Bloodborne release date moves to March 2015

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Bloodborne release date moves to March 2015

From Software’s PS4 epic needs a little more time in the oven

Hi everyone. As many of you know, earlier this year we announced that our forthcoming PS4 game, Bloodborne, would launch in February 2015. Unfortunately, I’m here today to announce a short delay to the release date, as we need more time to deliver you the best possible final experience.

We were really grateful for all the player data and feedback we received from those who took part in our recent limited alpha test, and this extra development time will allow us to better integrate these learnings into the game.

Bloodborne is now set to launch in the PAL region exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 25th March, 2015 (and 27th March in UK and Ireland).

In the meantime, look out for some exciting Bloodborne news in early December. Thank you very much for your continued support and patience!

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  • From Software should take as along as they need

  • I can live with that. Was pretty stupid from the begining to release the Order and this during the same month.

  • Sad to hear it but there is enough games in February anyway.

  • I’d always rather see a game delayed and released working than on time but not working. Especially as the Sony Certification Team are clearly no longer that bothered about what state a game releases in, DriveClub being the perfect case in point where it was released without any real world testing of the online features whatsoever (if any testing had been done, any at all they’d have noticed it was DDOSing its own servers, it’s an obvious issue)

    Just make sure the game is awesome and works properly. Seems that all PS4 exclusives have suffered delays and and the ones that released so far haven’t been any better for their delays, I am confident that this trend can be reversed by BloodBourne and The Order, but we need to see it happen.

  • No problem, you keep baking, we’ll come hungry.

  • I’m sure we still have a couple of such announcements ahead of us. But that’s ok. Take as long as you need. Better than releasing a half-baked product. I think we can all agree we had more than enough of those lately…

  • That’s unfortunate but its all cool. I can now delay my constant sobbing, shrieking and the constant feeling of dread….why do I love these games?

    PS. Is another beta incoming? :)

  • Delays can be good to improve the final product. Worked for Driveclub at least.

  • This could’ve been delayed to June and I wouldn’t have minded, it’s going to be amazing either way.

  • 28th March is a Saturday.

  • Launching in the same month as The Order 1886 was never a good idea, but I’m still surprised that you move the release date to late March.

  • Almost exactly 1 year between Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne releases.

    I hope the December news is info on the collectors edition which I will be buying as soon as it’s announced.

  • I’m okay with that. Take your time, as long as the final product is good.

  • Take as much time as you need, but make it good. No, actually, make it great.

    Demon’s Souls was dark, atmospheric and brilliant. Dark Souls was climatic, beautiful and sad. Dark Souls II was boring and full of grinding, but had some moments. Make it as good as two first ones, don’t make another Dark Souls II.


  • Calling it now, The Last Guardian will have a 95 metacritic rating.

  • We’re talking weeks here, so it’s completely understandable. Hopefully that news is some sort of beta. That would be marvellous!

  • Why is it that in the UK we pay more and wait longer? I thought we were getting this game at the same time as the rest of the world for once, this delay would be easier to swallow if it wasn’t for us Brits getting short end of the stick once again.

    • You do realise the release date for North America has been delayed too?

    • @NothernFusion Yes I do, but they don’t have to wait as long as us, nor do they have to pay as much.
      As I said, we wait longer and pay more.
      Don’t mind me though, I’m just annoyed because this is my most anticipated game of 2015.

    • I only found out yesterday that people in the us buying from the PS Store were still paying $60 for their games while we have gone from £39.99 to around £55 average on AAA retail games making them $87

      This has to change, I’m not here (along with everyone else in Europe) to subsidise US gamers.

    • Exactly, they get the collectors edition for cheaper than we get the standard edition.
      Speaking of the collectors edition, where is it? *Runs to check Amazon*

    • Nope, still no collectors edition.
      Think I’ll update my previous statement, ”We pay more, we wait longer and we receive less”. Argh.

    • What makes our prices even worse, is that when the new consoles were released, a statement was issued that ‘Next Gen Gaming would not be more expensive, and would keep the same RRP as last gen”

      Which was True in America, PS3 RRP were 60, so PS4 RRP were 60.

      PS3 RRP here was 60 originally, but went down to 45 as standard. Even though in shops we can pay as little as 35. But next gen came along, and the cheapest places to get games now sell them for £42 (a £7 rise) and through the store, we pay the full £60.

      They get away with it, because the price is on par with a PS3 release when those consoles came out. But it is still a massive shafting for Europe, when price conversions always make out better for America. It’s why Websites such as VideoGamesPlus are so popular. Because you can order games, region free, from America and pay less than you pay here… and often, you can get special versions that don’t come to the UK too.

      I have no idea why we get shafted so much (Sony blames trading laws and costs), but we do lose a lot (sometimes we actually gain, rarely though) and all it will do eventually is lead to people ignoring home markets for games and importing, where they get more for their money. Hell, you could even import a PS4 and just deal with the US customer support and Blog team. At least then you’d get answers to questions, and more communication. We get nothing here except “No news yet” to 90% of questions. We pay more, we lose out on stuff, but Sony still cant afford a good Community teams.

    • @MafiaCub Yes, you get it! Its so frustrating.

      I know that what I’m about to say isn’t tied dierectly too Sony, but another one of my most anticipated games is Guilty Gear XRD, we’re still waiting for a release date, and if we’ll even get one or not, nobody knows, afterall, the last Guilty Gear game never released here, and the studios previous game, BlazBlue Chronophantasma, they never announced the release date for it, it just appeared on the PSN 2 weeks after the US retail release, we never got a physical copy. I don’t understand how they expect these games to sell when communication is this poor, as I said, Blaze Blue was never announced for Europe, it ‘just appeared’ in Europe, argh. So now I’m here, feeling all annoyed because I have no idea weather Guilty Gear is getting an EU release and if it does, we probably won’t be notified about it, it’ll ”just appear”.

      It just all comes back to this frustrating lack of communication, I could give another 5 examples of this happening at least, sometimes I just feel as if these companies think that we don’t exist over here in EU.

  • I’m good with that! Better to delay a game than to released a messy one early. Also gives me more time to enjoy The Order 1886

  • I also gave a list with remarks after the alpha, but I have very good faith that the game is going to turn out awesome!

    There were too many games in february anyway, I just hope they don’t delay those games (again)

  • I was part of the alpha test and generally loved it, bit disappointed that I won’t be playing it on my birthday which is in the beginning of March, but if it means an extra layer of tweaking and polish that’s fine by me :)

  • Scared of Witcher 3 are we. It’s ok.

  • No worries. Keep on working. Day one buy no doubt.

  • My hype remains unchanged. Looking forward to it!

  • Just take your time :)

  • That’s fine. Just please use the extra time to lock down the performance. It’s all we ask.

  • That’s probably the best thing that could have happened to Sony. Having Bloodborne and The Order: 1886 release at roughly the same time would be financial suicide. At least now, there’s about a month between them :)

  • With all the money I’ve saved this year on PS4 games that have failed to arrive and games that were disappointing so I didn’t buy them, I had enough to buy a decent gaming PC. :D

  • No problem, I’m rarely anxiously waiting for day one game releases. Take the time you need to make something truly great and I’ll happily buy it then. :)

    Not to mention, as other have pointed out, from the business point of view of Sony Computer Entertainment it probably made a bit more sense to spread out The Order 1886 and Bloodborne a bit from each other. Maybe SCE could still include a Bloodborne demo in The Order 1886 or something, though?

  • A wise decision I would say. Competing with the Witcher 3 would not do any good. Looking forward to see the masterpiece you guys are crafting :)

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