Final Fantasy XIV racks up 4 million users, celebrates with free log-in week

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Final Fantasy XIV racks up 4 million users, celebrates with free log-in week

Take the opportunity to check out the new Manderville Gold Saucer feature

18 years ago, Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation. I have played more of that game than I cared to admit to my parents back in the day. “Just let me find the next save point!” was a constant source of family joy in the eternal fight over the television (yes, we really only had one telly!)

Now an ingenious visionary in Eorzea was inspired enough to find a nice, quiet spot in a patch of cosy desert (sound familiar?) and build his own version of the infamous amusement park, the Manderville Gold Saucer!


I don’t really want to know what it costs to run the aircon the whole time, but it seems to be worth it, because, as detailed earlier this week, one of the most requested features has finally found its way into Final Fantasy XIV.

What? You’re not playing FFXIV anymore? No problem! To celebrate 4 million FFXIV adventurers, for over a week, from today Friday 27th February to Monday 9th March, you will be able to log into your old account, completely free!

Usually, we only do free login weekends. But the recent jump to 4 million registered accounts and the opening of one of the most awaited features was reason enough for us to extend that to almost two weeks!

Have a look at everything on offer and decide for yourself if the Manderville Gold Saucer bears its name rightfully. Hop on a Chocobo and steer it through the rigorous race track, or start collecting your Triple Triad cards to conquer every enemy that crosses your path.


Of course, there is no real money involved in the Gold Saucer – you spend and earn Gil only.

You’ve never played FFXIV before? Well then, just check out the free trial!

See for yourself if Eorzea manages to tickle your fancy, along with the millions of players that call it their home. As we are nearing the end of the A Realm Reborn storyline before the release of Heavensward in a couple months, there is so much to explore that you definitely won’t be bored.

Just follow these links!

And now, please excuse me, while I prepare myself to become the Square Enix Europe Chocobo Racing Master!

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