Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines arrives on PS Vita next month

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Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines arrives on PS Vita next month

Pick up the stylish JRPG on PlayStation Store from 4th March

It’s been a long time since we’ve brought you any news on Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, but I’m excited to announce that this unique JRPG will be available as a digital download on PS Vita via PlayStation Store for €19.99 from 4th March!

So what does Oreshika bring to fans of the genre? Well, first of all there’s the striking graphic style. Set in ancient Japan, the game art delivers a rich world inspired by traditional brush paintings of the Heian era. You’ll be exploring a beautiful watercolor world filled with weird and wonderful creatures based on Japanese mythology. Oh, and we’ve kept the fantastic Japanese voiceover which fits in with the atmosphere perfectly.

Victory Pose 3

The gameplay is quite unique too. In Oreshika, you’ll take control of a clan whose bloodlines have been struck with two terrible curses – a Curse of Ephemerality and a Curse of Broken Lineage.


The Curse of Ephemerality means that your clan members’ age rapidly with a maximum lifespan of around two years. As you explore labyrinths, defeat demons and find treasures, the clock of in-game time is always ticking so it’s important to plan your moves strategically. In Oreshika, no matter how skilled you are in battle or how strong your equipment is, your characters will face death and so it’s your job to make sure your clan’s family tree grows new members to step up to the ranks.


But therein lies the catch as the Curse of Broken Lineage means that your clan members can no longer procreate… Luckily you can turn to the gods for help. By performing the Rite of Divine Union with a god a new clan member will be created. It’s important to choose carefully which gods you perform the Rite with as the genetic makeup will be a combination of the ‘parent’ clan member and the chosen god which affects stats as well as appearance. And with well over 100 gods to meet in game there are a lot of deities to discover!

Ah, and while we’re on the topic of gods, I should mention that for a period of two weeks from launch, you’ll receive the gods Kiri no Mashū and Tonkararin as a special bonus when you purchase the game! So make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to bag these two rare gods that can’t otherwise be unlocked through gameplay.

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5 Author Replies

  • Such a pretty game and no physical? Im so sad. Still gonna get it of course. But damn…

    • I would like to voice my appreciation for keeping the original voice acting. I am really happy about that! Same with Freedom Wars.

    • Totally agree.

      Not to dis the people that do the localization dubbing, but Japanese games are just so much better with their original VO work and subtitles.

    • Totally agree in here, too. Especially if it makes it possible to cut the localization costs, I’m more than happy to have the original Japanese audio as the only choice, like with Freedom Wars and Tales of Hearts R.

  • How big is the game? There’s not much space on my memory card.

  • Wow! A niche game for me !

    I bet it is only digital so that I will buy it à -50% or never… I only want physical versions ! My 3 memory cards are too damn full and I don’t want a fourth one !

  • Holy crap…a proper vita game!

  • No physical? What a bloody surprise.

  • Wow ! A niche game for me ! I am sure it is only digital… Too bad, I pass, I don’t want to spend more in memory cards.

  • Game looks sweet. Been wondering where this went, it kind of vanished off the face of the Earth. Now it’s release is very imminent. I’m keeping my eyes on this one. Not on the top of my priorities, but I’m keeping an eye on it. =)

    Get ready though, cause here come the legions of people whining about no physical release.

    • God forbid consumers having priorities and preferences.

    • This game is extremely niche. Shelf space for Vita games is pathetic in most stores, so what does this game really benefit from a physical release? They’ve got to pay for production and distribution costs just to keep some people happy, at the expense of possibly not making a profit?

    • As a consumer, my wishes are more important to me than the corporations’. If Kagero and Demon Gaze could have physicals than there is no excuse. You also dont have to print a million copies. And if its such a massive risk, then dont bother bringing it over at all maybe.

      There are also many people who dont buy digital games at full price on principle, yet would buy an LE at a premium price in a heartbeat. I was really disappointed Soul Sacrifice had physical, but Delta did not.

      Glad there are companies like KT that know what they are doing though, a shining example for other localizing teams.

    • @Yaro-sensei
      >”And if its such a massive risk, then dont bother bringing it over at all maybe.”
      God, I really wish noone will ever follow your logic. Seriously, what could worse than this nonsense.

      >”Glad there are companies like KT that know what they are doing though, a shining example for other localizing teams.”
      Ah, the ones that refuse to put even a single physical copy of Atelier Plus out there? You should have at least said, I dunno, Xseed.

    • Well Sony could start a print on demand service for all of their games they think are too risky to make a standard physical release, it lets people buy the games direct from Sony and Sony only prints them when they are ordered. that would be a win win in my book. so many games i want that are digital only that id rather have physically.

    • Well if you don’t buy digital games then why have a Vita? Vita is a digital platform. That’s not even up for debate. Every Vita game is digital. Not every Vita game is physical. Sony’s memory cards are at odds with that fact, but then if you had 500GB to spare you’re probably not likely to jump on the digital front out of some weirdly skewed principal anyway.

      There’s nothing wrong with digital gaming, stop being afraid of progress. Digital cuts out the middle man and leads to cheaper, more convenient experiences for all involved.

    • Have you seen how much Sony charges for their Vita memory cards? Restricting releases to digital only is a rip off given how pointlessly expensive memory cards are.

    • Digital may cut out the middleman, but seeing as though digital prices never reflect the lack of printing, boxing etc., plus the actual game itself and the issue of not actually owning anything, I understand the reluctance to give away any rights you have as a consumer when you buy digital.

      On the plus side, games like this would never see the light of day in the West without digital distribution.

  • Early purchase-only DLC? Ehh… It’s definitely cool that you’re bringing this to the West for a nice price and I am kind of interested, but are there any other DLC shenanigans that we should know about?

  • Can anyone confirm if there is a Physical English release somehere?
    Like the US or Asia (Hong Kong) release?

    • From the top of the article. “I’m excited to announce that this unique JRPG will be available as a digital download on PS Vita via PlayStation Store for €19.99 from 4th March!”

    • I misunderstood what you said. You can get a version with English subtitles from play-asia.com America and Europe is not getting a retail/physical English release

    • Thats all I needed to know, thank you. Gonna order.

  • Hah, now I’ll finally finish it. Been playing the Japanese release, great game but man do I suck at reading. Playing a jrpg with a lexicon takes a lot of the fun out of it ( ; ゚Д゚)

    • That must be tough going – it’s a pretty involved storyline! Hopefully it will be easier to appreciate in English!

    • Tell me about it. Voiced parts, no problem….Everything else…Panic mode :)
      Especially the names….Man I can only take of my hat and bow to those that actually managed to learn and read Japanese.

  • One of my most anticipated games this year for 20€? Day 1 for sure. Don’t mind digital only

  • looks good. ill be getting it

  • Such a shame it isn’t getting a physical release and as such, I won’t be buying it.

    • Same here, won’t buy a digital only game. Shame on you Sony.

    • @Sony I am really dissapoited from you Oreshika is such a great game and you even won’t give us physical release, shame on you1 I don’ buy this game and I hope that the sales are extremly low!

  • Thank you for releasing this at a great price!

  • Actually, is there a chance of this game being a PS+ title at launch? The release date would fit. If I get no answer I’ll just take that as a yes :p

  • Aaaaarghhh!!!!!
    At least price looks decent… But still, I’d rather take overpriced box than digital copy. Why you do dis, SCE, why?

  • Shame about digital only, totally kills the interest for me. Would most likely bought if it had been a physical release.

  • Hi,the game is multilanguage,I mean:French,Spanish,italian,english,etc

  • Been waiting for this announcement, and so soon too :D can’t wait, the more unusual games we can get from Japan the better! :)

  • Why am I not suprised… of course it would be too much for SCEE/SCEA to support Vita with retail releases, right? And well… I already predicted that you will drop info “suprise next month it is coming as digital only”… I even wrote it several times on PS Blog.

    Keep it to yourself, unless it is retail I’m not buying anything more for my Vita. I’ve been waiting for this game for so long… bloody shame. Not even a price will sway me to buy it.

    I don’t want to remove anything from my memory card, and I’m not going to buy another 32 GB… I’d rather spend that money on 3DS instead.

    SCEE you disapoint me again, again and over again. I will need to think twice about buying PS4… as you are now… I don’t feel like supporting company which abandons their own handhelds despite the fact that it sold around 2kk more copies than Wii U (which is supported)

    Huh… you guys are so disapointing. What happened!? What happened to the team which made PS2 successful?

    • Vita Failed cause off PSPGO and it’s digital only scheme ppl don’t like digital jsut weird that sony diden’t see that. if psp never had the Digital only GO version i would believe that Vita woulden’t have been such a failure cause basicly they stabbed PSP fans in the back by going full digital with PSPGO but that clearly showed that most don’t want digital only.

      but the failure off SCEE itself in publishing first party game 2 even show support for their own handheld is really a joke. guess even sony doesen’t care.

    • pspGO failed because most of the psp backlog was not available for digital download so why by a psp that only had access to a tenth of the psp games?

      The vita has access to practically all the games on digital download. I don’t mind getting digital only games because the alternative would be no localisation – there are so many ps2 games that never got released outside japan because the cost of localising a physical version just wasn’t worth it. By all means, don’t buy a digital only game – but i’m just happy that i can play it in a language i can understand for an affordable price :)

    • I’m getting so tired of reading your posts. Nobody cares! If you don’t like what’s happening on Vita, speak with your wallet. Not one publisher will decide to release its game on vita with a retail version, just because you keep complaining on this Blog.

      If you are a hoarder who can’t delete the games he’s not even playing anymore, than that’s your problem. I play loads of stuff on my Vita and never run out of space, eventhough I only have a 16GB card. Like djburty said, the alternative is getting no localisation at all.

      Also, stop acting like every other consumer is on your side. I love having all my games digitally! Never do I have to care about carrying stupid cartridges with me anymore. All the games I want to play are right there, just a fingertip away. I don’t have to go to a store, I don’t have stupid boxes laying around and digital prices are pretty good if you wait for sales. As you can see: I couldn’t care less about retail releases on Vita and I have my reasons. Stop acting like everyone has the same problem as you!

  • But I want a retail release!!! ;_; it’s not fair ;_; why vita pets has a retail release??? And an awesome game like Oreshika no, this is insane!!!

  • How much will this be in pounds? If it’s £14.99 (like it should be) i’ll probably buy it

  • While the price is great, i wont pay any money for digital version. Gonna import boxed version instead.

  • Like most people I prefer physical retail-versions over downloads, especially for games with such beautiful box art. But still I appreciate the fact that you offer the game for such a fair price. 20 euros is a price you can’t complain at. Count me in!

  • I love physical copies and it’s a darn shame Sony doesn’t feel like giving a physical release for one of their 1st party games… You guys really hate the Vita and it’s fanbase, dont you? I’ll get it for €20 because the game seems awesome and I want to support future (and hopefully proper physical) releases, but I really want to let you guys (SCEE) know that I’m disappointed. But well, I’m used to being disappointed, just like every other Vita owner out there I guess.

  • Only French, English and German languages? Aw, it hurts. Really hurts.

    No spanish language, no buy.
    I will wait until cut price. Sorry, but I’m tired of this.

    • Are you kidding? 20 euro is ridiculous price for this brilliant project!

    • Yes, it’s a good price, but it’s my way of protesting because the game is not in my language.
      If the game had been in my language, I’d pay 20 euros and even more.
      No spanish, no money. Not inmediately at least.

    • If I was Spanish, I would be ashamed of what you just said.
      Spoiled countries… that’s why you guys can barely understand most languages without learning it first…

    • Spain is one of the bests markets (if not the best after Japan) for Vita

      Is not about learning a language is about treating your consumers equaly (or at least with respect)

    • I know English and Spanish just because my cartoons when I was a kid were in those languages, and some early Disney movies were in Brazilian.
      Spanish can’t understand a crap of Portuguese unless we speak in their language, (basically any Portuguese understands Spanish, and speaks a bit of it, with your accent and all), Brazilians speak Portuguese, but can’t understand what we say (this is hilarious), and we can speak Brazilian, with their accent also. Most people of my generation can speak and read English because all of our movies and series are NOT dubbed, only subbed, and games released here, only recently are getting the Portuguese language, and are only major releases like FIFA or Uncharted.
      Spanish is the 2nd language most spoken in the world, I’ll give you that, but after that, you can start arguing that Portuguese / French comes next… yet, you don’t see us crying for a Portuguese translation…

      That was my point! Also, all of those Americans (generally speaking) asking for crappy English dubs of Japanese games, and “no dub no buy”, because, I quote – “I don’t want to read the text” – it’s just ridiculous!

      Also, English is the most freaking easy language to write and speak.. See the F’s I give for a game to be English only and not in my language!

  • Great it’s finally coming over. Pity it’s probably the last big Sony game on Vita :( At least the price is right.

    Ehh, what would I do to get Gothic 2, KOTOR 1 & 2 and Morrowind ported to Vita… Would buy them all day 1, especially if they were released in retail.

  • I love how you’ve managed to bring Oreshika to us, and I appreciate lowering the launch price to a cheaper level, but I would have gladly paid the full retail price for a retail copy. Were the sales of retail Freedom Wars that poor that you didn’t want to give the same, great treatment to Oreshika? It’s just that so many other, smaller publishers have been able to have retail releases for the nichest of the niche games out there, so why not you, too? It wouldn’t even need to be a large amount, just some copies so that the few players who would gladly buy this game in retail could get what they want, and not drive you to bankruptcy.

    There have been many examples of succesful preorder campaigns for niche games in the past, such as with Devil Survivor 2 in Europe and Class of Heroes 2 in America (which didn’t ever get an European release, sadly). Why not try a similar solution with Oreshika, too?

    • It’s not so much poor Freedom Wars sales as it is that this game doesn’t have the same cache as Freedom Wars.

  • Sony is not able to release a physical copy of this game while NIS do that with Criminal Girls ? Seriously?

  • I’m also moaning about no physical release. I don’t want to keep managing all the data on my memory card to make room for other stuff.

  • Digital Only? Are you serious?
    No, Thanks, I save my monies.

  • Shame it’s digital only. Will have to pass, because I prefer physical releases.

  • Sigh. This game deserves a physical release more than Freedom Wars IMO.

  • I am really tired about the language, why not spanish subs??

  • To all those complaining about this being debit all only, are you seriously saying you will not play this because it doesn’t come in a box? How can you care more about the box the game comes in over the actual game?

    • *digital only

    • I think this isn’t anymore about the box. sony treats the Vita owners like a piece of trash, that’s why you see the comments “complaining”, they can’t even bring their own (Vita) games as a physical release, no dub (not because they listen to people who wants the original VA, but because they save money) and not to mention the lack of spanish or pórtuguese subs.

    • Sony overcharges for memory cards ($40 for 16 gigs is ridiculous) then releases their games digital only. And they wonder why their handheld is not doing well.

    • Yes I can understand this, but it’s clear that Sony are to far gone with not caring about Vita. so if you don’t buy the game under the principal of it only being digital, sony clearly doesn’t care, the only person you would be hurting is yourself by missing out on the game

    • @Nomanorus yes the memory cards are far to expensive but when comparing the price of Vita games to 3DS games it sort of evens itself out (well here in NZ anyway). For example Freedom Wars launched at $45NZ while Monster Hunter 4U launched at $79NZ. we may have to pay for an expensive memory card but the games are much cheaper

    • You do realize you can buy a 64gb card from Japan and do so without incurring customs, VAT and handling as the card qualifies as a part. Also why do people complain about digital only as some of us collect video games especially jrpgs. Another reason people want physical is that people can sell it or trade it in to purchase other games.

  • While I’m excited to get this game the constant digital only releases as well as ridiculously overpriced memory cards are a huge reason why the Vita is falling so far behind the 3ds. Seriously, Sony, make your Vita cards cheaper. They are such a rip off.

  • Does this work on PSTV?

  • My hearty congratulations to the team, which made a rare #psvita exclusive game. Being a person always on move, vita is my best friend n any engaging title esp if its #JRPG is most welcome. Wud love to knw more about gameplay, whether turn-based or not. Keep us updated, although 4th is not very far.

  • Said it before and I’ll say it again, please, please, please, at minimum just do limited print copies for those that want them. If NISA can do it then so can Sony

    Been waiting for this game to come for so long and now I’m going to pass on it completely.

  • Hurrah! Sooner than I expected (announcing the release date two weeks before it arrives – wow), and much cheaper, too. Definitely getting it.

  • Really happy to see Oreshika is finally arriving. But definitely needs a physical release!

    Even a limited one if that is what it takes.

    Then it can take it’s place in the pantheon of 2015 :p – http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PS-Vita-General/PlayStation-Vita-3-Year-Anniversary/td-p/23010640

  • Digital only for bigger price than US version? :/
    At least the price of 20 bucks could have stayed…

  • This game looks great, anyone find any user or professional reviews for it in Japan ? btw I am a secret JRPG lover…….

  • Well at least this game is also getting a digital only release in the US. So I can’t complain much. If US got a physical version but we only got digital then I would’ve been angry. I still prefer physical though.

  • Digital Only?I guess I won’t buy it then.

  • Looks beautiful! And since I’m a fan of JRPG’s, there’s a good chance I’ll be getting this one!

  • when sony will realize that they screwed the vita because of these bloody proprietary memory cards ??? if we were able to put and store our games on micro Sd cards that are 50 times cheaper, the vita would have been a succesfull system, really too bad… hope sony will understand this , and launch a new vita with Sd card, or their next gen portable with no m2 sticks..

    • Heh good luck with that. Maybe this is why 3ds does so well. I bought two 16gb SD cards for 3ds for less than the cost of 16gb vita card.

  • Digital and is not in spanish, godd bye sony.

  • No physical release -> NO BUY!!

  • I want to say a big thank you to Sony and all the developers who are actively trying to satisfy the “there’s not vita games” cry from fans. I can’t believe all these “I don’t wanna buy another memory card” comments. Honestly, you really play all those games installed all the time? Really? Delete a game once you finish it. It’s not the end of the world. The inconvenience of backing up to a Playstation/computer/downloading the game again is REALLY worse than not playing this game that you obviously care about enough to comment on? Or did you just come here specifically to have a cry? Honestly, some people’s priorities are mind-blowing.

    • I agree, and physical copies seem like much more of a hassle for handhelds anyway. Why would I want to have to carry a bunch of game cards with me instead of just having them digital

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