Until Dawn release date confirmed, new trailer debuts

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Until Dawn release date confirmed, new trailer debuts

Plus, a new cast member announced for the PS4-exclusive interactive horror

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since we’ve updated you all on Until Dawn but I’m pleased to be back on the PlayStation Blog with some thrilling news. Today we are delighted to announce the release date for Until Dawn!

You will be able to determine the fate of eight friends from 26th August in PAL territories (28th August in UK and Ireland)!

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This is a really exciting time for us as we enter the final stages in the run up to release, so you can expect to see plenty more coming from the Until Dawn team over the next few months.

I’m also really thrilled to reveal a new cast member that you’ll be seeing in Until Dawn – Peter Stormare, who you might recognise from Prison Break, The Big Lebowski and (more recently) Arrow! He gave some incredibly powerful performances in the motion capture studio and you can tell from the end result in the game that he had some fun with the character. We couldn’t be happier to have him in the games and I can’t wait for you to see him in full flow.

If you’re itching to get your hands on Until Dawn you can pre-order it from today, so that you’ll be able to play from day one and you’ll unlock a special bonus scene for free! This exclusive scene sees Matt and Emily, a new couple, out on the mountain – but it’s not long until they start to suspect they aren’t alone.

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We won’t ruin it for you, but take a look at the trailer and screenshots for a hint of what’s in store for the couple.

There will be three editions of Until Dawn: the standard edition, extended edition and the steelbook edition*. You’ll need to check with your local retailers to find out where each is available in your area. More details on the specific content of each version will follow.

*Extended Edition and Steelbook Edition will be available in UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland, Israel, Cyrpus, Malta, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

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  • Still not a big fan of the QTEs. But hot damn it looks good. And i cant turn down a horror game. We need more! Good to finally see a release date! Excited now! :D

  • This is one of my most anticipated games this year. The release date is really convenient.

  • PS_TrophyHunter

    Removing scenes from the game and adding them in as preorder DLC that’s awesome! What next locking away the ending to the game unless you preorder or pay for it day one?

    • *looks at Asura’s Wrath where they sold the real ending 2 months after the game was released*

      Don’t give Sony any more ideas now… >_>

    • Actually Bethesda got there before Asura with their Fallout 3 DLC “Broken Steel” which changed the ending so you didn’t die.

      For extra hatred points the DLC was exclusive to Xbox for about eight months giving PS3 owners an extended time where their game simply wasn’t part of the Fallout canon and when it eventually did release it cost 33% more than it did months before and actually made the base game unplayable.

  • “PS4-exclusive interactive horror”
    Sooo not Really a game?

    • video game


      a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a monitor or other display.

      …So yes, it is by definition a game.

  • Looking forward to the game. I think it’s a great concept and would love to play it!
    HATE the pre-order BS. Because of that I won’t buy the game.
    Let me explain. If I would buy the game I would support the pre-order “get this DLC for free” crap. We all know it’s ready and should be in the game.
    I’ll wait to read the reviews and then I can wait longer until the full edition or cheap edition is out there in 6 months time.

    • Doesn’t exactly strike me as the kind of game that would get a lot of DLC (other than the pre-order DLC), so I wouldn’t count on any “Full Edition” being released i 6 months time, or any time for that matter. A “Cheap Edition” on the other hand, well… It kinda happens to almost every game, doesn’t it? ;)

    • Think I’ll buy this when the PR damage control kicks in and that extra chapter is available for free for on the PSN. Or rather the unlock code for it as it will likely be on the disc.

      And if that doesn’t happen, well its just a game. I have others.

  • This is a must buy for me, however, the pre-order stuff is total BS. It’s a practice that this industry has to stop. Am I going to pre-order? Well I have to, to unlock content that should just be on the disc in the first place. C’mon guys drop this practice. it’s only to serve investors who couldn’t care less about the product.

    • For that exact reason that you will still pre-order the game.. They do this… If people are dumb enough to keep buying and pre-ordering yet they don’t want them to do that….. You are doing it wrong.. You just don’t pre-order so they see it’s a fail. But sadly a lot of people will pre-order and justify the devs what they are doing.. And they will keep doing it. Well played

    • Grim_streaker999

      Been burned too many times on the pre order train, always wait for multiple reviews are out. So what if I loose out on some xtras, not the end of the world.
      Too many games to play anyways

    • @Curapica-san I am sorry but your comment is just ridiculous. People are not dumb if they want to pre-order something, as it is convenient that it is delivered to you without having to go to the store and hoping that they haven’t sold out. Yes I agree that making a certain scene only available to those who pre-order is wrong and shouldn’t be done, but many people myself included would prefer to have that scene, especially that there is a chance that it won’t be available again, unlikely I know, but is never a guarantee that they will release it at a later date. Saying people shouldn’t pre-order something because this will teach the devs to stop this practice is ridiculous.

    • @broyds You misunderstood me about the pre-ordering.. What I mean by dumb and pre-ordering.. Pre-order comes with bonus this that extra bla bla… If you want to pre-order sure do your thing.. (Not dumb)… If you complain about it and still pre-order… (That’s dumb).

      That is what I mean.. And as the OP says.. He hates this kind of things yet will pre-order.. If you don’t mind these shenanigans pre-order to your hearts content.. But if you do hate it… You don’t pre-order and if you do.. You are justifying the devs to do it..

      Is what I mean. Hope it’s more clear now. Not a native English speaker so.

  • This game looks graphically amazing from what we’ve seen so far and plays like a hollywood blockbuster horror. This is on my list of top games this year. What’s even better, it’s actually not delayed unlike so many other games. Keep up the good work Supermassive, can’t wait to see more and play this.

  • Awesome!!! Really looking forward to this.

    I’m guessing you can keep all the friends alive? As it will be difficult. I guess we are also looking at some trophies similar to Heavy Rain? ( E.g. see different endings, etc)

  • Extended edition not avaible on Greece? Same thing with Bloodborne Nightmare edition.. Also you deleted a scene from the game to make it a pre order bonus dlc? wth?

  • So you’re basically cutting out a scene of the Steelbook and Standard Editions and this scene will only be available in the Extended Edition – Now I’ve heard everything.

    Not interested now.

  • Been looking forward to this since “back in the day” when this was going to be a PS3 title. So I’m going to get this regardless!

  • Some ideas for microtransactions:

    – Easier QTEs: €5. Do you have poor reflexes? Fear not, even the most inexperienced gamer will now stand a fighting chance against the mysterious killer!
    – Rewind Button: €5. Don’t you hate it when your favorite character dies? With the Rewind Button, you can retry a critical scene to change fate!
    – Spoiler Alert: €5. Do you like it when you watch a movie and your friend who has already seen it keeps spoiling the next couple of minutes? With this DLC, you’re guaranteed that you can play the game your way!

    • The rewind idea is great, once you’ve finished a first playthrough. Otherwise you won’t have that suspense feeling, as you know you’ll be able to reserve your choice if the outcome was not what you expected.

    • reverse*

    • Lol @zalwelgoedgaan

      How about 10 bucks for a – No QTE ever again DLC Pack, where the computer actually passes all the QTE’s for you. You could just hang back with a beer and watch the….well movie. Buuuuuut, it’s a movie with trophies…ding…hooray!

      Very bad practices with the skipped scene…I was looking forward to this game for quite a while but they just lost my preorder for sure. I’ll wait a few months until it undoubtedly will be on sale for a tenner or 2.

  • Please don’t believe the hype with this one. Since Day 1 I’ve looked down at this game for one reason: it’s made by SuperMassive Games an absolutely terrible developer.

    They did the 2 terrible PS Move games Start The Party and one of the worst games I’ve ever played Doctor Who The Eternity Clock (metacritic score of 39 mind you). Then they made a mediocre Wonderbook game Walking With Dinosaurs and now a few years later they’re back with a QTE horror game designed to look like a B-movie because they’re devs don’t have enough talent or budget to make something on the level of Beyond Two Souls/Heavy Rain. Now they’re even cutting out a portion of said game and putting it in the ‘extended edition’. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt since they’ve worked on this for so long but they can take their ‘extended edition’ and get lost.

  • Extended Edition and Steelbook Edition won’t be available in Finland. Why?

  • Looks good graphics wise now just hoping the gameplay and story is any good
    I don’t mind QTE’s

  • I don’t pre-order games (for obvious reasons), so if I buy this after the release date I will get an incomplete game missing a scene. Thanks, but no thanks. If I ever buy this it will be when it comes out as the deluxe/remastered mega edition in three years or so for a low price.

  • Was on the fence for this game… But I don’t like to pre-order my games seeing all the games that get released are available anyhow so no need to do it either. But forcing me to pre-order to see an extra scene?
    So basically when I buy it, it won’t be a complete game as I haven’t pre-ordered it?

    Well.. Guess ill watch the game on twitch and say no ty…
    A shame I really wanted this game but I do not support this kind of scams

  • ThaHammerMan333

    Peter Stormare! Nice!

  • Yes!!! Sooner than I thought,this definitely will be better than Silent Hill and just at the right time.

  • To bad about the pre-order bs. Wont buy it.
    Forcing me to pre-order to get the whole game is silly. I Guess me bying the game day one is not good enough.

  • alice_push_lara2

    a “special bonus scene” lol

    won’t support this doggy business model goodbye

  • So because there are other things that need my money between now and August I have the decision of changing my plans to allow the preorder or if I wait until after release I get a deliberately reduced storyline?

    So which version is considered “canon” for this game then? Do those who preorder a game that has suddenly been given a date after being off the radar for over a year now get the real version of the story that covers all events or will the “basic” package have the real story and the extra chapter didn’t actually happen? Why is it only multiplayer games that think a fragmented playerbase is a potential problem?

    I know. I know, the extra chapter won’t contain any story defining moment so that the basic package still tells the tale as it were. But then why do it at all knowing that it annoys people?

    The games industry is so backwards sometimes.

  • Pre-order day one DLC? What a terrible idea. Another sale lost.

  • Assassin-_-MerKz

    Got all excited till i saw “Extended Edition” in there what a bunch of crap.

  • Doesn’t it just mean it’s available right now but will still be in the game btw probably gonna buy extended edition if doesn’t cost much more

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