PS Vita system software update 3.30 goes live tomorrow

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PS Vita system software update 3.30 goes live tomorrow

Look out for Theme support, and new Trophy and Calendar features

Hi everyone! Last month, we announced that Themes are coming to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. If you’re a PS Vita owner, the wait is almost over! From tomorrow, PS Vita system software update v3.30 will be available to download and soon you’ll be able  to personalise your PS Vita’s Start and Home screens, system application icons and the system’s background music through custom Themes.  This update also brings improvements to the Trophies and Calendar apps.


You will be able to customise your PS Vita with a range of Themes which will be available to purchase and download from PlayStation Store soon. We will update this post as soon as possible to confirm when they will be available. You’ll be able to manage downloaded themes through the PS Vita system’s Settings app. Check out these bad boys in action:


Update v3.30 also allows you to see Trophy rarity when viewing Trophies on your PS Vita so you’ll know just how amazing your gaming skills are.

If you’re a fan of setting up events with your friends via the Calendar app on PS Vita, you can now send event files from your Calendar to your friends using Messages or Email so they can easily add them to their own Calendar. This update will also allow you to add players not in your Friends list to your events.

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below. What Themes do you want to see make their way to PS Vita? I know I have a wish list!


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  • That theme to the left of the final pair of screenshots looks great…

    Any details on pricing / possibility to create your own themes?

    • Being able to make our own themes would be great!

    • restredainted, you’ve been able to make custom themes since Vita was released.

      The only thing that this adds is the ability to change the system icons and the background music, and the ability to download a full theme in a neat package from PSN.

      Up until now, anyone with a bunch of jpegs grabbed from an internet search or screen-grab has been able to create custom wallpapers for different types of games, or even give individual games their own Live Area screen, and create a custom lock-screen by adding a zipper effect to a jpeg.

      It’s not hard to do, and there are entire sites set up with custom wallpapers and lock-screens that people have put together and made available online.

    • @1.2 With custom themes, I meant that it would also be possible to change the bubbles, system bars and used font like ‘native’ themes can, based on these screenshots.

    • DJOates

      The ability to customise our own icons and music is exactly what he’s on about.

    • Also you get able to get a new Background Music along with the themes! (which some ppl found annoying , now that can have a different one. Not that I carred in the 1st placed, but some do, dunno why.)

  • Awesome, which game themes will it be available?

    • Japan is getting this:
      “Crystal and Stiching, available from Sony Computer Entertainment, are free, while a theme based on Spike Chunsoft’s DanganRonpa: Another Episode costs ¥432. Launch themes in the west will include Crystal, Four Seasons, and Stitching. Themes based on PS Vita titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Oreshika 2 and Freedom Wars are coming soon.”

      I’m pretty sure we are getting Crystal and Stiching plus Uncharted, Freedom Wars and Tearaway.

    • Themes for Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Tearaway will be available soon. We’ll update you as more become available.

    • Please tell me there’s a P4G theme coming. There HAS to be a P4G theme coming.

    • Uncharted and Tearaway themes are kinda unnecessary and a bit childish (assuming you can’t be a psn user if you are not under 17years old, kinda doesn’t make sense though)… but if we get Freedom Wars and Danganronpa theme’s I would love to get them even if I must pay for them.

  • Wow, themes are good. But how about games?

  • Is the Freedom Wars theme going to be part of the first batch?

    • Nop, lets hope it gets released in the same day has Freedom (this month) or all together if we purchase it digitaly. :3

  • I already have a custom theme built, with different backgrounds for every page and the rip-away start screen, so this won’t affect me, except for the ability to change the background music (unless you’ve disabled existing custom themes to promote your paid ones – please tell me this isn’t the case). Trophy rarety is a great addition though.

    Can you confirm whether this will correct the most glaring error for theme setting – that of sub-folders.

    Currently, if you make a sub-folder in one of the Live Area screens, there is no way to set a background for it, or make it inherit the background of the parent page. For example, my RPG Live Area screen has a great background, but as soon as I click on the sub-folder I’ve created for PSP/PSOne RPGs, it reverts to the standard blue background with no way to change it.

    It might be too much to ask that the Holy Grail of Vita updates has been pushed through yet – the one that will give us the ability to turn off the most hated feature of the Vita … automatic screen dimming.

    • I’m sorry but that’s not a theme. You just set it a contextual wallpaper which has bubbles for icons and some ugly photoshopped zipper around the edges of the part that peels when you unlock your Vita. A theme is supposed to completely change the interface. Even with this update the themes they present are not really full themes. I expected new icon shapes and new animations for them. I’m still excited about them, though.

  • Tearaway, Persona 4 and Danganronpa themes as soon as possible please.

  • Will it have Live from PlayStation as well?

  • I don’t care so much for themes. When do we get the possibility to use multiple accounts on our PSVita?

  • I know it’s not down to sony but a BT hotspot/openzone app is sadly missing from the vita

  • Fred!
    Can you please talk to the right persons for a fix for folders? When you change a memory cards lots of times a folder will get messed up.
    For example if you have one with 6 games and change the memory, next time every one of those games will get in their own folder, sitting there alone…crying for it’s lost friends… It’s heartbreaking and annoying to gather them again in one folder.

    Not game related but I really wish for a Stargate theme, especially an Sg-1 !

  • Great Update! My wishlist for themes: another world!!!

  • Sounds good. Can themes be awards like they are in Final Fantasy XIII for getting certain trophies?

  • playstation live app will be avaliable to download from store?

  • Sounds like a solid update. I especially like the update to the trophy app to list rarity. Themes also look good though.

  • Is the update at midnight UK, or around 6am?

  • Just give me the Netflix app. It’s all I really care about.

    • Well in the last firmware there was a way to get regionlocked free apps like netflix on all account, so i have now usa netflix in my eu account and it works perfectly with an eu account. Mayby it still works to get it on your vita (it is really simple) just look up the zett

  • Vita gets something first for a change! Looking forward to this. Are there going to be themes for all the big Vita games? LBP, Tearaway, P4G etc?

    Or how about the cool Danganronpa and Freedom Wars ones Japan is getting? Anything like that in the pipeline or are they all just generic, non-specific ones? I’d love to have a P4G one, that’d be the best.

    Also, what’s happening with the Live from PlayStation app? Isn’t that supposed to be coming?

    Can I also make a suggestion? It would be great if Vita could get the PlayStation app that’s on phones. You know, the one that lets you download games to your PS4 remotely? Because if Vita is really PS4’s ultimate companion, it should really have that app.

  • Nice, hope to see themes of actual games soon, not into this randomness..
    Also hoping for more options for Trophy sorting. I want sorting options to put the games I played last on top, not the ones I unlocked trophies for (like it used to be), and I want the games with the privacy option (which other players can’t see but you can) all the way down the list to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

    • On the other hand, not that many Vita games in general so I don’t expect to see too many themes. Killzone, Gravity rush, Uncharted Tearaway and LBP, think that’s about it :p Unless it won’t just be Vita games..

  • What time does the update start?

  • Will this update give my Jap PSVita TV access to my EU account?

  • Rarity for trophies isn’t really what it seems, it is based on the amount of people that have earned it, not on how hard it is to obtain, hence when you play a new game the rarity rises as more people obtain it, if anything it confuses stuff, for instance a game with only a few thousand players may have a trophy rarity lower for earning something much easier, than some bigger game with many more players, who have obtained a mad/insane/bonkers playthrough type one, if you get the jist of it?. still it does have it’s uses, i keep meaning to check out rarity of Spec Ops plat, as the AI in insane playthrough make it very, very difficult to complete, but it’s way, way back in my list, will get to it eventually… we got that on p,us a while ago and i downloaded it thinking i would attempt it ‘one last time’, but the disc save wasn’t compatable with digital one, so never bothered, can someone from sony implement a ‘exchange’ type cloud service for these problems?. sort of like upload the disc one into cloud, then say 24/48 hours later be able to download the digital one, have heard computer savvy people can do this so be nice if it become a service, just a thought.

    • If it were based on the amount of people that have earned it, it should always say 100% (because that’s how many people have earned it, out of the people who have earned it), so this doesn’t sound right.

    • jorispelgrom, it’s based on the number of people who’ve registered as having played the game (i.e. have it listed in their trophy list, which occurs automatically the first time you open it,) against how many of those people have the trophy.

      It’s affected by the number of people who have their privacy settings set not to share it though, so it’s not always accurate.

      Oh, and solarwind12, Spec Ops: The Line’s platinum is 13.26%, according to PSNProfiles. The top of my list is filled up with every trophy from Valhalla Knights 3, since the game is so bad no-one played it for that long, but it pushed my [REDACTED] button it irritated me that badly, and I refused to quit until I’d got the Platinum.

    • Thanks DJ.. 13.2 though?.. wonder why i couldn’t get past chptr14, the AI kept running out into open, right into fire, after a few dozen attempts i just quit, wonder if it got patched, i bought disc on release day and traded it back about four days later, lost a fiver, good old days lol, still gutted though i couldn’t use my save on plus version, needed to level everything up again just for the last playthrough trophy just didn’t appeal. Too many others i’d not even started c/o plus mostly, doubt i will ever get to them now either, playing Destiny atm then i’ll be spoilt for choice to keep ps4 turned on, thnx for info.

    • … and that’s why it’s called “rarity”, instead of “difficulty”? Not arguing about how useful that is, just that it IS exactly what it seems for me.

    • Is that some ‘way’ of saying it is/was easy to 100per cent Spec Ops The Line?, 13.2% rarity for most every platinum is a large figure, even if every plus player finished it, on top of people who bought it, still i have not bothered to check as it is a long way down in the ‘last played’ list, the game is not overly hard, on hardest easier than all the cods sp’s i finished on hardcore, just when any of your two AI teammates are running into fire, it makes it very frustrating, i guess i could of continued, but wanted the best trade back value after only having it four days from it’s launch, indeed i got near what it cost to put towards my next choice/psn credit, so i basically rented it for a fiver, as i mentioned ‘the good old days’, alas i must of either gotten old or very bored as i seldom find time lately to do such stuff. so again.. wonder IF they brought a patch out, to control the stupid AI?. or perhaps not, don’t really care too much.

  • 1. What games are going to have themes? Will Tales of Hearts R have ones?
    2. If you buy X game will you also get themes for that X game? I mean, for example if I ordered Freedom Wars, will I also get theme from Freedom Wars for free? Or do we have to buy it separately?

  • I need Ratchet and Clank, Gravity Rush and some X-men themes :)

  • Can we make our own instead of paying for them?

  • I hope they have a Gravity a Rush theme.

  • While we’re talking Vita, how about Netflix?
    And that AWFUL screen dimming? It’s about time that was fixed.

    I’d also like someone to invent attachable buttons for the rear pad… that pad makes many remote play titles such a pain. Kudos to Bungie for making the remote play buttons work so well for Destiny though. But games like Diablo can be fiddly with the buttons reassigned the way they are.

  • I love the one on the top right – gold on black looks so classy. Any chance of Freedom Wars/Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus themes?

  • Looks cool. Hopefully the PS4 update soon will have MP3 playback & Folders PLZ SONY ;) Really really really want to play my own music in the background in games :( (+ DLNA(like the PS3 has) would be cool to) Rather have those 3 features than any other pointless stuff to really. Oh well, fingers crossed(er again) :D

  • Themes are cool, but can you bring premium avatars to Vita as well?

  • I have no real interest in themes for my vita. I would like the next update to include multiple accounts on vita. I have accounts for a number of regions that I would like to access.

  • At last something to feel good about, esp. after the free plus games line up, which has been a big disappointment. Lets see, if you have any free themes or not coz I m not gonna spend any money on themes. Already, your auto renewal has cost me dearly. Seriously, why auto renewal of membership?

  • Will we FINALLY be able to manage out trophy list , like FINALLY delete games we dont wont in there?

    Am I the only one who wants this?? :(

  • One word, awesome!
    Have been looking forward to this since its announcement.

    One question will we be able to make own themes?
    I am loving my transparent wallpaper that look like the application wallpaper but having the power to change more would be nice.

  • Oh Lord, thanks Sony! Always wanted to see how rare my trophies were, this is such a great new feature to the Vita!!

  • Hoping for Muramasa Rebirth and Velocity themes!

  • Will we be able to swipe sideways to change pages instead of up/down?

    I’ve created a lot of rolling themes for Vita in the past (where each page is part of the same picture) but up/down is limited compared to the landscape of side scrolling.

  • I need a Danganronpa theme pleeeeeease!

  • Any new features are definitely a step in the right direction for Vita =D I would love to see a complete modernisation of the UI though. Also, Theme Maker software for PC/Mac would be a brilliant idea!!

  • Is it on the trolley?

  • Nice update to the calendar. Now – if I could only get the email to work (and yes, I have tried every tip on the net to get it to do so – email works fine on my PC and 3 Android devices I have but refuses to work on my Vita).

    • I got it working by turning on that 2-step authentication crap with Google. Once it was authorised I turned it back off and mail still works fine.

    • tomrob1 – thanks for the suggestion – but that is one of the things I tried which didn’t work.

  • Would love to see themes based on games/characters like LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway, Ratchet & Clank, etc.

  • I just want to know how much the Themes,I just think it is free before

  • How about a Vudu app? I have been expanding my library of movies/TV shows and would like to watch them on my Vita.

  • 1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the Vita remote play PS3 games. It’s the feature I most want. Not allowing this won’t make me rent games on PS Now. Ever.

    2. Allow multiple accounts on a single memory card. The PS3 allows multiple accounts. Why not the Vita.

  • persona 4 golden theme please!!

  • The updated fixed the calendar so I can finally log in with my Google Apps account. Yay!

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