PlayStation Plus in January: Hardware: Rivals, Grim Fandango Remastered, more

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PlayStation Plus in January: Hardware: Rivals, Grim Fandango Remastered, more

Dragon Age: Origins, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Nihilumbra also join the service

As we say goodbye to 2015, we are giving gamers an epic dose of nostalgia with some reinvented and remastered classics on PS4! And as it’s the festive season, you can boot up your PS4 in style courtesy of PlayStation Plus with a free exclusive festive theme; out now, and come 5th January 2016 you can also download a free exclusive Grim Fandango Remastered theme!

A very special thanks to all our members – we wish you happy holidays and a joyful New Year. I’ll see you back here in 2016!

Here’s the full list of great titles that await you on 5th January:

Hardware: Rivals

New Year, brand new game! Buckle up as you plough through action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled unique combat arenas; claiming bounties, completing challenges and wreaking terrible vengeance upon old adversaries. Hunt down your enemies in armoured tanks, or swap power for crazy speed in Fast Attack vehicles as you battle it out with your fellow PlayStation Plus members. Check out the insane action below!

Grim Fandango: Remastered

One of the most acclaimed adventure games of all time is back, and yes; it is better than ever. In Double Fine’s class romp, experience the incredible story of Manny Calavera, travel agent to the dead. You’ll explore four years in the life (or death) of Manny, and there’s never been a better time to play, with entirely remastered visuals, sound and controls. See for yourself below.

You thought that was it? Ha! Boot up your PS3 and PS Vita systems and get lost in the mystical world of Dragon Age: Origins (PS3), battle in a world war with Medal of Honor: Warfigther (PS3), fight for survival in Nihilumbra (PS Vita) and command the U.S. Third Army from France to Berlin in, Legends of War: Patton (PS Vita).

Last chance!

2015 is nearly over and so is your chance to download December’s games. Don’t procrastinate – you’ve only got until 4th January 2016!


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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • I dont think this really means anything. You get 500 votes at best. There are millions of consoles out there.

    • What I mean is that they dont seem to pay any attention to it!

    • Putting Dragon Age Origins on sale then immediately putting it on PS plus is down right cheeky

    • A PSP game is not good enough and while Dragon Age: Origins is fine, Warfighter is a 55 metacritic game. I rather see them drop PS3 and Vita down to one game per platform, if that meant higher quality or maybe even drop one of them completely. It feels like the fact they have to deliver six titles drags down the quality.

    • Although Grim Fandango is a legendary game and Hardware: Rivals might turn out to be fun, overall the January IGC game selection is awful, one of the worst ever. I can easily see the PS3 IGC being shut down in a year or so because there are hardly any more worthy games to give away. Sony is 100% PS4 only nowadays, and Vita sees just a bit of love every now and then but nothing worth mentioning.

    • 900 negative, to 400 positive gives a fair idea of the quality customers feel they are receiving. Which translates to sales. It would be foolish to ignore.

    • The reason it is slightly useless though is the fact you don’t even have to have a PSN account to click that Like button, that goes beyond even having to be a Plus subscriber itself lol.
      How many Xbot’s do you think leave a negative vote every time, even long before they started finally getting value/games with their Gold Subscriptions? Even when it is an overwhelming amazing month there is a overabundance of negative votes.

      I’m actually shocked its only 6 games this month, 2 for each console and no extras that cross over to another platform too like what we get a majority of the time, which of course, nobody will praise when it happens. :)

    • I doubt Sony will recognize it. If they giving us PSP title, please give us something worthy like Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, God Eater, Persona, Disgaea, MGS Peace Walker, Final Fantasy Tactics, Pursuit Force, GTA or bring Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep and Crisis Core to the store.

      The developer of Legend of Heroes Patton doesn’t have a website anymore and I don’t know if they even exist anymore! There is just a health care website in japanese. Here are the link on information but the website of Enigma Software is replaced with japenese health care information’s

      Thank you Sony.

    • Considering most posts here say they are kinda okay with this line-up, i reckon most people vote no just to be “that guy”. I especially like the posts wich say they are ok with a couple of games but continue to say they find it awfull and worst evurz.

    • I don’t normally complain about PlayStation and I still think it’s the best console out there. However…. Why is PlayStation plus so rubbish. It offers great full games to the inferior PS3 that I sold for my next gen ps4 but then they bring out rubbish little app games out for the most powerful console on the planet??? Eg at the moment you can get the full ssx game and the far cry extension that is pretty much a while game as its so good this is for the PS3. They they release a few mini games for there newest console? It’s so weird. Does anyone still even play PS3 anymore?

  • Hi! Can you please clarify is Grimn Fandago is cross-buy with Vita? I know the game is, but the description in this post only mentions PS4
    Also anyone know if Hardware Rivals has an off line mode or at least if you can play solo?

    • You can just go to PS Store and check it, and yes, this is cross-buy.

    • It wont be the first time to give a cross buy game for only one console and since the description on the post says “Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4)” a clarification would be nice.

    • Like back when I bought Divekick on PS3 and it was cross-buy for Vita but not PS4. No, bad example.

      But I remember some issues with removed cross-buyability. Was Kickbeat actually supposed to be cross-buy with the PS4 version when it was on plus? It got removed so quickly and was only announced for Vita and PS3, as far as I remember.

    • I don’t remember about Divekick, but Sony removes cross-buy future kinda often.
      Not talking about PSplus games now, but for example Super Star wars is cross-buy on NA, but not here.
      Crimson land is an other example. I got that one for PS4 and when the Vita version released, there was no cross buy. Despite what the Devs said and of course the NA version. It took me 2 weeks with twitters and forums, asking them to fix it, but one was blaming the other. At the end the Devs send me an email for a “free” Vita game code.

  • Nice, dont have any of the games and hardware looks fun

    • The last Hardware was awesome, even better than Twisted Metal Black, plus I’ve heard great things from beta players so I’m really looking forward to it.

    • From what i played in the beta, it was really good. As long as the full game has much more content it will be great, the beta got boring after a week or 2 because there was only 2 cars, not many modes and 3 maps

    • I tried the beta, it played ok, can’t say anything was bad. however, my benchmark for such games is Vigilante 2nd Offence. and compared to that, the map in the beta looked uninspired. what I lacked the most, was a character of vehicles. I do not want to customize them. I want them to *feel* different. for now they differ in primary fire (which is purposely weak, so does not matter) and driving style (which matters), which is not enough. in the end, you kill with pickups, so key difference is gathering speed vs. survivability.

      nevertheless, this kinda seemed as a choice by design and they did not fail anything terribly. was on my “would get it sometime” list, glad I am getting it at release. what saddens me a bit, it seems as if they would add cars later as a DLC (to generate some money at least). not yet sure if I would like the game so much, I’d pay for something I felt was lacking from the start.

  • Great! Really wanted Legends of War and Nihilumbra and I guess Grim Fandango is also for Vita?

  • Not bad sony, not bad.. good start to the year. I’m pretty happy with these.

  • Please put the ps3 content on your emails and trailers on your ps+ update, feels a bit like we’re an afterthought if we don’t have a ps4 yet…

    • With regards to the ps3 content haven’t played either but a 6 year old game ( albeit with a good metacritic of 87) and a 2012 game (metacritic 55% – has the 70%+ criteria gone out of the window) isn’t overly encouraging for the coming year…

    • With regards to content haven’t played either but a 6yo game (abeit w metacritic of 87%) and a 3yo game with metacritic of 55% (what happened to 70%+ criteria?!?) isn’t filling me with confidence for the rest of the year…

    • Sorry for duplication – please put an edit or delete button on the forum comments Sony!

  • Oh dear Medal of Honour: Warfighter? The much derided game that killed the franchise once and for all? Honestly I’d have rather you didn’t bother with a second PS3 game if that was as good as it gets!

    • You’d rather they didn’t bother? Why? Just don’t download it – job done. Merry Christmas!

    • Honest Tolq, at this stage in the game I’d say it would be a better idea to dial back on the PS3 and Vita games and focus on the PS4 ones. I’d gladly give up one title from each of those platforms if it meant we could get bigger budget PS4 titles.

      Xbox owners get two titles less, and are now getting better titles. Just a thought.

    • The thing is, there aren’t that many “big budget” titles out for PS4 yet (compared to the PS3 for instance), and if they start giving them away for free this early, pretty soon there will be nothing for people to buy. I already own all the AAA titles I care about for PS4, so until there is a vast library to choose from, I would much rather see some smaller games that I would otherwise never get round to playing. :-)

    • Tolq you have every AAA game for ps4 well good for you but not all if us are rich or should I say mummy and daddy

    • @tamhunter80 > I’m sorry you don’t have a rich mommy and/or daddy, but that shouldn’t prevent you from reading my message properly… I have every PS4 AAA title _I care about_ – 6 of them so far to be exact. Now you go ahead and have a lovely New Year’s Eve – don’t go blowing yourself up or anything, ‘kay? ;-)

    • tamhunter80, let’s not forget Sony is a business, not a charity. they want you buying PS+ AND games. if they gave you AAA title a month after release, chances are you would start waiting at least one month before buying any title. “losing” 40 GBP because Sony was feeling generous would feel really damn bad. and if that was a much wanted title, like Fallout or FIFA, you would upset a lot of paying customers to please a few beggars. giving a quality indie at release is always a good deal: you didn’t have a chance to burn your money on it, and could get a game you will like even though you would not have bought it ever.

      giving games with lowly falling price some time later would feel as a good deal. getting AAA such as Killzone would not feel good. that game is cheaper than a 6-month old indie now… if I wanted it that bad, would have gotten it. if you can’t spare 10 eur/usd for AAA, then probably gaming is not yet affordable to you at all.

    • And what about all those folks who don’t have a PS4? They don’t pay less money for PS+ just because they’ve got a PS3 and/or Vita?

      Also, selfishness aside, there’s no way scaling back PS3 or Vita offerings is suddenly going to mean we get AAA titles on PS4, it’ll just mean less offerings for some and the same for us.

    • Hmm.. i don’t understand how Xbox gets better titles? Killer Instinct is indie like Grim Fandango.. and the other title on xbox one is one more indie title beat ’em up. at least Sony gives you different genres. and if you want to count the BC on xbox one, then fine.. but i can play the same card with Deus Ex and Dragon Age = everybody played them already.

  • I didn’t think January could be worse than December. Truly a Christmas miracle.

    • At least it’s not as bad as Gauntlet: Payer Edition…Slayer.

    • At this point they don’t even care, Sony could cut better deals and make it a bit less embarrassing but they know they got us by the balls with the pay to use your online connection “feature”.

  • PS4 and PS3 are Okay… but a PSP game from 2010 for the Vita? Thats just complete rubbish

  • Anyone else think they should ditch the Vita and PS3 titles in favour of more or atleast bigger budget PS4 titles? Are there many people that subscribe and don’t own a PS4?

    • No, just stop this no-sense comments.

    • If they do ditch the Vita and PS3 games soon, which seems likely given the absolute rubbish they’ve got recently, the PS4 offerings need to be a heck of a lot better than they have been this past year, imo.

    • PS3 maybe, but not Vita.

    • No. Ditch the PS3, but I’d rather have the Vita than anything else.

    • Yes. PS3 is way old now. The last-gen support was cute at first, now it’s just obnoxious. Get those games physically and cheap now and play them without being confined to a subscription to do so.
      Vita barely had any software worth buying from the start, so I feel it’s just there to fill up the two spots.
      More -if not complete- focus on PS4 should atleast add to the variety and quality in that section.

    • Ditch the Vita, not PS3.
      Its clear they are running out of publishers who are happy to give their vita games in the IGC. Soon they will be giving us PSP mini’s again.
      On PS3 they still have half-decent AAA games every other month and theres tens of millions more players with PS3 than Vita.

    • How about no? Like really, ask that question and your probably going to get an answer for the platform someone has. Plus is a service across PSN, it’s not just for PS4. It’s a relevant service for all the PlayStation consoles still and that’s what gives it such great value. If it was only PS4 it would not be as nearly as good value as it is now no matter what games were offered. I would expect a price cut and probably wouldn’t subscribe anymore.

    • Yes i agree,
      or at least drop them old consoles to & game a month, i sold my ps3 and the vita is dusty. if i pick up a handheld its always the ds which offers more and better games im afraid. otherwise just the PS4. i wouldn’t mind seeing more of those ps2 games on ps4 ^^

    • No…that’s selfish. Install base is biggest on ps3, so that would drive away many PS plus subscriptions. Comment was both selfish and ignorant.

  • Why no cross-buy for Grim Fandango? Bad month for Vita…

  • Pretty weak, but Medal of Honor Warfighter is a pretty good game, but pretty cheap!

  • Already have Grim Fandango and DA:O and the rest is really poor so this will be the first time I won’t be renewing my subscription. I’m really disappointed in such a week lineup for the holidays, just compare it to last year’s and the difference is pretty big :(

    • Én már a tavaly januárira nem is emlékszem, de ez a Grim Fandango kurva szarul néz ki, ezt a Hardware-t majd kipróbálom. Nálam marad majd a plus mert kell a multihoz PS4-en. PS3-on pedig már csak néha-néha játszok. Jobb játékokra számítottam mert már lassan 3 éves az “új” konzol és eddig szinte semmi említésre méltó AAA cím nem jött rá ingyen.

    • Infamous First Light azelőtt pedig Injustice. Harware betaval játszottam és szerintem nagyon gyenge, messze nincs a Rocket Leage vagy a hasonló Twisted Metal szintjén.

    • Mindkettőt bezsákoltam anno, de akkor még volt PS4-em, de azóta a First Light-tal végeztem az Injustice pedig.. majd valamikor kipróbálom :D De inkább Mortal Kombat fan vagyok. A Rocket League-t pont a héten vettem még és nyomtam vele egy pár meccset, eddig nagyon bejön.

  • Well, I played at Grim Fandango & DA:Origins, and that games are great, but the last one is pretty old, no? I hoped at least they give to us second game.
    What about other Plus-titles, I’ll give a chanse to Hardware, and really curious about Vita games.

  • Not another puzzle platformer :(

  • Ok, Grim Fandango is a good game and i’m sure there’s a good amount of people happy but really? Another adventure game? I’m starting to miss 2D sidescrollers….

    As for Hardware Rivals, meh, from what i’ve played on the beta is really a dull online game and the fact that’s only 4 vehicles (at launch) doesn’t help…
    Oh well, glad that my subscrition will finally end next month, until KF2 or Starbound comes out i’ll probably won’t renew it.

    • Grim Fandango was amazingly well received… in 1998.

      But everything I’ve read about the remaster is that it hasn’t stood the test of time, with some obtuse puzzles and terrible camera angles.

  • EA sure loves giving out free games to PS3 members huh?

    I’m not sure for MOH: Warfighter and Legend of War since they got average reviews.

  • Nihilumbra looks really good. And I’ve been meaning to pick up Legends of War after hearing good things about it. Good selection for Vita! Especially if Grim Fandango is crossbuy?

  • Dragon Age Origins, that is on Sale right now? Really? Why, Sony, why?

  • Grim Fandango it is then! I always wanted to try it out :-)
    Pretty good month – very diverse, too! Keep it up, and merry Christmas/happy New Year!

  • Well dragon age is a 100 hour game which is great. Grim was one of my favourites and I bought this lame cheap lazy port they called a remaster and it almost ruined my memories of it. Some of the puzzles were awful

    • Oh, you can play Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle, soon. I wonder if the Maniac Mansion easteregg will be included.
      Guess they won’t do The Dig, but Zak McKracken would’ve been worth a remake.

    • I thought the remaster was pretty good. The controls were a bit frustrating even without tank controls but I’d say it was a pretty faithful remaster

    • Grim HAS to have frustrating controls, it always had. I think it’s part of the gameplay. “Don’t you have too much fun now, boy!” It’s like Fallout and Glitches, inseparable.

    • I played that entire game with tank controls but it didn’t unlock the trophy for it.
      Basically I played that game in it’s original control state, which is a bad thing.
      Why have trophies for playing games in a less fun way…..gah Tim….my opinion of that man has dropped to the floor.

  • well, real old ones… ps3 and vita nothing to be proud about… and ps4, well, grim fandango it’s not really a new game either… sorry to tell you Microsoft is leaving you behind…
    Well, How about having a delivery date of Towerfall on vita??? I really need this game on it, and it’s available on usa since dec 15th….

  • Medal of Honor is quite ok though. Ok, you got me, going to renew my sub. Eventually.

  • This time we have a mediocre month for ps4. It is worrying how sony is resting assured with the advantage against competition.
    Christmas and New years will pass with no actual gifts for their dedicated fans, that they showed support and put them in #1 spot in the current gen.
    It is really sad!

  • Patton has a Vita-native port and you’re giving us the PSP version? Unreal.

    • Kinda expecting actual Vita game not a Vita compatible again. Very disappointing.

    • My God I didn’t even notice that! Please Otisha tell me that was a mistake???

    • Hi Otisha – it’s not really the PSP version of Legends of War: Patton, Is it? You wopuldn’t give us the PSP version when there’s a version of the Vita game right there? PLEASE tell me this was a mistake!

    • Unfortunately this isn’t the first time we have gotten a PSP version when there is a Vita version available. It won’t be a mistake :(

    • No it doesn’t, that’s a completely different game. Legends of War Patton and HISTORY Legends of War are 2 completely different games from 2 completely different developers

  • A PSP game again? really?

  • It’s an improvement over the recent months, can actually say I’m not disappointed.

  • Legends of War: Patton isn’t on the NZ store (and presumably a few others), so what are we getting instead?

  • Horrible line up form a company who has no idea what its consumers want.

    • Maybe they do. A few games from my wishlist have appeared in the last couple of months (Gauntlet, SSX, Grim Fandango). Just saying it’s a possibility. Everyone try adding Knack if that’s what you really want and see how we get on next month.

  • Really annoyed about this! Please explain why the HELL! You put games like Dragon Age Origins on sale which is still on then say oh it’s on PS plus next month… Absolutely ridiculous!

    • There used to be a window where if a game was on sale it wouldn’t be in PS+ for a month or something, but now the PS+ lineup is the same internationally but the sales are still regional. When this change happened it meant they could no longer guarantee that something in a sale would no longer appear on PS+ shortly after.

    • Even though it is only £4 I think it is damn cheeky to do this, it’s just not right

    • Hogwash, the same thing’s been done a few years back, then it disappeared for a while, maybe because no one bought anything in sales anymore, but it’s back.

    • That’s a really shootout, let’s begin. Dragon age, new NFS, Mass Effect Trilogy, Mirrors’s Edge, Dishonored, Thief and the Walking Dead? And that’s it? Wolfenstein and the Evil Within? Am I going insane saying it’s wonderful?

      No, really, Dragon Age while it’s still on sale? You’gotta be kidding me….

    • Exactly why I hardly buy on sale games anymore unless I absolutely have to play it then. This is Sony once again shooting itself in the foot.

  • Pretty sure that sound is the scraping of the Vita’s barrel – why have so few Japanese third party titles made it to PS+? Since that’s where the majority of games come from now

    • They need to start giving us free ps1 games at this point because at least I’d play those. Truly pathetic offerings.

  • Otisha, Fred, please respond. Time is running out. Last month I asked if there were plans to release Kings Quest chapter 2-5 with epilogue and theme and Fred said it was difficult question but he would look into it. I asked because currently the epilogue and theme are exclusive to the Kings Quest Complete Edition, which becomes unavailable if you download episode 1 separately. I was hoping for a solution so that I could claim something I have paid for before it disappears.

    • Are you sure about that? I downloaded the first chapter of the game and the complete edition is still available for me

  • Am i the only one who thinks this month’s PS3 lineup is decent?

    • No, 2 games i’m looking forward to playing.

      I played MOH at a friends place when it came out & while the SP wasn’t brilliant i had quite a bit of fun playing the online.

    • No, no your not. I think most of the people raving here have made it their monthly ritual. Looking forward to Grim Fandango especially.

    • @smoke, Grim is PS4 only in this month’s line up and not PS3 but it being a cross-buy, it is worth it, for I’ll get the Vita copy as well.

    • EA probably doesn’t even support the multiplayer part of that game anymore.

    • Yes, but many of us have our ps3s packed up in a closet.

  • Can’t understand why Xbox give away a triple a title and play station don’t ??????

  • Another PSP game? That’s lousy Sony, especially considering both had Vita versions.

  • What a load of @#%& !

  • Please stop giving us PSP-games for Vita!

    Really, what is this nonsense.

    • I never had a PSP so don’t really mind getting the odd free PSP game for my vita. GIves me more cool stuff to play on the go :)

  • Absolutely looking forward to the singleplayer story of Hardware: Rivals…wha…there is none? Well, then it’s just another game that sits in my library unplayed.

    Grim Fandango is a great game, but I finished it about 20 years ago. Still no need to do it again. Dang my good memory.

    But…this is getting repetitive. First it’s one platformer after another – and I don’t like those, at all, even after I tried each – now it’s one adventure after another – which I do like – but still, this is such a bad way to diversify things. Not at all, to be exact. I’d be okay with a racing or sports title by now. But PS+ would only shell out crap like Rugby World Cup or Motorcycle Club or Handball or Toro. Oh, by the way, did anyone actually ever like that?

    • just because hardware rivals has no single player story doesn’t make it bad, i enjoy playing online games like that… look at rocket league as an example… one of the best games of this year with no single player story.

      as to grim fandango, many of us never played it 20 years ago so just because you did doesn’t mean it should be excluded from appearing on ps+.

    • Where did I say it should be excluded? I said it’s a great game, just nothing I have the urge to revisit. And last time I checked I didn’t think my opinion is universal. Quite the contrary.

      For example, I don’t care about Rocket League.

    • You can’t please everyone.. heard of that?

    • That sucks. The upside of my terrible memory is that i can enjoy, again, great games and shows i have entirely forgotten.

  • So, once gain Vita owning Plus subscribers get a PSP title as their IGC title when there is Vita specific version of that game available?

    I don’t pay for PS Plus to get PSP games; and PSP games are NOT Vita games. It’s great that the Vita can play them and add to the library for those that want hem, but I dont.

    • You don’t pay for PS+ for Vita at all, and you got a second game.

      Stop whining.

    • Incorrect Mojo_Man.

      You don’t pay for ONLINE for PS Vita, you still pay for PS+.

      Some gamers who don’t have the luxury of owning all 3 consoles and only own a Vita will still pay £39.99 a year to get 24 Vita games as part of the Instant Game Collection (not PSP titles).

      It is only since PS+ became mandatory for PS4 online that all the PS3 and PSVita titles in the IGC have suffered – a shame really.

    • You should be getting Grim Fandango which is supposedly brilliant for the VITA (I’ve only played on PC and PS4 so can’t confirm or deny)

    • Nor do I. Agree 100%.

    • Mojo, you’re very, very wrong. Stop whining about other people’s legitimate claims.

    • I feel like lately my PS Plus subscription is hardly worth it. You can add up all the “value” but for me, you could give me a crappy game for free that costs $300 but I still value it at $0.

      In particular, the Vita offerings have been putrid. A freaking PSP game? Are you kidding me?

  • Well, the ps3 games aren’t that bad, but still very old and I would have gotten them already If I was interested. It’s an improvement, yet not the month I will be coming back.

    Merry xmas everyone ho ho ho.

    • Surely the whole point of the IGC is to offer you games that you might otherwise not be interested in? I’ve found some amazing games through the IGC that I would never have purchased otherwise.

    • You are absolutely right and I know what you mean. I’ve discovered games likes that the past 2 years I had an active subscription. It’s just that I am not interested in those particular games. I’ve played the demo of DAO and an FPS game isn’t really my kind of thing.

  • I told you guys, Sony doenst care anymore… if you want change stop giving Sony money. Let your subs expire and dont renew it back! I know its hard but if we join this together we can make a change.

    Awful month again.

    • just because you think the games are not so good doest mean everyone does.

      i think its been a really good year for ps+, lots of really great games on all 3 platforms so i have no plans to stop paying for the service!

    • Not hard, impossible now we’re forced into subscribing if we want to play online, which I do. Then there’s games like Battlefront that are useless if you don’t subscribe too.

      I don’t mind Grim Fandango, had the original for PC and will give it a blast on Vita if it’s cross buy. Not interested in it on my PS4.

    • True but people aren’t willing to go offline mode to prove a point. Our best bet is that somehow Microsoft drops pay to play online and starts growing their brand because of it. Then Sony would drop it too and PS+ would be forced to give better games like during the PS3 gen.

    • They don’t care because they got very cocky after ps3 overtook the 360, evident by their recent press conferences. I think they are making the same mistake as Microsoft circa 2011. They alhave made very loud and hot consoles with not enough consideration, excluded basic features and have not added them (basic Bluetooth mic support? Friend sign on notifications? Are you kidding me?)

      They’ve become complacent in their success and it will absolutely backfire as it did with MS.

  • Woah Sony really great service for ps3/psv users again !

    Dragon age an amazing game can’t argue with that but it’s been on a lot of sales for between 2/7 euros.
    And I wont even start with the vita line up.

    But I have to say thanks for making December the 4th or 3rd ”Good plus” month this year.
    Hopefully we’ll be seeing some better ps3/psv support in 2016 with a lot less indies for vita and a lot more lost gems from the ps3 era.

    • What was good in December? Okay, King’s Quest is decent enough, but Gauntlet is so bad, it drags King’s Quest down with it. So bad, my brain tried to melt when I tried it out.

    • Opinions…….

    • Okay yeah I was talking ps3 and psv.
      Don’t have a ps4 , proud owner of a xbox one, will get one eventually for j-rpgs.
      But for now i’m laughing my ass off because at the start of this gen xbox got flamed for screwing consumers and how the tables have turned because in my eyes sony isn’t there for the gamers anymore!

    • I’m sorry but i fail to see your logic.. how Sony screw people?

  • I can’t find Medal of Honor: Warfighter at the PS Store. Only dlcs show up when I search it. Are we going to get something else?

  • Another PSP game? Wth?

  • The level of whining on here is depressing. Seriously….go buy an XB1.

  • More junk for box in the loft, great. PlayStation now is a real product. wwwwwhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy? Come on keep it real.

  • I would really like just one month like in the old days before my subscription ends permanently. I gave them another chance after they pretended to improve the line-up again this time last year but I really haven’t gotten my money’s worth this year. I have until March or so until my subscription ends.
    The prices and game-quality on consoles have made me switch to PC and PS Plus has failed to keep me interested for more than a few minutes per game. Bring the exclusives quickly or my PS4 has no purpose but to collect dust!

    • Or you could buy your own games? You bought a PS4 to be handed freebies??

    • No, I bought PS+ for the freebies. And don’t tell me that I’m paying for online and the rest is bonus because the IGC was the whole point of PS+ way before Sony stuffed online behind a paywall.

      And yes, I do buy my own games. Did you even read my comment or are you just replying to each comment just to be different and stand out?

    • On the other hand, it seems you just like whining.

    • SO you think its logical you want AAA games for 4euros a month?
      cause thats what your paying 4 euros a month,

      im so tired of all these people complaining. You are paying 4 Euro’s a month and look what your getting, How many games if not for plus would you have been tempted to buy and not gotten fro free, good or bad.

      I would have never bought Rocket League but seemed it was the psn game of the year for me…
      I got some other games i would never buy that i enjoyed, i think the moment u get 3 games a year u like u already have your money worth,

      U can’t expect them to do good for everyone, there are millions of people out there and i believe most are happy every month with the freebies.

      Stop going for sales, for psn games u dont really really really want and wait for plus, ull be disappointed way less

      And if your not happy after all this, then just let it go, go to your pc, and be happy there.

    • @vavires Are you seriously implying a PSP game for Vita-only ps plus subscribers is someting anyone is OK with?

    • @drkztan1 I hadn’t heard of it before. I looked it up at in seems pretty good and am looking forward to trying it. It seems like an XCOM type of game.

  • All the new potential subscribers this holiday season and you use this as your bait? I can’t see you reeling in that many fish. You need those fish; the ones you have are beginning to swim away.

    • Sorry to say this but online multiplayer is the bait, despite the fact that it should be free anyway. PS Plus sales are likely thriving so there is no incentive to increase PS4 game value at this time.

    • Why do you think the better games or more full release and AAA titles are for PS3? Because online play is free on that console and it’s a legacy console so they have to dangle the carrot to keep you paying. When you already have to pay for online, Sony has no motivation to give you incentive to keep paying. The difference with Microsoft GWG is they’re actually trying to give you more incentive to come to their platform and keep paying for their service with 4 games every month. Oh and before anyone says I’m a Microsoft fanboy troll: I own not only PS4, but PS Vita, PS3 (trying to sell because I don’t play), Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and game on PC.

    • True enough, but I feel like they could, and should be doing more to increase sales. I’m not necessarily complaining about the content, but there seems to be a lack of effective marketing strategy lately. As you say, it’s most likely because the online component is bringing in the bacon just fine.

  • After 3 graphic adventure games in a row, where every time the vast majority of your customers complain, you have now released another one. Do any of you blog staff have the balls to come on and explain why you don’t listen.

    This is utter garbage again and I am sick of it.

    • “This is utter garbage again ”

      No, it really isn’t! Its another great month with some really cool games which i’ll be happily playing & enjoying over the next month!

    • Glad you like it but the vast majority don’t. We just want Sony to start catering to a wider audience. Go and look at the comments on the GWG line ups where they have one AAA and one indie. Overwhelmingly positive because they are covering both groups. For me, with Ps4 only, plus has been garbage.

    • Ah sorry, we didn’t realise you speak for millions of customers.

      You DO realise the people that whine like crybabies on the blog are the MINORITY, right?

      Lol, hilarious.

    • The polls every month suggest otherwise. 10000 dislikes on the YouTube video last month also show majority agree with me.

    • To be fair YouTube comments aren’t a poll of users, it’s a litany of barely comprehensible moaning from users with no guarantee they even have a playstation.

    • Blurrr Im afraid you seriously need to re-evaluate your understanding of the word “majority”.

    • Every poll on these blogs pages 75% against. Pretty sure that is a majority. Maybe you need need to check the definition out.

    • Majority of voters. Not customers.

      My God….

    • Can only go off ones who voted. Are you arrogant enough to claim you know how everyone else would vote?

    • Blurrr, do u know the milions of players?
      I dont think so, so dont make false statements, the 1000 ppl bother talking in here are less then 0.1% of psn. deal with it

    • “The vast majority agree with me”

      …and you have the audacity to call someone else arrogant. Lol.

      You are simply deluded I’m afraid.

    • Well, that’s the way polls work. A certain number of people are asked for their opinion and the result is taken as roughly the view of the general public. Like in…politics ore marketing.

      I’m not saying youtube or the comments section of a blog are empirical, far from it, but some of the arguments given against it are far worse.

    • Except that’s not the way credible polls are conducted in any industry. If I wanted to find out what people think about an aspect of my business, I’d make a poll that interviewed a cross-section of relevant users, rather than base my decisions on the opinions of the anonymous, permanently angry commenters on youtube (who may have zero investment in what they are whinging about) as they go for a kneejerk immediate reaction every time. Same goes for the PS blog for that matter. If they want feedback on PS+, a survey via email is better as its likely to reach users beyond the tiny minority voraciously waiting to comment on the PS+ games each month. And I include myself in that.

    • I was one of the complainers last month, I thought it was terrible… but you also have to take some things with a pinch of salt.

      Complaining on the internet is much more cathartic and therefore much more prevalent than people saying good things… especially on YouTube, home of the worst commenting outside the Daily Mail comment threads.

      This month is more what I’d like to see every month, it may not be for everyone, nothing ever is, but it’s a much better mix of solid indie, old AAA and a classic remade in Grim Fandango which personally is the pick of the bunch for me, but that’s just me.

      Next month might be bad or average, but this month I’m happy.

    • I see Mojo bashing every single person upset with the additions – why? Who is Mojo to tell anyone what is valuable ansld what isn’t? It’s subjective. And if you don’t think you are getting for what you pay for, then say something.

      The ones complaining want better games to play, not HD remakes of boring adventures. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    • What AAA title Xbox got?

    • We’re getting Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition and Zheroes. The Xbox 360 games aren’t worth mentioning for me even with backwards compatibility.

      Everyone discounted Grim Fandango on Black Friday, Christmas and the January Sales. It seems like Sony waits to see what every other service and platform is giving away and then gives us the cheapest game on the list. With this happening multiple times now it’s like I only get one game per month from Sony. My PS3 is in the cupboard so….

      Maybe Sony is offered the same discounts or prices that everyone else is offering but I would’ve thought they’d give away something unique and/or exclusive.

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