PlayStation Plus in May: Ether One, Hohokum, Murasaki Baby, more

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PlayStation Plus in May: Ether One, Hohokum, Murasaki Baby, more

Guacamelee!, The Unfinished Swan and Race the Sun also join the service

It’s that time of the month again! That’s right, a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus games are just seven days away, so if you haven’t already done so make sure you pick up all of April’s goodies before they disappear.

Without further ado, let’s crack on with the great games coming your way on 6th May:

Ether One (PS4)

First up this month on PS4 is yet another day one title for PS Plus. I’m extremely excited to present the mind-twisting adventure Ether One from the extremely talented team at White Paper Games.

There are two ways to approach Ether One. At its core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the game’s mysterious story at your own pace. But you can also take a deeper, more adventurous approach in which you’ll have to tackle complex puzzles. The choice is up to you.

Hohokum (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita)

Finally this month make sure you pick up Hohokum. Take on the role of a curious flying kite-like being. Along your travels through the vibrant world, you’ll uncover secrets by interacting with elements around you in different ways. At its heart, Hohokum is a playground — a place to wander about and get lost in. Expect an mesmerising, expressive creation that’s unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4)

Next up, a supersized version of one our favourite PS3 and PS Vita titles. Guacamelee! More than just a port, the Super Turbo Championship Edition of Guacamelee! includes all the DLC and a whole chunk of brand new content, so even if you have previously played this on PS3 there’s plenty here to tempt you back in!


The Unfinished Swan (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita)

Enter the surreal world of The Unfinished Swan and explore a mysterious, hidden kingdom. Your journey will be led by a runaway swan who guides you through strange levels filled with bizarre creatures. Each level offers new twists, challenges and puzzles, until you eventually come face-to-face with the eccentric king that built this realm.

Race the Sun (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita)

Next up, a title that will really test your gaming skills where speed is a vital element in your survival. In Race the Sun you play as a solar-powered craft that slows down in the shadows. Look out for speed boosts to help you complete objectives and unlock helpful power-ups.

Murasaki Baby (PS Vita)

We’ve something truly unique for PS Vita owners this month. The stunning debut from Ovosonico tells the story of a little girl who wakes up in a weird world, populated by children’s fantasies and fears. Holding a purple, heart-shaped balloon in her hand, she feels lost, homesick and vulnerable. She wants her mommy…

In summary

Leaving PS Plus:

Entering PS Plus:

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 p/m. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • Lolololol @Sony stop being tight, scroogies! =0

    • If people want to know the game ratings and prices before they judge:

      Ether One (PS4) –
      Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – 90% – 14€
      The Unfinished Swan (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) 79-83% – 13€
      Race the Sun (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) 76% – 9€
      Murasaki Baby (PS Vita) 69% – 10%
      Hohokum (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) 71-75% – 13%

      So it is indeed everything of limited value and quality.
      With the exception of Guacamelee, but that one was already part of the IGC once.

    • Ops. Little mistakes there.

      Murasaki Baby (PS Vita) 69% – 10€
      Hohokum (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) 71-75% – 13€

    • @Golwar so where is the problem?
      That’s 59€ worth of games for 4€.

    • @misi2mezei
      If you can’t remember or look back at what Plus used to offer instead, I can’t help you either.

      Besides that I get far better deals and bundles for the PC, I also have the free choice of content there. Opposed to Sony’s enforced “Your monthly indie puzzle” delivery service.

    • Then don’t subscribe. Easy as that. No one is forcing you.

    • Gosh, you are so smart. I did subscribe when Plus was great (that one thing that you can’t seem to remember) and I’m just letting it run out.
      I already sold my PS4 a while ago and switched back to the PC. Better stores, more freedom, better tech. And better VR too. All hail Steam! :D

    • @Golwar

      He’s entitled to an opinion, no need to downplay it. Regardless if we’ve had better months, were still getting value for money, it’s just a pity there’s no variety at all this month (all indie games).

    • Don’t like Indy Games. If I wanted cheap/low/poor quality games with inferior graphics I could use the Google store…

    • Not enough Dislikes…. keep on clicking people!

      Its kinda sad, because they dont give a **** about what we want, since PS Plus is mandatory.

    • This month is really a bad collection. This is quite impressive how Sony does not care about what their customers feel about ps plus.

    • Why would Sony listen to their customers? They dont use a slogan like #4theplayers or something.

    • What are you saying Rodrigo ? PS+ isn’t mandatory, stop being a drone and buying a yearly subscription, that’s the 1 st step, if Sony has your money they don’t care about what you re thinking, and you can spend a month or two without multiplayer, if everyone will do this Sony will understand that they need to stop this crap and give us some real games. But you are all just some drones with your PS+ logos and you re complaining.

    • @Seishoujyo why would I choose nothing when I can get 6 games/month?(even if they are only indies)
      Everything is better than nothing bro…

    • @Seishoujyo I cant cancel a PS subscription… And i am just saying the obvious. Since PS became mandatory and yes mandatory, because i am forced to buy it to play online otherwise i cant do nothing, Sony just gave up. If i could i would cancel my PS+ but like you said its a year and it only passed 7 months.

    • This idea is good. Good post dude

    • Not totally sure about this update, but overall i am ok with it… these are all games i would never go and buy myself, which is good… ill be trying something i am not sure about without spending a penny, and that is what this ps plus free game thing is all about for me, the games i am really interested in… i will/have bought already.

      and Ether One looks super interesting to me anyway, never heard of it because but everything i have seen since hearing this will be free has been good, can’t wait to give it a go.

    • I always wonder if sony employees read this particular post. And I wonder the same thing about the monthly guess thread. I do hope that the, by the time i’m typing this, 1846 thumbs down have any impact.

      The thing that does irritate me though is how ‘happy’ and ‘enthusiastic’ the IGC collection is announced, while I really can’t believe they expect it to be received by the players like that.

    • I think this month is fantastic. I think we forget too easy. All these AAA games that are pushed into a mould and sprinkled with glitter are usually tripe. Not many actually ever push the boundaries any more. These indie developers are the only ones really keeping gaming alive these days. I think this is an incredible month and hope for more like it.

      I know loads of folk who want a AAA game for ps4 again and they say they’d settle for kill zone of knack… Why would anyone want those games? They were both rubbish (imo) and most indie games are a whole lot more fun. But they’d be happy just because it was a AAA game. I don’t get it…

    • Like I said vote with your wallet, stop buying a yearly subscription to PS+ but it only a month if the month is good. If you can’t do that stop complaining because complaining won’t change anything.

      I hope Microsoft will have a very solid E3 because Sony are sleeping right now.

    • It’s suck.

    • It’s an awesome month for me as well. I love Murasaki Baby and Hohokum as free titles. Race the Sun was awesome on PC, I’ll try it also on Vita, and The Unfinished Swan is a nice addition although I had it for a while already.

      Murasaki Baby owns this month alone. The others expect GTA V for PS4, it seems. And I like indies more than this generic sandbox.

    • I would rather have 1 good game for ps4 instead of 6 indie games…:| so it doesn’t matter how much 6 games cost…

    • @Golwar

      I love steam but it’s anything but open – it’s a drm service that almost has overall monopoly and over the last year or so has made some really horrendous decisions (trying to charge for mods being the latest)
      Sony run a decent service where you can pay a low monthly fee and get games with it, alongside some other benefits. It’s not perfect but nothing is.

    • EndzoPreperation

      I hate this month’s PS Plus, its got no AAA games. We’ve been complaining that the PS4 titles that come with the package lack AAA titles, then what do you do? Oh lets just fill everything with PS Plus titles.

      This is just pointless.
      The Xbox Gold is way better, NO INDIE GAMES!

    • Gotta vote with your wallet, plain and simple. Getting 5-10k dislikes and yet you’re still paying for it, what a great message!

    • I’d unsub but I’ve already done a years worth xD it auto renewed even though I told it not to, plus wouldnt it mean I wont be able to play online in specific games? I dont like any of those retro looking games, I’m not nostalgic for anything like that unless it was actual decent games from the past :P looks like I’ll pass on them all this month.

    • Really interesting collection of games this month. But then again, I’m one of those people that isn’t mesmerised by the glamour that is AAA. Try stepping out of your gaming comfort zone, people! It’s a step closer to being more than a one-dimensional gamer. Who knows, you may even enjoy a title or two.

      I already own Unfinished Swan and Guacamelee, and heartily recommend them. Look forward to trying out the rest of the titles this month.

  • This month’s rumors seem be completely off the target.

  • Hahahahaha, that’s a good joke! :)

  • 5 Ps4 games!? AWESOME!!

  • I hate indie games …

    • And i like them so its all good.

    • I don’t hate indie games. Things like Rogue Legacy & Unfinished Swan are great. But the fact that PS+ is nothing but cheap indie games that have been on sale before it’s starting to get on my nerves. Put some money back into your service Sony, what are you doing with all this money we give you?

    • you can’t hate indie games man, seriously, there are some real gems out there. Fact is that a playstation plus month with only indie games seems kinda cheap from the sony side, but that doesn’t mean indie games are to be hated man. Seriously, all big developer companies who seem to be losing it atm once started off as people who wanted to change the game, make an impact, hell, even EA at some point must have felt that way. The thing is, the current state of the gaming industry seems to be: milking the “gamer” because gaming has gone mainstream now and “gamers” are willing to pay whatever for DLC and SEASON PASSES and F2P games… If you ever want to be concidered a decent gamer, it’s time to make a stance. But hey, whatever, right, mainstream for everyone! sigh*

    • Have fun with your Call of Duty then, bye!

    • So you hate getting 3 amazing games in PS Plus, which you’ve most likely never tried?

  • This is an exceptionally poor selection. There’s indie, and then there’s “stuff that didn’t sell”. It didn’t sell for a reason.
    Guacamelee aside, of course. I’ll reserve judgement on Either One but I do think that this could have been a great deal better.

    • Forgot Unfinished Swan as well. That looks interesting at least. Really though, this is just poor.

    • The Unfinished Swan is awful. I got that and Journey for a tenner a long time ago, I’d of rather just spent the tenner on Journey

    • New game plus on Bloodborne it is, then.

    • I completely disagree. This is not a poor line up by any stretch!

      Guacamelee is a superb game, the unfinished swan is a fantastic experience and Murasaki Baby is a great, atmospheric game with a fantastic soundtrack.

      All of these games that have been reviewed have received over 50 on metacritic so how is it a poor selection?

    • @Juneau

      Whilst I agree with your sentiment, Guacamelee has already been on Plus regardless if it’s a different edition. It’s a great game for sure, but most won’t run through it again.

    • @juneau_888
      It’s a poor selection because we’ve already had Guacamelee
      Murasaki baby was niche even for a vita game, and was far from well received. Race the sun looks like extremely early pre alpha footage of a ps2 game. I’ve played it, and it’s not terrible, but is largely pointless.
      As I mentioned, I can’t judge Either One, but I’m not a fan of puzzle games, so probably won’t like it.
      Hohokum isn’t what I’d call a game, as it’s also largely pointless. It, along with Murasaki baby, seems to be aimed squarely at young children and people who don’t like hardcore games. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but why give it to people who enjoy gaming to the degree that they pay a monthly subscription? It makes little sense.
      I’ve not played the Unfinished Swan, but I’ll give it a go.

      So that’s 2 games I’d play, one I own already and one I’m semi interested in playing, maybe.

      That’s a poor month for me.

    • What is this? A not blatantly hostile, level-headed and coherent comment about the lineup this month?

      Lies, lies I say!

    • Are you kidding? Unfinished Swan is one of the best games that came to PS3, Guacamelee is amazing and I’ve heard that Hohokum is really good too. It’s the best we’ve had on Plus on Ps4.

    • @callu23

      As I previously mentioned, Unfinished Swan looks quite interesting and I intend to try it.
      Guacamelee is a superb game as well, but has sadly been included previously in the IGC. The extras offered by this edition are scant, and therefore it is not a welcome inclusion for many subscribers- such as myself- who have already finished the game.
      Your point about this being the best month on Plus so far is quite frankly ludicrous. Hohokum can barely be called a game, and is an exceptionally niche title, arguably moreso than Doki Doki Universe. Race the sun is at best a throwaway title, and although Ether One could end up being very good, the signs do not look positive.
      I understand that there are five games on PS4 this month, but not one of them is a real standout. I would argue that this is one of the poorest months we’ve had, and that (minor blip earlier in the year aside) the service is in a gradual decline. I honestly do not believe that you could rate the likes of Hohokum higher than Bioshock Infinite, Velocity 2x, Sonic All Stars Racing, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising, Uncharted 3 etc. Each one of those games would be preferable to two of the ones offered this month.

  • I have mixed feelings about this.
    The good thing is I only have Guacamelee! and most of the games are cross buy, people that actually dont have all the three consoles will get more games this month.
    The bad thing is that none of them looks like a big game that will keep me for more than a couple of hours, but as always I will download them and try them. I have founds lot’s of hidden gems through PS plus.

    • yeah we all have guacamelee because it’s already been on PS+

    • ^This is the right kind of mentality to have. People dismiss things without even trying them.

    • @fps_d0minat0r I was thinking that. I guess technically it was a different version. They gave out the original version on PS3+Vita but never the one that’s shown here for PS4.
      Still feels like they’re giving out the same game twice though.

    • @fps_d0minat0r Yeah it was for ps3/Vita not the ps4 version with all the DLCs. Of course I would rather get something else, since I have it but still it is a great game and one of the two games I bothered enough to platinum :p

  • Why are we getting guacamelee again?

    and that was on games with gold ages ago as well.

    • This is the final ‘Ultra’ edition, includes many new changes and content compared to the first version and gold version.

    • I read the post when the turbo edition was originally released… theres just not enough changes to NOT call it the same game.

      And anyone who liked the game that was previously on PS+ already bought the main DLC packs available for that (like I did).

      Anyone who didnt care back then, still probably doesnt. If they do, they can download the PS3/vita version, theres no good reason for it to take up a space in this months PS+ again.

    • No one cares if it’s the “Ultra edition” it’s still the same bloody game with some trivial updates, we’re paying for the same game twice and I never wanted it in the first place. Justifying it as a new game just because it’s “remastered” is such a cop-out. Sony’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • I know it won’t please everyone, but that’s a solid line up. Guacamelee is really excellent and I loved Murasaki Baby and Hohokum.

  • And here come the complaints. Guacamelee!, Murasaki Baby and Unfinished Swan are all great games. I can’t really vouch for the others, but I don’t suppose it matters. People are going to write them off as “indie garbage”.

    • People wouldnt hate on them so much if it wasnt blatently obvious that they are given priority because paying off a man making games in his basement is easier than trying to get quality AAA games on the service.

    • Exactly which almost-certainly-less-than-year-old-and-prettythin-on-theground-still-AAA games should they be letting you play for free?

    • @ AmorousBadger1
      I never said it has to be less than a year old, but its not like that wouldnt be possible since that has already been done in the past when PS+ was better than it is now.

      For PS3 I really dont understand why its gone downhill so much, and PS4 its coming to the time where the excuse where its still new and games cost a lot is over.

    • @ AmorousBadger1
      These games are not free. They come with my monthly subscription, and right now, they aren’t looking worth it. And when other consoles with other subscriptions get better games rolling out for them, it really makes you wonder what you’re still doing on a service that isn’t even trying to be competitive anymore.

    • These are great games indeed, and I’ll gladly take a brilliant metroidvania like Guacamelee over generic AAA shooters any day. Same goes for imaginative stuff like Unfinished Swan or Hohokum. This comment section really depresses me sometimes.

  • Very bad month for me, but I’ll give them all a try, for sure :)

  • Quite honestly this is by far one of the worst months I have ever seen. For a start we are now 18 months into the ps4 lifespan and still no real full price games . Also no sign at all this month of a full priced PS3 game . I really hope this isn’t a sign of things to come . Just be glad I need a psplus account to play my games , or else you would quite possibly losing a very long time subscriber . Please try harder Sony .

    • Im sure there are plenty of Xbox One users saying the same on the other side. No one is ever happy about anything.

    • Umm… Injustice on PS4. That was a full priced game, no?

    • We are Sony’s customers so I really don’t see how can Xbox be relevant to bad PS Plus line-ups.

    • Agreed sir , conspiracy blah blah…as its pretty compulsory to have ps+blah blah , Sony don’t need to try and get big games blah blah…
      Generally, i would like at least one big hitter a month on one of the three consoles. I think those days are gone.

    • To milanbarca82 , yep I remember injustice . 1 game is not a great deal of good in 18 months of life cycle . I don’t normally complain but I really am very disappointed with this month. Like others have said guacamelee has already been on here , admittedly on other formats . But still it is the thin end of the wedge when they play that kind of very sad attempt at a release . I just hope Sony buck up their ideas for E3 month . Which just happens to be my birthday month too. Here’s hoping ! Not gonna hold my breath for anything though .:-(

    • I like this month’s line-up but agree with the lack of AAA. 1 AAA in all that time is keeping it a bit one-sided to say the least. I expect this to change when more full games for the current gen have hit the market but you never know.. In any case, they can’t disregard the need for some AAA..

    • There still really aren’t that many top-notch AAA games out there. Let’s not forget that when PS+ started up the PS3 was a few old and had a pretty big back catalogue to choose from. They PS4 isn’t 18 months old yet and there really hasn’t been that many AAA games worthy of the name out there yet.

    • I’m sure it’s already been said, but I think it’s got more to do with the fact that the subscription is mandatory for multiplayer. It feels like Sony doesn’t feel it needs to attract people with a decent lineup anymore.
      I like the indies, but it really is making me not buy them, as they appear on PS+ fairly quickly anyway. I just feel like I’m wasting my money if I buy on release.
      Don’t even get me started on Guacamelee, that’s a joke. I played through it on the Vita a few months ago (& thoroughly enjoyed it) but putting that back on IGC is rediculous.. I’m not going to replay it just cos it’s a GOTY edition.

    • So getting Dishonored last month wasn’t good enough? And this is one of the worst months? What? This is probably one of the best we’ve had on PS4.

  • Sony – April Fools’ Day was on the 1st of April

    What a lame line-up!

  • Ether one looks like a enjoyable game. Also didn’t we aldready get Guacamelee on the 27th November 2013?(Wiki)

    Shame Hohokum finally made it to PS+, Sony’s most overhyped indie game.

    • I heard it’s a bit of a stretch to even call it a game.
      It’s a program for people who think ukuleles are socially acceptable.

    • This is the ps4 version with all the DLCs, it was never a cross buy with the ps3/vita version

    • Dude check out The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain….Brilliant.

      Where do you stand on Kazoos?……

    • Kazzoos sound like the dying screams of dignity itself.
      I meant people who play mumbly, twee, covers of 80s songs on ukuleles. It’s an oddly specific pet hate of mine.

  • I wanted to buy 4 of these games, so great month for me

  • Yes! Wicked stoked for Guacamelee! Is this version of it cross play at all? Because the plan was to get the Vita version. Either way, I’m excited to finally play it.

  • That’s the first time that I’ll use that word to describe the content of Plus: It’s utter trash.

    Not a single game that ever had a value above 15€ (aka no AAA) and Guacamelee graces the IGC a second time?
    Sorry,. sure there are some few quality indies in there. But doesn’t change that this offer is, as already said, indeed trash.

    Your cheap treatment of Plus is not appreciated Sony. I thought you should know.

    • Oh, did I mention the incredible mass of puzzle games once again?

      You remember that poll that you made a long time ago SCEE, when PLUS was still awesome and you really cared about our wishes?
      Yes, puzzle games ranked last in that one.

      But yeah, these days you care so much about “variety”, “diversity” and “innovation” so that you … decided to give us masses of that one type of game that everyone demands at least.

      That’s some kind of consumer orientation!

      So dear gamers, the message here is: Sony wants to make it very clear that is their upmost intention to offer you the absolute opposite of whatever you consider valuable and interesting.

    • Do you define the value of a game on how much it’s worth?

      These are a selection of awesome games that are great unique experiences!

      Would PS plus be good value if you got boring games like The Order because they cost more to buy?

    • @Juneau_888
      See 1.4 if you want to know how I determine value. Ratings and price. The only great game quality wise has already been in the IGC and yes, every game is dirty cheap this month.

      Ratings and prices are the best objective measurements given for games. If your personal opinion varies, that’s nice for you. But you know, that’d be just your personal opinion. I don’t agree that a ton of indie puzzle games under 80% should be something that I consider “awesome games that are great unique experiences”.

      I know by experience that I mostly consider such games dull and boring instead. In the best case I’ll be mildly entertained for a very short time, as it was the case for “The Unfinished Swan” for example.

    • @Golwar that’s a real shame that you see games that way, because you will probably miss some of the best experiences of this gen :(

    • If the like of Race the Sun, Murasaki Baby or Hohokum should represent “the best experience” this generation has to offer, I really won’t mind passing this generation.

      I’m sorry, but Sony is really falling behind with their selection of indies in general and those that they pick for Plus.
      I don’t mind seeing a healthy mix of AAA and indies. But I certainly mind being forced to “appreciate” a seemingly endless input of platformers, puzzles or a mixture of both. Where is diversity and innovation with such limitations?

      And there are great indies! The PC has many. This War of Mine, Prison Architect, Banished, Sunless Sea, Besiege, Kentucky Route Zero, The Long Dark, Kerbal Space Program and so many others.

      I’m just so sick and tired of being “betrayed” not only by the AAA refusal, but also by their lame imagination of what kind of indies they should offer. The tendency seems to be, to offer us the lamest, weakest or oldest games available.

    • Golwar is my newest hero.

      If Sony’s trying to have us experience the “best of what this generation has to offer”, then despite the valiant efforts of great indie devs, they have no idea what this generation is worth. The bottom line here is that a massive majority of PS+ subscribers have been let down, many to the point of distrust, and Sony is doing a horrendous job earning our satisfaction back.

    • Ratings!? lol

      “If your personal opinion varies, that’s nice for you. But you know, that’d be just your personal opinion”

      Guess what, ratings are just the result of a compendium of a few people opinions. That’s nice for them but they DON’T determine the value of the games I may consider.

    • “Do you define the value of a game on how much it’s worth?”

      That is a really weird sentence.

    • @Shapeshifter_dan
      In case that you didn’t know, the industry itself measures its success, besides in revenue, in achieved Metacritic ratings and awards.
      So yeah, if the games industry itself credits ratings such a value, maybe that means that they indeed have some kind of value? For good or ill.

      Anyway, ratings certainly has a higher value than your opinion.
      At least I haven’t heard yet about any developers’ bonus depending on your verdict, did I?
      So … thanks for your “contribution”. Please come back if you have any better suggestions how quality of games is measured these days.

    • @Golwar

      I know it does, why would you think I didn’t know that? And it does so because media outlets and their related content are usually the first places where people go see the games in action and then reviews. They’re easily accessible and can manipulate public opinion to a certain degree. Publishers know they have this power so they try their best to not get burned, including the common advertising revenue avenue. Big publishers have even more leverage in this regard.

      “So yeah, if the games industry itself credits ratings such a value”.
      No. Who credits ratings such a value, i.e “as measures its success” are the publishers and developers in the case of attributing bonus if certain objectives are met, including the MC scores. Of course, a guy picking up a game using the rating as a factor in the purchase places it a certain value. However, the rating may not even be one of the factors for another consumer. And in many cases the ratings AREN’T even the decisive factor in a game’s success or failure. The marketing budget takes precedence.

      And why should ratings have a higher value than my opinion? It’s not like I factor them in my purchases….If you noticed I spoke for myself and myself ONLY. Because they can influence more people? They certainly can. But then again I don’t go out of my way to share my opinion in detail about games on the internet, either as an hobby or professionally. And I very much could if I liked. If I did, you might had a point. Since I don’t, well…

      The quality of games includes technical objective factors and subjective assertions based on personal preferences and certain aspects the games provide. As such, the absolute quality of games can’t be expressed by a concrete number. Even less so if that number is constructed from a tiny pool of people…

      I wasn’t suggesting anything about the quality of games in that post. Feel free to keep looking elsewhere for things that aren’t there.

    • Ah yes, because monetary value =/= quality.

    • May I just remind you that PS+ is around £5 per month (£35 per year), so to be honest, I think these games are about the right value, plus they look pretty awesome, can’t wait to try them out. Just remember, Sony doesn’t have to give us free games every month.

      Sure I do wish that they would give us a game from a larger studio, but at the end of the day, the game are mostly of a good quality and we’re getting what we pay for. Appreciate, not hate ;)

  • Murasaki Baby is a nice choice, at least

  • I’m getting the first party games.

  • GREAT! I was thinking to buy Murasaki baby, Unfinished Swan, Hohokun! That’s 4 great games for my VITA

  • Think this is a big middle finger from sony to all the loyal playstation ps plus subbers.
    Had bad months before and said Oh it cant get any worse at least….it just did muhahahaha

    • It’s not a middle finger for me though. There’s four games on there I’ve been wanting to pick up. Not complaining one bit.

    • PS+ = £5/month or £35/year… I don’t think it’s a middle finger to the subscribers… more like people being unappreciative brats. They don’t have to offer us ‘free’ games, but they do, quite a few every month.

      The games we get every month go beyond what we pay a year if you bought them without the sub

    • Funny don’t remember an online sub being part of the ps3 and vita price, the service is for games on both those machines, so yes they do owe a reasonably quality of free games, glad you enjoy them but its most apparent the majority do not

    • @21.2, I’d like to know how to get free games from Sony as I have to keep giving them money to get anything from them.

      Personally, I won’t be renewing my PS “plus” subscription in June. Maybe at Christmas to enjoy some multiplayer time with friends but in the meantime, I think people should start voting with their wallets, even if it’s only for a few months–it would cost Sony billions and force quality.

    • not ungrateful at all its that disgusting attitude that allows companys to take advantage of their loyal consumers, quite frankly my Xbox Live subscription is pushing out some quality free titles on both platforms triple aaa and indie, i would like to see the same mix from sony and i have the right to expect more, had Mortal Kombat not come out i would not of subscribed for this, i expect better, i am sure i would like a couple of these games, but 1 big release should be standard on each system with an indie title to accompany it, if microsoft are providing the quality i expect nothing less from sony

  • All I’ll say is thank god for The Witcher Wild Hunt releasing on May 19th

    • Witcher 3 vs. these, you’ll guess which one I’m gonna play and which ones I won’t. Heck, I’d clean my house rather than play these. And I’m not into cleaning :P

    • I agree completely. Non of these will interest me, like the majority of Plus releases, apart from a few… Transistor, Rouge Legacy but my point is where are the AAA.. injustice doesn’t fill that gap.

  • Freaking awful, just awful sony go back and start again

    • Worse month so far I think

    • “Worst month so far I think”

      I don’t know man, we’ve had things like Woah Dave, Sportsfriends & Aaru’s Awakening…

    • Sportsfriends should NEVER have been added, awful glitchy game – not to mention giving my PS3 a vram error – this is a known error and shouldn’t have made it past QA!

    • I agree Blood Curse. Woah Dave was an abysmal excuse for a PS Plus game. Move a stupid pixel around a screen with platforms away from bigger pixeled monsters. Utter tosh.

  • poor selection
    and honestly xbox live offer huge games (aaa) while this indie crap getting out every month
    if the plus isn’t necessary to play online i would never get it -_-

    • PMSL. Games with Gold is getting F1 2013 this month. Get an Xbox One if you want to play that current up to date game

    • Huge AAA games? Haha, even Ryse hasn’t been on it yet let alone any other game that was released in last two years except Bioshock Infinite almost a year after it was on Plus.

  • > Got something to say? Log in and add your comment.

    But I really don’t know what to say looking at the selection we got. I’m speechless.

  • My PS Vita is still on OFW 3.36.

    Lets try again next month Sony…

  • “What should we give those saps for PS+ in May?”

    “I dunno, go have a look in the bargain bin and throw those onto the store!”

  • Ether One looks really interesting, and Murasaki Baby/Unfinished Swan were very much on my “think about buying, but never get around to it” list. But Guacamelee again? That’s a bit of a mickey-take, to be honest

  • I was eventually going to buy 3/6 of these anyway (Ether One, Unfinished Swan, and Race The Sun) so I’d be lying if I said it was a total write off of a month.

    That said, I’m still so engorged in Bloodborne, I doubt I’ll have time to play any of these until June’s PS+ reveal.

  • Are you freaking kidding me?

    Not only does I get Ether One but, also Unfinished Swarn for PS4

  • I’m definitely going to try out Murasaki Baby, looks like a really unique game!

  • Very weak month. Every single game is an Indie…at least give one of the systems a full priced game.

  • Another month im going to skip. GJ sony keep it up :D

  • Not a bad lineup but the lack of AAA titles (at least one) makes it a bad month

  • I’m a ps plus since march 2014 and I never complained about it but to be honost I think this is the worst month since I’m a member, maybe the wirst month ever (I’ve seen them all.)
    There are only 2 games I like and 1 of them I already bought on release (guacamelee. )

  • Anyone want to buy a PS4? Only four months old. I didn’t specifically buy it for the PS+ games but the race to the bottom isn’t helping. I seem to be spending all of my money on Steam because different stuff is discounted daily and even at full price their games are cheaper than those on the PS4, so really, what’s the point?

  • This service once was shockingly good.
    Lets hope MS starts kicking up the competion because I don’t need Plus for this medeocer collection of fluff.

  • Actually loving this update, I want to buy almost every one of these

  • seriously sony??
    Do you even read the monthly guess thread to try and understand what people want…
    this is everything that we dont want.

  • I really need to stop buying indies, own 4 of the 6, and I’ve owned most of the (save day one) offerings for months now. Grrrrr

    I understand the AAA gripes, wouldn’t mind seeing the IGC get some AAA attention myself, but try not to knee-jerk the offerings, they are in fact good games, don’t know about Ether One, looks decent though, but the rest give a good, fun experience, and while some are ‘old’, getting 5 games on the PS4, 4 on the Vita and 3 on the PS3 somewhat compensates…if you like indies and don’t already own them that is!! Grrrrr

    However if you’re not an indie fan…ouch, and this is why they need to start mixing it up a little, it’s great getting the cross-buys, and I think the team has done well to make good use out of them for the Plus, but a little effort on the AAA front would be appreciated I would think! :)

    • Its what i did also, just stop supporting indie developers by buying the indies i like. They end up in Plus anyways. Reason im skipping Broken Age also, which i normally wouldve bought.

    • I’d buy Broken Age if you really want it, can’t see it being on Plus any time soon, probably Grim Fandango would appear first (own that too) if at all. It’s a shame to not support the indie devs, there’s a lot of efforts deserving of support, but it is frustrating knowing that so many will appear on the IGC.

      I don’t rely on Plus for my games, and I can appreciate the quality and worth that it will offer others when I do own the content, but lately (since before Xmas) I’ve owned so many of the indie titles that I can’t help but query my purchases now and roll my eyes when I see them, although I’m still usually swayed by a sale. Lol

      It is a bit frustrating…

    • Exactly. Even for the indie lovers these indie favored PLUS selections can’t always be considered positive because you’ll own a lot of the stuff on offer.. I’m not an indie lover but when even they are starting to ask for a change of selection I think it’s pretty clear..

    • Grim Fandango is another title i skipped because it will end up in Plus eventually. And if indie developers want my support again ( i agree there are a lot who deserve the support ) they should stop giving away their games for “free” a few months after they release ( or even at release ). Why pay € 15 / €20 when i get a bundle of 6 indies for €5 a few months later through Plus including the 1 im interested in.

    • WizzNL, yeah I get that. I bought Transistor and it appeared on the Plus and I’ve yet to buy Bastion even though I’d quite like to. I haven’t bought Broken Age either as yet, Metal Slug 3, Shovel Knight, Jamestown+, Titan Souls, Costume Quest 2, Axiom Verge, Hotline 2…notable indies I’d usually buy, but have refrained from doing so because of the Plus. If/when they hit a sale though, I’d expect I’d buy them, but that’s a recent decision I’ve made, having paid launch prices for many previously…in that respect the Plus is hurting the indie dev too.

      At least day one indie Plus titles are ‘new’, on PS hardware anyway, but what the indie dev gets from this is a curiosity. I think we all expect, or should do, to see some of our purchases on the Plus, but so many indies, as the very good points Stonesthrow made too, is not positive, and yeah, why pay £10/15/20 when there a good chance it’ll be ‘free’ soon enough. Even buying them via sales I still, as I said, roll my eyes.

      Sad thing is, many of the Plus indies are quality titles but they get caught in the crossfire between those that don’t like the scene, and, as the point was made, those that do enjoy the scene and likely already own them.

      Too many indies spoil the Plus – read that in a cookie somewhere!! Lol

  • ahahahahahahaaa the best lineup i ever see all great games congrat……… anda thanks for the garbage hahaahahahahaahahaha

  • WHAT!?!
    I was expecting:
    Rayman Legends – PS4/PS3
    Knack – PS4
    Shovel Knight – PS4/PS3/PS Vita
    Need for Speed Rivals – PS3
    Fruit Ninja – PS Vita
    Asphalt Injection – PS Vita

    Some website claimed the german blog leaked this list early.. now i’m even more disappointed than i normally would have been.

  • the worst psplus lineup I can remember

  • Okay, so Xbox is getting for Xbox One Castlestorm, and Xbox 360 Mafia II and F1 2013! Now I know what to prefer! Definately not indie stuff!

    • go troll elsewhere. you have heralded enough in the past how great xbox gold was and that you were going to quit ps+, yet you are still here. on the content of your message: we already got mafia 2 on ps+ and no one awaits f1 2013…

    • You are a bloody idiot because Mafia II was part of PS+ months ago. Which means you are a true ignorant

    • @chrisse989 Well, it is not me who is trolling here, it’s Sony who do it in front of your eyes. I know you got Mafia II for free on Plus, but we get it free ever, while you have it while your sub runs out. And no one awaits F1 2013, really? Do you prefer all these indies, instead? No,no I can’t believe you.

      @mosessaur Keep trying…

  • Any chance of the Euro store getting a golden week sale like the one in the US?

    • Of course not. We’re in the EU xD
      A lot of those games were never translated for Germany and such.
      So we wont be getting them either… Gotta love the EU!

  • I’m not gonna lie I’m really disappointed with this. Seriously! I like Indies, I try most of them but Sony are really taking the mickey lately. Surely they can give us SOMETHING better.

  • Chris Howe
    You guys should SERIOUSLY consider letting people know some of these are “CROSS-BUY”

    It does not state that anywhere on the trailer, if this is mentioned then people will be more happy with these knowing they can play those Vita titles on their PS4 aswell, alot of people don’t know this…

    So yeah in future trailers and articles state CROSS-BUY clearly at the start.

    • Are you blind? This has been present since the post went up:

      “Entering PS Plus:

      6th May: Ether One (PS4)
      6th May: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
      6th May: The Unfinished Swan (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)
      6th May: Race the Sun (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)
      6th May: Murasaki Baby (PS Vita)
      6th May: Hohokum (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)”

    • welcome to the internet era. where people don’t read anymore, but watch videos instead.

    • HAHAHA rtfm before making asinine comments!!!!!

  • amazing great line up the best! and the prize go to may 2015 the best garbage games in all plus life

    • i agree, the pityfull month despite 2 years, i will not ben ps+ member in september and that will be fine

  • Can’t say I’m too happy with this month’s PS+. The highlights are Ether One, which I really want to play, and The Unfinished Swan (which I already own).

    I don’t want to say the other games are *bad*, but I do expect a bit more quality from PS+. And Guacamelee!, no matter how good it is (personally, I didn’t think much of it), was already on PS+ (for Vita and PS3) a while ago, so putting it on the service again, only for PS4 this time, is a bit of an insult.

  • Ether One – Could be fun, I don’t know anything about it except it should be an exploration game.
    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – [DELETED] We already have got Guacamelee! before!. Something new please! I don’t care if this is the PS4 edition, we don’t need the same game again, you are cheapen out on this.
    The Unfinished Swan – Fun little game. It is relative short though. Anyway it’s good enough.
    RACE THE SUN – Well to be honest, haven’t played it. However the concept is something that fits for handhelds and browser games. Not this. Just my opinion.
    Murasaki Baby – Can’t say anything about this. I don’t have a Vita, however will get one sometime soon.
    Hohokum – Dunno about this, just look like other 2D games in my opinion.

    Could definitely have been better, at least for my taste. Also I dislike the idea of sending a title to us that we already have on another platform if we have been subscribers for longer time. Like really, it feels like you are treating us as fools. I just don’t get that without the customers you would not exist.

    Step up the game, I thought you would have shown Microsoft how to do this after they stepped it up a little bit.

    • Well put! I agree with you.
      I know playstation users and xbox users shouldn’t start a war against each other, but we need to show those xbox fans that they made a poor choice choosing that console instead of playstation. Playstation is superior and we need to show it! So as consumers we should happily give Sony our money, but in return we want better games for plus, we want better sales and we want better back-up for standing on Sony’s side! We need to show that Playstation is THE only choice!

    • Hohokum is a game I’d say is nothing like other 2D games at all. It’s quite original.

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