” games that you can “pick up for under a fiver”.
      There has been a period of too many 2D platformers but I am never going to complain about indie games as that is what the industry was built on before it become a publisher’s domain.

  • Solid month for me, because of Helldivers. I wanted to play it since launch but always found it somewhat expensive. Looking forward to that.

  • Seriously getting sick of you putting games on sale the previous month then next month announcing they are on plus!!! Very annoying it’s just not right and very sly. Shame on you Sony

    • I do agree with this, especially when there has been extra discount for Plus subscribers. It just means that a lot of the people who would most appreciate a game have already bought it previously.

    • Not to mention it takes up place for better offers.. Only interesting if you’re really set on owning a game that is already in your PLUS library, as opposed to just having it in your PLUS backlog on rent.

    • Why are you complaining ? Also, since you aren’t using PS Plus, you can’t play these. Since you bought them you can. Forever.

  • Good selection of free gifts for subscribing to a service costing roughly the price of a chocolate bar a week.
    Now to enjoy the funniest comments section of the month reading the howls of protest from people not getting the games they dont want to buy but expect sony to give to them

    • For someone who only plays multiplayer occasionally, I don’t think £6 a month is justified. I don’t care for free games, I buy all the games that I want to play on my PS4. People’s outrage and frustration with the games that come with PS Plus stem from the first few years of PS Plus when good games used to be offered. People got used to a good service and then they increased the price and gave garbage most of the time. My problem is not with the free games, my problem is that I have to pay £6 a month to play GTA Online once a week or something when I have the time. I think it’s ridiculous.

    • @t0rrent what maths are you doing to get £6 per month? That’s £72 a year…

    • @Tee_Doff monthly subscription price of £5.99, divided by one. Not everybody pays annually

    • Suppose so, huge loss doing it that way though!

    • Or a massive saving if you only pay for the 2-3 months of the year that are actually worthwhile…

    • Whatever floats your boat, I guess.. *facepalm*

    • How is something “free” is you have to pay for it? PS Plus has been [DELETED] for some time now and this month is no different.

  • Every month I truly believe that this must be the last month of crap for PS4. And every month you truly surprising me…

    • Name one, just one game that you’d be happy to see offered…

    • I can name even a few: Tomb Raider, Battlefield 4, Assasins Creed IV, Killzone, Need for Speed. I’ve bought PS4 because such titles were almost every month for PS3 – old good games. I know that we cannot count for new titles but for goodnes sake – we didn’t deserve for such crap!

    • MikLSP How about any PS/2 classic game on PS4? any of those would have more value than another $2 indie game.

    • I forgot how weak the pound was against the dollar right now, so I might have been a bit hasty going as high as a $2 value.

    • you spoke my mind

  • Are you kidding me? Persona Ultimax. :˜) I love the persona fighting games and always wanted more people to play them. I’m sure I’ll find more opponents now. Thanks a lot. Great, great, great game!

  • at least I have Unravel and Far Cry Primal to keep me busy in feb.

    • Don’t forget to look in to firewatch, Street Fighter, plants vs zombies 2, digimon and gravity rush in Feb. Some top games this month, who needs ps+ games :-)

  • I wonder how many comments have been “proactively moderated” because they weren’t gushing with praise?

  • Shout out to the dudes with the Arkham Knight Avatars!

  • Of all the games, i already own Helldivers… but i got the Super-Earth whatever edition with all DLC when it was on sale last year. I bet the PS+ version will never come with any of them. Same with GRID Autosport and Persona Ultimax, two good choices but they’re filled with (optional, but still) DLC.

    Anyway, put all of them in the wishlist until their actual “release” :)

  • @Otisha: Just checking but Helldivers is the standard edition not Super Earth Ultimate Edition, right?

    Thanks :)

  • Amazing! Especially for PS3, but other platforms also gets such a good titles :)

  • Quite a good selection of games there.
    Sadly I already bought Helldivers but I definitely recommend playing it; fun game and can be quite hilarious and very rewarding when played with friends.

  • Thief, Killer Instinct S2, K-Heroes, Dirt Showdown & Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Jan 2016.

    ALL playable on the Xbox One too. Games with Gold is clearly 4 the Players.

    • I forgot, they’re YOURS to keep. No subscription nonsense either.

    • Your opinion. Those games don’t really float my boat.

    • nope that got changed and they are tied to your sub.

      if your going to fanboy out at least do it right

    • The Xbox One games are not yours to keep. It was true for Xbox 360, but not since they launched Xbox One (just to let you know).

    • We had Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 back in 2012. It was boring…

    • plus that was last month this month its

      hand of fate xb1
      styx master of shadows xb1
      sacred citadel 360
      gears of war 2 360

      so 2 indies on xb1 one of which we have had

    • I’ll add more to that failure. Deux Ex Human Revolution was given away on Plus waaay back in June 2013, before Microsoft even gave any value with their forced subscription.

    • Guys, please, don’t be too harsh with suf, he clearly isn’t that good at trolling :/ He did everything wrong but he tried tho!

    • But Hand of Fate is an enjoyable game. Good for them.

    • Yeah sure, both systems have their good and bad parts. I have both and I enjoy both, but it is just not true anymore that you keep the games if you stop your Xbox Live subscription, that’s all :).

    • Yea seems like they’re no longer yours to keep. Funny how Sony and Microsoft are encouraging each other to get worse at this. First Sony follows Microsoft in charging for online, then Microsoft follows Sony in making the subscription worse. The future of gaming is bright, children..

    • You do realise ps+ has had 3 of those games a long time before xbox had them right? The others are a sub-standard xbox exclusive fighting game and a game not worth shouting about. I’m not particularly happy with the dip in quality of the games offered but there is still no comparison to what Xbox offers.

    • I have to say it IS handy I can play them on Xbox One instead of Xbox 360. I even bought a 360 game in a sale with the idea of playing it on my Xbox One.

      I really wish Sony would do the same as I haven’t bought Yakuza 5 now because I don’t have my PS3 any more, but I was looking forward to that game for years as I loved Yakuza 4. If I would be able to play it on PS4, I would have bought it day one without any hesitation.

      But yeah, most games were given with PS+ before (although I did not have PS+ when some of them got released on it).

  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, thank you. Lucky I still have my PS3. Helldivers, own it. Lemmings, own it. Those others, don’t care. PS Plus games for PS4 is pathetic. I mean, Nom Nom Galaxy? Give me one more pixel game for my PS4, and I will hunt you down! I’m sick and tired of those games for PS4! “Yeah, bought I’ve got PS4. You want to come over AND WATCH ME PLAY SOME PIXEL [DELETED] FROM MY BIG SCREEN TV IN [DELETED] FULL HD!”

  • hief, Killer Instinct S2, K-Heroes, Dirt Showdown & Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Jan 2016.

    ALL playable on the XOne too. Games with Gold is clearly 4 the Players

    • Yeah, but it would also require you to own an Xbox One, which, as we’ve seen, no one seems interested in. Also, setting aside that 3 of those titles were on plus long ago, not a single one of them is as good as Persona Ultimax.

  • I would say another month of disappointment but that would mean i had expectations that ps+ on ps4 would be good for once but those expectations died loooong ago

  • Helldivers made up for the otherwise lame games for vita. I am happy overall.

  • I’ll gladly try some of these, but I don’t think any will appeal to me unfortunately. I’d really appreciate some genuine Vita love, though. Any chance of that happening in March?

    • What game you have in mind? Most games ever released for vita have already been on plus. Don’t know if vita makes people whiners or whining makes a vita owner.

      There is hardly any vita games in development so it’s even harder to please vitawhiners in the future and the moaning will be biblical! I say BIBLICAL!

    • I am hardly whining. If that’s what you got from my comment, then you’re mistaken. I don’t have anything particular in mind, though I would welcome any JRPG or Visual Novel.
      I have to say, the Vita library is actually larger than people think, plenty of which have not been on plus.

    • @Huono-peleis

      Haha, your post made me laugh, I agree with you. People don’t realize the Vita catalogue isn’t that big AND that not every company want to see their games in the PS+ service. That surely limits the options every month.

    • @huono – No, most games have not already been on plus for vita. Please get a clue.

    • Vita has no games!? Utter nonsense! If you actually take the time to look you’ll see that the Vita has has a decent library of excellent games, with plenty more coming in 2016

      List of Vita titles:

    • Vita has no worthwhile games would be more correct. Sure it has games but most are for a niche or Japanese audience. My vita has been put on ice after Killzone and Tearaway, and before that there were only a few launch titles. And that’s my entire library. Worst supported portable ever and the success of smartphones alone is no excuse.
      And if most games ever released for vita have already been on plus, isn’t that more than enough to reason it should be dropped from the IGC altogether? And that’s even leaving relevance and age out of the picture…

  • I don’t know how anyone could be dissatisfied with Sony for this month. Let’s go through the list:

    – Helldivers: A great multiplayer twin-stick shooter. I bought it and had a fun time with it with my friends until it became a bit repetitive to me. But until then, a great many hours were spent. Cross-platform!

    -Nom Nom Galaxy: An intergalactical soup company simulator. Probably my favorite one on the list. It got a bit bad reviews, so I decided not to buy it. However, now I’m super excited to try it out for free, even if I end up not playing it for long. A quirky fresh experience.

    – Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: A japanese anime-style fighting game in the Persona universe. I’d love to check it out, but probably won’t dust off the PS3 for it. I’m very happy though for the PS3 players who haven’t switched yet, as they’re getting a great game.

    – Grid Autosport: Apparently a racing game. I’m not interested, as I’m not a racing guy. But there seem to be a bunch of people who are looking forward to it, so it couldn’t have been a bad choice.

    – Lemmings Touch: A lemmings game. I’d say it’s the weakest of the six, but good for a bit of fun on the go. There are probably a few people who will play it to the end and have a good time.

    – Nova 111: A puzzle game that mixes real-time and turn-based gameplay. What a great idea, I can’t wait to try it out. Again, reviews aren’t through the roof, but I’m looking forward to an original experience if nothing else. Added bonus: available on all platforms!

    As you can see, there’s something for everyone. Even if there’s nothing or not much for you, that doesn’t make it a bad month. Sony has to cater to a lot of different tastes at the same time, have you ever thought of that? Also, don’t blame Sony if you already own the game. Unless it was on sale weeks ago, that’s kinda shady. ;-)

    I like to stay positive about my hobby. Have fun playing guys!

    • Thank you! This is the kind of post I want to see more often on the blog.

    • Fully deserving of a thumbs up, MrSabuhudo ;)

    • You have a strange sense of “everyone”. Just sayin’.

    • You don’t know how anyone could be dissatisfied?

      Well, take a look at your own comments:

      -Helldivers: repetitive

      – Nom Nom Galaxy: A game with reviews bad enough to put you off buying it

      – Persona 4: A game you won’t even bother turning your console on for

      – Grid: A game you have no interest in

      – Lemmings: The worst game in this line-up

      – Nova 111: Another game with less-than-stellar reviews.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m personally quite pleased with this line-up, and don’t own any of the games, but if this is how a “pro-Feb list” looks like, it’s not hard to see where the ones who don’t like it find their ammunition!

    • Dude, most of the people who own a ps4 don’t play indies, including me. How can the community then be satisfied, when there’s been only one actually worthy title (Injustice) since the launch of the ps4, which is almost three years now. I’m not including Ground zeroes and Infamous, because those were demo/dlc. Sony is messing with us, because they know most of us play multiplayer and have to subscribe in order to do it. I don’t know anybody who subscribes solely for the free games.

    • I hear ye, ps3 keeps getting all these cool titles still, problem i have is.

      1) I’m to lazy to plug in my ps3 just to flag that account for the monthly games, wish i could “tag” em through my ps4.

      2) i got a new account on my Ps4, so means i would either have to start using that account on my ps3, and switch between the two to access my old ps+ games, or pay for two ps+ accounts.

  • The whiners will never be happy. Just do what you kerp threatening and shut up about it. It’s boring.

    This is a solid month.

    • No you are wrong. Some of us want the likes of mediocre games like Thief for PS4, games you avoid for 2 quid on disc when you’re in a shop. :P

    • Lol, exactly!

    • @andrewsqual , what shops are you going into that you see PS4 games (or any games) for €2?
      I’m asking because I am both interested and suspecting you are exaggerating a bit too much.

    • @mojoman As you have your opinion, you will understand that others have theirs. No one asked you to agree, nor to read comments that you don’t agree with either. When we pay good (subscription, 50 and 70 £ games,ect. ) we demand a better handling from a huge and wealthy cooperation. Ps+ is definitely not the same as it used to be, and the great majority of the offered games are considered crap from the majority of sony’s customers,thus people are unhappy and have every right to express their opinion . So if it’s “boring” for you to read those opinions , go get your old master system and play Alex kid instead.

  • Nice mixture of games. I’ll give Helldivers a go and Nom Nom Galaxy looks like it’ll be fun playing with my friend. Thank you. :)

  • Hmm… Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a great add to Plus! I’ll definitely play that at some point… Of course, I have to actually get started on P4G first, which probably won’t happen ’till summer. But then Persone 4 Arena Ultimax will be waiting for me :D

    I suppose Helldivers is interesting as well. I’m not sure if it’s something I’d buy, but I’ll probably check it out at some point. As for the rest, I really don’t have any interest in any of them. Still, a pretty good month for me compared to the past half a year or so. I’m still hoping to get some AAA PS4 titles soon, though!

  • Starting to become used to the usual garbage being thrown at PS+ users. Just create a separate price tier for multiplayer only or just drop this whole “games included” package because you know it’s not worth anything. Just charge £3 a month for multiplayer access and we’ll be happy with that. I didn’t pay £400 for my PS4 to play this trash so just make a multiplayer-only subscription that’s cheaper and that’s that. This way I just feel being ripped off for how much we have to pay for PS Plus every month just to access multiplayer…not to mention all the service outages we’ve been seeing lately

    • Be careful dude, you might offend someone’s feelings with your “negativity”…

    • Oooooh *shaking*

    • Go with the f2p titles as Ps+ is not required for online play. Create a US and Japanese account for some sweet demos and f2p titles too.
      I havent bothered with plus since october , the sales and monthly games are not worth it imo.

      Tbh i cant see myself bother with plus or sony in the future the way scee treat its customers compared to the US or Aisa ,guess its back to Pc when ps4 dies.

    • @TRED-
      “I havent bothered with plus since october ”

      You haven’t bothered before either since you have 0 trophies in your trophy list. So which one is it?
      a) you are a 13-year old Xbox fanboy
      b) you are a lifestyle troll just happily trolling anywhere as long as they let you
      c) both of the above

    • 1st of all, get Plus before you talk. “Your words are empty has your soul”(by Richter Belmont , Castlevania SOTN)
      2nd Yeah the games are crap, true. But I use Plus for other reasons(like Share Play and Upload my saves to the cloud)
      3rd If you think there are services better then this, then try somewhere else, sony already let you have 4 consoles with free access to their game servers.

    • @Huono
      Go check ur msg box … for dem apples !

      Iv had it on Ps3 and on Ps4 but imo since it became mandatory on ps4 it is lacking
      And compared to Ps+ in the US its a complete joke just like the scee store.
      If in future if scee get their act together ill re sub till that i wont.
      As for finding an alternative , i did say once ps4 dies ill jump onto steam.

    • Wait am I reading this right? You rather pay £3 a month just to play online. Lets say you pay the RRP of £40 for 12 months plus. We would be saving a total of £4 a year. If Sony take you up on the £3 a month just for multiplayer option.

      Or you’re a person like me. You pay around £35 for PS+ a year. Plus you get games every month and the total costs works out about £2.91 a month.

      So yer am fine with paying £2.91 for PS+ a month which includes some games each month. But if you want to pay £3 a month for online only be my guest. I hope Sony listens to you.

    • You don’t get games, you rent them for as long as you sub. And yes, a seperation of online costs and PLUS sub is what’s required. You PLUS fanboys can’t understand because you sub for the PLUS games in the first place.

    • @Ocelot
      Yes you read it wrong
      There was more of an incentive on Ps3 to make a choice and sub Ps+ than there is to sub a mandatory “service” on ps4


    • Going through the comments I was beginning to think I was the only person alive that doesn’t enjoy indie filler.

    • @ocelot07 yes i prefer to pay 5euro for online play instead of 7 for games ill never play. Last 4 months ive played only wallking dead which i have already played on my pc long time ago.

  • Not a bad selection. Looks like it didn’t take long to go back to the 10 games for a month across all platforms either :)

    • This. Some people doesn’t seem to value how much content those who have all the Sony platforms receive every month. The Cross-Buy feature is awesome :)

    • So the same game on three different platforms is three different games for you? Short memory? Short attention spa…look, a butterfly…

      So the same game on three different platforms is three different games for you? Short memory? Short attention spa…look, a unicorn…

      So the same game on three different platforms is three different games for you? Short memory? Short attention span?

    • Great value yes for people who never buy games to begin with, but for those of us who like to support developers and already own the games “given” via PS+ every bloody month, this subscription is a bloody rip off.

    • Cronoss, hence how neither andrew nor me mentioned the word different in our messages. We realize they aren’t different games but still, 10 games. Learn to read, mate :)

  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax? Nice That was unexpected, I will definitely play that game, The other games however I’m not interested.

  • Thanks Sony ,another month i dont need to renew my Ps plus.
    Iv a nice backlog of single player stuff and lots of f2p titles if i get that mp itch.

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