Warframe: Sanctuary update goes live today

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Warframe: Sanctuary update goes live today

Brand new content for the free-to-play, space ninja sim

Every Update to Warframe is full of content that brings our free-to-play space ninja experience to the next level. Warframe: Sanctuary features a new elemental Warframe, a PvP overhaul, and the Sanctuary of Simaris… that’s just part of what’s to come in our latest Update.

Warframe Sanctuary

New Warframe: Chroma

Chroma is a master of the elements — a playable Warframe whose powers alter depending on what color energy is used when customizing appearance. Breathe fire, lightning, toxins or freezing air on enemies and buff allies with unique element-specific auras. Able to animate his pelt into a deadly, hovering turret, Chroma’s blend of squad buffs and offensive firepower make him a versatile member of any team.

New Game Mode: Cephalon Capture

Cephalon Capture is our latest addition to Warframe’s PvP, featuring a limited selection of Warframes and weapons exclusively balanced for a competitive Capture the Flag style game mode. Join the brand-new Conclave Syndicate led by Teshin, a survivor of the Old War who seeks to advance Tenno through self-discipline.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)


Overseen by Cephalon Simaris, the Sanctuary is place where Tenno can work together for a common goal. Track down rare targets in missions and add them to the Sanctuary’s database using the Synthesis Scanner, unlocking new lore. Earn standing with Simaris and practice future Mastery tests or pit battle strategies against enemies in the Codex.

New Quest: The New Strange

Hunt a curious new threat across the Solar System, guided by Cephalon Simaris and his new Sanctuary. Learn more about the unique interaction between Cephalons while trying to unravel the mystery behind the Arcane Codices. This Quest serves as not just an introduction to Synthesis Scanning, Sanctuary’s unique target hunting Scanners, but also rewards Chroma’s blueprints upon completion.

Warframe Sanctuary

Warframe: Sanctuary is a massive update to the free-to-play third-person shooter and also comes with other exciting new changes, including: gameplay updates, new weapons, fancy cosmetics, a host of bug fixes, and more. Be sure to check out a full list of Update changes on PS4. Good hunting, Tenno!

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  • Probably the best free 2 play game ever. The amount of content this game gets is insane thank you devs.

    • Couldn’t have said it better, seriously from when this launced (Update 11 roughly) to now Digital Extremes have put so much into this game its not even funny. Completely changed the way I thought about FTP games.

    • Is it still a play to win sort of game? I got stuck at one point, not powerful enough to conitinue, had to repeat missions etc.

    • @RYARNI-X it is yes. You got to level up to do the harder planets.

  • Impressive support, all credit to you. I probably should try to get into this game.

  • Thank you, DE. I love your game :)

  • So this new frame has different powers depending on what colour scheme you have. Colour schemes are the *only* thing in WarFrame that cannot be looted, crafted or purchased with in game credits, you have to go through a micro transaction for them.

    Noe that we have forced purchases, vsn we have price parity with the US? At least match the price bring charged on “the other console”

    • Well, this is not entirely true. You can get some specific color schemes for free (actually, for 1 Credit) on some special occasions. I’ve managed to get 2 color schemes for free that way, one on the Valentine’s day and one, I believe, on Easter holidays. I also know you get one on Halloween, too.

    • I don’t think we can really count the seasonal gifts as a viable method of acquiring colour schemes.

  • The update is so much better but the thing is that its a bit stupid that for chroma why is saryn’s systems, something that you need to bulid chroma its a bit rubbish
    Because chroma hasn’t even got anything to do with chroma but that’s my opinion
    Anyway if you know why saryn is a part to chroma please tell me

    • The four basic elemental damage types in Warframe are Heat, Cold, Electricity, and Toxin. These are represented by the warframes Ember, Frost, Volt and Saryn respectively. Since Chroma can switch between all those four damage types, it requires a part from each of the elemental types to build. Seems logical enough to me, even if it makes the frame more demanding to build than the previous one.

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