Wasteland 2 coming to PS4

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Game of the Year Edition will add new visuals, new customisation options to this RPG classic.

Ever dreamed of being a Desert Ranger? Soon enough, that will become a reality. We’re excited to announce we’re bringing our crowdfunded RPG Wasteland 2 to PS4, after an award-winning debut on PC. With Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition, we’re eager to open up the wastes to an even bigger crowd, along with tons of enhancements and improvements.


So what is Wasteland 2?

In this hardcore RPG, you take control of a squad of four Desert Rangers — plus any followers you pick up along the way — to keep peace in the post-apocalyptic Arizona desert. But a larger threat looms on the horizon, and it will fall to your team to deal with it… or die trying.

You may have heard of the original Wasteland, which dates back to 1988, and is the inspiration behind the Fallout series and the godfather of post-apocalyptic games. With the help of over 70,000 fans, we’ve delivered a sequel that’s been able to benefit from 25 years of innovations, taking the deep character building, engrossing game world, branching story and reactivity from games like Fallout, and tactical turn-based combat in the vein of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


More than anything, our focus is on reactivity. We crafted a game that truly reacts to your choices. Save someone from overgrown mutant honey badgers? Break into someone’s trunk of supplies? Shoot some punk in the street and deliver some “wasteland justice”? The game accounts for your choices and reacts accordingly, and no two experiences will be alike. The fate of the wasteland is in your hands, and the outcomes aren’t black and white.

For the Game of the Year Edition, we’ve ported Wasteland 2 to Unity 5, the latest version of this highly versatile game engine, which has let us overhaul the game with some new visual effects, improved character models, upgraded environments, and Unity 5’s physically based shading to get more realistic lighting and shadowing. This is all something we wouldn’t have been able to do on the previous generation of tech.


We are also not afraid of a rich narrative and memorable characters. Wasteland 2 is full of interesting and quirky personalities to interact with, logbooks and lore items to uncover, and detailed descriptions of the environments you’re exploring. We’ve even managed to go back and add new voiceover for key characters and story moments. We want the wasteland to be a place you really feel immersed in, and that goes beyond just graphics.

Of course, that’s all great, but how does it play? In this new edition, we’re beefing up our existing gameplay and adding some new features. You’ll be able to customise your squad even more with our new Perks and Quirks (traits) to add unique bonuses and characteristics. Our new Precision Strike (aimed shots) system will let you target individual body parts to cripple or stun enemies, or shatter their armour so you can mop them up, giving you even more options in combat. And you’ll need those options, because we’ve been hard at work hand-crafting each battle you’ll find yourself in.


With Wasteland 2, it was our goal to deliver our fans a game they wanted, and we were honoured by PC World’s Game of the Year endorsement along with all the other accolades we received. With the Game of the Year Edition, we are totally thrilled to be able to bring that same hardcore gameplay to the PlayStation crowd in a bigger and better way this late summer 2015.

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  • Any chance for PS Vita version?

  • It looks good, will keep an eye to it

  • I missed out on this game on Kickstarter, Day 1 buy, i love Fallout type of games :)

  • Good news for PS4 but i hope we can see Vita version too!

  • Awesome!!! Does this mean we’ll see Torment for PS4 in the future too?

  • Can’t Wait to play this Classic Rpg we need more Classic games (even thou this is a new episode)

  • Will be interesting to see how the controls map to the DS4.
    Game is pretty hard too but I’ll buy it if it plays well on PS4.

  • Top-down RPG’s aren’t really my thing. I’ll stick to Bethesda’s Fallout.

    • That Bethesda abomination has little to do with the classic post apocalyptic RPG. Bethesda Fallout is the equivalent of a festering McD meal left to rot on the sidewalk. Classic Fallout and Wasteland are filet mignon.

      I’m happy that console gamers get a proper RPG to enjoy. Wasteland on PC is a great game, it deserves as big an audience as possible.

  • LieutenantFatman

    This is fantastic news, I’m so excited to see this on PS4, thank you!!!

  • That’s a nice surprise. I didn’t expect this to be honest, but nevertheless I’m glad it’s coming to PS4.

  • Gloom12356776543

    retail too ? or only digital ? :)

  • Fantastic news. Already have it for PC, but will get the ps4 version day one to support the arrival of this game to play station.

  • Can I just say, YES!!!

    I was a huge fan of the original Fallout, Fallout 2 and Tactics, and still have Fallout 2 installed on my laptop with the Restoration project mod installed.

    While Fallout 3 took that series in a new, but not necessarily bad direction, Wasteland is the spiritual successor to the original Fallout games. I cannot wait to grab this on PS4. Day One purchase for me.

  • Will it be playable with a controller? Anyway, hoping for a Vita version as well.

  • Price?

    Will it be well suited to using a controller?

  • Wonderful! I have a particular weakness towards games with a post-apocalyptic setting and this seems to fit the bill beautifully.

    One quick question. Is there a lot of loot? I love collecting useless stuff, important stuff and everything in-between.

  • Awesome! I love Brian Fargo’s games and wanted to play this one for a long time, but don’t have a gaming PC. Pity there is no Vita version coming, I was dreaming of playing it on the go and I don’t own a PS4 so there is also that.

    Vita needs some wRPGs. Gothic II, KOTOR 1&2, Morrowind, Oblivion, Baldur’s Gate EE, etc. Please Sony, port at least a few of these games! Japanese games are ok, but I’m starting to miss quality Western content, especially in the form of wRPG. I don’t need brand new games, ports of PC classics would really do!

  • Great news! Please port more PC RPGs like Grimrock 2 or Divinity. I’m wondering about buying PC for such games, but I would prefer to play them on PS :)

    • Oh yes, Legend Of Grimrock 1&2 would be great additions to the PS4 catalogue, come on SONY, get that deal done!

  • This is a day one for me, assuming a reasonable price conversion of course.

    The deluxe edition on Steam, regular price not sale, is £45. As the game is a year old now that is the absolute maximum this enhanced PS4 version should cost. Above that and it can wait for a price reduction tobapprox 30 quid, that’s the developers loss, not mine.

    Price conversions from US to Europe have been getting worse recently, especially with indie developers and its time to draw a line in the sand. Last gen I used to buy at least one new game per month, day one at retail and the odd special ed too, this gen I’m buying around half that number and outside of sales making no PSN purchases at all because SCEE refused to adopt the same policy as SCEA regarding keeping first party games the same price as they were last gen. Its just a shame that not a single third party or independent, not even a British or European one is willing to set a fair price and reap the benefits.

  • Whaaaaaaat???
    I was just about to buy an xbone for this.
    You just saved me 400 bucks!

  • PS4 officially supports keyboard and mouse game input, why not keep in the option for the PC control scheme for original players?

  • My top 1 game of 2014. Really amazing RPG (especially the second half of it). Everybody, just go and get it when it’s released!

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