Battlefest hits Battlefield Hardline this week

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Battlefest hits Battlefield Hardline this week

EA details a packed schedule of community happenings, contests and events

We are glad to lay this one on you: a new season of Battlefest – the celebration of our faithful Battlefield players – hits Battlefield Hardline. Kicking off 26th March 2015, Battlefest will bring over a full month of Hardline in-game happenings, competitions, Double XP events and more.

Check the schedule below for what we’ve prepped, and make sure to stay tuned to the Battlefield Hardline news channel on for all details!


26th – 30th March: Double XP Event – This weekend, you’ll score double XP in Battlefield Hardline. Jump into the game, play the objective, and rank up faster than a speeding bullet.

27th March – 4th May: Gold Battlepack Giveaway – Login to Battlefield Hardline starting March 27 and you’ll receive a Gold Battlepack, containing in-game goodies like camos, weapon attachments and XP boosts.

7th April – 4th May: Class Weeks – Operator, Mechanic, Professional, and Enforcer. We’ll celebrate each Battlefield Hardline class, serving great tips for each, and host class-related Community Missions where you can net exclusive rewards.

7th – 30th April: ShadowPlay PC Contest – NVidia is challenging PC players to capture their most radical Battlefield Hardline moment for a chance to win modded PCs with branded Battlefield graphics.

GoldBattlepackClosed_LARGEBFH DoubleXP Icon

16th April: Competition – Stay tuned for more information and details on how to participate!

Character Render Operator

22nd – 23rd April: Game with Devs – Visceral and DICE developers will play Hardline on specific servers and let fans compete with and against them. Get a piece of the action and show us your skills.

4th – 11th May: Community Mission – Show how tight you are with your crew in the fast-paced Hotwire mode. Prizes await if this Community Mission is completed.


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  • Cool, didn’t expect double xp weekend so close to launch. Guess I better go play my Game of thrones eps fast and get working on it after ^^

  • This is cool! Looking forward to using the double xp. I finished the story on the game yesterday and I’m just going to be honest here and say I was a bit disappointed with it. The whole cop thing just wasn’t for me. Found it to be really boring. I loved the story in the previous Battlefield games. The multiplayer is good tho with the new game modes but I prefer the games DICE makes and want it to go back to the way it was. The army, the tanks and the jets

    • Go back to the way it was? BF4 is still being supported and the next Battlefield game is due out next year as this was an offshoot made by another company. Nothing has changed other than a title using the Battlefield name.

    • Yes for the story. I’m not interested in multiplayer much so it doesn’t matter if it’s being supported or not because I’m already done with it long ago. The story is what I enjoy the most from those games. I’m just saying the whole cop thing wasn’t for me and I want it to go back to the way it was (as in the army for the story). The multiplayer is just a bonus I like to play after the story but that doesn’t stick to me for long. So you say nothing has changed, a lot has changed. The multiplayer is just very similar but it’s still different.

  • Wow…..the Story has me engrossed (present tense as I have not completed it) it’s like CSI episodes which I didn’t expect and made a change from the usual Battlefield/COD scenario, there are no other games with this type of storyline? also I thought it was DICE who done the multiplayer and Visceral the single player? either way I don’t care the multiplayer doesn’t take itself too seriously and is actually fun. Imagine jumping off a building and free falling, spot the enemy and parachute land on the bridge, jump over the ledge to below the bridge and blast that enemy with a 870P and hear ” Woooooooh!” shout out. :)

  • Also Hacker mode deserves a nod, knowing who’s your best players as I’ve seen 3-4 players that will consistently get 130-170 kills between them, I tend give them full gps support, I like the Hacker mode.

  • can anyone confirm if this applies to BF4?
    There is a clear pic of BF4 next to Hardline pic, but every where only says Hardline

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