Find out what new features are coming in PS4 system software 3.00

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Find out what new features are coming in PS4 system software 3.00

New community features, increased cloud storage, YouTube live and more

PlayStation 4 system software version VSH3.00, (codenamed “Kenshin”) arrives, bringing with it a host of brand new features. Alongside oft-requested updates such as increased cloud storage, 3.00 will offer new functionality to help PS4 owners connect with friends and players around the world, expanding the social capabilities of the system even further.

The below list isn’t a final rundown of everything that’s included in the update, but we wanted to give you a glimpse at some of the exciting new features coming your way.

  • Events: A new hub for events has been added, giving an overview of activities taking place in the games you play most, as well as official broadcasts. For instance, you may see an update for a double XP weekend, a special enemy appearing at a scheduled time, or seasonal events like in-game towns being decorated for the winter.
  • YouTube live: PS4 owners will be able to live stream gameplay to YouTube. Live streams will be viewable across YouTube, including on the new YouTube Gaming mobile app and website.
  • Online storage capacity increase: PlayStation Plus members’ PS4 cloud storage capacity will increase from 1GB to 10GB
  • Favourite Groups: Favourite Groups has been added to the Friends app, letting you add new or existing groups as a Favorite Group and quickly access groups of people you like to play games with frequently. This will make the process of getting a game session up and running even easier.
  • Communities: PS4 users will have the ability to create communities based around shared interests, like games, genres and more. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players and the ability to join parties or games. If you want to tackle a big multiplayer raid, but don’t have enough friends, this could be a great way to connect with other likeminded players.
  • Sharing video clips to Twitter: Users will have the ability to share video clips directly to Twitter. The maximum video length is 10 seconds, but you’ll have the ability to trim longer clips.
  • Live from PlayStation: We’ve added the ability for users to view popular broadcasts, video clips and screenshots on the Live From PlayStation area
  • Screenshots: We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re happy to confirm that PNG format is now an option for Screenshot saves
  • Now Playing: The Now Playing screen will display more information about what your friends are doing, and you’ll be able to quickly jump into a party, request a screen share, or jump to PlayStation Store to buy a game your friend is playing.
  • Request to watch: Want to view a friend’s gameplay session? Now you can send a ‘Request to Watch’ notification to a player, which will start a live broadcast or Share Play invitation to the person playing.
  • Stickers: Tired of typing out messages? With this update, you’ll be able to send stickers to friends through the messages.

There’s a lot more included in this update, but that’s a quick glance at some of the items we’re most excited about. Stay tuned for more information as we approach launch

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  • “Online storage capacity increase: PlayStation Plus members’ PS4 cloud storage capacity will increase from 1GB to 10GB”
    EXCELLENT News :P Thanks ;)

    • I love that one too, I was hoping for a couple more GBs, but 10 at total is just great!

    • Yeah I´m constantly getting the upload failed, this will be great!

    • Can you switch of the recording the PS4 does?
      I never use it nor will I ever use it but the constant writing to the harddrive does shorten its lifespan.
      Also irritated by messages in cutscenes telling me that recording has stopped because it doesn’t allow the console to record those scenes.

    • @Gray-Fox47:

      When on the PS4 menu, press the ‘Share’ button.

      While in the ‘Share’ menu, press the ‘Options’ button

      Select ‘Share settings’

      Go to ‘Video Clip Settings’

      Unselect ‘Indicate Blocked Scenes for Video Recording’. So now you won’t get those cutscene messages.

      Select ‘Length of Video Clip’. (You probably want it set at 1 minute as I don’t think it can be completely switched off).

    • The PS4 has an entire core set by for the purpose of background recording, so no, it can’t be turned off.

    • @Gray-Fox47
      The lifespan of a mechanic drive exceeds the hours a general gamer would spend using the machine. Also every game is writing to the HDD, so the game reads directly from the drive, making the recording a near non-issue.

    • Thanks for the reply Hilaveli, I’ll try that out later today at least that means I won’t have to see those messages anymore.
      I already tried looking for it but couldn’t find it in the list of messages you can switch on/off.

      And to Zepekit, you’re probably right didn’t think that through, whether you buy everything on disc (as I try to do as much as possible) or went all digital it’s all the same filesize on the harddrive and where it reads from.

      However I was in the understanding that continues reading/writing shortens the lifespan since you’re constantly putting new data on the drive and erase it instead of just reading from it.

  • 10GB probably may not be enough in the long run, but for now it’s a great increase! Thanks for listening!

    Now, regarding automatic trophy screenshots. i like them, but they’re more often than not a waste of HDD space. Is it not possible for them to be saved to the servers instead of locally? Would make comparing trophies even more fun if we could also compare the screenshots!

    • Trophy SS’s saved online would be cool or at least make an option to turn on or off the screen capture when getting a trophy.

      The comparison bit would be almost pointless as people would be getting the trophies the same way and mostly at the same part of the game, making the difference in capture more or less blurred depending if they’re moving or not.

    • This is a great idea, would be great to see what kind of screenshots people get for some of the more obscure trophies.

      Even if it’s not possible to do on console, perhaps have a on-line site? Sony should probably do that anyway and have their own trophy hunting community site at some point.

    • 10GB save storage is definitely a showcase of this update.

      I would also love the second part of the post. If you don’t use social sites, you have no easy way how to upload your screenshots (because copying them to USB and uploading it is a pain :D)

    • At least with USB transfer and PNG you get full images in high, uncompressed quality.

    • @MaxDiehard png is not uncompressed.

      @Andrefpvs Screenshots shouldn’t really be an issue, it takes up a tiny amount of space, compared to video and game data/save data.

    • @VitalogyPJ Not entirely pointless. While it’s true that some trophies would have the same screenshot (story related trophies, for example), the others could indicate where the trophy was gotten, with what stats and equipment, with how many health left, with which party members, etc. I think it would be fun :)

      @Zepekit That’s right, lossless and uncompressed are two different things! Regarding your comment on screenshots, I just really want them to be permanently associated with my trophies, online. If you delete them from your HDD, your trophy screenshot is gone forever! :(

  • 10gb is a great start. Live-syncing of saves would also be handy too.

    Lots of nice changes coming in 3.0

  • By the way I hope for external driver support for playing games!

  • Still no friend notifier on hate playing a game and not known when a friend comes online

    • Much like how the trophies pop on the top-left, when a friend sign’s in to the PSN, it pops on the top-right. I assume you have something switched off on your console.

    • @frimo_online Erm, no it doesn’t. The only notification is for when friends join a party. Nothing for online/offline status on the PS4

  • 10gb thank the Lord, 1gb hasn’t been enough for a very long time. I still feel it won’t be enough especially given the save file sizes of some games (Apotheon save file is over 300mb, what’s up with that?) but this is a very welcome addition, thank you.

  • Carl-G pointed out the only, in my own opinion, good thing already.
    So I have to ask….what about them Stickers? Just partner with Line instead of doing something weak.

    • ahh missed that last part. It’s just a quick glance of what is to come.

      Here’s me honestly hoping for PS1/2 BC else I have to sacrifice another puppy shelter to the almighty C’Thulhu.

  • I feel that the 1 to 10 GB increase is great, mutch needed in a long time.
    Would be great to create a group chat like in the PS3, were you keep that chat forever without needing to create one every time you leave.

  • Your online save capacity needs to be unlimited OR give me the option to turn it off so I have’t got 15 notifications every time I turn the thing on. 10gig will be gone in a year now people don’t believe in compressing save data.

  • please allow us to put are trophy list in alphabetical order

  • All these are superb features and will definitely use them all and my main standouts are, miiverse Playstation edition
    PNG uncompressed screenshots (finally) now I will happily take screenshots
    Thanks Sony! Finally a great update :)

  • The cloud space increase is the highlight. Not really interested in the social features.

    I would rather focus on core console features first like folders

  • 10GB PS+ Cloud storage? Finally! 1GB isn’t enough for PS4 save data.

  • Any fixes for the Rest Mode resume bug yet?
    I would like the Playstation Store credit system changed.
    If I’m adding pre-paid cards, I shouldn’t be unable to add a £35 card when I have £95 credit. Stupid idea.

  • PS2 & PS1 emulation on PS4 please.

    I’ve repurchased all my games digitally once, I’m not paying for them again with Playstation Now

    • Then buy a PS1/2. They’re dirt cheap.

    • No.

    • Then stop being an entitled baby. PS4 is for PS4 games.

    • It’s because of apologists like you, shouting down entirely reasonable requests that we don’t get any of these features.

      Thanks for your input, but I, along with many others will keep asking for the ability to play PS2 and PS1 games on my PS4.

    • Is it reasonable though? It is still a ps4 system to play ps4 games. He isn’t shouting you down.
      It’s a feature i would like aswell but it is not something i would expect. If they do it it would just be a bonus.

    • I would love to see PS2 emulation.
      For example I want to play Final Fantasy XII on my PS4 or Vita but can’t since the game is ONLY available on PS2 system – untill/If Square-Enix decides to HD remaster it like Final Fantasy X/X-2

    • If a PC can do it theres no reason a console cant. They’ll introduce this feature somewhere down the road, either when sales slump or support is stale. Perhaps when they replace the Vita with another handheld.

    • XeonSWE they are re-releasing Final Fantasy VII for PS4 soon, i can’t wait.

    • It’s not an unreasonable request. Microsoft is doing it with Xbox 360 games on Xbox One meaning 360 games like Fallout 3 can stay relevant even when the console itself no longer is. All people are saying is that it would be a nice thing to have.

  • To clarify I’m not proposing filling our accounts with credit cards. When we’ve already added £95 in pre-paid cards and we’re trying to add £35-50 from another pre-paid card, the credit is already paid for so why block us from adding it?

  • Any news on when the people who applied to be a beta tester for the firmware should hear back if they were selected?

  • What would be nice is that the PS4 detects the PS4 disc and allows you to play the PS NOW version WITH THE DISC IN. Kinda like with BF4 if you owned the PS3 version and paid extra for the PS4 you still needed the disc (proof that you own the game) or maybe they could detect the game on your downloads list so you can use the PS NOW version. I think the prices are too expensive and that we need to be able to buy the game fully instead of just renting. Then try and add PS2 and PS1 backwards compatibility and you will in theory win this generation. Just some ideas but I’m sure you get showed with them!

    • Why would you want to play a PS Now PS4 game if you own the disc? I can’t understand the benefit of streaming said game along with lag and compression when the disc is sitting there in your machine.

    • issueskid

      I think he means put a PS3 disc into a PS4 and the PS4 will authenticate that you own the game and give you access to the streamed version.

    • Or y’know, let us stream digital games we’ve already purchased.

    • Not going to happen, I’m afraid. Playstation Now exists largely in place of backwards compatibility so for as long as Sony can produce revenue from it you will not see any backwards compatibility provided for free on PS4. That the Xbox One is now backwards compatible is very good news since it might put some pressure on Sony, but I think they’ll give their Playstation Now experiment a decent stab at establishing itself to see if the market is ready for it and willing to embrace it. I personally doubt it, and hope not, but I could easily be wrong, given the popularity of subscription-based video streaming services. If you want to be able to play your old games on your PS4, my advice is to ignore Playstation Now.

    • @Lucreto: this would be nonsense, and kill the used games market. Also, it screams “entitlement”.

    • @Lance_87 I think it would give the used market a boost.
      Because that used PS3 game can then be played on a PS4 as well. So when you’re done with your PS3 game, you can sell it to PS3 and PS4 owners.

      The way it’s going now, used PS3 games are dropping in price because the market for it is shrinking.

  • THANK YOU for increasing the cloud storage. That was much needed :)

  • REQUEST: How about getting a notice when friends come online?

    • Why, you will turn it off after a week when yo notice that the notification keeps popping up and covering your mini map

    • Well Toby how about some specific friends like if they let u choose on a personalized list which friends u want to be notified when gets online. Hell i would like to know when my buddies gets Home from work or school & they turn on theyr Ps4 while im online to then start bother each other!

    • @ Zoo-York-Boy
      Theres a ‘favourite groups’ feature mentioned above so maybe you can choose to only have notifications activated on those friends, if you dont want to enable it on all friends.

      Might also be worthwhile adding optional notifications to see if new gamers have entered ‘communities’.

    • For now you can use the Playstation App for that, but it’s not as convenient as the way it was on the PS3..
      Also, with the multi-task capability of the PS4, you could turn notification on until the friend you are waiting for comes online. After that, you can easily turn the notification of without needing to close the game you’re in. (At least, that’s what I expect the PS4 is capable of..)

  • Man… sure would be nice to hide offline! Awesome features though, let’s hope it’s coming soon.

  • Man, this is awesome! All we ever asked for and more. Thanks!

  • Why is it if i have a disc version of a game i still get the prompt to buy the (overpriced) digital version beneath the game start prompt? I can’t see a single use for this “feature” other than someone might accidentally buy a game twice.

    • That doesn’t even make any sense o.O you do know that even if you add it to your wallet by mistake (I don’t see this happening at all) you still have 2 confirmations to go through so your “theory2 falls short to the ground.

      Though I do agree its annoying to have that option/suggestion when you already have said game.

    • Indeed. It would be great if they remove that.
      As if I was going to buy a game I already own (on disc) also digitally anyway..
      And indeed, most of the time the digital version is way more expensive then the disc version. And you can’t resell it (if you would want to).

  • See USA blog says some of these features might not make it to the final version also… I notice they are running beta test-bed comes EU ps plus members aren’t given opportunity to get in to beta test the new firmware?!

  • Great, here comes mr $ony shoving more social crap down people throats -.-‘ *sigh*

    – Events: is the same as the existing ‘what’s new’ with different name and probable has the same “jet lag” as the existing one;

    – Favourite Groups: I find this completely pointless, probably because I don’t have “favourites” in my list I use simple logic – I only have people on my list that I play with equally meaning they’re all “favourites” hence no need to bloat the friends app -.-‘;

    – Communities: another pointless “feature”, isn’t what the forums are for?;

    – Live from PlayStation: wow does this still exist!? Even after the playroom fiasco with all the XXX broadcasts LOOL;

    – Screenshots: I sure hope that you algo changed the quality of that save and not only the extension file;

    – ow Playing: what more information could you possibly add? o.O how long is a person playing a game? I guess it was hitching you the lack of yet another shortcut for the ps store *sigh*^2;

    – Request to watch: just what we needed, a spam button LOL;

    – Stickers: o.O do you mean “emotions” or “smiles”? If you’re using the share factory “stickers” then don’t bother XD

    All in all, such a fuzz and no substance whatsoever… pretty dull update.

    • The PS4 was always marketed as a social games console. Don’t moan about social features when you bought into it.

      Go back to PS3 if you’re going to whine.

    • Indeed it’s bad enough that we can’t hide the “people you may know” feature, this is a games console, not facebook.

      Now it looks like we get even more stuff we can’t block or hide, best thing to come out from this update is the extra cloud storage capacity.

      And why on earth is the ablity to sort game on our trophy list in alphabetical order, still not a option ?

    • Really? $ony? You actually typed that and confirmed. Wow.

    • Agreed. Style over substance.

    • @MaxDiehard I don’t think the person’s moaning. I’m still rocking a PS3 myself. However, I don’t remember it being marketed as a social games console. I thought it was marketed as a Hardcore Gamer’s console.

  • Please add support for PS1/2 classics.

  • Great news on the cloud save! Can we auto-upload cloud saves from any console now? And potentially auto synchronize (download) changes? Being restricted to auto-upload only from primary console only means that while it’s a nice backup service for some, it’s not nearly as useful as it could be for those who play on different (e.g. friends’) PS4s regularly and/or have multiple PS4s in the home.

    Be great if screen/video caps could reside in cloud storage too. Could then be accessible via Playstation smartphone apps etc as well.

    • Totally agree on this one! Live auto-syncing from a non-primary console would make the service much, much better! Will we see this feature in the new update?

  • Still need backward compatibility on the digital at least

  • Yessss PNG screenshots!

  • So you are letting us group friends with this update but no mention of groups for games and apps?

    That must be an intentional troll right?

  • Why STILL no folders? What the hell is wrong with Sony OS developers?

  • All of the changes are welcome, especially cloud storage!!! One feature I think a lot of people would like is the option to disable notifications while watching video (Netflix, bluray etc). Am I right???

  • Just another pointless update the only thing I will get out of this is the next space and we need to pay for that :/. What about the people who just game like myself ? We want Folders, we want to be able to change our ID without making a new account, we would like to add Wallpapers to the background and make it really personal. We would like to delete old trophies and dont say you cant because its in there policy because there allow you to hide them from friends which is pretty much stupid and you can only delete a 0% game but if you pay a game and you dislike it and you have that 1% your pretty much screwed. Sony needs to listen to its customers for a change then thinking about online streaming and most of the stuff on PS4 is pretty much nothing without internet connection or a PlayStation Plus membership.

  • Like it, but psn is currently offline on my ps4

  • Is one of the not mentioned features hat the Discover notification will finally be gone? What will the annoying bug in this one be?

  • And all we really want is the ability to put the stack of games we have into folders!

    • Totally agree, or even an option to filter out previously owned games, to only show the games that’s actually still in the games library.

  • Communities and more storage! Thanks!

  • So much great stuff in the update!
    Especially the “Events” section and “community” section. Thank you so much sony! :)

  • Sony, give us finally the option to disable this morronic icon informing that a screenshot was taken. Because it’s present in the screenshots taken immediately afterwards.

  • Folders for games and the same playback options for the media player as the ps3 had, having to select continuous playback every time you watch a season is beyond annoying!

  • Great news re: online storage. Future updates should consider making trophy screenshots optional, and allow games and apps to be grouped into folders. Also I miss the PS3’s ability to copy save data to USB in bulk, rather than on an individual per-game basis.

  • This is mostly bloat that I will never use. Only thing that is actually useful is the increased storage space. Please leave the social network rubbish to the social networks Sony. Concentrate on features people ask for.

  • What about playing PS1 and PS2 Classics bought on the Playstation Store? Heck, it would be nice to be able to play PSP or Vita games on it too, if possible.

  • Some excellent features, I’m especially looking forward to the groups and communities

  • I just erased 350mb of savegames for two other new game saves… boohoo…

    but the updates are looking fine!

  • Please, add option to turn off trophy screenshots.
    Many of them are just black screens or loading screens.
    There is no option to delete them, beside deleting one by one (this is very annoying, when you have 700+ of them, and you don’t need even a single one).
    And screenshoot/media library looks like mess, thanks to all of these trophy screenshots.
    If it is mandatory to make trophy screenshot, then at least add posibility to mark multiple screenshot/video files to delete/copy.

    • Go to screenshots, press options, then delete.

      Allows you to select what to delete in bulk.

    • Hmm, well, MaxDiehard, you are right, my bad (not very obvious way to do this via System/Storage).
      But, at least, they could separate trophy screenshots from my own screenshots in to dedicated category.

  • Is there an option to turn all those social features and gameplay recotding off?

  • Soo the comments for activities got removed from list or its a so simple feature that got not mentioned as important at all.. i mean its a cool feature to comment on someones uploaded screenshot or Videoclips instead of just a Like! Like Vita had the ability to comment on friends activities since launch..! Why the drag?! Even Xbox took advantage of that..

    • Now I just want folders and sorting options.
      Especially with retail games each getting their own icon on the homescreen, as well as non-game apps – the UI in my PS4 is a mess. I’m spending more time finding the game I want to play than actually playing it.

    • Whoops, forgot the first part of my post actually replying to you.

      It was something along the lines of Agreed, I like the function on Vita – apart from that… and then the post I just made :P

  • I honestly don’t care about any of these. I just want the games library to be fixed.

  • nize ads!!

    I woud love to get Skype as a video and voice chat in tne next uppdate! this means that i can play on the PC and interact with friends on PS4 or video chat witch family with the PS4 camera.

    SONY PlZ

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