PlayStation Plus in November: The Walking Dead Season 2, Magicka 2, more

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PlayStation Plus in November: The Walking Dead Season 2, Magicka 2, more

Beyond Good and Evil, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Fin Soup, inviZimals also inbound

Hello fellow Gamers! In the spirit of Halloween we’re bringing you the spooks with November’s line-up of spooktacular (see what I did there?… okay, I’ll stop) monthly games.

Here’s what you can get your hands on come 3rd November:

The Walking Dead Season 2

This title needs little introduction; it’s Season 2 of the critically-acclaimed Walking Dead series from the masters of episodic adventures, Telltale Games. Season 2 continues the story of Clementine, a young survivor in a world gone to hell. The dead have risen to feast on the living, and the living cannot be trusted. You will be tested by situations and dilemmas that will test your morals and your instinct for survival.

Magicka 2

Dressing up as a wizard this Halloween? Why not become one with the world’s most irreverent co-op action adventure, Magicka 2. Experience a Midgård almost wiped free of Wizards after the Wizard Wars. Up to four Wizards and their guild Vlad can rid the world of evil, armed with a dynamic spellcasting system.

Be careful not to fall too deeply under the spell of Magicka 2, or be consumed by your choices in The Walking Dead Season 2, as there are still more games to play if you own a PS3 or PS Vita.

The stellar action RPG sequel Mass Effect 2 (PS3), award winning action adventure Beyond Good and Evil (PS3), fast-paced tactical RPG Dragon Fin Soup (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita) and animal battle adventure InviZimals (PS Vita).

Last chance!

These titles are leaving PlayStation Plus on 3rd November, so be sure to add them to your download list now so you don’t miss out!


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Introducing the Topic of the Month: You’re in a zombie apocalypse; your only item for survival is the weapon you were using in the last game you played? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Not the worst line up we have had but seriously Sony, isn’t it time to put out a AAA title to the PS4 users. This was the 2 year launch anniversary, you could have managed something better than this.

    • Why would they? This is November, CoD BOps3 + SW Battlefront, we all know that those two games will sell alot for the ps4 and they’re multiplayer focused… You know what is required for online multiplayer? That’s right, PS+, they don’t need to cater their audience when they have the upper hand.

      Now let’s take a trip to Japan… You know what isn’t selling well (compared to other regions)? PS4! You know what will they get this month? Thief 4. Now, mind you that i’m not interested in that title but i find it funny how they get AAA titles and we don’t, if i remember correctly they also got Killzone SF and Guilty Gear XRD (not sure if they got more than that, perhaps Knack on release).

      Kind of funny if we stop for a moment and start thinking about how people cheered (me included) for Sony when they were actually being [DELETED]…

      “OUR CONSOLE IS DRM FREE!!! (but now you have to pay to play online)”

      “WE WELCOME THE INDIE DEV SCENE TO OUR CONSOLE (so that we can use some of the titles on plus)”


    • yeah, get EA to bring out BattleFront 2 remaster or ps2 port, for ps4/ps3/psvita and make it free for psplus. and $25 on store

    • @CyraxPT

      We need Plus for Online so we have to renew it and that’s the reason for them not to give us better RENTED games?

      There’s people who bought a PS4 for exclusives, like me, i play on PC, my Plus expires in November, i don’t play Online on the PS4, i play on it for singleplayer only, exception was Destiny, but only got to level 14 before i got bored, and i’m not renewing the sub in November not worth it for me, and i’m sure there’s a lot of people with multi platforms that feel the same, from what i’ve read the past months not even a good amount of fanboys are happy.

      Shoving indies all the time down people throats isn’t very appealing especially for long time Plus subs, then there’s the part we do not own the games of Plus (Plus discounts are nice tho), they’re rented, Plus ends then you can’t play those games.

    • @CyraxPT I understand that it is just business but it sure does hurt to know that in the UK we pay so highly for our software and yet we don’t even get the extras and bonuses that other regions get. Sony really don’t know how to treat their user base and, I predict, that their will be a huge jump across platforms (just like last gen) next generation if they don’t pull their finger out. We’ve yet to have a AAA title for PS 4 yet.

    • @iESCUDO Let’s stop right there, “Plus discounts are nice tho”, no, they’re not. It’s their way to “add value” to their service, you get better deals on pc and you don’t have to pay any fee for them.

      But that’s not the point, it’s true that you have millions of people playing online on the pc (Lol, Dota 2, CSGO, etc) but when it comes to the multiplataform AAA titles like BF or COD, that audience is bigger on the consoles and companies like Sony/MS know that, that’s why they can get away with paid multiplayer, the people that will not renew their subscrition due to the (lackluster) games provided should be much lower than those that will continue paying because they want to play online.

      Dunno, part of me is telling “January will be the last month that i’ll have ps+ but then i remember that i want to play Killing Floor 2 or Starbound with friends on the ps4 therefore i’ll have to pay for a service that should be free…

      Btw, just to make something clear, i don’t mind having smaller budget titles on PS+, hell, i would be more than happy to have something like Shadow Warrior and Helldiver on ps+ this month but it’s clear that they want to make more money from plus by putting games that have lower budget (compared to the AAA) and that didn’t sell well on release (and over time).

    • Last game we had was infamous 2nd light ,cant think of another and that was 12 mths old .Its a disgusting the money they have made of “PS4” .

    • Is not up to sony is up to the game developers.Sony will ofer them so much and is up to the game studio if they want to take up the offer

    • I’m not saying this applies to you, but I bet most people complaining about the indies haven’t even given them a proper try. Some of them are leagues apart – for the better – than a lot of crap AAA releases.

  • Nice! really nice! Loved the first Walking Dead Season and hadn’t got round to second one yet so perfect for me. Also my friends have been bugging me for a while to pick up Magicka 2 which is great and looking froward to trying Dragon Fin Soup! Good work

  • I like this month, but can you please tell us why Season 2 and not 1 ?

    • Its really simple actually giving us season two instead of one will compel a lot of people to buy season one first so as to properly enjoy the game..Its business tactics..

    • It’s quite smart, actually. People like you and me who don’t have the 1st season are now more likely to buy it. Considering its quite cheap (and often on sale) it’s not a bad deal.

    • Probably because everyone and their grandmothers already played it. Hell, it was even on an HB.
      I *strongly* recommend you to play the first one first,for continuity and also because it’s flat out better.

    • I do have season both seasons on Vita, but I am not willing to replay it with out my season 1 choises and I am pretty sure a lot of ppl wont.

    • You can play Season 1 FREE with a 7 day free trial of PS Now. I’m disappointed with this months games however…

    • Less than half the countries have access to PS Now

    • Actually, that would because the US have had the first two chapters of Season 1* something like three years ago. So it would be a repeat for them. And since we have the exact same offer…

      *: Yes, ONLY the first two chapters. The other three weren’t out at the time.

    • Even with access to PS Now you cant transfer your choices from ps3 to ps4. Winds me up as I have platinumed season 1 on ps3 and Vita. Dont really want to have to buy it again to play on ps4 but I have a feeling the Vita wont be supported any more going forward.

    • Because Microsoft gave it away twice last month.

    • It’s more likely because The Walking Dead: Michonne game comes out soon and that requires Season 2 to play it…which means more people to buy that if they enjoy Season 2.

    • Season 1 is free on PS3.

    • The simple reason it’s season two, not season one, is because S1 is free with GWG on the XBO this month. Actually, there are no AAA games with GWG this month either, which is unusual. I hate to say it, but LIVE is a far, far, better service than PS+.

    • In nearly two years since buying the PS4 at launch, there hasn’t been one month where I don’t already own the games on off (except the traditional throwaway new indie game each month).
      So after a discussion with my wife, we’ve decided to stop supporting developers by buying pretty much all digital games at launch and wait three to four months for them to appear on PS+.. It’s a shame. Everyone loses out, but sadly Sony aren’t living up to their promises about their service, and the service they promised to provide. LIVE on the XBO in comparison has been nothing but a pleasure since launch. A solid lineup and a varied choice of games each month, plus not shoving cheap indie games down consumers throats etc.
      The PS4 hardware might be more powerful, but the whole experience certainly isn’t (or the exclusive lineup AGAIN this Christmas. It’s embarrassing).

  • Quite a good lineup for me. Looking forward to next week

  • So, who is happy with this line up? Like one of the comments below to show your feelings towards this line up. (Yes or No)

  • This is actually quite an awful month! You guys really need to step it up! Give us some retail games. November is supposed to be a big month, this feels more like a July!

  • PlayStation Plus: The Phantom Games

  • Wait, Invizimals for PSP? Seriously? And Mass Effect 2?

    Still looking forward on Magicka 2 and Dragon Fin Soup.

  • Amazing games, keep the good works up :)
    I really would like to play mass effect 2 and twd season 2, but need to play the first one. :/

    • I have yet had time to play the sequels we just got, but i can very highly recommend Mass Effect 1 as long as you enjoy rpgs, the story is great and its a fun game.

      And TWD 1 you have to pretty much play no matter what you enjoy, its story is amazing and the choices you make actually affect the game which both makes them feel important and often plays with your feelings in the best way.

    • I massively recommend playing Mass Effect 1 first.

      I started trying to pay ME2 a few years back before the original Mass Effect was released for PlayStation. Simply couldn’t get into the story or the characters. I found the entire experience incredibly dull. Then I finally played the first Mass Effect when it came out, and loved the series! It’s now right up there as one of my favourite game series.

      So if you can afford it, go and get Mass Effect 1 first. It’s good value for money, as each game in the series takes around 40 hours to complete.

    • Like toxic-inferno I would recommend Mass Effect 1 first (TWD S2 also benefits a lot from S1) For people new to the series on PS3 it’s a good time to start. I remember having to start with Mass Effect 2 and miss out on the story from the first game because ME1 wasn’t on PS3 back then. That interactive comic is nice but it misses out 80% of the game.

  • Vita titles are weak.

    Guess it doesn’t have any more games left.

  • Dragon Fin Soup, nice.

    The PS4 selection is pretty good, pity I have own both of them but I’m glad more people will get to play Magicka 2.

  • Surely it would be nice to know which Invizimals game is going to be free? The alliance or The Resistance? Though I think I already know.

  • imho worst month of ps+
    better spend money in humblebundle

    • Have you seen what Xbox are getting this month pnemua breath of life(a first person boring indie puzzle game), knight squad ( a poor man’s bomberman), dungeon siege 3 ( a poor mans dungeon siege) and dirt 3 ( a poor man’s dirt 2. Vs What your getting walking dead season 2 ( a great story based visual novel), magika 2 ( which looks fun but I’m reserving judgement), dragon fin soup (rainbow moon on the disk world need now), mass effect 2 (the best in the mass effect series) and beyond good and evil ( a great game) how can you whine about that line up. On wait invizimals is so blam its not even funny. But compared to recent months this is epic.

    • @Nightmareofkaito

      whats xbox got to do with what he said?

      just because their games suck this month does not stop someone from thinking these games kinda suck

    • @Nightmareofkaito

      Dirt 3 on Xbox beats every single game for PS Plus this month.

  • Awesome, looking forward to Dragon Fin Soup!

  • why didn’t we get the walking dead season 2 on vita?

  • mass effect 2….
    next year mass effect 1

    • ME1 actually came out after ME2 on PS3 so technically ME1 is a “newer” game

    • he probably means that the old “no prequels to previous PS+ titles as new titles” policy is no longer valid. like the old Metacritic one. remember what they did with Batman Arkham City and Asylum.

      i wonder if they’ll ever offer Uncharted 2 for PS3 at this point. LOL.

  • Finally one game that is not indie crap.First since MG Ground Zeroes,bug still no big games.I rememver when there where games like AC3,FC3,Tomb Raider anf all otger great AAA games…

  • Much better, but still not good enough to make me reconsider about resubscribing.

    Interesting that Chris didn’t post this news. But Otisha Sealy put even less effort into introducing the games. It’s incredible how, step by step, every aspect about Plus has been reduced to the very basics.

  • Quite happy with this month, glad to finally see some love to the PS3 after a barren few months. I like the selection of a PSP game as well, I’d much rather decent PSP games be given for vita than trashy indies, please continue this.

  • game from psp… hoping for minis next time…

    • Actually we use to get Mini’s with plus as well as a psx game. Seriously go back and check out plus 2010-2011. They gave us Astro Tripper as the lead one month.

  • Great games :D Thank You!!!

  • I backed Dragon Fin Soup on Kickstarter, so i am looking forward to it, but the invizimals game can you clarify which version is it? There is Invizimals Alliance on the vita.

  • The original Invizimals game? C’mon, guys. You really couldn’t put up The Alliance or The Revolution? A six year old PSP game that has numerous sequels, even on its succeeding platform, isn’t exactly hot stuff.

  • Wow this is the worst month yet! Explain why we pay for plus and what you lot were actually finalising for the delay in the announcement. This is just getting worse and worse

    • I didn’t realise one of the games is a psp game…. It will be invisible to me because I won’t even be adding it to my download list

    • This is actually decent for a change. TWD1 is an amazing game, don’t write it off so soon like I once did, it turned out to be one of the best games that year.

  • It would have been better if TWD2 was cross buy. Magical and dragon fin soup look interesting. I’ll try them.

  • A PSP game for vita, that is the lowest of the low

  • Pretty lame imo. The walking dead has been on sale a thousand times, i’ve seen beyond and evil for £2 before on the store, dragon fin soup looks cheap, giving us Mass effect 2 like 3 years after mass effect 3 is stupid and I don’t even know what to say if Invizimals is a Vita game.

    Invest some of the money back into the service Sony for gods sake

  • Beyond Good & Evil would be the only game that interests me but I bought that on release day (I got a lil excited there that it was a PS4 version but alas no). Really don’t like Walking Dead or Telltale games stuff since the rather fun Back to the Future. Ah well. No big deal. Still renewing my Plus yearly sub this in mid November anyways for all the other bargains and features. :)

  • Really happy with this month. I was genuinely going to buy Magicka 2 as some point once I had finished off a few titles. Walking Dead Season 2 I have all ready played and completed. But since you need this to play the new DLC (not yet released) then am happy with it.

    Dragon Fin Soup seems really interesting. Mass Effect 2 and Beyond Good and Evil is very good for PS3 players. Not sure why we got the PSP version instead of the Vita version of Invizimals but ok am fine with it.

    One of the best months this year. Am glad we are getting these. Asia got Thief (one of these AAA titles people seem desperate for). Are people series when they want AAA titles like Thief that reviewed poorly instead of decent indie titles like Walking Dead and Magicka 2?

    • Yes, no matter how bad it is, some people just want AAA games. Which to me personally would be a waste of a spot ‘cos, you know, I -buy- the AAAs I want, and if I didn’t buy them 2 years after release it’s probably because I don’t wanna play them.

      Still, everyone has the right to complain, no matter how petty that seems.

      I’m just sad when people spit on indie games, shows very little respect

    • Telltale and Paradox are mid sized studios, they aren’t really what people associate with “indie”

    • Could not agree more!

      Its a freaking nice month with so many cool games.

      I really dont care if we get indie or AAA titles, they can all be fun. In this case im sure both will be better than Thief.

      I bought Thief on release as im the biggest Thief fan from back in the day. Unfortunately it turned out to be a huge step down from the first games. Its okish at best, shame i had really hoped it would (Although i feared) it would turn out great and introduce a lot of people to one of the best stealth games series in a good way.

  • A load of rubbish like usual

  • What is the point giving SECOND games like TWD Season 2…. Magicka 2…. Mass effect (again) 2.

  • This is pathetic, I rarely comment on the blog but I had to sign in to express my disappointment. This is very poor.

  • very cool lineup, nice going Plus guys :). some big games, some new games, some indies and some classics – theres something for everyone in there hopefully 8).

  • I would be furious right now if I had an active subscription haha. I’ve only bought twd season 2 recently (this week on a sale) and Mass Effect 2 however awesome it is, it’s still very very old. Anyone who hasn’t played ME2 should really give it a try. I have the game both on 360 and ps3 (the whole trilogy) and played it more than 20 times. You should seriously play the whole trilogy even though 3 sucks xD. All things considered, it’s not a good month though, but luckily 8 months ago I made a decision I haven’t regretted once since hehe.

  • December and January are the big months, as they are around the time subs will lapse after last Christmas – so I’m hoping for even better next time. Don’t disappoint please Sony. You’ve got to spend that new found profit somewhere.

  • So we waited extra long…and still crap.
    Actualy MS is doing much better with their Xbox One line-up.

    • Have you seen November line up on XB1? Don’t get me wrong Dirt 3 for 360 is decent. But Dungeon Siege 3? Really you can get that for £2.50. Pneuma that didn’t review all that good.

    • ps plus isn’t what it used to be but lets not exaggerate

      games for gold has always been gutter trash

    • No matter what people might think, Games for Gold is actually a very good service, pretty much on par with ps+, and it’s been like that for quite some time.
      There is only one problem with it: you have to own an Xbone.

      No thanks.

  • Which Invizimals? Alliance or Resistance?

  • TWD and Beyond Good and Evil for me this month (I already have ME2), thanks!

  • Guess I’ll break down my personal thoughts on each game.

    1. I already own TWD: S2 on PS3, so I don’t really care about that. But good for those few people who have played S1 but not S2 I guess…

    2. I’m not that into Co-op games, so I’m not exactly that excited about Magicka 2.

    3. Dragon Fin Soup doesn’t look too interesting to me, but I think I’ll give it a try. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    4. I have played Mass Effect 3, and I wasn’t that into it, so I doubt I’ll be that into Mass Effect 2. Especially since I already know the ending(s) to the trilogy, and this would be moving backwards in the story… I’ll probably never get around to playing it to be honest…

    5. I tried the demo for Beyond Good and Evil, and even though I’ve heard a lot of people love the game, I personally found the gameplay just awful and boring. I might give it a second chance, or I may not bother at all. I guess time will tell…

    6. As for Invizimals… Couldn’t it at least have been the Vita game instead of the PSP game?! That’s all I have to say about that…

    So yeah… Not to crazy about this month. :/ Especially on the PS4 side of things. Suffice it to say, I’m hoping for a better december.

    • Mass Effect 2 was a far superior game than Mass Effect 3

    • ME2 is best from trilogy. And it’s really a lot of fun. I started with ME with second part and still played first several times. There is no bad order how to play Mass Effect trust me :)

    • I played the first 2 on the 360 and then played ME2 on PS3..for some strange reason the insanity run on PS3 was far easier than when I played it on 360.

      ME1 is a bit rough the trips to mine on the planet in that vehicle weren’t great, the hacking was a bit meh but ME2…the opening was intense and I guess people who hadn’t played ME1 didn’t have the emotional reaction when collecting the tags.

      ME3…after spending ME2 flirting with the comms woman (in order for her to feed your fish) was the most ridiculous moment ever when she pulled the fish from ME2 out of her pocket to give to you in ME3

  • Not a vampire, not a vampire, I’m a vampire, no a manpire, I’m a vampire.

    • I wonder how many of the readers here got that reference.

      And I also wonder why Paradox put Magicka 2 on Plus (so soon). Was multiplayer dead?

    • Haha the whole point was for only those that understood, I was going to get this game recently but wasn’t sure if multiplayer was still alive, I guess it is now after going on PS+

  • So, if you helped Kickstart Dragon Fin Soup, you’re getting no Vita games this month? Charming!

  • Really excited for Magicka 2 :) – already own walking dead 2 :(

  • Here is a selection of ps+ games from 2013

    Bioshock 2
    mortal kombat
    sleeping dogs
    mass effect 3
    hitman absolution
    ico/shadow of the collosus
    uncharted 3
    battlefield 3
    saints row 3
    need for speed
    mafia 2
    spec ops the line
    kingdoms of amalur
    assassins creed 3
    far cry 3
    borderlands 2
    metal gear rising

    these are the types of games we would get ALONGSIDE indie titles and it was what made ps+ worth subscribing to voluntarily. As someone who likes to play online i dont have much choice in subscribing to ps+ which wouldn’t be a problem if the quality remained as high as it used to be.

    but it hasn’t.

    aside from a couple of ps3 titles nothing we had this year could be considered of the quality of those titles i listed above.

    On a positive note at least there is a degree of variety in this months offerings.

    • Yea that’s a selection of “PS3” games from 2013, not PS4 games! At that point the PS3 was 7 years old!! And oh look Mass Effect 2 is one of the PS3 games this month, a nice AAA game on the PS3 just like the one’s from 2013…. Walking Dead Full Season 2 is a big release for ps plus and Magicka 2 is also a really good game if my friends are to be believed

    • Fanboys singing in the first year: The PS4 is too new, we can’t have AAAs yet.
      Second year: The PS4 is too new, we can’t have AAAs yet.
      Third year: The PS4 is too new, we can’t have AAAs yet.
      Fourth year: The PS4 is too new, we can’t have AAAs yet.

      Next generation: The PS4 is too new, we can’t have AAAs yet!

    • Good for you man, you can see into the future…

    • It’s quite simple dude We are about to step into the third year now and you guys haven’t changed your tune by a bit.

      And that Sony’s is tro**ing their customers is quite obvious. Somewhen early/mid 2014, one of their managers announced in an interview that AAAs would be part of PS Plus within that year.

      So what did they do? They gave us Injustice: Gods Among Us, in December 2014.
      And not a single further AAA since then.
      And you guys keep telling yourself that it is “too early yet”. Seriously, I have to laugh whenever I see that ‘argument’.

      Meanwhile Electronic Art shares games via EA Access, as Dragon Age: Inquisition or Battlefield Hardline, that were released up to just 6 months ago.
      But yeah, it is still too early yet for PS4 AAA.
      And Sony was absolutely right that there would be ‘no value’ in such a service. Because obviously nobody wants a sub service with AAAs this generation, right?

    • Yup those were the good old days when I was a member and got others to sign up. No forced online subscription. Just pure quality in games and discounts. Then the PS4 came along…

      I see even Golwar is voicing discontent now.

    • Marketing works like this…they reel people in to subscribing for a service by offering AAA titles then when the upgraded system is released require people to continue paying for a service in order to play online. Thing is, you could have bought all those games on the cheap either used or in a sale…played them and sold / traded them on.

      In a more insidious way the “appetite” for digital downloads of disc AAA games was born, which meant /means that people will now pay more for games. This also means that there is no way to trade or sale that digital software (even though in the EU we are suppose to be able to sell our digital content but can’t as there are no means to do so)

      As for the PS4..bought it on release and yet it sat collecting dust until Yakuza Ishin was released (4 months after PS4 release in UK). There are older games they could release for the PS4 as there are loads of games released for it now. Yet some of those titles have been given away on PS3

      If nothing else xbl proved people would pay solely for a sub to play online which I did (mainly for Borderlands, Left 4 Dead and Red Dead Redemption). Xbl won the last console war and Sony won this one Each are as bad as the other..that is how corporations work. All Sony has done has implement the 360 sub with a few games every month which xbl now copies. People get annoyed and moved to the other console then offeings will improve on the other and the one people flocked to will treat its customers poorly and vice versa.

    • @ RTLF

      That still doesnt explain why the PS3 games have taken a nose dive and why subscription is forced on PS4 if they cant afford to give us the kind of games most of us bought a PS4 for.

      Certainly not to do with service as PS4 still doesnt have many of PS3’s features and their biggest exclusive for 2016 (uncharted 4) doesnt even have dedicated servers.

    • I understand what people are saying about AAA game, however I purchase plenty of PS4 and the last thing I want are games I already have, yes it is selfish but hey it’s my money and currently the selection suits the family and myself, in december/January we got ‘Injustice gods among us’ which is a AAA game, but guess what? I already had that title! So what good is it to me?

      I get the games, complete them and move on, I enjoyed Broken Age and Unmechanical Extended, so unless PS+ gives me AAA that was released within the last 3 months I don’t want it because I already have.

      Whilst I’m here I’m glad there wasn’t a vote, last time the majority chose Grow Home over Zombie Vikings and Armello….and that was that was a great success. (sarcasm)

    • Obviously if they didn’t have online gaming locked under PS+, nobody would pay 50 per year for indie shovelware. Now, they can put whatever they want on the line up and people will have to eat it up.


  • Good month. Walking Dead Season 2, Magicka 2 and Beyond Good and Evil are all games I’ve been meaning to play.

  • First things first, credit where credit’s due, that’s quite a decent line-up for the first time in a while. Even though there’s not much for me to take advantage of considering I own TWD Season 2 on both PS3 and PS4 for some reason, it’s a good month for those with none of the games there. It’s also good to see a return to form for PS3 games. I know Mass Effect 2 is almost 5 years old on PS3 and now worth next to nothing and most people have played it, but it’s definitely a quality game and one of the best I’ve ever played. Easily the best in the franchise for me as well.

    However, it would be nice to know the reason behind the fairly long delay in getting this announcement out to the people. Was there a last minute breakdown in negotiations or was it simply a case of leaving it too late with the negotiations. I’m sure a little heads up or official notification in future that there are complications and it’ll be delayed wouldn’t go amiss and would probably be highly appreciated, just so that people can know.

    Overall though, a better quality month, but it remains to be seen whether December will be a standout month for PS4 considering it’ll have been 2 years since the release of the console and also the fact that it’s Christmas :D

  • So its already been 2 years and still no good games on PS plus for PS4?

    • Everyone is allowed a opinion. Your opinion is fine. My opinion is there has been a lot of “good games” for the PS4 via PS+.

    • No. Of course that’s if you don’t count:
      Rocket League
      Don’t Starve
      Trine 2
      The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
      Dust: an Elysian Tail
      inFamous First Light
      Oddworld: New N Tasty
      Valiant Hearts

      If you ignore all of those games (and probably some I missed) there hasn’t been a single good PS+ game on PS4.

    • To be fair a bunch of those games were given away free because they were in humblebundles or heavily discounted during the same month. Rocket League is free for anyone that orders a Steam Controller.

    • I don’t see any problem with that. We’re paying ~£4 a month for this and in return we get nice games which work well as a supplement to our game collections. The problem is that people have expectations of AAA games every month which is, frankly, foolish.

    • It may not bother you fair enough, I see a lot of negative business practices, I also don’t see any AAA games at all. We miss out bad enough already, but when they discount the free Plus games a month to two weeks prior, making people buy them, and you actually buy them in a humble bundle two weeks before, at the very least I would call that missing out.

    • @CluckNuggets the games from on that list were on PS+ the same time they were released on the PS4 apart from Valiant hearts and transistor if I remember correctly, as for Rocket League on PC coming free with a £40 steam controller………£40?, plus Rocket League was on PS+ last July when it first released.

      Humblebundles are on PC, the last time I checked that is not on the PS4, whether or not they were discounted on Steam is neither here nor there for my PS4, just saying.

  • The only bad thing about this month is that it reminded me that Ubisoft will never make a Beyond Good & Evil sequel. It hurts…

  • Not great but not all bad either.

    The Walking Dead Season 2 – I wish it was for the Vita as I played season 1 on both my PS3 and Vita. Already played Season 2 on the PS3 but this is for PS4. :S Would it be possible to transfer my Vita save over to the PS4? I’m going to say no so it’s a bit disappointing for me.

    Magicka 2 – No thanks. Is this meant to be a singing game? I don’t do singing.

    Dragon Fin Soup – Will have to give the post of this a little read before I decide. ;)

    Mass Effect 2 – Great game! Don’t have my copy anymore so will be great to jump back in again. This game and TWD alone make this a good-ish month

    Beyond Good and Evil – Need to check this one out but I have a feeling I may not like it.

    inviZimals – At first I was excited. Until I realised it’s not the Vita version so that makes this one disappointing. Not interested in PSP games but will try it out anyway, if I ever get the time.

    • Magicka 2 is not a singing game, it’s just a silly trailer

    • The invizimals thing is DISGRACEFUL especially as there is a vita sequel they could have given us instead.

    • I liked the trailer of Dragon Fin Soup. Looks like a good game. Out of all them 6 games, DFS will be the first I play.

      Ah that’s good then. So the real game doesn’t have that silly sing along lyrics thing then? I guess it will be worth a try after all if that’s the case. If it had been a singing game then would been a big no for me.

      I agree. Really hoped for the Vita version for a long time. Wanted to buy it but was told it didn’t have subtitles and a game with no subtitles is a game not worth buying in my books. Otherwise wouldn’t understand what’s going on. But still wanted to play it. I guess this psp game can be a taste of it to see what it’s like. Hope to see the Vita version appear at some point.

    • It should have been Invizimals The Resistance on PS Plus unlike the other games in the series on PSP and Vita it doesn’t need AR Cards.

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