Rock Band 4 coming to PS4 this year!

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Rock Band 4 coming to PS4 this year!

And yes — it will support all your existing DLC songs

Hey gang! This is Eric Pope from Harmonix. All of us at the studio are beyond thrilled to announce today that Rock Band will make its triumphant return to living rooms this year with Rock Band 4 for PlayStation 4!

Rock Band 4

I’ve spent years as a community manager playing our various installments of Rock Band around the world with fans at every event you can imagine. I’m as excited as you are to have the next evolution of the franchise, Rock Band 4, on the current generation of console hardware.

Since we released Rock Band 3 in 2010, Harmonix has branched out, developing projects in a number of new areas including motion control, PC and even VR. With every new project, the studio has challenged the perception of what a “music game” can be, and learned a lot in the process. With those lessons under our belt, we felt like we were prepared to dive back into our beloved Rock Band series, and actually push the genre forward. We’ve landed on a design that doubles down on the core Rock Band experience fans love, while innovating on gameplay in some super exciting ways that’ll we’ll have more to say about a little later this year.

Rock Band 4

I know what you’re wondering right about now:

“How about all those Rock Band DLC songs I bought on my PlayStation 3?”

That’s a fair question! We’ve always been committed to the idea that Rock Band is a platform, and as such Rock Band 4 will support all your previous DLC purchases at no additional cost! (Be sure to thank our friends at PlayStation, because we couldn’t pull this off without significant work from them!)

Meet the Team

The Rock Band 4 team is comprised of an immensely talented group of veteran game developers. I’m honored and humbled to work with these folks every day. This video piece will give you a chance to meet some of the passionate people behind the game and understand why we think the time is right for Rock Band’s return.

Make no mistake, Rock Band 4 isn’t a simple “next-gen remaster” of an existing game- it’s the next step forward for the series. I can’t wait to rock out with you later this year!

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  • Is DLC what everyone was wondering about? I thought the main concern would be the compatibility of existing peripherals?

    • To be fair, I’m more concerned over the DLC than the peripherals. Given that I have over 800 tracks purchased over the years, that’s a significantly higher cost than if I had to splash out on a new ‘band in a box’ starter pack.

      According to the Q&A over on the official site they are currently looking into peripheral backwards compatibility, but confirm that pro – guitar and keys will not be supported.

    • Makes sense to me, my brother-in-law put significantly more money into DLC than peripherals over the years.They are rumours that they are trying to make old peripherals compatible with RB4 but it depends on Sony, so time will tell…

    • Fair enough, meako and Wackiest. I personally never sank that much into the DLC but I can see why it would be important if you had over 800 tracks.

  • So, so chuffed about this! Great news about the DLC, but yeah, what about peripherals? Any release date? And can I get an early request in for The Cardigans’ “My Favourite Game”? It’s cheesy cos it’s true!

  • Excellent news, but will I need to buy new instruments?


      Looks like you will be able to use your old instruments.

    • Still unconfirmed on peripherals according to the official site’s Q&A (they need to test hardware and software compatibility).

      If new peripherals introduce something to the game play then I’d probably buy them again anyway. Also my old kit is getting on a bit, so would like some new stuff to play into the next generation with.

    • There may be an issue with the security authentication that PS4 demands for peripherals. This has also been a problem for steering wheels, only steering wheels that have a new PS4 security chip can authenticate as valid peripherals. So it’s not just what Harmonix want but also what Sony will allow to connect to the PS4. Maybe new dongles are a solution.

  • Eurogamer has said in their news article that “It will support old peripherals, though Mad Catz is creating new ones as well.” Not sure what their source is though.

  • Mixed feelings… I spent a shedload on DLC last-gen, but all on 360. It’ll be cheaper to buy an XBox One for RB than re-buy it all for PS4

    • Same here. I’d rather rock away in my PS4, but unless Harmonix and Sony find a way to transfer all the DLC from my 360 to the PS4, I’d have to purchase the console from the distinguished competence.

      The release is still half a year away, at the very least. Maybe they’ll find a solution, so I’m not buying a new console yet.

    • Although, given Sony Europe’s record with publishing music game DLC, maybe an XBox One purchase is the more sensible option in any case

    • But xbone version can be 900p or have effects missing :)

  • Man I wish there was a way to get the 360 DLC I bought onto the PS4. That would make this an absolute no brainer. Spent so much on songs over there…..

    One thing that also would be wonderful…. Harmonix…. GET IT ON STEAM! :D

  • “Make no mistake, Rock Band 4 isn’t a simple “next-gen remaster” of an existing game- it’s the next step forward for the series” Next step forward as in will allow support for real guitars same as Rocksmith as-well as the plastic ones like the old days?

    • Just checked the American blog and noticed it won’t be supporting the real guitars. That’s very disappointing for me. :( Aw well. I wish the game well but it’s not for me. Sorry

  • Should we start taking bets now on how long it’ll take the DLC transfers to work once SCEE realise they don’t get to charge for them? Two weeks and counting for DOA5LR!

  • “How about all those Rock Band DLC songs I bought on my Xbox360?”
    That’s what I’m wondering about now…

    I’m guessing that MS & SONY will never make an agreement over this, probably MS will want you to buy an Xbone if you want to keep your old DLC.
    I imagine SONY would also prevent anybody who went from PS3 to Xbone from importing that DLC either on the other platform.


    • “I imagine SONY would also prevent anybody who went from PS3 to Xbone from importing that DLC either on the other platform”

      I’m sure the 3 people that did this will get over it :-)

    • yeah, I know. I guess I was gunning for that ‘balanced opinion’ that the news on TV go on about (and lies about too of course).

  • Will the game have visual cues for those with hearing difficulties?

  • Sounds like Ill be investing in Microsoft. Bummer. Figure it out Sony, figure it out. Way too much money invested on 360 DLC. This whole allowing previous data, only if you were on the same brand system, alienation is for the bird’s.

  • I invested too much on the 360 that if they don’t find a way to be able to bring it over I probably won’t bother picking this up.

  • I would be excited about all my previous DLC being available, but looking at how the recent Rock Band 3 DLC release was handled by you guys, I’m concerned you’re going to mess up

  • Hope keyboard support is added back later, shame to let the instrument go to waste.
    Songwise I’m hoping to see Bruce Springsteen and even more songs from 70s and 80s.

  • Exciting news. I’m. Big Rocksmith fan though. (Not on ps4 due to latency)
    I also have a set of Roland hd 1 v drums and a fishman tripleplay midi guitar pickup, it would be nice if you supported general midi inputs.
    I sold my pro guitar when I got the tripleplay (I used to use the pro guitar in Cubase with kontakt) and my band hero drum kit is now a Bonsai tree display stand.

    I guess streaming will be banned?
    I expect you’ll be supporting iPad for keys , vocals and maybe drums?

  • Given the track record of SCEE actually getting the Rock Band DLC on the store, on time and priced correctly and making legacy content available for any game I can see this being a huge source of complaints.

    Here’s hoping that SCEE get their act together before this comes out.

  • Potentially stupid question, but does DLC purchased for Guitar Hero titles count? I’m a bit unsure how these two series are linked…

    • Theyre not linked at all.

      Hamonix made the original Guitar Hero but Activision smothered it and Harmonic went on their own and did Rockband.

  • This may sound like a weird question, but will the new instruments work on PS3 & 360? Just curious.

  • Dear Harmonix. If youre bringing back Rock Band, pllllllease bring back Rock Band Blitz! Its so so good!

  • How about the 5 or 6 new songs that were released this year? They seem to be available on the PS3 in the US, and XBOX here in Australia, but no sign of them on the AU/UK PSN Store…

    Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
    Avenged Sevenfold – Shepherd Of Fire
    Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing
    Tenacious D – Rize Of The Fenix
    Weezer – Back To The Shack

    And, I think there’s also this one…

    Frank Turner – I Still Believe (FREE)

    Can I also get an early request in…

    A Bad Religion 3 Pack with “American Jesus”, “Generator” and “Punk Rock Song”, they’d be awesome on guitar, drums and vocals.

  • Will i be able to play the dlc songs from Xbox-360 on my ps4 ???

    • I doubt it, since your money went to MS for those tracks. Only those who bought it on the PS3 will get them free (if SCEE makes them available… and doesn’t make a mess of it like they did with Rocksmith).

      If you bought them on the 360, you’ll get them free on the XBOX One.

      Here’s hoping SCEE makes the other 5 or 6 songs released this year available, and that they don’t delay future DLC or make Harmonix’s life difficult for Rock Band 4… can’t wait!

      Oh, and also hope the PS3 guitars and drums will work on the PS4. Crossing my fingers on that one. They maintained compatibility with the Move controllers, so it should be possible???

  • Bluetooth instruments with rechargeable batteries?!

  • Quote: “Rock Band 4 will support all your previous DLC purchases at no additional cost! (Be sure to thank our friends at PlayStation, because we couldn’t pull this off without significant work from them!)”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Nice one, Popey, but I don’t think you realise you’re dealing with SCEE.

    Given there has been no attempt to fulfill the same promise given to carry over the previous DLC purchases for Rocksmith, released at the beginning of last November, I seriously doubt this will ever happen. Sorry mate, but that pool has already been tainted.

    Caveat emptor, guys. Anyone that owns previous content for Rock Band should wait to see that content appear on the SCEE store before even thinking about purchasing this title.

    • Think that’s the only way to approach this title really. Wait to see if SCEE actually deliver the goods, no sensible person is going to get this day one surely?

  • any update on the existing peripherals?

  • Please, Please add the Keyboard support, all the DLC i bought was with that in mind ..

    Great news Rock Band is coming back…

  • When will the 6 new songs be available in Europe?

  • Will the Rock Band release in Australia be as “triumphant” as it was the first time around- the first game being a year late and the second one not even being released? Considering this is apparently being released with Mad Catz again, Australians can expect to not be enjoying the game this time around either…

  • I’m really happy that they are making music games games, but I was really hoping that there would come a new Guitar Hero game, because I like it more then RB. :)

  • Hey folks, When will the 6 new songs be available in Europe?

  • Unless you’ve bought lots of DLC songs for PS3, it would be extremely foolish to get Rock Band 4 for PS4. Think about it, you’re still waiting for 6 songs for Rock Band 3 of which the first 3 were released nearly 2 months ago. Not to mention of course how pathetic the backlog for Rocksmith 2014 DLC on Xbox One is easily the way to go for Rock Band 4, even if that console ends up just being a Rock Band machine.

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