SingStar gets new modes, tracks and a visual makeover

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SingStar gets new modes, tracks and a visual makeover

The party game perennial gets a number of major updates

Hello! I’m delighted to be able to share some news with you about the latest updates to SingStar, which are now available through our most recent patch!

Firstly though, we want to acknowledge that we’ve had some problems over the last year that have delayed our ambitions for the title, but we’re pleased to say that we’ve now resolved the major issues. As well as working hard on fixes, the team have made some other awesome changes and additions to SingStar in the new patch…

A brand new look!

Taking on board feedback from the community, their experiences, and looking at how we can improve the game’s look and feel, we have injected some colour, as well as making improvements to the layout to make it even easier to navigate and find your songs.


The all new Party Mode!

It’s back, but not how you remember it…We’ve reinvented the much-loved mode which now includes:

  • Pass The Mic: Blue Team vs Red Team. Players taking turns to sing a section of a song
  • Medleys: 1 vs 1. Sing the chorus of five different songs.
  • Micro Medleys: 1 vs 1. Sing a short section of eight different songs
  • Pass the Medley: Blue Team vs Red Team. Taking turns to sing the chorus of different songs
  • First to the Post rounds: 1 vs 1. First to reach 1 million points wins

The full list of party modes can be found on the main menu. This is also where you can create teams and put on the ultimate SingStar tournament with as many rounds as you like. Best out of 99? Why not?!

New Challenge Mode!

Within your profile you’ll find the new Challenge Mode. Songs that your friends and other players have sung will be displayed here with scores for you to try and beat. If you beat their score then your points will be sent back to them. The challenge will bounce back and forth until the score cannot be beaten. The challenges don’t have to be attempted in real time either, so you could always wait for your friend with the Whitney vocal range to visit and lead you to SingStar victory!

It’s not just a new look and Party Mode that we’re putting in the patch though; the team has been working extremely hard on a lot of improvements behind the scenes that you’ll hopefully notice when you play.

We’d love to know what you think of the new SingStar and will take on board and feedback you have. Comment below or say hello to us on our social media pages:

Oh, one last thing! We’ve added more songs on PS4 that you might have previously had on PS3. We’re working to bring more of your PS3 favourites to PS4 in coming SingStore updates, to add to the hundreds we’ve moved across in the last couple of months. Stay tuned…

Once again, thank you so much for your patience this year. We really appreciate it and hope you enjoy your new SingStar!

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