DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition launches today

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DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition launches today

Now’s your chance to test drive Evolution’s acclaimed racer

After a lot of hard work from the team at Evolution Studios, I’m pleased to announce that we are making the DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition available to all PlayStation Plus members starting on Thursday, 25th June.

We’ve spent a long time preparing for this launch after some difficult and unexpected set-backs. To make absolutely certain that all players have the smoothest and most stable experience possible we are going to be duly cautious about how we release the game this time around.

Starting on Thursday, all PlayStation Plus members can download DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition and begin playing the offline mode. Also starting Thursday, we will be rolling out online access to the DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition and will steadily bring more and more players online while continuously ensuring that all game systems are running smoothly. We know that this might be frustrating after your extra wait already, but hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online. We want to make sure we don’t overload the servers as we invite millions of PS Plus members to download the game tomorrow.

We have to take this precaution because DRIVECLUB connectivity is demanding for a multiplayer game, with countless ever-growing social connections across clubs, challenges, multiplayer, and hundreds of thousands of dynamic leaderboards and activity feeds.

Everybody will have full access to the offline mode of the DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition while this is happening and we will keep you fully up to speed via with updates on access as we bring everybody online.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by DRIVECLUB during the past year and for everyone who has accepted the extra wait for the PS Plus Edition and the companion app which will come after. The team at Evolution Studios is working incredibly hard to make DRIVECLUB great for you, to get everyone to have fun racing in clubs and continue the evolution of the game with spectacular updates every month. I can’t wait to see all of you enjoying the game online together.

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  • Acclaimed? 71 Meta is acclaimed now? Well, at least the promise made in 2013 is finally getting fulfilled. #4ThePlayers

    • For an Xbox guy you sure do love talking about Sony lmao

    • Oh please, shut up, the game is a MASTERPIECE and the reviewers are simply wrong because “clickbait”.

      Buy the complete game, it costs only 25€ , go and play the best racing game of this generation.

    • Says the one who steals gameplay from other people on youtube and doesn’t even play videogames.

    • You understand that that Metascore is based upon the launch state of the game. If you would add up the various content and game updates, especially those last ones which included photo mode, dynamic real time weather, better stability, improvement of online services, some free tours and cars, various additional tweaks and setting options etc. the game is far better now. It became one of the better racegames of this generation and is a blast to play.

    • Actually, no, the promise made in 2013 has not been fulfilled. Go back and watch that E3 presentation again. Here’s the direct, word for word quote:

      “The PS+ Version will be the *same full game* minus a few assets”

      What we are in fact getting, is 5 tracks, 10 cars, no access to the content available in any of the free updates and the online is switched off. I’m pretty sure that the day after release when they decided to announce that the PA+ version wasn’t possible it was being suggested that an offline version should be released instead, well here it is only eight months later.

    • This guy is an extreme xbox fanboy. No joke. i don’t even know why you bother coming onto this site to comment in the first place. All of us know you’re Microsoft’s whore.

    • An Xbox fanboy on a Playstation site. We all know you stole those PS4 footage and never even played a single PS4 game.

    • #colapes


    • The thing is, this score is from the lunch, when the game was actually not working properly: no muti, no weather effects. Right now game looks briliant and I have no problems playing it online. Also devs are giving us new cars and new events every month since lunch.

      So I think if game could have been released as it is right now, Meta score would be much higher.

    • Dman! I went to his youtube channel, just to check, and no joke!
      This is really an xbox fanboy, and a big one.

      The level of hate for PS4 games and praise for xbox games, is too dman high.

      I had to close that tab, because I was becoming stupid with all that level of stupidity.

    • To be fair, the game we have now is almost a completely different game to the one that was reviewed! I bought the game day one and it looked awesome and played ok but was fundamentally broken.
      They have done some amazing updates which not only fixed the broken stuff but completely changed the way the game plays too.
      I believe that if it were to be re-reviewed now then the scores would be a lot higher.

  • Heard it’s a lot better than on release and it’s FREE?!?! So looking forward to this!

    • Not really free. You only get to race in 1 country’s tracks. There are total of 6 in the original game. Also only Vanilla cars and no DLC cars. To be fair Driveclub is better with the DLCs.

    • T hat doesn’t change the fact that this edition IS free to play

    • AbandonedTrolley

      iARDAs, obviously not been keeping up to date on things then.

      The PS+ edition comes with the startline tour which has lots of different challenges from all the locations on offer. They’ve also changed the cars it comes with and according to Rushy, the free DLC that was given will work with the PS+ version too.

  • thanks!
    But when I can use the MyDriveclub App on my smartphone ?

  • The game is great, but keep in mind this PS+ Edition is not the full game. Its pretty cheap now so I would recommend buying it

  • I was almost expecting the full edition after such a wait, but can’t really complain.

    • I just bought the full Edition anyway. It was worth it and not as bad as the media was making it out to be.

  • Get ready for the server crash! It’s coming! #4theplayers

    Dave: are you sure we have enough users on that there server?
    Jeff: Err yeah
    Dave: potentially 15 million users
    Jeff: Err yeah
    Dave: it goes live tomorrow, ok Jeff?
    Jeff: Err yeah

    Next morning Jeff’s phone goes at 12.01am:
    Dave: YOUR FIRED!!

    • Jeff never gets fired, he doesn’t even add more servers, he just installs load balancing software.

    • *you’re

      Sorry, I just can’t stand those. Just like “alots” (there’s a great web comics about that btw).

      Well, I’ll just test waters (I want to check whether DC is enough arcadish for me) with DriveClub and will buy the full game soon after since the PS Plus Upgrade is so cheap. Now I need to destroy my payday on Japanese discounts and Shenmue III :)

    • It is way to “arcadish” if you ask me :(

    • Mmm the article says they are doing a controlled rollout over a period of time so the servers won’t have a sudden overload of users?

  • Now, as a little thank you to all that wanted this, but couldn’t wait, can we get a discount on seasons pass?
    Im pretty sure at least 80% of the people that was really excited about the PS+ edition already bought the game.

    Would be nice, please consider.

    • Season Pass owners got like 4 extra car packs then what was originally promised. Evolution Studio has gone above and beyond catering to people who bought DriveClub. Stop being so entitled.

    • @kyleh614
      Uhm… really, thanks for the hostile reply….

      I asked nicely, brought a point to the table and asked them to please consider… how does that make me entitled? Im not even asking for free stuff.

      Anyway, i never knew there were extra stuff, cause SURPRISE! i don’t have the season pass (i mean why else would i ask?)

      So please try and be less of whatever you are, and maybe try work on your personality skills.

    • Actually double checked now, the “4 extra car packs” is actually 1 pack, and was for everyone due to the launch problems. this i knew about, everyone got the first month of DLC free, and July 2015 was added to the planned Seasons pass roster. (this means that there is the EXACT same amount of content in the season pass)

      To say this free content was for the late release of PS+ edition, and covers the fact that people bought the game instead of waiting would be very untrue.

      unless there was more DLC that i cant seem to find on the net?

    • I agree about lowwring the season pass or put it on sale for £15 and I’ll bite.

  • Hopefully there are no server issues as more people begin playing online, it has been a really long wait and I’m looking forward to playing

  • Don’t mind crapgamer he’s just a salty xbox fanboy

    • This game is over a YEAR late, multiple delays, broken multiplayer even for the paid version, but it’s ok, they must “xbox fanboys”

  • We want PS1 and PS2 emulation on PS4 and free streams of PS3 games we already own. If Microsoft can give backwards compatibility you have no excuse not to.

    • PS Now. They want money.

    • ^ THIS!

    • Yeah, well. They don’t care what we want. Sony Computer Europe CEO said that even though backwards compatibility was one of the most demanded features it’s not used much and therefor they’re not releasing it. It’s like saying “Yeah, we don’t care because we’d rather keep releasing remastered versions of the games you own at full price”.

    • I agree that making PS1 and PS2 title compatible should be done, if possible. The PS2 is still a bit of a pain to emulate though, not sure if the PS4 is up to it. Then again, I didn’t think the Xbox One could handle Xbox 360 either, although we will do not know if some games will be too complex to emulate.

      PS3 streaming is unrealistic though as it would cost Sony a fortune and they don’t have money to spare like that. Plus, probably only a minority have a connection good enough to handle it anyway.

    • Pretty sure the PS4 is ‘up to’ emulating a PS2 given that the PS3 can manage it OK.

    • Super_Robot_Wars

      @The__Ewan Unfortunately the PS3 used complicated cell processors so emulating a PS3 game on the PS4 would not be so simple. Also PS2 game could only be played on the North American PS3 I believe. Personally I don’t see what the fuss is about backwards computability considering it was never available on the PS3. Then again I keep all my consoles so this is not an issue.

    • @Super_Robot_Wars: Wait what? “Also PS2 game could only be played on the North American PS3 I believe. ” – “onsidering it was never available on the PS3. “.
      There was a series with ps2 hardware chip, and there was a software based series. Wich they cancelled over time/removed. If amateurs can make emulators for any game machine, im sure the devs can code a proper emu for ps3.

    • Oh they have a very good excuse, it’s the infamous cell processor they used on PS3, their biggest mistake on last gen, and now they are paying for it.
      Also don’t talk like a moron who don’t even understand basic economics, PS now cost money to run and maintain and steam every single game. Yes it’s a dumb thing, but that doesn’t mean it should be free.

    • actually call me crazy but i think i prefer ps now, and im going to state a reason. yes it going to cost money per month to use it….and will be dependant on your internet connection. however heres where i see the benefits.

      this isnt somthing that will be supported just this generation….but through every generation to come. for example when the ps5 (maybe) comes out…soon after, ps4 games will start getting added to the service, then ps5 and so on and so forth.

      you dont need dedicated platforms to use it. fancy gaming on your holiday and your waiting on clash of clan timers? no problem…whip out your ipad and blutooth pad….bam a ps1, ps2 and a ps3 all in your hotel room…and you didnt even need to pack them and carry them on a plane.

      looking ahead maybe there is no ps5 and this is sonys platform for games. soon internet will be streaming 4k…and as its all done server side they will beable to update power every 12 months rather than every 6-8 years. all for a subscription……no £400 day of release upgrade.
      this is sonys attempt at creating not only a permanent home for classics to live in….but may seen this as the future of their platform.

      look how badly ps plus started but indeed look what its blossomed into.

      call me a cynical sony pony….but like many i jumped over from 360 (also had a ps3 but bought most of my software on 360 for achievments last gen, i owned a ps3 before trophies where added) and i remember ms’s attempt at “backwards compatability” there. i think they have announced this to bounce the people to upgrade to the xbox one….and will pull the plug on this after 18 months or so.

    • No, spacedelete2. We want PS1, PS2 and PS3 emulation on the PS4. And like you said, MS did it. Sony can (and should) too.

  • What’s this Driveclub thing? Never heard of it.

  • too little , too late

    PS: i do own the full game

    PS: miss the time when ps was second. People were trying harder

  • I’m looking forward to finally trying this one out and setting up a club.

  • For a racing game it sure did take it’s time getting to the finish line.

  • Sony is getting as greedy and complacent as Microsoft were back before Xbox One launch and they consumers chose with their wallet but now Sony is getting as lazy yet again and this isn’t the first time. does anyone remember the PS3 launch period ? Sony lost half its marketshare and this will happen again as Sony haven’t learnt their lesson. Let me make this very clear to you Sony. We aren’t falling for that scam that is PS Now so we demand PS1 and PS2 emulation as well as free streams of our PS3 games we already own on PS Now for free. Don’t think we have loyalty to you Sony. We will go to MS and you will lose half your marketshare yet again.

    • What does any of this have to do with DriveClub? What is wrong with you?

    • They spent a lot of money building the streaming server farm, they can’t just offer that for free.

      You are comparing a company in debt (Sony) to a company with a ton of cash (Microsoft). Its hardly fair to expect them to compete on the same level.

      I’m not saying Sony doesn’t have room to improve. I definitely think they should at LEAST support PS1/2 games on PS4. But expecting PS3 streaming for free is unrealistic.

    • Jeez, get a life. Are you telling us that you own PS3 games without a PS3 console? I think I figured out what your *real* problem is.

    • ExplodingJuice82

      You are the reason why people can’t have nice things. Why are you DEMANDING things? Also, why are you speaking for everyone by saying “We will go to MS and you will lose half your market share yet again.” ? There is not going to be a mass exodus towards Xbox One just simply due to backwards compatibility and if you really think it’s going to happen then you are delusional. Get off your demanding high horse.

      “We aren’t falling for that scam that is PS Now so we demand PS1 and PS2 emulation as well as free streams of our PS3 games we already own on PS Now for free.” PS Now is not a scam. It was made clear from the beginning that it was made for people who are new to the Playstation Ecosystem who have heard great things about games on PS3, who never got to play said games because they did not (or do not) own a PS3 and are now able to thanks to PS Now.

      Educate yourself before you sound off on an official forum and make a total fool of yourself. (It already happened.)

  • I bought this game months ago, do I get anything good for that?

  • Any word on the Companion App, although I have completed just about everything in the game by now? :)

  • Its sad how they make it clear that our PS+ money isnt going into more and better servers.

    You have had millions of us giving you PS+ money for years now, and this gen you have removed people who are not paying from playing online, so why the hell is server stability even an issue?

    Is it the programming of the game thats STILL not been fixed? or have you just decided that the only server enhancement will come from the fact that theres no free players on most PS4 games anymore?


    • Could very well be that it’s not running on Sony servers but perhaps their own servers. You can’t play online ? Odd.

  • RodrigoSharingan

    Not enough for me i guess… Waited to damn long, should of just give us the full game. This was a disaster from the start. Hope it doesnt crash again.

  • Hope it doesn’t break the game for those who already bought the game. Great season pass too, although I would have preferred a selectable difficulty for the dlc tours.

    • I think selectable difficulty is coming to DriveClub soon. It’s at least something Evolution Studios said on their Twitter account, that they are looking into adding in the future.

  • Now this is awesome, released on my birthday. Can’t wait.

  • Already bought and played the game. Sometimes I wonder why I pay for PS+. maybe I m expecting too much. #disappointedgamer

    • AbandonedTrolley

      For the discounts, early access BETAS, free monthly games (PS3/PS4/Vita) and online play on the PS4 probably. At about £3.30 a month it’s quite the bargain!

  • Let’s be honest, the whole thing’s been a bit of a shambles. But, it’s finally almost here and it’s great little racer that I’m sure loads of people are going to love and even upgrade to the full game. Have fun guys.

  • *slowclap*

    Still gonna check it out though even if I suck at driving games. :-)

  • In other news, any chance we might get ‘free’ Morpheus games with PS+

  • I’m shocked Sony is only giving the demo and not the full game, they still could earn a lot of money from the DLC. Plus has been so bad that a good full game would have been a great insentive.

    • The full game is what was originally promised before they gutted it to a demo.

      Given that demos are so rare these days I want to support them, but with the history of this one I just cannot do it.

      At least give the PS+ version access to the free update packs, at least then we can pretend that the promise of “same full game minus a few assets” was true and Rushy merely lied about how much of the “assets” would be cut.

    • @TrueMurton, they never once promised the full game, when they first announced it it was called the ps plus edition and they said exactly how much content would be on it

    • @man-utd

      You night want to watch the original reveal again. What Rushy said, and this is a direct word for word quote

      “” The PS+ version is the same full game minus a few assets” – the *same full game* being the main point. You might also want to read up on his necro edit of a post on NeoGad where he detailed the PS+ version in full in September 2013 then edited his own post in February 2014 to remove half of the points in the list.

      We were promised the full game minus some stuff, what was then not delivered was a demo which would have featured less than 20% of the total content, wouldn’t receive the free updates and now, can’t even play online. If the online is being disabled now, some 8 months after it was allegedly held back because there were concerns for the servers, then why wasn’t the online disabled for this demo version to allow its release last year?

      It’s a shambles and downloading it sends totally the wrong message, that promising one thing then not even delivering something completely different is okay.

    • “” The PS+ version is the same full game minus a few assets” It’s exactly that. Assets can be anything. In this case, cars tracks and probably some other stuff. Both of you are neither wrong or right.

    • @sidone

      I’d aeguebthat you can’t cover over 80% of the game with the words “a few assets” I’d also argue that as to quality as *same full game” then all features should be enabled, including the ability to make use of the free updates and also add on DLC if desired.

      Everything about the long missing but finally kinda half delivered PS+ version screams demo. Rushy loed on that E3 stage, no question about it. And he clearly believes he loed otherwise he wouldn’t have necro edited his post on NeoGaf made a few weeks after E3 to remove half the stuff he said then would be included. It is frankly abhorent that he gets to lie about what he is going to deliver, then not deliver it and keep his job while over half the regular staffers at his studio lose their for trying to deliver on his broken promises.

      Believe me, I hate to see anyone lose their job, but more than that I hate to see someone keep a job that they don’t deserve.

  • You might as well buy the full game for next to nothing pre-owned now that this is coming ten years after release.

  • wow ihr bekomt auch ma was gebacken

  • The game is [DELETED] don’t bother wasting precious space on your harddrive which with every new game installed is getting less and less space. Buy project cars instead well worth the money. Get 2nd hand off ebay bout 30 squid.

  • You should be giving out the full game not this nonsense.

  • Already have the retail version, but this is great news for everyone who wants to give this one a guy before fully committing. By far the best next gen (current gen) racer. And don’t get me started on the graphics. :)

  • Wow a year and a half late in that time we have had 2 forza games with a 3rd on the way plus I did buy the game and it’s awful one of the worst driving games I have ever played.
    No replay mode, drive lines and no auto braking, no thanks lol.

    • git gud

    • AbandonedTrolley

      No replay mode? There are replays, unless you mean rewind when you crash? Sounds like you want the car to just drive for you. Asking for assists that you don’t have in the real world. Do you ask COD to aim your crosshairs and pull the trigger for you too?

    • “No auto braking”, Driveclub doesn’t need auto braking. Auto braking is useless and is only used by [DELETED] kids. Its a great game get good.

    • Git gud is that even English? When did they add replays? The were not on there last time I checked.
      I’m just to use to forza I guess rewind, drive lines and auto braking are just to good to live without lol.

  • The only thing people is complain…. complain…. and complain…. For 50€ a year you can’t want it all…. That’s nothing compared to my internet… I pay 80€ a month…. and they give me nothing for free…. People have a luxury problem…. keep up the good work Sony I’m a happy customer ;-)

    • 80 € lol i pay 39,00 = scarlet
      unlimited download ( very inportent when downloads fail like gta back in time )
      speed ath moment on mi ps4 now = 22 mbps download / 3.9 mbs upload ( mid range speed )
      tv = 27 chanels
      tel free between 16:00 -6:00

      50 a jear = i am more intrested them use mony on next tings
      2-cheaper price on psn 59.99€ new standart games luxe edition 69.99 €
      3-speed up you network in download !!!!

    • Sony aren’t giving you anything for free either. If you want proof, stop paying for PS+ ;)

  • And now my PS Plus expired -_-. Been a member for a year, I’ll renew it max by the 3rd.

  • o.0 you take you time
    like others servers are big ? ( i wil not download other games more intresting )

    you have huge serverdownload problems need to download eso update 15.851 gb ( normal time +-3/4 hr )
    buth system say = 46 hr
    lots of peopel are very angry , lots sites them are complaning ( i already contacted sony belgium help desk = top/ very nice fone lady ! )
    multy games are asking download in mi case eso so i wil not be abel to play until tommoro = refunds psn 1 day please .
    eso gta + other big games have same problem .

  • “We have to take this precaution because DRIVECLUB connectivity is demanding…” Seems more like something a lawyer would suggest you say.

  • Will there be a full Plus announcement today?

    • Answer this asap, please.

      I want to buy some sale games but I wont, till the the PS+ July games are anounced.

    • Probably some rubbish indie games lol.

    • 1st July falls on a Wednesday, this means we’d get the Plus games earlier than the US, and Sony don’t want that to happen.

      Log story short… the announcement won’t happen until next week, despite Sony constantly saying the EU and NA PSNs are individual to each other.

  • imo they should of added this to the PS+ Games next month, This as the be the worse launch ever!

  • update 68 hr , i tink i am gone play hayday on mi tablet
    realy hope some refund of ps+ of 1 day

    • 68 hours sounds about right someone on my fl said it took 4 days to download ESOTU and their internet is like warp speed to my impulse speed – perhaps a bit of a of geeky analogy

      Can plus subscribers gift this to those who care about racing games because I don’t want this?

  • Where is it Sony.

  • i bought this day 1 and people it is not worth the hype i bought it on disc -_- worst 40pounds i spent on a game and we have to buy cars that aint already on there -_- i wanted to drive lambos and you have to buy dlc

  • Izorpo = not normal
    psn download speed sufering huge from past week ( some friends download bf patch normal 30 min nowh 3 hr
    i hear from peopel today 1 skin from batman some litel mb = taking 1hr !!!!!!!!!
    eso ful game ( i dowload beta = beta = same size like ful game in +- 9/10 hr = +-47 gb )
    patch = 15.851 gb wy = almoast 16 gb taking 68 hr when ful game takes only 9/10 hr ????

    • Agreed!
      Waiting all day to download the day one patch for Batman?!?

    • Obviously I’m not normal heh but yeah the point being it should never take 4 days to download anything for sale on PSN…Poland has far better broadband than UK.

      One thing I did notice from screenshots sent was it looked like commas were used instead of decimal points which may have been the problem unless its another dds attack (not by hackers but eveyone who bought the game hammering the network)

  • The idea that the customer pays full price for a video game and experiences these issues is beyond ridiculous. The same goes for the year and a half delay. Please make sure this does not happen again. I also trust this is not going to be considered part of July’s line up. Better late than never, though…

  • Finally! I personally bought the game when it first reduced to £20 on the ps store and very much enjoyed it, but at least this will bring an end to the countless moaners demanding what is essentially a demo on almost every post.

  • so sombady give me a helping bypas solution ( not howh ith need to work !!!!! )
    pauze you download 30 sec then you geth a refresh ath sony when you luky you come in faster part
    1st pauze = 16 hr instead of 68
    2 pauze = 3 hr instead of 68 ( like i say 3/4 hour normal )

  • You know what, I forgot all about this game. Its pretty cool they followed through though. But some people’s comments are salty as F***. Oh no, Sony and a third party flubbed one game!! I guess all the other things they do for gamers like offer an actual console that is for gaming first and at 100 bucks cheaper than the competitor. Or how Sony didn’t try to strangle the preowned game market to death in the name of profit. Or any of the other gamer screwing practices that the competitors trued to pull off. Yeah Drive Club’s misstep undoes How Sony doesn’t screw over their day one adopters. Because its not like Sony didn’t justify the extra 100 dollar price tag saying its camera was intergral part of the system only to end up being full of crap amd the camera didn’t even last a year. Or how Sony gave away its most anticpated FPS for free because Microsoft was killing them in sales. But gave and still haven’t given their day one adopters anything. It sucks how Sony’s montra seems to be screw you dude, we already have your money. Oh wait, no, that’s right, I got Sony And Microsoft mixed up.

    • If it was a normal title , no one would be this disappointed . But this title was hailed as the second coming of christ in racing games . Plus that Sony has made this the launch title to watch out for , the game that would show us what next gen means on ps4 . They hyped this game up to whazoo , and then not only failed , but crashed,burned and died flat out ! This is not a third party title , this was sony’s flag ship title at the first and second pr events for the ps4 . That ids why most people are this [DELETED] i think , i know that’s why i was [DELETED] ! ( and stil am , sort of …. )

  • an compensation for the long wait and disappointment would me nice.

    • They did remember ? We got a bit of free dlc …. and that’s why we should shut up and forget the whole thing …. At least that is what they want us to do …. And i am not satisfied for one !

  • Super_Robot_Wars

    May I ask what time Driveclub PSplus edition will be released on the store? Also may I be bold and ask when the PSplus titles for July will be announced? Kind regards!

    • PS+ will be announced next week because the first is a Wednesday, not a Tuesday so we have a wait an extra week so that the US can get their games a day before us.

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