PlayStation Plus in September: Grow Home, Super Time Force Ultra, Twisted Metal

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PlayStation Plus in September: Grow Home, Super Time Force Ultra, Twisted Metal

Plus, La-Mulana EX, Xeodrifter and Teslagrad

The PlayStation Plus community has spoken, the votes have been counted and we can now reveal the game you have chosen to be part of your Monthly Games line-up is… Grow Home

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first Vote to Play campaign and we look forward to running it again in the future.

We’ve got lots of other goodies coming your way this month so let’s get straight into the games!

Grow Home (PS4)

Grow Home is the story of BUD, a Botanical Utility Droid sent on a mission across the galaxy to seek out a new species of flora to help oxygenate his home world. He finds the perfect specimen in the Star Plant. You’ll help the plant grow as you climb to the top. Along the way you’ll travel through a series of floating islands, crafting your own playground in the sky.

Super Time Force Ultra (PS4 and PS Vita)

Next on PS4 comes time-travelling, bullet-spraying, rocket-launching, explosion-filled platformer Super Time Force Ultra. Half the fun of STFU comes from controlling a cast of powerful, kooky and sometimes downright bizarre characters. The talented team at developer Capybara Games has already revealed that Shuhei Yoshida himself is playable but Shu didn’t come alone! In fact, he brought a few very close friends exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita. Make sure you check out this crazy cross buy extravaganza!

Twisted Metal (PS3)

The demented ringmaster known only as Calypso has returned to host another macabre circus of turbo-charged destruction and you are invited to compete! Join an infamous cast of characters including Sweet Tooth, Doll Face and The Preacher, and get behind the wheel of some of the most violent vehicles imaginable. Follow the dark and twisted stories of the tournament contestants in the cinematic single player game or take the madness online and compete in a variety of multiplayer modes.

Teslagrad (PS4 and PS3)

Next up, a 2D puzzle-platformer where electromagnetic powers are the key to discovering the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower. You play as a young boy who finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy involving a despotic king who has ruled with an iron fist for years. Armed with ancient Teslamancer technology and your own ingenuity and creativity, your path lies through the decrepit Tesla Tower and beyond.

La-Mulana EX (PS Vita)

A combination of classic 2D platforming, Metroidvania-style adventuring and challenging action gameplay, La-Mulana EX takes you deep into ancient ruins on a quest to discover not just valuable treasure, but the secret to life itself! Fight monsters, uncover clues, collect weapons, spring traps and battle huge bosses. But watch out! No-one who’s entered the ruins before has come out alive… can you succeed where others have failed?

Xeodrifter (PS4 and PS Vita)

Finally this month, Xeodrifter, a classic action-adventure game where you control an astronaut whose spaceship is damaged by an asteroid, and must visit four nearby planets in order to repair it.

In summary

Leaving PS Plus:

1st September: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4)
1st September: Limbo (PS4)
1st September: God of War Ascension (PS3) (Not available in Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE)
1st September: Flow (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) (Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Only)
1st September: Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (PS3, PS4, PS Vita)
1st September: Castlestorm Complete Edition (PS Vita and PS3)
1st September: Sound Shapes (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) (Not Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, India and Turkey)
1st September: Flower (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, India and Turkey only)

Entering PS Plus:

1st September: Grow Home (PS4)
1st September: Super Time Force Ultra (PS4 and PS Vita)
1st September: Twisted Metal (PS3)
1st September: Teslagrad (PS4 and PS3)
1st September: La-Mulana EX (PS Vita)
1st September: Xeodrifter (PS4 and PS Vita)

Don’t forget if the game you picked in Vote to Play didn’t end up in the Monthly Games line-up you can pick it up on PlayStation Store with a 30% PS Plus-exclusive discount for two weeks at launch!

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49 / €6.99 p/m. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.

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  • Time force! Amazing! Great month just for that!

  • Finally, NES time for sony systems. Worst PS+ Line up of all time.

    • For me, as an (adult) PS4 owner, I don’t feel stimulated -_-

    • For you perhaps. I was thinking it’s one of the best in a long time. A lot of fun games here.

    • You don’t like 8-bit retro style games. I like them. : )

    • So as an adult, what games were you expecting?

    • They say, they want to offer variety with PS+ and yet i see 4 more pixel art indie platformers like every other month before it. lool

    • Wow, what a whine bag this Spacedelete is. PS Plus didn’t start on the PS3 until June of 2010, almost 4 yrs ater the PS3 released, so it had more than enough time to give you triple AAA games, whereas its not even 2 years on the PS4 yet. Hence why you’re not seeing AAA games yet. You think the competition is doing any better by giving away a bunch of old last gen 360 games? It costs more money ($60 vs $50 and gives you less games 4 vs 6). So you’re ludicrous! Now I agree that I would prefer AAA to Indies but you gotta give it enough time for the Pubs to feel comfortable giving them away.

    • @Yo-D The only difference is, now PLUS is mandatory for online.. On ps3 it was optional.
      As such, any demands for AAA are more than justified and way overdue.
      Or what, did they expect their entire online community to be into nothing but indies?

    • Sorry for all PS+ new comers.

    • Stonesthrow is absolutely right. But I guess because subscription is mandatory for PS4 online play, that’s why Sony feel they don’t need to bother with providing good titles for current gen or last gen. Not like PSN is any great either. And with the hike in prices for shorter subscriptions to force people into like subscriptions, it seems Sony have stooped lower than Micro$oft with the console cash grab. So much for ‘This Is For The Players’.

    • PS+ is good value, just for the games. On the 12 month sub it works out as £3.33 per month which isn’t a lot. If there are any games in Plus that you’d have paid for, then you’re saving money.

      Take even a cheap game – Limbo is £6.99 on Steam, never mind PSN prices, so if you Limbo was the only Plus game you cared about for the last two months, you’re still saving money. If you move up a bit Stealth Inc. 2 is £12.99 on steam, that’s almost four months of Plus subscription, so if you’d have bought the game at all you don’t need anything else to have interested you in FOUR MONTHS and you’ve basically broken even. Grow Home is great (also, not an indie game, unless we’re calling Ubisoft indies now), and it’s £5.99 on Steam, so getting it on Plus for a £3.33 subscription is a decent saving even if it’s the only thing in September you want.

      Expecting to routinely get games that retail on Amazon for upwards of £25 for only £3.33 is crazy. Expecting to get 100% games that you personally care about each month is crazy. But there’s always something worth the price – PS+ is only a bad deal if you’re interested in literally none of the games for months at a time.

    • I agree in parts with the likes of Yo-D_da_Man and The__Ewan that when you break it down it isn’t that much and you get the chance to play games you may not normally give a go at a price that is overall very reasonable. As a ps3 owner we got spoilt slightly with the back catalogue that sony could get good prices for. sure ps+ is mandatory for online play on ps4 but that doesnt mean they can and would take the easy ride, which i’m sure they wouldnt. as Yo-D_da_Man said ps3 had a massive back catalogue, you’ve just got to give them time and lets see whether we get other stuff. I wouldnt be surprised if we get some remasters as the ps4 titles. Also i’m mindful of the fact that the vita never got the refreshed annual titles that were first touted as part of the ps+ deal. and Yo-D_da_Man you mention the prices of ps+ and xbox gold but xbox gold can be found online deals for less than the ps+ [e.g. xbox gold annual £22]

  • I’m loving this line up. Just the long week wait ahead now. I played Twisted Metal back when it came out and although it didn’t look great it played just fine. I voted for Grow Home so over the moon about that. Super Ultra Time Force. . . .For FWEEEEEE???? Get out, Shut the front door.

    Why, With this line-up I’m gonna have no time to sleep.

    MGS V
    Tearaway unfolded
    Until Dawn
    and a 2 week Vacation to Greece… Damn September is busy.

    • Greece? did you spend all your money on games or something???

    • Have fun here! :)

    • I’m looking forward to it CounterUAVbaby. Hopefully gonna find my way towards some of the God of War sites. . .Ahem I mean Mount Olympus, Isle of Crete. . .Maybe Athens but it doesn’t sound too friendly atm.

    • @link1983 Don’t worry, it’s friendly here, but don’t take my word on it, because I live on the other side of Greece.

    • Athens is nice and quiet atm.It will may became chaotic a week before the elections at the earliest.
      Either way you can see the best of Athens in just a day, so stay up to 2 days, no more.

  • Well, the decline seems to be gaining pace. Nothing this month for me.

    • When the first line of this article is “The PlayStation Plus community has spoken”, do you not find it slightly ironic that the games on offer could never be described as crowd pleasers?

      Time and time again there have been hundreds of comments decrying puzzle platformers and retro styled shooters, time and time again they have been ignored.

      When a survey was undertaken some time back, puzzle games were by far the least requested genre for the IGC, yet we still get them.
      What was the thought process behind securing Teslagrad for this month? I would be willing to bet that the percentage of people who are excited about it isn’t even two digits. It’s probably not a bad game, but I would certainly say it looks like filler at best.

      Racing games garnered a similarly unenthusiastic response, yet here we have Twisted Metal. The ICP of racers. A Shocking choice.
      Super Time Force looks like it may be moderately enjoyable, but why would I waste my time with MGSV around the corner, and The Taken King about to come out?

      I’m not saying that it should be AAA or nothing, but what I am saying is that if you can’t compete, then why bother? would it be easier to offer other content aside from games? How about getting rid of the dead wood and ending support for the PS3 and Vita, leaving the budget to obtaining higher quality PS4 titles?

    • Twisted Metal is literally not a racing game.

    • Re, thought process behind adding teslagrad

      Dev 1. I doubt many people will buy our 2d game what with ps+ giving away so many similar titles.

      Dev 2. We should have gone down that route and maybe recouped some of our expenses.

      Dev 1. Ah well maybe next time.

      PS+ rep. Not so fast guys, this is exactly the sort of cr.. quality title our customers would love and if they don’t well it’s not like we ever address any complaints. #4theshareho… #4theplayers.

    • @Tranquil-Fury

      Nail on the head mate.

    • @Tranquil-Fury That’s hardly fair to the game developers. Most game devs aren’t in it for the money and PS Plus just offers them an opportunity to give their work a substantial audience. Look at Rocket League a few months back. I’m sure it would have gotten attention regardless but how many of us would have bought a game like that at launch and how many people will be keenly interested to see what they do as a follow up? Criticise Sony for not including any big, desired titles, but the problem is not that weird little indie games are included in the IGC, but that they’re often the only kind of games included.

    • @eoinoreilly

      My issue isn’t with indie titles, but with the decline in quality/variety. We have had about 15 2D platform games already this year, and we are now being offered 4 more. Compare that to previous years upto august and then tell me ps+ hasn’t had a drastic drop in quality.

      If all the devs wanted was a larger audience then they could achieve that by reducing prices, but they don’t.

      Anyone who has had ps+ since January will soon have 20 or so 2d platform games in their library. Everyone’s limit to how many they want will be different, BUT, the saturation will make them less likely to want to buy any newer 2d platform games. Not that I’m convinced their is that much demand for them. At least not to the extent we are getting them through ps+.

      As for Rocket League, I didn’t mind that but would never have bought it because I already had it once from ps+ when it was called supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars.

    • Dude… ICP is one of the worst bands you could listen to. Twisted Metal is one of the best car combat (NOT RACING!) games you can play. Maybe you didn’t grow up with that genre (it’s not very popular these days) but that doesn’t mean the game sucks.

    • @johnnycide
      I only have a Vita and PS3 and love 2D games, it might be dead wood to you but to be honest I couldn’t care less what games they put up on PS4 or about online multiplayer.

      Great month for me with Xeodrifter and Super Time Force, sorry you don’t like them, but PS4 owners aren’t the only customers Sony has.

    • @howboutthisthen

      On the contrary, I own all three consoles. The vita is dead. The only use for it now is as a peripheral for the PS4, or to play mostly poor, low budget games.

      A console capable of running Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Killzone: Mercenary etc. deserves better than a glut of overpriced shovelware and terrible mobile ports.

      Sony has abandoned the vita, that is fact. The PS3 is now a legacy console and should be put out to pasture. The PS4 is where Sony’s focus lies, so better support with the IGC would work massively in their favour. Note that I’m not railing against “indies” here. There are hundreds of excellent indie titles which would have been much better received than La Mulana, or Teslagrad.

      What baffles me is how Sony can see fit to ramp up prices under the guise of “improving service” while not addressing any issues with that service.

      We pay for multiplayer, shockingly inadequate cloud saving, discounts, and “free” monthly games. The only area where they are succeeding is in the plus discounts, which only have value if you buy the games.

      Complaints are not addressed, feedback is obviously not taken on board, and the service which we are paying for continues to offer less while we pay more. How is that even remotely defensible?

    • Masses = people who like and play the games without complaining.
      Odd few = moaning minnies who can’t get their head around the games being fun

    • same here. i’m 41 years old and i am a ps3 & vita owner… this month, FOLD

  • Nice! I’m happy this month, don’t have any of them.. look forward to playing them all. Thanks! good to see Grow Home won!

  • Great games, can’t wait!

  • any big game sales coming up in sept?

  • It’s good to see that the price raise for PS+ is getting put to good use…

  • Too much pixel-art indies, but I’ll try it.

  • Absolutely unacceptable dross yet again.

    PS+ has gone down the toilet in recent months.

  • Awesome. I want pretty much all of them, especially super time force!

  • Grow Home (PS4) – 75% on Metacritic
    Super Time Force Ultra (PS4 and PS Vita) – 80% (for the PC version)
    Twisted Metal (PS3) – 76%
    Teslagrad (PS4 and PS3) – 78%
    La-Mulana EX (PS Vita) – 76%
    Xeodrifter (PS4 and PS Vita) – 75% (for the 3DS version)

    Easy summary, there is nothing really good there, but nothing really bad either. Mediocrity, the new Plus Standard.

    I guess that Sony offers GoW Ascension and Twisted Metal for the PS3, suggest that the end of the PS Plus support for that system is close. They share their own stuff for a final hurrah.

    I might suggest to offer some RPGs or other genres for some diversity, but by now it’s a bit too obvious that any kind of suggestions and feedback falls on deaf ears.

    • Reviews don’t mean anything to the individual. We all got different tastes and enjoy different kinds of games. I’d much rather play a good old fashioned platformer like La-Mulana than the tedious movie-wannabe Metal Gear Solid. Not even joking.

    • So you are saying everything below 9/10 is not a good game, just “mediocore”?
      OMG what have we become?
      What’s next? Only 10/10 games will be considered as good games?
      Seriously, there is nothing under 7/10 on the list, 7/10 is a good game. 9 or higher is a great game.
      You know what would be mediocore? 5/10. That’s mediocore. And maybe 6/10 too. Grow up kid…
      A few years ago these scores actually meant something…

    • I wonder if there’ll ever be a month where not some guy appears to preach about the value(lessness) of reviews.

      But alas, let’s repeat it for those people, as always:
      You have your opinion, others have theirs’. And Metacritic represents the weighted average rating of people who actually played those games.
      Thus ratings have a value. One that is probably slightly higher than all those “I hate this line up / Everything is awesome this month” comments.

    • Stop looking at everything through “metacritic-goggles”, and try making up your own mind. Or are you afraid of surprises?

    • What you fail to realize is that 70-80% metacritic games are actually really good.

    • @Nesther
      That’s your interpretation, mine is different. Nintendo’s average rating for 2014 was 76,5%, Electronic Arts’ was 74,5%, Sony’s was 72,5%, Square Enix achieved 71,7%. Thus I consider 7x% to be decent average games. There will always be some who love and some who hate 7x games, but they are rarely “special”.

      And similar are my thoughts about this month’s content. Some will love certain titles, some will hate them. And I see absolutely nothing special there, either way. Those are games that exist in myriads of similar variations and they excel in nothing.

      And before someone cries about that last comment: That they don’t excel doesn’t necessarily mean that those are bad games, by all means.

    • so….out of millions of gamers around the world…

      Grow Home is given a rating by 141 people

      Super Time Force Ultra is given a rating by 41 people

      Twisted Metal is given a rating by 317 people

      Teslagrad is given a raiting by 43 people

      La-Mulana EX is given a rating by 24 people

      Xeodrifter is given a rating by 27 people

      Wow jus wow it’s like a gaming world ruled by Eric Cartman (respect m’ authoritay) intentionally misspelled. So have you built a shrine to worship those chosen few that can even be bothered to write a review of a game? I would infer lemmings but it needs to be a mass movement for that to apply…the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many blah blah yep blah

      Would go for an RPG or specifically a JRPG but chances are I already have it in my backlog

    • 75% is mediocrity? Do you even know what that word means?

      Man I’m done with this blog, it’s just people with narrow minded views with over exaggerated complaints because Sony doesn’t give them billions of polygons each month for their $10 a month. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • That’s laughable, since when was 7-8 out of 10 ‘mediocre’?

    • @Izorpo
      Under 1000 ratings in total for all those games? I could barely trust a score of one game with less than 1000 ratings…

  • Glad, I made the right decision. By the way, COD beta plays fine without the online paywall called PS+

  • Genuinely awful. With all the money being saved on this cheap tripe can you at least spend some of my monthly PS+ fee to get PSN to stop going down all the time?

  • A nice lineup, but can we please, please get an official comment ton the download speeds? Three months ago I could hit download on my PS+ games upon return from work and at least one of them would be ready by the time I have a shower and grab a beer. Now when I hit download I’m seeing 10-20 hours ETA, I could hit download the moment they’re live and still be wouldn’t be playing my new games same day.

    I’m not expecting a fix overnight (even though all evidence points to a deliberate cap on the back end) but at the very least the problem needs to be acknowledged.

    • Something is definitely being throttled somewhere, I had thought it may have been my ISP using a cheap route but there have been a few people now complaint of the same issue in different countries. It makes digital purchases a tough sell.

  • I’ll get in on that STFU, despite being pixel-art (which is just happening too much to be stylistic these days) it looks pretty damn fun.

    On the other hand, all the people that moan about getting pixelated games or games with no depth, clearly PS4 gamers don’t want that, given that we were given the choice of one of the games, and went for the seemingly shallow, platformer.

    Community, especially the vocal complainers, you need to step up.

  • After a couple of months where I already owned every title on Plus, September more than makes up for my previous disappointment!

    Super Time Force Ultra has been one of my most anticipated Vita games all year. Plus Grow Home and Xeodrifter. I’m over the moon :-)

  • One of the worst list of Ps+ Games ever. On Ps4, where are the AAA ??

    • In the shops and PSN? :P Give it some time and enjoy the pixel-art games. When they give people Knack, almost everybody will complain it’s 54/100 on metacritic or sth like that.

      Although I’m for a full version of DriveClub for PS+. Why? Because their PS+ Edition delay was and full version debut was so pathetic we deserve some kind of compensation. Better than late PS+ Edition release. But I’m patient and just wait and enjoy those indies.

    • “When they give people Knack, almost everybody will complain it’s 54/100 on metacritic or sth like that.”

      Well, yeah. Why would anyone be happy about getting a game they don’t want to play?

      And please don’t say because it’s free. It’s not. Even with the huge increase of subscribers since it is required for online play on PS4, PS Plus has seen an increase in price and a decrease in the window in which the IGC games can be claimed (and no visible increase in the quality of service, in my opinion). Also, never forget that you have access to these games only when you are subscribed.

    • Finka_Karfein, it is you, who specifically deserve NO compensation for Driveclub. you did not spend a dime on it, it was never a PS+ seller (if you wanted PS+ just for that, chances are you waited), and an unreleased game is hardly a system seller. It is only people, who bought it at launch who deserves any compensation, as the game plummeted in price without delivering any early value. Nevertheless, it delivered a lot of improvement and season pass was probably the best DLC I have encountered ever, so no compensation is needed there. You are just sad it was not perfect and free from the start and there is no cure for that.

    • @finka – I’d love for them to give knack. I want to platinum it but have to wait for my partner to come down before I can play it. Great game tbh.

  • Is Super Time Force PSTV compatible?

  • Excellent line up. I was already going to buy some of these and hadn’t got around to buying the others yet. Gonna save me a nice chunk of money. This more than makes up for the past few months (where Rocket League was the only great game released on Plus).
    Thanks very much. :D

  • I expected nothing, and I was still disappointed.

    • Excellent example of the only reason i still keep checking this blog: to read the wonderful comments. I really mean it. You nailed it. Hats off to you, mate!

  • I hope, with the price rise, that we start getting some AAA titles on ps4. PlayStation plus used to be great value for money but not now. If I didn’t have to keep it up to play online and backup my saves I wouldn’t bother with it anymore. I’ve been a subscriber for years now and it feels like I’m being ripped off. Most of my friends are gamers, some on Xbox and some on PlayStation, and me nor any of them are interested in 2D puzzle platformers or any of the other indie style games that are on offer every single month. I didn’t spend £350 on a console to play games that would run on my phone. I know there are a lot of people out there who do like those games but it just seems unfair that this is all PlayStation plus offers with the subscription fee when people like me pay the same and get nothing. All I’m saying is that there needs to be more diversity in what’s offered to your customers instead of favouring one group that enjoys the more obscure titles just because it costs you less to get these games.

    • Then buy games, you know, like normal people do.

    • I do buy games. And when I buy them I usually get good value for my money. All I’m saying is that PlayStation plus should be good value for money as well. Instead of forcing me to pay my subscription for online play and backup of my saves only. I’m not asking them to give me all the games I want for free. Just for them to give me a decent game every now and then to make my subscription feel worthwhile.

    • @misi2mezei

      How about kids who can’t afford to pay for more than one game a month, if that? Should they have to put up with a decline in quality? I am lucky enough to be able to buy games on release, but I would rather see a good game I already owned on here than a bad one that I don’t. Your argument is that people shouldn’t voice an opinion you don’t agree with, even if it means the average consumer is worse off.
      That’s a terrible point of view, get off your high horse.

    • @johnnycide

      Then buy 1 game a month.
      I am at a university, so I have even less money than a kid, but I manage to buy the games I really want. Usually I don’t even buy 1 game/month. You’re talking about this like first world problems…
      OMG, a random kid only can buy 1 game/month, how can they live like that?
      You are paying 40 GBP for 1 year of PS+, what the hell are you expecting for that money? Its cost less than a full priced game and we are getting 6 games every month.
      Do the math…

    • @misi2mezei Yes, it is absolutely a first world problem but it is still a problem. As someone who claims to have little disposable income, you should be more concerned about this. The more of your money you willingly give to Sony, the more they will charge you. If your government told you your taxes were going up 10% but reinvestment in public services would be staying the same, would you not be concerned, angry even? If you would, then why should Sony get a pass just because playing video games is only a choice?

    • @misi2mezei

      *Maths. Plural.

      So now that your argument has been put into perspective, you seem to believe that it is now inappropriate to voice an opinion regarding the quality of Sony’s service. In the comments section of an article about that service. Written by a Sony employee. On a site owned by Sony.

      This makes my argument trivial how exactly? When Sony offer six games a month, they should be quality games. The games above, as well as the last few months’ offerings (with some exceptions of course) have been poor quality, and would not sell otherwise. If you don’t believe that then you are lying to yourself.

      You keep being the good little consumer and accept things as they are.

  • Wow thats all i can say………wow (and not in the good sense)

  • Utter dross, I’ll accept Grow Home as the populace have apparently spoken, but of the rest only Twisted Metal screams of any polish or quality.

    2D platformers and pixel-art indie shovelware, cheap, lazy and not at all what was promised when most of us signed up for this service. At this point I’m only continuing to pay for PS+ for cloud saves, store discounts and the occasional title like Dragons Crown that’s still sitting on my Vita from way back when we used to get decent titles.

    • Yeah…. people “chose” grow home. It’s not so much that it’s an appealing looking game. Just less unappealing than the other two options.

    • And the people had a chance to get something remotely resembling an AAA (and starting with ‘A’).
      They chose Grow Home, another pretendous ‘art’ game. Like, 100th in a row.

  • why all the indies sony ? except twisted metal all are just 2d stuff thats why i left plus .

    • Grow Home is 3D. Also 2D doesn’t equal bad. Some of the best games of all time are 2D: Symphony of the Night, Super Mario World, Super Metroid etc. And 2D games aren’t all the same either. Compare Metroid to Mario to Streets of Rage to Mortal Kombat to Gradius.

    • 2D seems kind of out of place on a PS4 though.

      No matter how good the game is, they’re just not a good fit. I have my Vita for “new” games like that – and I have older consoles for awesome 2D games.

  • Grow Home seems like one of those games you download, play for five minutes until you realize it’s utter crap and then never touch again. The taste of the uneducated masses will always vote for crap.
    As for the rest? Twisted Metal is okay, but one badly censored mess in germany. Anything else, can’t really say. I’ve been around when games started being pixel-based (as opposed to text/ascii based), so it’s always quite off-putting to me to see it happen again. But who knows, I’ll try everything ‘cept the gross Grow Home.

    • But I’ve really grown tired of platformers and especially puzzle-platformers.

    • The uneducated masses dodged a bullet by not having to play that horrible looking zombie thing by those imbeciles behind the abhorrent Stick it to the Man, or a card game. The poll was like seeing where you’d like to get kicked. Face, legs, or nuts.

    • I would’ve preferred Armello. At least something different, with potential for replayability.

  • Really? Why do we have to pay 4 this poor things. You even rised the 3 month subsciption.

  • Pretty happy with this line up personally. Was hoping Grow Home wouldn’t take up a slot, but other than that thumbs up from me

  • Calm down folks, you will get your AAA ps4 games on plus…

    Around November/December when most people “have to” resubscribe PS+.

  • 5 2D platform games!!!!!!

    I remember when ps+ gave us plenty of variety
    We have already had at least 15 such games this year.

    I used to be happy to pay for ps+ but given this years output I would happily forego the games and pay less just for online access.

  • 9 games for about the same price as a pint. Cheers Sony!

  • Can’t wait to play as Shu in Super Time Force Ultra :D
    I hope we will get Shovel Knight too sometime.

  • Whyyyyyyyy? PS Plus prices rise and you offer us these kind of games? I love good indie games but COME ON! Enough is enough!

  • Jesus christ, and I thought the other previous months sucked (Except the month with Rocket League). This takes the price in The Worst PS+ Month. EVERRRRRR.

  • Okay…good thing I have a huge backlog not to mention lots of hacking and a slashing my way through One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 and Onechanbara Z2. I need to surround myself in filth to wash off the god bothering from that Rapture game..the hubb bought it for me in hopes I would start convulsing and contorting ala Emily Rose (and I did). Bible verses in a game = god bothering

    I hope we are getting Amnesia tomorrow or Wed….please tell me we are

    • Bible verses in Rapture? Now I doubt I should get it.

    • One of my fav indies so far, but definitely not for everyone. Amazing atmosphere.

    • I especially think I would like the atmosphere, but if there’s religious content I’d simply be appalled, and this is something I would have to know before I make a decision. I mean, there are are disclaimers warning of violent, drug related, sexual and whatnot content, so why not warn about religious content, too?

    • @Cronoss69

      Yeah had at least 2 scriptures read one was from Romans (not stated in a Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction way either) and throughout the first part of the game (didn’t make it out of first part) there is father this and father that and scripture here scripture there….god bothering.

      I was willing to give it a go because of the Valis (PKD one of my favourite authors) mention. Maybe it becomes godless later on but religion begins and ends with me deep in the jungles of Guyana and a tub of purple Kool-Aid

    • Ah, Ubik is one of my favorite books.

      Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll give it a try when it gets a major discount further down the road.

    • My favourite was A Scanner Darkly until I watched the film and it gave away the end in the first 20 minutes…that kind of destroyed my love of the book if that makes sense. PKD likes to drop those mind bombs in the last paragraph or sentence just when you think you’ve figured it things out he hits you out of nowhere. My favourite book outside of Valis is The Galactic Pot Healer. The last sentence in the book had me laughing out loud on a crowded train.

      I’m guessing you possibly like Robert Anton Wilson as well.

    • Robert Anton Wilson? Not really. When I first heard of him I had too much to read for university to be bothered with anything else. And he seems a bit conspiracy theoretical to me. I look just dumb with an aluminium hat. I like David Hume, though.

  • I’m so happy me Plus is almost expired, so I don’t have to be dissapointed every month. I can’t believe how bad PsPlus has gotten and why Playstation think it’s fair to raise te prices of this formaly great service. For people who don’t play online there and who don’t like Indy Pixel”art” there is absolutely nothing worth the price of a membership.

  • 4 more pixel art platformers… yay I’m not tired of them yet

  • Let’s never have community vote on ps+ again. Feel like even more people Will end up dissapointed when the “wrong” game wins compared to when Sony picks the game. Oh, and the discount is weaker than i thought for the “losers” was expecting at least 50% off. Will wait for them to go on a proper sale like i do with all digital titles that interests me.

  • Grow Home (Steam, 9/10)
    Super Time Force (Steam, 9/10)
    La-Mulana (Steam, 9/10)

  • ENOUGH with the indie games already!!! Xbox got AC Black flag were are our bluray games????

  • You know the greatest payback for all the haters is the fact your getting this ….and you hate it!

    Haha look at you all so angry!

    • Its every month fun to read all the comments.Cant wait for the OCT line up. I bet you will see alot of the same peeps of this month complaining again. But thats cool pure entertainment :)

    • Talk about being a sore winner… You guys get the indies you want every month for years on end and still you somehow feel the need to mock us losers that aren’t alligned with your indie interests.. I don’t understand that.. It’s really petty. The least you can do is suffer through our complaints, preferably without the attitude.

    • @Stonesthrow hmm dont know where you going with it but OK.

    • I’m not pro indie or against indie.
      Ps plus should be there to supplement your normal gaming diet. Not completely replace the need to buy games full stop.

    • I never suggested it should completely replace the need to buy games (although I can imagine this is actually the case for indie gamers). I don’t want all AAA all the time, that wouldn’t be fair towards the Indie audience, like this current situation isn’t fair towards the AAA lovers.. Why shouldn’t AAA constitute a supplement to our normal gaming diet? Two birds with one stone, AAA and more variety.

  • Personally I think the line-up is quite decent game-wise, even though I already have two of the games (Teslagrad & La-Mulana EX) and I won’t be able to redeem the others (my subscription finally ends at the end of the month).

    But still I think that the line-ups of the last few months were rather disappointing. Not because most of the games were indies, but due to the fact that the line-up seems rather unbalanced genre-wise. Nearly every month, the majority of the line-up seems to consist of puzzle-games and 2D-platformers.
    A little more variety would be nice. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore these genres completely, but maybe switch them more often for more-favored genres like (3D) action-adventures, shooter (whether it’ 1st or 3rd-person), racing, sports or a (j)rpg one in a while and try to spread this variety over all platforms. E.g. the Vita got a shooter a few months ago (Killzone Mercenary), so why not try to give the PS4-people one, too?

    And one small suggestion:
    Maybe you could split PS+ up into several smaller services (e.g. PS4 online multiplayer, Cloud backup for savegames, instant game collection) and sell them separately with slightly higher fees per service or in the “all-in-one”-package with the price as of today. There are people that don’t care about the IGC and there are some that don’t care about multiplayer. These people would e.g. pay 20 euros per year (or let’s say 25 euros) and would only get the services they really cared for and others could subscribe to the all-in-package which we get now.

  • Great month for me. I’ll be playing Grow Home and Twisted Meal.
    And MGS V comes out in the same day :D

  • Good games on offer. I’m not surprised the comments are full of crybaby peasants that are upset they’re not getting AAA games every month.

    I’ll be enjoying these games while the casuals cry because they can’t afford to buy AAA games they want.

    • I’m not surprised to see that one smug crybaby crying over comments from up on his high horse again.. Atleast us peasants have something real (not to mention relevant) to complain about ;)

    • Good games, maybe. If you’re into (puzzle) platformers. Not everyone is that, y’know?

    • @Stonesthrow

      Yeah, sure this is a completly relevant problem to complain about.
      I really hope you won’t have worse problems in your life…

    • @misi2mezei Relevant to the matter at hand, obviously… Although you probably fail to see the relevance in that if you’re an indie gamer who’s been served nothing but indies and as such, has nothing to complain about. Well, except for complaining about people who want otherwise – like some, apparently..

    • I don’t care about AAA games. I care that we don’t get the same old stuff every month. Retro nonsense. It’s getting predictable.

    • Liquid, I don’t think it is always a lack of AAA games that people are annoyed about (although it is the most common complaint). For me the main complaint is a total lack of variety, since the vast majority of the IGC since PS4 launched has been 2D puzzlers or platformers. It feels like Sony no longer care about the quality of the service and that is what is annoying.
      Not that it matters anyway, because MGS V is out soon so likely wouldn’t be playing games from the next drop anyway.

    • @Dean.

      I would be very careful about throwing insults at people, considering that giving negative feedback to Sony is the best way to see service improve.
      Incidentally, I would be more kind to the “casuals” seeing as that’s Sony’s target audience. Like you.
      Complacency is never a good thing.

    • Peasants??!! Really???! It’s that type of bourgeoisie attitude that ended the despot rule of the royals in France (let them eat cake indeed) and of course…those “peasant” waiters doing the same in Russia to the Tsar.

      In later news it was a Andrew Tory scum Mitchell who called the police “plebs” so you might want to rethink that attitude before the masses come kicking in your door. Unless you are one of the skiving 1% you are a peasant as well. The perception that buying games somehow elevates you to some “higher class” sounds like something a child re: adolescent would state.

      I import games from Japan and the US does that make me better than those who don’t? No it doesn’t. Personally I don’t care about mass market AAA games I play lot’s of JRPG’s and Warriors/ Musou games

  • Happy to get Twisted Metal and Teslagrad, thanks!

  • Wasnt expecting this announcement so soon so that was a pleasant surprise. Then I read the line-up:-/
    Still, I voted for Grow Home so looking forward to that. As for the rest, probably won’t bother. Had Super Time Force last year on XBL and deleted it after one play. So bored of these retro looking games, I can’t tell you. Its not that I want Next-Gen graphics all the time, but I don’t see the need for these pixelated graphics either! I bought Rare Replay on XBOne earlier this month, that is enough retro for me! Enough now!

  • They say, they want to offer variety with PS+ and yet i see 4 more pixel art indie platformers like every other month before it. lool

    Just give up guys… you wont see or get the experience that you had with the PS3. I gave up on PS+ a long time ago wen it became a paywall. Just don’t subscribe again… I’m waiting for my to end in form of protest you should do the same.

    • Don’t forget it’ll automatically renew if you don’t unsubscribe yourself.

    • Rodrigo Sharigan: i gave up on ps+ since ps4 launch, i subbed for a couple of months here and there, when at least two games in a month would catch my eye. I just come here to have fun reading the comments but still, this is all a sad joke. On the good side, i’m glad i resumed pc gaming.

    • Makes sense to me to bro

  • Happy for Twisted Metal, Grow Home and La Mulana-EX. The rest are on play-later for indefinite amount of time.

  • I don’t care about the free monthly “games”, but dear Sony fix the godd*mn PSN servers and download speed. Thats all I want. Thank you!

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