Twitch platformer N++ nimbly soars onto PS4 today

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Twitch platformer N++ nimbly soars onto PS4 today

Check out the launch trailer for Metanet’s red-hot sequel

It’s here, N++ is finally here! Wondering what the 14th letter of the alphabet (plus plus) could be? Check out our launch trailer above.

N++ is an action-puzzle platformer that’s smooth as butter, if butter ran at 60fps at 1080p. You play as a gold-thirsty ninja, trying to survive in a world designed to make that difficult. We paid a lot of attention to how this game feels: the controls are responsive, tight and precise, letting you move through the levels acrobatically, and deftly evade the deadly enemy robots that populate the strange futuristic world.


We have lovingly crammed N++ full of thousands of thoughtfully designed levels (2360 spanning Solo, Co-op and Competitive MP (Race)), a 63-track soundtrack of some of the best electronic music the world has to offer, over 50 colour schemes, tons of fun-lockables™ and plenty of decidedly devious hidden challenges to allow a lifetime of play. As mentioned in the trailer, we’re never making a sequel, so we made this one to last :)

No other game is quite like N++. Even if you’ve played a game in the series before, you owe it to yourself to see how it’s evolved. We added new enemies that are terrifying and thrilling, new mechanics and puzzles, reworked the Race rules so it’s great for parties but also deep enough for serious competition, and have carefully tweaked the entire game so it looks and feels like perfection. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

People have been asking about trophies – there are plenty, and we tried to have fun with them too! We’ve created some interesting special challenges that add another layer to the game, and included a few humourous ones to take the edge off. Plus (plus), we’re excited to announce that there’s also a Platinum trophy! YES!

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

But that’s not all! There’s also a level editor and global level-sharing, plus highscores with replays for every level in the game (including the ones you make!). We love highscore competitions with friends, so we made sure to support it in N++.

If that’s STILL not enough, we’ll also be adding more to the game with future DLC. (Note: whenever you buy the game, you’re also buying a “lifetime pass” to all future DLC. We are planning a substantial update that will increase the cost of the game/lifetime pass, so buy early if you’re looking to get N++ on the cheap! It won’t be going on sale much either, because, due to the level-sharing we have a relatively high cost per user, ruling out steep discounts).

When it’s all said and done, this game is going to be massive – this is the last, and the best, version of the game that will ever be, so we’re determined to close out the series with a bang!

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

Okay, okay, we’ll stop gushing now. Suffice to say, N++ is magnificent, and we could not be happier with it.

We’re so excited for you all to finally see what we’re talking about. What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

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  • I’ll purchase this on friday. Money is a bit tight at the mo!

  • Question: you guys claimed we’d be getting 20% discount for the first two weeks of sale, but it seems to be dropped to 10%. Any reason why?
    Also, any update on getting the N++ PS4 theme for the EU region?
    I’ll probably end up buying it, but I’d love answers to these questions

    • states 20% discount for PS+ members, but the store is showing as 10%. Would also like to know what’s going on?

    • Our sincere apologies here. It seems there was a communication error with the original post you’ve linked to. 10% is the discount that the developer has requested, and that is the discount that is live on Store.

    • A simple typo – by “20%” they meant “10%”, by “a whopping 20%” they meant “a modest 10%”, and by “on the cheap” they meant “a still-hilariously expensive £14-odd”

    • They’ve lost my purchase anyway seeing as they plan to up the price when they update it.

    • seems the post you linked has been edited to reflect the 10% discount lol

    • C’mon guys, we all know by now SCE favours the US (who got the 20% discount) the blog staff will Ninja edit linked posts and the EU/UK get ripped off regardless.

    • So, we’re getting screwed over twice or three times even?

      Changing the $-sign to € makes this already more expensive and on top of that no 20% discount like promised + no news about the theme?

      Claiming it was a simple mistake is a joke guys, we know you just copy/paste blog posts but you can’t convince me no one checks them before posting them?

      Stop treating us this way, EU is the biggest PlayStation market and some of us spend insane amounts of money and we’d like some respect for once!

    • So it’s the developer who actually requested a lower discount? I wanted to support them but wow.

      EU gets: no pre-order, no theme, no -20%, poor conversion rate. Yay.

    • It’s already bad when you just switch $ with € on the price tag in the conversion process and call it a day. Its even worse wen people are told there will be a 20% discount and it just shows 10%.. and of course US gets the 20%, cheaper and with discount and europe gets what? worst price + less discount, no theme and ninja edit skills on the other topic to hide the truth, because why not, right? right?!
      This right here, lack of information and lack of loyalty to customers, especially europe, can cost the developer of this game sales, You know how bad this is? Of course not. Doesn’t matter if its Europe sony staff or developer fault in this situation, what matters is that you guys, again, get negative feedback.

      Just a nice way to bomb a game launch and customers loyalty…
      Just my 2 cents…

  • And with the wrong discount applied too

  • Great video! I want this in my Vita!

    • Thanks so much! We’re very proud of how both the game and the trailer came out.

      If it sells well enough on PS4, we hope to be able to afford to bring it to Vita (cross-buy, of course), but we can’t guarantee anything. The graphics will require a substantial rewrite to make them work on Vita (N++ may look simple and smooth but it’s anything but under the hood!), so it’ll be quite an undertaking.

      Still, we think the game would be excellent on Vita because of the bite-sized play sessions. So fingers crossed it sells like hotcakes! :)

  • Awesome! I’m getting the game as soon as I get back home. I quite like this approach to DLC.

    • thanks so much! We’re glad to hear that — it’s an unconventional approach, to be sure, but we don’t like the idea of nickel-and-dime-ing our players for every bit of DLC. You bought the game, you love it, and we want you to try everything that we put out for it. It’s that simple!

  • Looks nice but this kind of game works best on a handheld for me. A Vita release would be good but failing that putting the PSP version of N+ on the Vita store would get you at least one sale

    • The N+ codebase is 6 years old at this point, the company that ported it is long out of business and the publisher, Atari, has been in and out of solvency a lot — but N++ is a much better game anyway, so hopefully it’ll sell really well and we can see if porting to Vita makes sense.

  • Its amazing how a simple game can be so addictive and gain a massive following, but when someone notices the demand, they just try and cash in from every angle possible.

    I was really looking forward to this, but at £14.39 – a price you call “on the cheap” – I dont want anything to do with this.

    • fps_dominator, you could not be more mistaken about our motives. We have been working on the N series for 11 years, and the reason we made N++ was because we knew it could be better than N and N+, which didn’t quite match up to the vision we had for it so long ago. We saw mistakes we needed to fix and wanted to finally make the game as beautiful on the surface as it is in our hearts. We felt compelled to make N++ so we could finally be satisfied enough with the series to put it to bed for ever.

      It’s a game that feels so good to play, and that’s in part due to years of tuning and refining. The levels alone took 10,000 hours to design and test and polish. It would take at least 30 hours for you to speedrun this game! If you played one built-in level a day, it would take you 6 years to play all of them.

      It is crammed full of levels and layers and surprises and game modes, and then on top of that there’s a level editor so you can make your own levels and share them with the world. There are some cool twists on the gameplay, as well as some classic nods fans of the series will love, and it’s all put together in a clean, colourful package with a stellar soundtrack. In my humble opinion, N++ is a goddamn masterpiece.

      But if you think this is a cash grab, you’re sorely mistaken. We’re selling it for less than one cent per level!!

      We put our hearts and souls and everything we have into this game, and we could not be more proud: it’s the game we set out to make 11 long years ago, made better with years of love and thought, and by people believing in us and in what we can do.

      You’re free to disagree of course, go nuts. It’s a niche game and is absolutely not for everyone. But at least try to understand what you’re criticizing.

    • How hard you worked on something is not proportional to how much something is worth. teh same applies to the number of levels in the game. If you want to talk about worth, why do you think the game is only worth £10 in the US and what makes the EU/UK version worth an extra £4?

    • I seem to remember Journey being around £15 when that released and it was 2 hours long, same with Unfinished Swan. Both were brilliant and worth the asking price, what makes you think N++ won’t be worth that price? Don’t forget a whole development studio have poured hours upon hours into creating this game and by the sounds of it there is a whole lot of game to experience.

    • “what makes you think N++ won’t be worth that price?”

      It’s (clearly) not about that though, is it? It isn’t a matter of the absolute price, it’s about relative pricing, and why it’s OK to charge Europeans a higher starting price that the Americans, then give less of a discount under the same circumstances, them withhold the nice little bonus of the theme.

      It’s not that an extra ~£4 really makes much difference, and the total price is probably OK. But I’m still less likely to buy something from someone even though he’s offering an OK price, if he does it while giving me the finger.

  • Will the future additional content come with trophies ? if the answer is “yes” then I will buy it ! :)

  • Awesome game and exceptional value. I’ve spent three times as much on games that I’ve played for a few hours and never gone back to. I’ve been playing this all day and I can’t stop. I’m a gibbering mess of joy and frustration.
    Who do I send the shrink’s bill to?

  • Awesome game. Well worth the money.

  • This an naughty dog is why I bought a ps4 so this will be bought next time I’m on.

    It’s been a long wait but you’re a tiny team so I’ll not complain ;) Congrats on getting it out! Itching to start shouting at my telly again. Those wimps that think the Souls series is hard should get it together.

  • The price difference and the reasoning shows a complete lack of respect for this region. You’ve lost a sale.

    • I’m afraid we’re not in control of regional pricing. Regardless, if you’ve enjoyed N or N+ we can guarantee that you will love N++.. it’s still less than one cent per level in any region.

  • Bought this yesterday as I have been waiting for about two years for it to be released!! Played it last night. Not sure what I was expecting but I am sorry to say I got bored of it after about 20 minutes. Very disappointed. I played the original on XB360 and loved it (although found the later levels impossible!) but somehow this seems a very dull version of the original. Let’s hope the updates coming will improve it.

  • If someone buys now at the “bargain” price and it still gets discounted later (or even worse, enters a monthly lineup) they’re gonna feel double screwed.

  • Without VAT the game would be cheaper no doubt even in €£ but we can’t blame the developer for the existence of VAT or for adjusting the price accordingly.
    As far as I know anyway the price in the U.S. Store is before VAT that from what I was told varies from state to state, some have it at 8% some less/more…feel free to correct me.
    Anyway, short versioon, so much hate for the developer but I doubt they are charging more because they want to rob us.

  • Thanks for the transparency.

    I guess it just reinforces what we already know and what SCEE shamelessly wont accept and pledge to improve on:

    1) They release rushed copy and paste articles because they are under-staffed
    2) SCEA are FAR more proactive than SCEE
    3) Even if a dev wanted to price their game cheaper in EU compared to the US, Sony wouldnt allow it.


  • The price (and the difference between Euro et US prices + the 10/20% discount) is a shame here, once again we European customers are disrespected by indy devs and Sony.

    I m not an idiot so I will just pass don’t expect me to pay more for this game. It really starts to be disgusting at this point.

  • You could have asked for 20% launch day discount in lieu of a pretty order. Surely launch day is still be expressing faith in you. And to be fair even as a 3 person team if you were to tell Sony you were taking your business elsewhere because of this I think the internet could cause enough of a storm to give Sony a few headaches.

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