New Far Cry 4 trailer journeys to the lowlands of Kyrat

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New Far Cry 4 trailer journeys to the lowlands of Kyrat

Meet Paul Depleur, the brutal leader of Pagan Min’s royal army

Journey to the Lowlands of Kyrat in this Far Cry 4 trailer and try to survive in this quiet and deadly paradise.

In this first part of the Kyrat Series, take a look at the Lowlands region of Kyrat – a peaceful place where the local culture lives and breathes. Journey to the small local villages and start your exploration of the unpredictable world of Kyrat in this massive region, that runs from the rolling hilltops to the wetland marshes.

But not everything is sunshine and rainbows: Paul Depleur, leader of Pagan Min’s royal army, is a brutal psychopath who poisons the peaceful lowlands through fear and torture. He controls this region and makes his fortune running guns, selling tea and cultivating other illegal crops.

In order to survive in the lowlands, take advantage of the new vehicles of Far Cry 4. Ride in the Tuk Tuk, take a hovercraft to explore the rivers and marshes, or fly in a gyrocopter, perfect for getting the upperhand on your enemy.

In Part 2 we’ll take you to one of the most unpredictable and terrifying places in Kyrat: the Shanath Arena!

Don’t forget, Far Cry 4 bundles for both PS4 and PS3 are available from launch, priced €439.99/£384.99 RRP (PS4) and €299.99/£249.99 RRP (PS3).

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