PlayStation 4 now available from only €349.99/£299.99

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PlayStation 4 now available from only €349.99/£299.99

The best gaming experiences at a new low price

Since the launch of PS4 our aim has always been to provide players with the best gaming experiences at the best value, and we’ve been thrilled with the amount of players who have joined our world.

If you haven’t made the jump to next-gen yet then we have some good news for you. We are pleased to announce that from today the 500GB PS4 will be available across the SCEE region* from the new low price of €349.99/£299.99 (RRP).

We have some some fantastic bundle offers for the holiday season – check out the list. From limited edition consoles to some of the best games of the year – there’s something for everyone!

*New RRP in the following markets (new price is not limited to these countries): Benelux, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain €349.99. Australia $479.95. New Zealand $569.95. UK £299.99. Austria and Germany €349.95. United Arab Emirates AED1399.

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  • Been that price and lower for ages! I bought the new C chassis for £299 with Fifa 16 and Now TV pass…

    • Obviously got rid of Fifa 16 and also Now TV pass so it cost me £260 for nee model. Can be gotten for just over £200 if you look around

    • Because retailers can lower the price below the RRP if they wish, but with the RRP reduced the retailers can offer the system at an even lower price.

      Don’t take this news as “You can now buy a ps4 for £299.99”, take this news as “Retailers will offer even lower prices.”

    • Sorry but no. RRP has nothing to do with the Sony’s trade price to retailers. Sony dropped their trade price when the PS4 officially “but temporary” went to £299 before the start of the summer, thats also why there has been some amazing deals for the last few months since then. In marketing you need to make as much buzz as you can, so sony has had a temp drop, a summer of offers (against a RRP of £349 which sounds great), and then a perm drop, all from just one price cut.

    • Got mine last year in may for 350 euro with game. Argos in Ireland has been around this price for a good while now.

    • Last year the console retail price was £350 and can be bought for £299 with games. Now that the console retail price is £299 lets expect retailers selling PS4s for £250 with games.

  • Another reason to get a PlayStation 4 today! If you’ve gotten one already of course!

  • Playstation and Crash Bandicoot belong together! The PS4 needs Crash, let us be heard! Join my Crash Community, and make the PS4 exceptional! (To Join: Go to your PS4, search for narvikgutten -> “communities”)

  • 500GB the “new” Ps4 whit 1TB still same price. Bad move Ps4

  • Thanks – this would have helped be two years ago when I spent R7500 (£360).

    • That’s the way product sale occur though isn’t it. New hardware can’t exactly launch at a cut price just so that it doesn’t upset anyone a couple of years later after they see it for cheaper than they originally paid…. :S

    • Oh well. At least it isn’t around August 2007. You have just bought an Xbox 360 console. 2 months later they put out a model that now all of a sudden has a HDMI port in it going forward (now it still breaks once every 2 months, lets get that out there right now). Wouldn’t you be more peeved at something like this?

  • Did you ever see a Playstation in somebody home with only ONE controller: nope. So why not @ a second controller STANDARD!

    Ps: Don’t like feedback? To @ a new battery in you vita it will cost €199!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good management: NOT. Where is the new vita with a battery you can replace yourself like in the perfect PSP.

    • I only have one Dual Shock 4. Cos I have no local gamer friends so why bother having another. :P

    • I have 2 controllers (well 3, but one is for my PSTV), but I almost never play with friends either. The thing is that the battery life of the controllers is horrendous. So I just switch when the battery dies (I did the same on PS3).

      I don’t like playing with a cable anymore (although I did buy a longer USB cable anyway, just to be sure).

    • Also, I think they made the battery life this bad, just to sell more controllers.
      If you see the of the controllers, it really would not surprise me at all. They are more expensive then the rest (except for that crazy Elite controller MS has now) and more expensive then previous generations.

      I think they make the biggest margin on stuff like controllers (and games of course).

    • * If you see the price of the controllers

      I don’t get why we can not edit our posts.

    • I got a second controller at launch 2 years ago for €500 with Killzone Shadow Fall and the Camera too. Best value ever. Nobody was stopping you from buying that.

      @MrMette I don’t think they will sell more controllers when they are the same as they were 2 years ago. Its Microsoft that keeps adding basic features to their controller that should have been there since the start such as a 3.5mm port and now a button (on the new Fallout controller that controls chat with a headset or something). Imagine buying a controller for only 2 months to pass and then them adding a new feature for the same price.

    • @andrewsqual:
      Well, they are less durable then previous generations of controllers, so I guess there is an incentive to buy more (and replace my other controllers). I am not sure if this is done on purpose or not, but it is insane how much the rubber on the sticks is worn out after 2 years.

      My Xbox 360 controllers had the same thing after a while, but not as severe and it took much longer.
      My PS3 controllers did not show any wear at all, but last generation I only played PS3 for some exclusives (and I bought it much later), so it did not get that much use.

    • I’m not sure playing locally is still a thing. I’d rather play online with friends than go to their house and share one TV screen.

    • It depends on what games you play. Fighters or games like Rock Band work fine on a couch with multiple people. Also a lot of Nintendo games work fine.

      But I do indeed almost never play local co-op anymore. But I don’t buy my second controller for the co-op either, but for ease of use when the battery of one is dead (or if a controller brakes, I still have a spare one).

  • Got mine last April for £319 new from Grainger; came with Tomb Raider, Ground Zeroes and Knack too.

    So.. Confused about this “price drop” !

  • People read Malicious_Gam3r’s response to ZombieMeat666 (the first poster). This is the official Recommended Retail Price being lowered and that’ll lead to stores being able to discount their stock even more when trying to undercut each other. This is a good thing! :)

    • Sorry but no. RRP has nothing to do with the Sony’s trade price to retailers. Sony dropped their trade price when the PS4 officially “but temporary” went to £299 before the start of the summer, thats also why there has been some amazing deals for the last few months since then. In marketing you need to make as much buzz as you can, so sony has had a temp drop, a summer of offers (against a RRP of £349 which sounds great), and then a perm drop, all from just one price cut.

  • I’ve the 1tb Sku for £259.
    It’s impressive.mthsi generation has been extremely competitive.

  • Once again the curse of living in ‘Rip Off Britain’ strikes again. €349.99 at current exchange rate is £257.47. The equivalent model in the US is $349.99 which is an even better £226.70. I’d feel much happier if we had an even playing field. Get it sorted or explain why the variances exist!

    • Different tax situations and the cost of fuel blah blah blah.
      Also everyone outside of America is pretty much subsidiseing the US in their gluttony.
      if a game launched above $60 it would be retail suicide.

    • Comparing US with UK prices is silly, American tax works very differently. I calculate an American equivalent at roughly £255, still less but I think the UK charge more tax so there’s your answer.

  • On the US blog there was a list with prices of different bundles.
    The Limited Editions (Darth vader one) dropped from 449 usd to 399 usd in the USA.
    Are they going to drop in price too now?

  • I guess we will be seeing around £249.99’ish PS4’s from Retailers soon then :P That is AMAZING! for an AMAZING Gaming Console(& the BEST out there to) :P

  • for a moment i read “PlayStation Now available from only…”

  • I wouldn’t buy a PS4 even if they would sell it for 100 Euros. I’m sick of them! They destroyed everything! PS Plus, Exclusive games,they have a very weak line-up! Anime and cartoon games won’t save that console! So yeah! If you deal with that, I may change my mind!

    Please, avoid this console at all costs you will be hitting your head at your wall!

  • @Jayne Murphy

    Could you please confirm the price drop for india

  • This is a rather baffling post. I know SCEE often have trouble with the concept of current prices and reductions but hasn’t the PS4 has been available at most retailers at £299 for months now?

    I accept that this may be a reflection of a lowered RRP and that previously, retailers were simply selling below the RRP, but in all honesty, why make a post to announce an RRP change in such context? It does little more than to make you look completely out of touch with the market.

  • your prices are a joke your making out your giving people great deals when all your doing is ripping people of for someone who we should trust that the greatdeals you offer are not great deals at all

  • Finally need to know whether the Darth Vader edition will be the latest model, it’s the only one it hasn’t been confirmed for yet by the looks of it and it releases in a month.. By now they really should’ve remodelled already like with the slims but not just mainly aesthetically. I always loved how Sony clearly minded that in their designs, but maybe it’s time for functionality to take over and go for a bigger console with an external brick, as long as it’s as quiet as can be.. Anyways, this better be the latest model which should be a bit more quiet atleast, because there’re gonna be major recalls on it if not.. Hope those latest bundles get their respective pricecut as well, would be very unfair otherwise.

  • I’m a bit concerned that the €349 version doesn’t include a game. It does in the US…

    For example, for $349.99 USD you can get the UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle in the United States.

    I was looking forward to the price drop, but given this lack of parity, I will not be buying a PS4 until the €349 console comes bundled with a game.

  • eu acho mal e meterem preços iguais ao países onde o ordenado mínimo é maior.. mas é o mundo que temos :O quando poder compro a credito o pobre e assim!!!! kkkkkk

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