Update regarding Destiny of Spirits

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Update regarding Destiny of Spirits

Fan Appreciation campaign to run until closure

Dear Spirit Masters, though we will be ending service for Destiny of Spirits on Tuesday 30th June 2015, we would also like everyone who has supported us to enjoy the game right until the end of the service period, so to mark the game’s 1st anniversary, we will be running the Fan Appreciation Campaign and other events along with our last update, starting from Thursday 2nd April until the end of June. We shall not go down without a fight!


Fan Appreciation Campaign

  1. Destiny Orbs discount
    From April 2nd until April 28th, the Destiny Orb packs of 100/105 orbs or more will be approximately 30% off!
    (Destiny Orbs will cease to be available for purchase on PlayStation®Store from 28/4/15).
  2. DoS_Kichi-P_fix2

  3. Super Rare spirit Kichipee returns! + SR Drop Rate for Advanced Summons x 5!
    During the campaign, Kichipee will be included in the local Advanced Summons with a SR drop rate 5 times normal.
  4. SR Drop Rate for Neo World Summons x 2!
    During the campaign, the SR drop rate for Neo World Summons will be doubled.
  5. Return of All Limited Summons
    During the campaign, all limited summons from previous collaborations will be brought back. These collaborations were with KNACK, Gravity Rush, Dokodemo Issho, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Patapon 3, God of War, Killzone and Magica Wars ZANBATSU. If you missed any of them while you were away, now’s your chance!


Other Events

Fan Appreciation Login Bonuses
From April, May and June, the following items will be distributed each month.

  • 3,000 Spirit Points (Everyday)
  • 100 Destiny Orbs (10 Orbs x 10)
  • 7 Jokers from each element (Joker from each element = total of 7 Jokers)
  • SR Spirits (3 spirits in total)

Return of Raid Events
Popular raid events from the past will return during the following schedule.
*Past play logs will be cleared.


  1. Friend in Need!
    April 9, 2015 – April 22, 2015 (2 weeks)
  2. Dragons Summit
    April 23, 2015 – May 13, 2015 (3 weeks)
  3. Maidens of War
    May 14, 2015 – June 3, 2015 (3 weeks)
  4. Seven Luck Gods
    June 4, 2015 – June 24, 2015 (3 weeks)

The Destiny of Spirits operation team will continue to support the game, so you can enjoy Destiny of Spirits until its very last day.

Thank you for your support and farewell, Spirit Masters.


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3 Author Replies

  • Why?! Why?! Why?

  • Glad I never put any cash into this. Why is it closing so soon?

    • My guess…
      If they know that 10,000 players are leaving the game every month then they can calculate the optimal time to shut down servers. I don’t think they would do it if the number of players increased and if the players kept buying stuff.

  • Lord, they’re taking away our Vita games now.

  • Thank you for the great experience! Destiny of Spirits is one of my most played games on my Vita. With the final few days I’ll try to liberate the last continent and clear the globe.

    Would it be possible to keep a gallery of all spirits we unlock until the final day?

  • You’re already taking it down? Great way to celebrate your 1 million of downloads :/

    Could you share the reason with us? Should we buy more orbs in the past? Is there any hope another studio will purchase DoS and prolong its life like it was with APB? What the heck in general, this game has some potential and I’ve got many zones to clear and so little time :(

    • Hi Finka_Karfein,
      I share your disappointment and I agree that the timing of the announcement is a bit unfortunate…
      There are no plans for DoS to be taken over by another studio, unfortunately, so I’m afraid the shutdown will be permanent.

    • Thanks for the answer, Olivier.

      Concerning the small gesture. Don’t you think a discount of 30% for a game about to close is too weak to get the most of the game? I’m against buying orbs in that case. But in a situation when the discount is 70-90%… that’s a different story – I’d buy some to make sure I’ll clear the whole Earth before the end of service.

  • I’ll keep playing to show my support until doomsday.

    Now I know how all the PS Home users felt! :(

  • “Destiny Orb packs of 100/105 orbs or more will be approximately 30% off!”

    The hell. The game is being shut down and they’re encouraging people to still make purchases. I don’t understand. Why offer a disadvantageous option as fan appreciation.

    • Hi BankeA,
      It is certainly not our intention to trick anyone into spending more.
      The Orb packs discount is a small gesture for anyone who would want to top up their Orbs before they play through the events of the new campaign, which run until the end of June.

  • This is disgusting, Sony. Don’t hype the fanbase to make in-game purchases for something you’re shutting down, jesus.

    What’s next, a blog post telling people to buy PlayStation Mobile games the day before you delete them completely?

    • Hi infernalmonkey1,
      We see the Fan Appreciation campaign as a final flourish for the fans to enjoy before the game is shut down. As explained above, the discount is just a gesture for anyone who would want to get more Orbs for the upcoming events, and before the packs are removed from the Store at the end f the month.

  • If plenty of Japan-only Vita F2P games have managed to survive for ages, how come Sony’s own global one can’t? You guys couldn’t have just stopped updating the game? No attempt to make it a mainly-offline experience like Run Sackboy! Run? This and the PlayStation Mobile shutdown make for a terrible precedent and only continues the idea that Sony is done in the handheld games industry. I hope the people buying Project Morpheus stop and think what you guys have done to Vita and its userbase, because if Sony had no issue completely dumping one of its main platforms, why in the world would they stand by a peripheral one?

  • This is the digital future people. You were warned.

  • It’s bad enough you shut down Home with no reason why, and thousands of us have spent a lot of money on there for content we’ll never be able to access again.

  • Firstly this is why I would never buy fully into digital games, especially FTP games.

    And secondly if Sony even bothered to support the system they made. Perhaps this game could of had a few more years success.

  • This is embarassing, Sony. Stop.

  • I played it a bit up to around level 30-35 of a number of my spirits. From there on the game became way too hard to keep going and I put it aside (freeing up space for other games). Sad to see this rather unique game being put down. I hope that the coming few months those who are still playing will keep enjoying it. I won’t reinstall if on my Vita for those last few months though.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing us DoS – as said, it was an unique and fun game to play!

  • Let me ask you this, if the service is coming down or in other words shutting down then why make people spend money on something that is going to disappear?!?!

    People open your eyes and stop buying or even playing these type of games, the give you free stuff only to make you play and hook you in and only in the end to decide for them self’s to end it!

  • You guys wanna give FAN service?! Give all the items for FREE for God’s sake! You guys try to suck more money from people than a baby from a breast in a life time!

  • madmanwithabox12

    I’m trying to imagine how my 5 year old self would have reacted if someone tried to take away my copy of Sonic the Hedgehog and told me I’d never be able to play it ever again.

  • So not only are you shutting down the game but you won’t let us buy Destiny Orbs after the end of this month? Which would potentially help us complete this goddamn game? You’ve gone beyond kicking sand in our faces Sony. First Home goes, then this. It has turned me off playing ftp, always online games completely.

  • *Slowly claps and shakes head* good job Sony. Kill off the Vita more, please. Money hungry people. Why would you shut this game down? It had an active community and you just spit in their faces?

    This is Sony’s true color. They look “innocent” on stage but once they get the consumers, they screw people over. Someone should expose these frauds.

  • Can this game at least be patch into a “offline” at least we can appreciate all the time put into it by players?
    It would be a wise decision since so many people put money and time into it (Developers and Players alike).
    Kinda sad see this happens without any form of keep the game alive even without the servers to running.

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