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Street Fighter V, Yakuza 5, Drawn to Death, new Uncharted 4 footage, Shovel Knight, more

So, the PlayStation Experience keynote address in Las Vegas has wrapped up, leaving the dust to settle on a flood of really exciting new announcements for PlayStation gamers. Full details of all the reveals can be found right here on PlayStation Blog – just use this post as a handy way to navigate around all the stories!

Where to begin? How about your first glimpse of Street Fighter V, which will be a PS4 console exclusive. Or why not take a look at the stunning debut gameplay reveal for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Or welcome news of a Western release for Yakuza 5. Or new trailers for Batman Arkham Knight, Destiny: The Dark Below, Tearaway Unfolded or the mind-blowing No Man’s Sky.

The game reveals came thick and fast. Our own Worldwide Studios group unveiled Drawn to Death, an exciting new arena shooter from God of War and Twisted Metal alumnus David Jaffe; the wonderfully mysterious What Remains of Edith Finch from the team behind The Unfinished Swan; Wattam – an intriguing collaboration between Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi and Journey producer Robin Hunicke; and Fat Princess Adventures, a follow-up to the larger-than-life PS3 gem.

And our friends and partners in the independent development scene duly stepped up to the plate too, and in real style. Just check out the following: *Deep breath* Wonderful platform adventure Shovel Knight; lunatic multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts; terrifying survival horror The Forest; a PS4 and PS Vita release for Transistor developer Supergiant’s lovely debut Bastion; Capybara Games’ audacious Super TIME Force Ultra; Severed, from the genius team responsible for Guacamelee!; horror sequel Killing Floor 2; old school RPG Darkest Dungeon; shooter/dungeon crawler hybrid Enter the Gungeon; strategy sequel Orcs Must Die! Unchained; and Skytorn, from the same Vancouver dev community behind Towerfall Ascension.

And that’s not all. Broken Age on PS4 and PS Vita, a PS Vita release for Resident Evil Revelations 2, Day of the Tentacle for PS4 and PS Vita, a PS Vita release for The Banner Saga – the list goes on.

Phew, what a night. Have a browse and then come back here and let us know what is on your must-have list.

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5 Author Replies

  • Great stuff coming…….uncharted 4 is a must!!

  • Wow. This had a really horrible finale.

    After the spectular opening that was Uncharted, we got a third person shooter that looks like it’ll have an interesting artstyle but that’s it.

    Then there was bad announcements like FF7 PS1 (I’m calling it PS1 because this is just a direct port. there is no remake of it whatsoever and it’s lazy) and MLB The Show 2015 which will likely be the same game with a new skin.

    There was some good but I expected a lot more and I’m seriously disappointed that we didn’t see any gameplay of the new Ratchet game. Considering it’s due in Spring 2015 and this is the last big reveal show before hand.

    • Ratchet & Clank is probably not coming in Spring 2015.

      I’ve been following the game on the Insomniac forum and the official word now by the community manager is that it’s coming in 2015. So anywhere between January 1st and December 31.

      It will probably release later in the 2nd half of 2015, in October or November probably, considering they haven’t shown anything yet.

      I hope they take their time with the game. Hopefully they don’t rush it just because the film is releasing earlier. Just let the film come out first then, and make sure Insomniac gets the time they need to make the game amazing!

    • The game is due out at the same time as the movie. The movie’s release date is Spring 2015 which means the game’s release is around that time as well.

    • @Archacus sometimes you say things that make sense, but most of the time you come off like an entitled brat. I’m guessing if square did remake ff7 you would start hating on it the minute it veered away from your vision of what it should be. Personally I’d much rather play the original with simple textures, midi sound and the now archaic fmv as that is ff7 – I bet a remake would resemble ff15 and that would be horrible.

    • @ryannumber3gamer

      I know, that was the original targeted release date. (first half of 2015 was the release window)

      And I’m saying that has probably changed now, for the Ratchet & Clank PS4 game, maybe not for the film.

    • @archacus
      sorry about that bro, must’ ve been autocorrect or something.

      I’m kinda curious what you mean about milking ff7. Compared to other popular games like Street Fighter 2 or Super Mario Bros, it’s only really ever been released on two platforms on two ocassions (psx and psn, Windows and steam) although I’m sure you’ll want to include the japan-only international version and maybe the OSTs and toys etc. And I know they released same universe games like crisis core and the Mobile games here in Japan but they are different games. So… given that you exchange money for goods and services of your choosing and to play the game once you would only have to purchase it once, how is that you’re getting nothing in return?

      They’ve stated before they wouldn’t remake it and maybe they are genuinely excited to be releasing it on ps4 as an hd port. Is Tim Schafer getting chewed out for rereleasing grim fandago rather than remaking it?

      You need to take a step back sometimes and realise that playing games is supposed to be fun and time spent worrying about trolling and moneyhatting and imperfect subtitles is time wasted. I’m sure even a daphnia could appreciate that.

    • Remember at E3 2014, Sony announced Ratchet and Clank would release simultaneously with the movie. Well the movie still says 2015 with no month selected so I would think that it will be a summer movie seeming that it will be considered a kids movie so between June and August which could mean that they will not show anything for it until a little before or at E3 2015. Also the release of FFVII HD remake was canceled many years ago. The fact that they are showing that the original release is coming in 2015 is to show how fast PS Now is moving to upload PS1 games into their servers for purchase, rent, and download. Of course you know they did open with Uncharted game play and the reason for that was they wanted to show everyone why you purchased the PS4. The system will only be 2 years old when Uncharted 4 releases (as everyone knows that August to December are the months in which Naughty Dog releases new games not remakes or remasters to a PS console) and it can already perform that high fidelity and cram that many 3D model textures into an area visible on the screen is absolutely stunning; makes you wonder what will come in 2016, 17, 18… for the PS4 console. Sony is notorious for only showing a certain amount of titles at a time, it has been that way since the beginning. They aren’t going to show everything coming to PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 in 2015 right now. E3 is the biggest event. What we saw was a good portion of games coming in 2015 but you know Sony will announce a new exclusive at E3 2015 for 2015 and they will wait until then which will most likely not be Ratchet and Clank and so expect another. I thought the Keynote conference was amazing and starting off with Uncharted 4 was a huge, “bring it” to Microsoft’s Xbox brand in their home country by showing just how powerful their system is at the beginning of its life with their signature series. It’s competition at the finest so each can progress further by continuously raising the bar. Besides you still have Level-5 studios to announce a game after Ni No Kuni, Quantic Dream’s new game, Santa Monica’s new IP after revamping their business, the makers of SOCOM’s new game, Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture, and The Last Guardian to still be shown off; so know that Sony only played half of a Texas Hold’em Game this weekend, building up a Royal Flush with only one card still needed and the River coming at E3 2015. The PS4 has just start so hang on, the ride has just begun!

    • FF7 is not a port from PS1, it’s the updated PC version released two years ago, with further enhancements.

      Which means, it will probably crash when you use Cid’s “Hyper Jump” Limit Break. That wasn’t fixed in the original 1998 version, and is still there in the Steam version. LOL.

  • How do I pre-order the ltd edition 20th anniversary console?

  • So the 3 free EA games are coming to EU right?
    They never said just US they said everyone watching which means all regions.

    Also another show where my Last Guardian hopes have been crushed, time to start counting down to the next show.

    • Yes, they are available in the EU PS-store for free right now.

    • The games are up now.

    • Thanks EA by the way!

    • Anyone else has problems getting Mirrors edge? Says im not allowed to download it :(

    • @Basket21
      I’m having the same thing with Need for Speed.

    • I’ve *just* bought PvZ and Mirror’s Edge (I had already bought NFS for Vita long ago), so it’s all good here.
      Thank you, EA!

    • free games? what? tell me more!

    • sailejamta

      Mirror’s Edge for Ps3
      Plants vs Zombies for PS4
      Need for Speed Most Wanted for Vita.
      Only for two days, so grab them now!

    • The Last Guardian yes is a let down but just know it is still in production and you know Sony because of the wait so far they will not release anything for it unless they are 100% sure that when they announce it, that the game will release within a matter of 6 months or less to avoid being boo’d off stage since its the longest game in production that its initial trailer was shown off many years ago next to Interstellar Marines and FF15 (Versus) without being canceled or confirmed recently that it is still in production.

  • My favourite moment was definitely that jazz-hands Canadian guy from Third Party Productions praising Vita <3

  • ehhh want to know as well.

  • Still wanting to know more info on how to get that very, very limited 20th anniversary edition of PS4, though…

    • Only from competitions.

    • Hi folks. Apologies for the lack of comprehensive information on this. Each EU territory is taking their own approach to getting the Anniversary Editions out there – a mixture of contests, auctions and pre-orders. I’m working on a post detailing the situation region-by-region, but in the meantime stay tuned to your local Twitter feeds for details. Eg. @PlayStationUK, @PlayStationDE, @PlayStationFR etc.

    • Thanks for the Info Fred – you are currently the only Source of trusted info on this topic.
      are you able to give any indication as to likely timings – we were given the 6th as the day to expect info and i was up all day and night just refreshing twitter, i would prefer Not to have to do that again tonight if it wont be there as i have work tomorrow.


    • We all know that there’s going to be very very few in Europe, the majority of these are going to the US.

      I read a comment on the blog somewhere, probably by Fred that said something along the lines of “every region is getting its fair share” but I simply can’t believe that to be true. We’re still paying up to 50% more than last gen for our games while the US continues to enjoy that price freeze that was announced at E3 last year.

      A couple thousand of these (tops) means largely competitions (probably “fastest finger” meaning whoever has the best bot/script and lowest ping) or a charity auction meaning some eBay reseller will take it and sell it for huge profit

      A much better way to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation would be to finally make it a global brand. Do away of these nonsensical regional divides and have single policies that are fair to everyone rather than having huge price hikes here to fund reductions elsewhere, deliberately holding back stock from Europe to ensure the others have surplus, delayed releases due to different QA rules in Europe, switching the network off during European peak time to not disrupt access for US and Japan. Do I need to continue on this?

      I still hold hopes that things will improve in these areas during this gen but they’ve all moved backwards over the last year and that has me worried.

  • My favourite moment was how we all just got epic trolled by Square Enix… Seriously SONY SERIOUSLY?!

    How did you let that on the stage.

    I went from incredibly excited drooling nerdgasm, to a emotional wreck.

    P.s. You better be remaking this game and just trolling the world

    • I can’t believe people were clapping and cheering it after, I would be booing. Building up hopes just to announce the 1-2 year old PC port

    • I would have screamed with rage if I was there ¬_¬

    • I agree. I was in the middle writing a text to all my friends like “omg remake!!!”. and then.. nothing lol :P

    • It’s not up to Sony, it is up to Square Enix and I bet that with Hironobu Sakaguchi, he wouldn’t be too pleased of a remaster unless he is involved, I would bet my money he owns part of that game and with him not being at Square Enix anymore for awhile since FFX that unless he approves of it and gets to have his name as Game Director for it that it will not be remade. I personally do not want a FFVII remake unless he is Game Director for it. Keep it as the PS1 graphic version if he is not as the Game Director because you know it will get messed up without him in it.

  • Are you this much ashamed that you don’t mention Final Fantasy 7 ?

  • or are you preparing a surprise ?

  • Excellent show. I loved it and hope for it to again next yer.

    My highlights are too many to count.

    Uncharted 4 looks amazing and can’t wait to play it.
    Tearaway is another Day One title I can’t wait for after playing the Vita one.
    Batman is Batman and look forward to playing it in June. Where is the Batmobile edition?
    Grim Fandango Remaster, Day of the Tentacle and Broken Age blow we away. Tim is getting a lot of my money.
    Two Street Fighter titles exclusive is amazing even these are not my type of games.
    The Square raised my hopes and dashed them but it is still a buy for me and I can’t wait to hear more.
    I hope we get Suikoden 1 and 2 in the not so distant future as it seems US only so far.

    Again an excellent night and 2015 is looking very strong for PlayStation

  • The further coverage of No Man’s Sky did look extremely good, and Yakuza is the announcement of the night. Trolled by Square-Enix though, and by the announcement that built up P5 as if preparing for a Vita release, only to be announcing its US/EU localisation for PS3/4 (which we already knew was going to happen.)

    Quick questions Fred:

    Will the free EA games be North America only, or are we getting them as well?

    Also, are we getting Suikoden 1 & 2 as well for Vita, as that would be a real disappointment if they were NA only. Sure, I can get them for PS3 on my US account if they’re the PSOne versions, but I can’t transfer them to Vita on that account (or use them at all if it’s the PSP versions).

    • “(…) and by the announcement that built up P5 as if preparing for a Vita release, only to be announcing its US/EU localisation for PS3/4 (which we already knew was going to happen.)


    • nope… no suikoden for us :/

      Sad because that was by far the best game “for Vita” presented during show

    • @Archaus

      Don’t be so sure just yet :) talking with friend within Konami. They all want to do it for EU as well. They are pushing for it but it depends on the higher ups ^^

    • @Rildiz
      That would be nice thing… though…. I will believe when I will see it.

      Like they say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”

      But that’s a good sign… let’s hope

    • Suikoden after all will be coming to Europe.

      Next month on PSN confirmed by Konami

  • Please ask squarenix what part of “final fantasy 7 remake” they don’t understand. Could been the greatest event ever to me if it had been a remake. Now I feel dissapointed with almost all of the event barring yakuza 5, shovel knight and day of the tentacle remaster.

    • When I saw the logo, and when I realised its just a port. Biggest rollercoaster ride of my life perhaps.

      Sad since we are gonna see a big resident evil Remake to ps4 in 2015.

  • Any word on Suikoden II on PS3/Vita download coming to the EU store? Or Persona 5 coming to EU?
    Seeing as they were mentioned for NA but nothing for us over here ;(

    • We’ll get Persona 5 in the EU in 2017, everyone will have imported it and no-one will buy it. Then Atlus/Sega will say “But there’s no demand for these games in EU”

      We don’t ask for much, just a retail version & a reasonable time-frame from the US release.

      I miss “Ghostlight”

    • Suikoden release in Europe still has to be confirmed according to Konami UK. But it is coming.

    • Hope both will come to EU soon… Damn, I’m ready to buy Suikoden anytime and almost any money… One of the best JRPG EVER.


  • The games I want!
    1) Uncharted 4
    2) The Order 1886
    3) Bloodborne
    4) Batman Arkham Knight
    5) Tearaway unfolded
    6) No man’s sky

    *catches breath*

    7) Fat Princess

    Oh lord the list goes on…

    8) The Forest (this looks interesting! Will keep my eye on this)
    9) Orcs Must Die! (same as above)

    I’ll stop for now. Will need to go through the others to see what else to add

  • Please just tell me that ff7 will have trophy support?

    • Final fantasy u will have trophy support.

      Its a psn title not a ps1 port, all new psn titles that are not betas MUST have trophy support its now a developer requirement.

    • That’s just got me to buy this game again even though i have the ps1 classic on my vita/ps3 and two copies of the original disk version for ps1

  • Will the PS1 port of final fantasy have trophies? I am looking forward to nearly all of them. Will Grim Fanango also be coming to Europe next month?

    The highlight of the show for me was Uncharted 4, Broken Age, Grim Fandango, No Man’s Sky and Bastion XD

    • Most probably it will have trophies.

      That’s a lousy port of steam version of game, and on steam you have trophies. Better buy it on steam and play with Tifa’s Bootleg mods.

    • I say it will have trophies. I can’t wait. The PC version has a bit of a graphical upgrade.

    • @Archacus

      Unfortunately I don’t have a gaming PC anymore, I just have a basic netbook :(

    • Hopefully the PS4 version will not have that Square-Enix built-in secondary DRM.

    • @Witcher
      Nor do I… but FF VII can be played even on potato.

      from steam:

      OS:Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64bits)
      Memory:1 GB RAM
      Graphics:DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphic card
      Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
      Requires a Square Enix account.

    • Of course it’ll have trophies. That question is surely now a bit of a no brainer mate. Since 2008 ANYTHING released on a Sony platform that has Trophies has ALWAYS had Trophies.

  • @Fred Dutton
    Hi Fred, sorry to be a pill but any news about the Collectors Edition of Bloodborne? Here in Europe that is :)

  • Oh, and not to forget – nothing about Oreshika. Like, at all. When can we expect at least something?

    • Maybe it got cancelled?

    • Dude…stop being so negative. It’s there. If you follow twitter at all and watch the RPG watchers you’ll see that it’s there. Oh and one more thing. There is many hours left and a whole day tomorrow.

    • It says 2015 on the Show floor. It’s there, it’s playable. Stop being so negative please.

    • Don’t worry guys, we’ll get an announcement the week before the digital-only release.

    • There were a few things missing:

      Oreshika – probably digital only, especially since it took a lot of criticism in Japan for the storyline and one of the characters.
      The Last Guardian – the saga continues
      Gravity Rush 2 – now officially vapourware, I believe.
      No localisation info for most of the interesting Japanese titles from the TGS pre-show.

  • Suikoden for PAL please..! It’s really going to be a letdown if it’s only for the US store…

    On another note, I vaguely remember that EA said on twitter that they would announce a new game at the event, which game was it?

  • You forgot Suikoden!! The only interesting announcement of the show, barring Grim Fandango.

  • No sign of Suikoden I and II for the EU PSN?

  • It’s already been mentioned, and no doubt will be mentioned again…but I’m not sure I can fully express how disappointed I am in SE and the travesty that is PS4 FF VII. Was so excited when it came up on screen then utterly deflated when I heard ‘upscaled graphics’…I mean what’s the effing point?!!! Either remake the game with the current gen polish it deserves or leave it the eff alone! After the TR fiasco, and now this PS1 port, which is a waste of time, I think I’m just about done with SE.

    And while I’m ranting, until they gives us a PS Monster Hunter, Capcom can go take a run and jump too!

    Really spoiled what was an enjoyable, if a bit unspectacular, conference. FF VII is a PS4 exclusive….**** off!

  • The real must-have of the show was Suikoden.
    So bring Suikoden I & II to Europe, too. Please…

  • So, i guess we can go eff ourselves for Suikoden? Thanks Konami.

    Also boo at digital only Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Yakuza. Hooray for Grim Fandango though.

  • The forest, dungeon defenders 2, killing floor 2, the order 1886 and batman is what im gonna pick up.

    But damn was I mad at square enix. I was so sure they were gonna announce a remake of FF7, but instead they will release just a port to ps4.. Already own like 5 copies of the game on different platforms and formats.

  • It was pretty good! Great diversity, some good PS Vita announcements! I would have liked to see Ratchet & Clank re-imagining, but oh well next year then I guess. And honestly I expected more from The Order 1886, but the game is still on my radar.

    I think the Adam Boyes sections should be a bit more brief though. But maybe only people like that.

    And also SCE, please stop with exclusive content in multiplatform games if you moneyhatted that exclusive content. Nobody benefits from that.

  • That was a really good showing, nice work all involved!

  • Towerfall
    Shovel Knight
    Super Time Force Ultra
    Geometry Wars 3

    All coming to the Vita!!!
    Could not have hoped for more!


    • YEAAAAAY cos that’s EXACTLY what Vita needs isn’t it, more indie games!

    • I think it was extremely poor to be honest. Just new trailers for old news, small digital announcements and indies indies indies! So sick to DEATH of hearing about rubbish indie games! I had my fill of 8bit graphics side scrolling platformers in the 80s n 90s thanks Sony.

      Where were all the new AAA Sony exclusive announcements you been teasing for months? Charging for tickets for that was just downright embarrassing. Making everyone think we would get new game reveals from multiple developers with your promo image recently with all their names on.

      The ONLY thing worth cheering in that whole show was that Vita is getting RE Rev2 n that’s it!

      I bet MIcrosoft were laughing their socks off by the end. I know PS3 got awesome support right up to the PS4 release window, but really Sony, the time for silence is over, you need to show everyone some REAL games that can only be found on PS4 if you want your momentum to continue.

      So disappointing it’s almost funny.

    • Where is Gravity Rush 2? Where are the games we were promised when Vita first launched?

  • Uncharted 4 gameplay
    MLB 2015
    Bloodbourne gameplay
    Destiny DLC
    Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4
    Killing Floor 2
    Darkest Dungeon
    The Forest
    Geometry Wars 3 Vita
    Orcs Must Die: Unchained
    EA gives free games
    Shovel Knight
    *That indie game with the cannon gun*
    Street Fighter V
    Yakuza 4/5/Dead Souls
    Suikoden 1/2
    Towerfall Ascension/ Dark World Vita
    Octodad Vita
    Super Time Force Ultra Vita
    The Banner Saga Vita
    RE: REvelations 2 Vita
    Gang Beasts PS4/Vita
    Broken Age PS4/Vita
    Grim Fandango Remastered PS4/Vita
    Day of the Tentacle Special Edition
    Fat Princess
    Whatever the hell that green square was
    What Remains of Edith Finch
    The Order
    Tearaway PS4 gameplay
    Until Dawn
    Final Fantasy VII (lol)
    No Man’s Sky
    Drawn to Death

    From IGN

    An excellent list

  • Just want to throw my hat in and say I really want Suikoden II. I know you guys have probably been told before. But damn! That was a right tease if it isn’t coming over here.

  • Final Fantasy VII on PS4!!!! I am all in for that! Folk moaning about it not being a remake shhhhh, it’s the single greatest game of all time as it is. Slap a platinum on it and shut up and take my money!

  • Yakuza 5 oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god

    We must do our best to keep niche games alive by purchasing them and send a message to companies. We’ve requested, begged, petitioned, spammed for Yakuza 5 and now we must let out wallets speak.

    We let Tearaway and Puppeteer die, but we can save Yakuza after all this demand. Come on folks, we can do it.

    You don’t have to buy Dead Souls, though. Just buy 4 and 5. >_>

    • I bought Dead Souls anyway. And 4.
      Even though I have physical copies of both.

      Dead Souls is quite enjoyable for me, but I realize it requires an immense amount of love for the Yakuza franchise, as it is both sub-par as a zombie game and as a Yakuza game. But to me, a sub-par Yakuza game is still wonderful.

      So happy about the Y5 announcement.

    • (Vetrouw me, ik probeerde van Dead Souls te genieten… :/ Het was gewoon té slecht voor mij…)

      Yakuza is one of the last remaining active series that I like. Dead Souls is a bit of a divisive game; you might love it or not, but the quality of that game should not spoil the consistent quality of the mainline series.

      We have to be honest if we want to convince people to enter the Yakuza series; if they want to buy Dead Souls, there is a big chance that they won’t like it. It’s a safer bet to let newbies get a taste of Yakuza 4 first.

  • Another vote for the Suikodens from me! MUST HAVE THEM IN EUROPE!!

  • Resident evil revelations 2 on Vita? Great news, glad we got a AAA Vita game.

  • FREE EA games up now:

    PS4 – Plants Vs Zombies
    PS3 – Mirror’s Edge
    PSV – Need For Speed MW

    Only available for 24 hours or so.

  • Yakuza 5 was the closest thing to an interesting announcement. The rest was just showing stuff people already knew about and “shocking” announcements that even more indie games are coming.

    Oh, and some ps1 rpgs that we probably won’t even get, and if we do who cares? We can’t even get Ape Escape on the psn store, how about you twits go put A GAME YOU MADE YOURSELVES on your freaking store?

  • Right when I sold my vita this happens! Lol well ill be sure to pick it up in February once again! Good work Sony!!! nice to see you are still supporting the vita. Its not much, but this will do just fine for now.

  • New Uncharted gameplay is unreal. An absolute must!

  • Soooooooooo many Games :P Uncharted 4 was AMAZING to :P :P :P

  • Revelations 2 for Vita!

  • Damn it Konami!!!! I love Suikoden series, my favorite RPG series, (even 4 I thought was fun, was the worst of them all, but definitely wasn’t bad) PLEASSSSSEEEE KONAMI announce a Suikoden 6!!!!!

  • So have we got confirmation of Suikoden 1 and 2 for the EU PSN Store?

  • Sorry for the off topic guys, but in case you didn’t noticed there are free games until this Sunday at Midnight you can get the following for free.
    PS4 Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare
    PS3 Mirrors Edge
    Vita Need For Speed : Most Wanted

    No plus membership required!

  • @counteruavbaby !!!!!!!

    this is the reason internet exists..
    Thanx mate

  • Persona 5. That is all!

  • Wait Resident evil Revelations 2 is coming for the vita too? :D

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