PlayStation F.C. UEFA Champions League app launches today on PS4

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PlayStation F.C. UEFA Champions League app launches today on PS4

Watch classic matches, play mini-games and win amazing prizes

UPDATE: Thanks for your comments on the launch of the PlayStation F.C. UEFA Champions League App. We are working with UEFA to address your feedback.

In order to be fair to everyone who wants to play UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football this season, scoring will now start on matchday two on 29 September 2015 to give everyone a chance to submit their team. Matchday one will serve as a “warm-up round” for UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football and there will be unlimited transfers ahead of matchday two when the transfer window opens again. If you’re still having difficulty creating and saving your team, please refer to the user guide for tips on how to create your team (including details on the permitted number of players per position/club and total budget).

Please note that this also means that the Grand Prize, End of Season and Runner-Up prize competitions within the PlayStation F.C. UEFA Champions League App on PS4 will start from matchday two on 29 September 2015. You also still have the chance to win the matchday one (15/09/15 – 16/09/15) prize within the app with scores determined by Predictor points only.**

Click here for prize competition Terms and Conditions.

With the first matches of the UEFA Champions League Group Stage kicking-off tomorrow, we’re excited to tell you about a new football app launching today on PS4, called PlayStation F.C. UEFA Champions League App.*

The free app, which is exclusive to PS4 and available now from PlayStation Store, let’s you watch classic matches from the UEFA Champions League archives, play Fantasy Football and other mini-games, and compete for amazing prizes.

For a closer look at what’s included, check out the following video:

The app offers three games to enjoy – Fantasy Football, Top Five (coming soon) and Predictor – allowing you to compete against your friends and climb the PlayStation F.C. Leaderboards on PS4.

  • Fantasy Football: Pick your UEFA Champions League dream team – make big money transfers, game changing substitutions and, of course, choose the all-important team name.
  • Top Five (coming soon): Who do you think will be the star players in the next match? Make your choice.
  • Predictor: Can you guess the correct result of the upcoming match?

The points you earn playing these games are combined to give you an overall score on the PlayStation F.C. Leaderboard. As you earn more points, you’ll also be assigned an overall “UEFA Champions League Fan Level”, which can be improved as the season progresses.

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You’ll also have the chance to win prizes at certain points throughout the season**, including tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final Milan 2016. Take a look at what prizes are on offer.

  • Matchday prizes: PlayStation Vita, €100 PlayStation Store Wallet Top-up, 12 Month PlayStation Plus Membership
  • Grand prize (after the end of the Quarter-Final stage): 2 x tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final Milan 2016, with flights and accommodation
  • End of season prizes: PS4 – Ultimate Player 1TB Edition, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0, €100 PlayStation Store Wallet Top-up, 12 Month PlayStation Plus Membership
  • 5 x end of season runners up prizes – PlayStation Vita, €100 PlayStation Store Wallet Top-up, 12 Month PlayStation Plus Membership

PlayStation Plus members will also be able to relive some of the most memorable moments from the UEFA Champions League archives, with a number of Classic Matches available to watch via the in-app player.

A range of matches from past seasons will be available at different times throughout the season, in 5 and 20 minute edits. The following Classic Matches are in the app to watch from today:

  • Juventus 1-3 FC Barcelona – Final, Berlin 2015
  • Man. Utd 4-3 Real Madrid (Agg: 5-6) – Quarter-finals, second leg, 2002/2003
  • FC Bayern München 1-1 Chelsea FC (aet, Chelsea win 4-3 on penalties) – Final, Munich 2012
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You can also keep an eye on the latest group standings within the app as matches are played out.

And the above is just the start. We’re planning to add more updates to the app throughout the season, so keep checking back on here and in the app for more news.

Download the app now to get started with selecting your Fantasy Football team and making your predictions for this week’s matches. Just remember to make your choices with enough time before the matches kick-off.

For further tips check out our full guide

*You must be over 18 years-old to download this app. It is only available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

**Prize competition only open to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom . Read full terms and conditions

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  • This sounds pretty cool. Will get to making my team before tomorrow nights matches!

    • This game exists on UEFA website since many years. I guess they wanted to adapt it to PS Store and got some delay.
      Eventually [DELETED] game on PS store and not even released on UEFA website & UEFA Fantasy application for smartphone !
      370000 players last year, how many this year ? Congrats !

  • Yeah I agree sounds good. They probably should have given people more than 24 hours to download the app and pick their teams though!

  • Please bring the PlayStation App to Windows Phone.

  • the server aint working

  • This app is a broken piece of crap, the fantasy football team selection is not user friendly at all. After I finally manged to pick my team, the save button doesn’t work! Uninstalled.

    • Should have read the rules. Only 3 players from a certain club, must have x amount of players in each position. If you follow the rules the save function works fine.

  • So is there a reason why we can’t pick players from Roma and Dortmund, and players like Thiago from Bayern ?

    • Sorry forgot Dortmund is not in CL this year, still why can’t we get to pick any players from Roma, and why is Pierre Emile Højbjerg a player you can pick, when he is at a loan at Schalke.

    • I notice that julio cesar is missing in benfica and that bayern is scheduled to compete in 3 different matches in the football fantasy page

    • You actually can pick thiago from bayern, he goes by the name of Alcantara…

  • Missing players, duplicate players… worst than amateur… this reveals either a rushed product or incompetence. Pick your poison.

  • I’m really tired to see that my country(Italy) is always excluded from the prize competition…why? If you can tell me the reasons because i can’t really understand.

    • I get that feeling. Slovenia not in it as well. There is literally no logic in this. Some EU countries yes, some no? Why the hell not? I mean, I now I wouldn’t win anything anyway, but the fact that I can’t compete fr prizes makes me feel crap. Like my country is [DELETED]. Sony really has a way to make you feel like you don’t exist lol.

  • So this means I cannot play from my desktop anymore?

  • how i do log out in the app?

  • dude, i made my team, save button is there but it doesn’t save….. i made my team like 10 times already ^^ spend all the money, got all the subs yet cant save

  • This app is an awesome idea but its so janky right now, its basically impossible for me to select a fantasy team. Not all the teams are there for me to select players from (Galatasaray for example) and it so hard just to navigate the menu and select a player. Is it just me experiencing these problems right now? If not, unfortunately I think the chances of it being fixed in time for the first fixtures are slim……

  • This is getting annoying now, it just plain doesn’t work. This is the freaking champions league, one of the biggest sporting events of the year, a massive chance to showcase yourself and your product and this is the best they could put out? It’s like they got the work experience kid to make it, its laughable.


  • Yes, your app doesn’t work which is ironic since you can’t even play fantasy on the UEFA website. I spent over 2 hours building a team, scouting players to make sure who will start and in the end you can’t even save your team.
    Devs should have done more Q.A. on this app before release. Until it’s fixed don’t bother with it.

  • Will this get patched before kickoff.

  • Launching 2days before the kick off seems more like a rookie move than a great idea.

    Why can we not access the game via the champions league page.
    Over complicated this has become

  • I have the same problem with save button as comment #11

  • In the fixture there is a mistake, you have Bayern Munchen v Atletico Madrid instead of Galatasaray SK v Atletico Madrid

  • My fantasy team won’t save. Does anyone else have this problem or know of a solution to the problem?

  • When I open the app I get an error saying “Login Server Unavailable”. I know for sure I got Internet connection, so what’s up? Wanted to create a fantasy team before the deadline, but it seems impossible.

  • So I guess, there is not more UEFA Champions League fantasy…… The Devs they dont want anyone to play.. LOL

  • I’m not sure about substituting a player.
    The first MATCHDAY is still going on. Some of my players have played yesterday and my subs are due to play today.
    Can I substitue the players who played yesterday for the players that will play tonight?
    In the rules it states: “Players who are substituted out of play will score 0 points – and any captain bonus will be lost from your original captain if a new skipper is selected.”
    Does that mean that my player who played yesterday will loose his points?
    Or does it mean that a player can not score points while being a substitue?

    I’m not sure how it’s meant in this game..

    Also, the game suppopsedly has Automatic substitutions:
    – If no manager substitutions or captain changes are made, automatic substitutions will take place at the end of the matchday, when all matches have been played.
    – If your goalkeeper plays no part in the matchday, then your replacement goalkeeper will be substituted in, if they played in the matchday.
    – If any of your outfield players play no part in the matchday, then the game will try to substitute the inactive player for one of your replacements. This is done by replacing them with your highest priority substitute who actually played in the matchday. You can change your substitution priorities on the ‘My Team’ page.
    – Please note: automatic substitutions will be processed the morning after the last fixture of a matchday has been completed.

    The first MATCHDAY contains both september 15th and september 16th, right?
    When will the automatic substitution take place? Or, for the first matchday, will the subs be done this morning? (sept. 16th)

    I’m lost..

  • For some reason i cant login to the app, have tried everything i know pls help, thanks…

  • It will so cool if they will add online match watching and highlights for PS+ members,choose player of the matchday and statics of match

  • When choosing players, i have problem wit it as when i scroll right or left to pick players from clubs it only shows defenders. Hope they solve this

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