PlayStation Plus in October: DRIVECLUB, Spelunky, Dust: An Elysian Tail, more

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PlayStation Plus in October: DRIVECLUB, Spelunky, Dust: An Elysian Tail, more

Pix the Cat, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dungeons & Dragons, Rainbow Moon also incoming

Hi everyone. We have a variety of goodies available to our PlayStation Plus members this October so let’s quickly crack on with the full line-up:

New on PlayStation 4:

First up this month on PS4, make sure you pick up DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition to get a taste of a real next generation racing game, loaded with 11 tracks and 10 beautifully crafted cars.

Next up Dust: An Elysian Tail. Immerse yourself in a gorgeous hand-painted world on a search for your true identity. As the mysterious warrior, Dust, your action-packed journey will take you from peaceful glades to snowy mountaintops and beyond.


Finally on PS4 make sure you pick up unique platformer Spelunky bursting with procedurally-generated levels that offer a new and challenging experience each time you play! Journey deep underground and explore fearsome caverns filled with monsters, traps, and treasure.


New on PS Vita:

First up this month is brand new PS Vita/PS4 Cross Buy title Pix the Cat, an intense arcade game from the talented team at French studio Pastagames. You will need to rescue forsaken ducklings from the nested levels of the infamous grid of infinity whilst perfecting your skills to speed and combo up until you reach the explosive fever time!

Also joining the service this month is PS Vita/PS3 Cross Buy title Rainbow Moon, an RPG with a strong emphasis on exploration, character development and turn-based battles. Choose from six playable characters with upgradeable weapons, armour and accessories, and explore more than 20 dungeons in a gripping quest that should keep you busy for at least 40 hours.

New on PlayStation 3:

First up on PS3 this month Batman: Arkham Asylum where you assume the role of the Dark Knight as he delivers The Joker to Arkham Asylum, Gotham’s psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Little does Batman know the prisoners have set a trap for him which leads to an immersive, dark and atmospheric adventure.


Finally, Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara from Capcom. Recruit up to three friends and battle against the mythical beasts of the Dungeons & Dragons universe. The game offers drop-in/drop-out online gameplay in one of two modes, includes a Challenge system that sets players in-game goals in return for level-ups and coins which can be spent in the Vault.


In summary

Leaving PS Plus:
8th October: Velocity 2X
8th October: Sportsfriends
8th October: PlayStation Battle Royale
8th October: Hoard
8th October: TxK
8th October: Joe Danger VITA

Entering PS Plus:
8th October: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
8th / 10th October: DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition (PS4)
8th October: Dust: An Elysian Tail (PS4)
8th October: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (PS3)
8th October: Pix the Cat (PS Vita/PS4 Cross Buy)
8th October: Rainbow Moon (PS Vita/PS3 Cross Buy)
8th October: Spelunky (PS4/PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy)

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • This is the last plus month before PS4 Anniversary 1, Sony.

    So from here on out, it’s time for some REAL AAA GAMES!

    • They don’t have to so they won’t! I’m sick of saying this, but Sony don’t have any incentive to offer AAA games.

    • If it was to happen it will only be Knack

    • It’s only been a year, what exactly are they gunna offer anyway? Most AAA devs/publishers won’t want to give away the games free yet.

    • If you ignore the indie issue, this is actually a decent release. Especially compared to previous months.

    • If Spelunky is not a real game, I assume you will finish it until the next month. Good luck.

    • I think they will give us those AAA games when the price fall to £17-23 and people stop buying them..

    • Dear Sony,

      The first of wednesday of the month is today not the 8th. Also, this month sucks.

      Do a better job.


    • Well for my $4.17 it seems pretty good. I’m psyched to play Driveclub and Spelunky alone is worth the $4.17 for the month.

      Sorry for all the members who can’t do simple math and realize that they are paying so little for so much. I mean it is quite literally $4.17 or £3.07 in the UK for the month. Perhaps I am missing what is so disappointing about even 1 okay game for that price.

    • As you can see, REAL AAA GAMES in PS+ would be after 5 years )))

    • @funtimeben

      that’s really funny or cute that you think the US $ is worth that much compared to the £. One US $ is = £1.61 so its actually closer to $4.96972 (or $4.97). Just because there is this game pub thing that likes to sell things (at the same price $ to euros). Don’t assume the US $ is the same as the euro. One euro is worth $1.26

    • What, you think you’re going to get games that are still selling for $30-60? You wont see big titles on the PS4 until there are enough games for some of the lower quality games to get lost in the mix or relegated to the discard bin. Maybe an older AAA title will appear to help drum up interest for the next big sequel. But knowing big developers, it wont be COD Ghost or AC4 so long as people are still buying them voluntarily.

    • @Izorpo
      12 months PS+ in the USA is $49.99. Divide that by 12 = £4.17 (rounded up)
      12 months PS+ in the UK is £39.99. Divide that by 12 = £3.33 (rounded up)

    • Well they skipped it for Vita and I expected Persona 4 Golden that time.
      I won’t expect it for PS4.

    • That is an awesome AAA game you have on your avatar.

    • Best anyone can hope for on PS4 this year is a couple big titles at sensible dough in the 12 deals of Christmas. Something along the lines of Watch Dogs for a score because it’s pony, perhaps GTAV for 30-35 quid if they’re feeling really generous, probably get the remastered TLOU for a score and perhaps one out of FC4, AC Unity, FIFA and Driveclub for about 30 quid too.
      You know where you heard it first ;-)

    • AAA Games are what sell PS PLUS(and the multiplayer).

      A reasonable price for it would be £36 which it is on Amazon.
      We need another reason to buy PS PLUS besides the multiplayer.

    • 589 comments, 39 people enjoyed this article and no replies from the author. That sums it up, really. 2013 was good, 2014 looks really bad. Sony, do you have problems with the training in customer service? I don’t think that people buy PS4 and 40-50 inch TVs to play pixellated games. You don’t buy high-end sound system to listen to 128kbps mp3…

  • Inb4 everyone hates it!

    • To be honest though, that’s pretty bad.

    • What i said earlier about hope seems to be valid. Players raging about the indie line-up every month has become a tradition. This could have all been avoided if Sony would have come clean from the start and mention that they will offer only indie ps4 games. A little bit of respect goes a long way. As for indie lovers, Spelunky is a good game to try if you do not already own it.

    • I did give spelunky a go a while back but it’s not really for me. Decent enough but not my thing. Can’t say I have high hopes for the rest of them though, and Batman Arkham Asylum is a bit of a cheap shot seeing as the entire world has played it. My niece wasn’t even born when it came out and she’s smashed a few of the challenge rooms! ha!
      I see where you’re coming from but don’t think Sony need to “come clean” about anything. Plus was never guaranteed to be retail or AAA games. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the smaller games on plus, but this month seems a bit… well I hate to use the word half-ars*d but it seems applicable here….

    • @Icarus_dgt
      I agree about the part with honesty. Unfortunately in the nature of marketing lies to tell something which in principle is not untrue but it is not open and straightforward either.

      Let’s see:
      – Steering Wheels – they will be supported if developer will support them – well sure, but I do not believe that Sony didn’t now about the licensing for FF which needs to be paided to Immersion. Logitech stopped manufacturing and supporting their products – well yes I have to deal with it. But the problem is that one one wants to pay license fee – Sony why would they? To satisfy players? No they have other expences. Devs? Why to generate cost if you do not know how the sale will look like and most of the wheels are supported on PC which has the biggest crowd of racing fans.
      – PS+ – I have not observe any improvement in how PSN works. During the free online weekend many of my friends could not add friends to their list so they only could play with random people not their friends – great experience :P Games they use a smoke screen – #DriveClub to convince players that there will be something more than indie games (I would not expect AAA titles but honest information would be nice)
      – #DriveClub – PS+ subscribers will get the game minus few assets – which ended up as 20% of the full game – so 80% means “few assets”?

      I could go on and on but you all get the point.

      More straightforward communication instead of marketing half-truths.

      To be honest – for me PS4 can wait. (I have a lot of games to play on both PS3 and PC, and I do not have to play the latest titles day one)

    • @johnnycide

      You sir, are a true gentleman. Cheers to that.

    • @Pawel-MagEllan

      I agree with what you said. However, saying that the ps4 would receive indie games at least in its first year would still have made this service a good one. Subscribers would have accepted the idea.

      As for the games. I still constantly play on the ps3, vita and ps4. And i probably will for a long time. I mostly use the ps4 for ff14:realm reborn. But i did play some other fine games on it. Transistor was a great game imo.

    • Good thing I have a PS4 since I only got interested in Driveclub out of those free games.

  • Pathetic just pathetic.

    First a week late and the line-up is pathetic. it’s also good to see you removed the survey’s cause you know how bad they made you look.

    • I’ve got used to the sub par PS plus tat now, as they don’t care about PS plus users anymore anyway, but the big screw you EU is the real problem this month.hopefully xbox will keep selling well like it did last week and force Sony to take note as they have become way too complacent

    • I have to agree with the nay-sayers this time. Really, is it that hard to find compelling games to give to the subscribers? I remember when this service was flourishing with amazing games such as Ratchet and Clank and LittleBigPlanet. That’s a thing of the past now. I don’t mind indie titles, but I’ve seriously never heard of PIX THE CAT?!?!

      I’m still going to buy PS+ for this month just because of Arkham Asylum and DriveClub, that’ll probably be worth my 7 euros anyways.

    • @unbiased You complain about EU being screwed over and then try to talk up Xbox with its slightly higher UK sales this week. Newsflash, the UK does not equal the world either mate, let alone the higher sales gap there was with the 2 consoles in even 3 of the other large EU countries.
      Yet another “Oh Sony had better watch out” remark with no actual threat to back it up whatsoever.

    • “a week late”

      Plus changes over with the first store update of the month.

      What day was it yesterday? Remind me again?

      Oh yeah, NOT October.


    • @djsayan

      The store updates on Wednesdays in the UK. Keep shaking your dh mate.

    • @djsaiyan this is the EU blog! EU store is updated on a Wednesday, first store update of the month is TODAY, and today is OCTOBER

    • Dont think i said sony better watch out, and certiainly wasnt talking up xbox.
      And no the uk doesnt equal the world but in eu and the uk the ps4 has comfortably been outselling the xbox one so they have become complacent, in the US the sales are fairly equal so they have more to prove, hence why the better sales/prices/delaying the eu update as they know it could give xbox the edge.
      In the uk and eu they need that gap closing so we get the same service, and treated the same, if you are happy for sony to treat us as second rate, then fine its your opinion, but i wont be and i suspect a fair few others would agree

    • Spelunky is the greatest game of all time. Anyone complaining about getting it for free should bin their Playstation since they are clearly incapable of enjoying computer games.

    • nobody is saying spelunky isnt good, its a great game, so was velocity last month but people are getting fed up of the same indie stuff every month (although i do think the ps3 is getting the most bashing this month)
      surely by now they could offer at least one full game, crikey killzone is about 12 quid second hand these days and knack about 15, so not gonna hamper sales if they even offered one of them plus spelunky

    • its slogan “for the gamers” is starting to get off..more like for the money.

    • But Killzone and Knack are garbage. Whereas Velocity 2 and Spelunky are excellent. Don’t even think of them as ‘Indie Games’, just think of them as ‘Games’.

      At the moment you are complaining about being offered good games, and begging to be offered crap ones instead. It doesn’t make sense.

    • I know where your coming from, but why not velocity plus killzone last month and spelunky plus knack this month, irrespecitve of what some people think of them i guess some will like the games, and it would at least prove they were making an effort

    • The comments make them look bad, im sure stopping the surveys coudnt have saved them any more respect from they’re consumers then if they were to leave them up. Whats done is done, they have [deleted] theyre consumer base now we see how they respond to that. So just pick up a chair and some pop corn and wait to see what they do, unless you expect to do some real damage to them, so they must listen to are consumer demands then im sure they wont care much about angry consumers as long as you buy they’re products hehe.
      100 virtual euros on they’ll ignore comments and wait for us to give up and accept the new ps plus IGC and mandatory online pay : ). so far i think im winning the bett guess im gonna be virtualy rich lol!

  • What a shocking week.

    Batman Arkham Asylum seriously?

    Next time, if you’re going to give us something like this, don’t bother giving us it at all.

    • So you wanted a bad indie game instead did you, just be great full you got batman.

    • What’s even worse is that they give us Arkham Asylum after they gave out Arkham City, the sequel to Arkham Asylum.

    • OMG, u cheapskate u are complaining about getting free games, batman arkham asylum won game of the of year award

    • I own Batman AA, and it’s the fact that they didn’t give us Origins even, they gave us a older title to one we already have.

      and yes, I can complain about when there is a month of plus i’m not happy with, the games aren’t free, I pay for them with my plus subscription.

    • I’m not complaining but why batman arkham asylum? I like the game but I don’t understand why because arkham city was free in April so it would make sense if u gave us arkham origins but arkham asylum is good enough

    • Yeah, Arkham Asylum is such a horrible game…

    • @electrify202 free games, “arkham aslyum”? Im sorry mate but try selling that game to micromania and tell me how much they give you, or better yet im sure you’ll respond “they woudnt buy it from me since it makes little profit”. Imagine what profit a 2009 game would make when i sold my mw3 (published in 2011) to micromania, 6 months ago for 3 euros (bad bargain but mw3 sucked so bad, that it was worth 3 euros to me).
      You can now find mw3 for around 9.99$ used in stores while batman arkham asylum is around the same price in micromania used, if you can find it in a store near you. Now im sure you’ll say “well see it still costs money, thus its free that your getting it in ps plus”, but tell me how many people you think are gonna buy a game thats been out for over 5 years? Few if any, so truly if a game is on ps plus its cause the developers and or publishers decided it would benefit them in one way or another via, free publicity and or no longer selling in long terms (old games).
      Some developers get little to no income from putting they’re games on ps plus and look for only the publicity, others cause the game is no longer selling in long terms, so they find that ps plus will give them a tidy lump sum for they’re game, but will ruin any long term sales. Thats how your “free games” work in a nutshell mate, and BTW you are paying 50euros (40 pounds) a year for this ps plus service yes? never mind i’m sure you pay 40 pounds for the cloud service lol. ; )
      BTW cheapskate refers to someone who buys cheap in favour of higher quality or better stuff. Even though they might be able to afford the better. So if you were trying to call someone cheapskate and were refering too Storm-Iz-SiK, then thus you mean that people who use ps plus are cheapskates including yourself and most of the people posting on this blog, or did you mean he is cheapskate for complaing about free games (not free even though you believe they are). In which case he cant be a cheapskate cause free is not cheap, its just well free (example: if you get handed a box of skittles for free are you a cheapskate? or only if you complain about it?). ^^
      I beleive what you should have said is “OMG, you DRAMAQUEEN. You are complaining about getting free games when Batman arkham asylum won game of the year award”. (I fixed some grammar but i did quote your meaning)
      As always I do not intend to anger, offend, or hurt people in anyway by my opinions and if they do then i am sorry, except for electrify202.

    • I’ve never actually played, never mind owned, Asylum so I’m not going to kick off like everyone else is(Chairman Howe take note and remove that moderation tag on my UK account’s posts please) because it’s one worth having in the bank for the random occasion you want to play something different I reckon.

      And definitely no complaints about partial Driveclub either. I think all cars are proper boring and I find motorsport about as interesting as knitting but I don’t mind the odd hour here n there on a racing game so to get some of what may turn out to be the best current gen petrol head fest to date seems more than fair to me.

      Hmmm am I going soft as I get older not trapping off and moaning as I usually would? I don’t think so because the last couple of months really have been atrocious but this one seems pretty good to me, especially with Spelunky lobbed in too!

      No complaints from the Chas

  • this month ends my ps plus suscription hope u do it better for november

  • I’m really genuinely sorry for complaining and I hope I never have to again, but are the PS3 offerings a joke?

    • I agree. I understand the offerings with PS4 and Vita and they are fine, but PS3 has taken a serious dip recently.

    • same thing on my mind..

    • I agree. I only have a ps3 so having ps plus and not getting any good games for free isn’t worth my cash anymore. Today was decision day for me, so these are the last days of ps plus for me until I get a ps4 or they offer something good again.

    • Don’t you think that might be because Sony are trying to encourage you to embrace the current generation which is already a year old now, rather than them continuing with top notch support for the eight year old last generation?

    • I think you shouldn’t expect too much from ps3 from here on in, it is coming to the end of it’s life now. Things associated with ps3 are beginning to die out now like playstation home for example. Soon the games themselves will dry up. I don’t think sony will concentrate on ps+ for ps3. Most of their budget goes into ps4, because even though the ps4 line up are indies, they are still valued more than the ps3 offerings.
      The franchises that made ps3 great are no longer to be found on ps3, like uncharted, killzone, infamous. So with no big games really ever going to ps3 anymore, you can’t expect to see many big titles for ps3 through ps+.

    • j0nnye_84 That is not true most games are still cross platform games that go even to last gen. Believe me theyre gonna milk us some with half assed games that even ps3 (xobox 360) can run and then in 3 years were gonna get a game like battlefield 3 or uncharted 3 that explodes are mind that a 256 ram ps3 can handle such a beautiful game. lol you think that those games are fully uitlising a 8 gb ram console, hehe theyre milking us its the oldest trick in the book and will be around for milleniums to come. “Alls fair in love and war” same as in commerce, as long as they dont anger theyre consumers that is.

  • arkham asylum cant belive it after arkham city!!! :((

  • Cool I download them today…

  • Get ready……rage about arkham asylum being the PS3 game of the month is coming.

    • Why? I played Arkham Asylum after Arkham City because I played the newer title first, and thought it good enough to compel me to play the first game. They are both are excellent games, but many people, myself included, think the more linear nature of Arkham Asylum made it a better game (or at least more engaging) than Arkham City because it could focus on the story and make everything a little more cohesive.

  • That really is quite appalling

  • Some nice games in there, can’t wait to try Dust and D&D.
    Rainbow Moon is great, every one should try it.
    Batman is good, but after so many years that it is out and with all those discounts it got, every that waned it must have it already, seems kinda weird choice, especially after the second one was PS+ game before this.

  • Awesome selection. :) Can’t wait to play Dust, Driveclub and Spelunky. The other games are bonuses too. :D

  • Great PIX the cast. I was going to buy that anyway.

  • Not a bad lineup. I’ll be looking forward to free Spelunky!

  • So, to clarify-the ps+ edition of DC comes out on the 8th but the full game/unlock isn’t until the 10th?


  • This Is For The Players!

  • Realy? This is it? Can it go any worse?

    • Yes, just wait for next month & it probably will.

    • They could cancel the service. You are getting games. Excellent games just because one is from 2009. It is an amazing game.

    • Yes it could be much worse let me count the ways. we could have had

      Octodad and something worse than road not taken

      Worms and sonic the hedgehog megadrive

      Ninja gaiden sigma 2 and dungeon hunter alliance

      So quit complaining or this could be november

    • Well, you say that, but while the PS4 and Vita lineups are really rather good (though if/when I buy a PS4 I’ll be getting the full version of DriveClub with it anyway) I only have a PS3 currently. So I just get a 21-year-old brawler I hated at the time and a game I’ve already played to boredom when I picked it up for £3 on PC. Ah well; I’m still enjoying the indie stuff we got a few months’ back, before attention switched to the new platforms.

    • Can you quantify that? What exactly is garbage? Many of these games are highly rated. Yes, they are a bit older, but that doesn’t change the fact they are very playable.

    • I agree! GARBAGE!
      Because the games 2 and 3 months ago are better and the month with borderlands 2 was fun.
      Why not a great game it is october that means halloween.
      Only DriveClub is great but i got no PS4 :(

  • Batman Arkham Asylum hahahahahaha game from 2009, please more older games, something from 2007 please

  • I’m well happy with the ps4 stuff.

    Always wanted dust
    Got spelunky but not played it on ps4 so even though Id have got it anyway cross buy still happy.
    Also getting pix which looks like pacman style fun with cool neon visuals.

    Also get to try dc.

    9/10 for the content I’ll use (no vita or ps3 no more)

  • Disappointing, as usual

  • great line-up. spelunky is one of the best games of all time, dust looked great on xbox, can’t wait to try it out. probanly not going to buy driveclub so a free ps+ version is cool. pix the cat looks fun too! :)

    • Yet to play Spelunky; what’s put me off with it is the fact that it seems to be everywhere! Hopefully it’ll live up to the hype :)

  • I own a Ps3 only. NO reason for me to renew ps plus

    • I have PS3 only too, but never had Plus. Why? I prefr buying games I want, not waiting for Sony’s generosity:)

  • Cool month :) Love the PS4 offerings and i’m excited to be able to play Batman on the PS3 (it was the only game missing! lucky xD). The rest looks interesting, specially Rainbow Moon!

  • Great games said no one ever!

    • Care to check metacritic. Most of these games are highly rated. Such pointless cynicism.

    • @dr-nick33 That doesn’t mean that the games are great. Stop being a blind fanboy and open your eyes.

    • A bind fanboy? Because I think this month’s selection of games is pretty good, like it is most months? Because I don’t have a negative kneejerk reaction to “indie” games – a term that is really obsolete by now. Because I’ve been gaming since 1983 and I’m glad to see that gaming has diversified and become really interesting again rather than just identikit and formulaic shooters and racers and this diversity is reflected in PS+? Or is it because I play the games first before coming on this blog and moaning like an entitled baby? You choose not to play them, it’s your loss.

    • just analize it, you cant vote one star any of the psplus games you only can vote 4 or five stars, is they system for fooling the people to par them a lot of money for badgames with ezquizofrenic graphics.

    • @counterUAVbaby – you are a real cry baby aren’t you? Complaining about a service you don’t even use. The original PS+ policy is to give games rated 80 or above, which all of the entries satisfy.

    • @dr_nick33 That’s the reason why I hate these games

    • @Gogata7 Since I own a sony product, I can compain as much as I like.

  • Spelunky cross buy..Nice one PlayStation i already own the ps3 version so its free for me and others who may own it either with plus or not,feels like a waste

  • Hm. I just got ps plus activated. I wonder should I de-activate it now.

    • You can’t my friend, this is no way go back, just for the next time, don’t activate another one.
      You only are gona get dissapointed with sony products and games.

    • if they give us “great games” until my subscription expires, i’ll probably renew. I missed the little planet :( i heard it was free on plus one time

  • Wow

    Yeah ANOTHER new port Dust and Spelunky(Even 2). And crazy old games for PS3.

    Psvita gets good abd quite new games so no issue there

  • Rethink your policies about the need to have product descriptions in all major languages on local stores or do the translations yourself LOL, this way you might get more games available everywhere in EU zone? Games that you can then offer in PS+

    Anyway, sadly nothing for me this month…

  • Pues a mi me parece un gran mes,Dust y rainbow moon mas driveclub

  • Arkham Asylum? Really? Games that old used to be the “2nd” Game in Psplus next to a fresh new game. God these last months have been dissapointing :(

  • So does Drive Club become available on the 8th or the 10th??

  • As usual, the Vita selection wins.

  • Fantastic line up. 4 things for PS4 too.

    Even if you paid full price for your PS+ you get those 4 bits for £3.33. How anyone complains about this stuff is beyond me.

    • People who believe they’re entitled. They are free to leave PS+ anytime they want too, what a bonus. :)

    • “They are free to leave PS+ anytime they want too, what a bonus.” Actually, no. If we want to play online, then we have to have PS+. Those of us that had it back on the PS3 are going to be ‘entitled’ since we were used to a service that offered value for money.

    • If you want to play online on ps4 you don’t really have a choice so your point is moot. I suspect you guys aren’t plus subscribers for very long if you feel this service is so awesome…

    • Actually been a subscriber since day one. You got a lot less back then. I’ll just repeat £3.33. Less than a pint of beer in the pub. I’m sorry you aren’t getting your moon on a stick but be a little realistic.

    • Well there’s no doubt it’s a great service in terms of value but that doesn’t mean the selection can’t or shouldn’t improve. Not much to it if you only care to download 5 procent of the games on offer..

    • “Actually, no. If we want to play online, then we have to have PS+. Those of us that had it back on the PS3 are going to be ‘entitled’ since we were used to a service that offered value for money.”

      Actually, it is. The online requirement for PS4 wasn’t, and isn’t a part of the discussion, thus making my point valid. IF details are to be concidered, then sure no, but the IGC is still optional, so people can still freely either give a **** about PS+, or ignore its other benefitial services besides the online-only PS4 part.

      I have been a subscriber for PS+ ever since its launch, and trust me on this. Ever since the service launched, the content has been either really good or really bad. Still haven’t complained as the sheer amount of money I do save on games is enough, even if I didn’t enjoy the games at all. Just thinking about it, even if I ended up loving just 1 or 2 titles, which is more or less guaranteed to be a high-budget title anyway, I still save alot of money. And yes, even if I include horrible indie titles.

      My only problem with this is that people dare complain. It’s like some people here really expect that we can’t have any other games besides AAA, Hollywood-style games all the **** time. No matter how people twist or turn the issue we do save money, and alot of it, and Sony don’t own us anything. Sony provides it, and they can’t satisfy everyone all the time.

      And to finish of this comment for the time being, I don’t say that people shouldn’t complain, but they should start to use constructive critisism. Which is also why I used the word “child” with the word “entitled” in my own comment further down because it seems some people lack the ability to properly criticise.

    • @Drdamn. If you’ve been a subscriber since day one then you surely are aware of the fact that with the growing install base (yea it wasn’t very good at the start i agree) plus got better and better, to the point where we got games like Batman Arkham City a year after release. You can try making complainers sound ridiculous with terms like ‘moon on a stick’ all you like, but if we get Arkham Asylum now as our only triple A game while at the same time Sony boasts about how the PS4 doubled the ps plus install base, there’s no denying that we’re getting shafted. I’m happy you’re happy that Sony is giving you less and less value, but don’t act like the people who are complaining have no right to do that when it’s oh so clear the service deteriorated.

    • May i also suggest you take a look at the most liked comments of this thread? Are all those people whiny kids according to you? You’re well within your right to think the service is still great value, but quite frankly the posts on here suggest you’re in the minority. If yall really are long time subscribers as you say you are, you should also be well aware that there was a lot of praise for plus when people felt it was worthwhile, so don’t make it out to be like people are just petty complainers.

    • Did I call everyone whiny kids? That was new as I did mention, some, not all. I did however point out those who can’t properly explain their complaints. I don’t care if I am a part of the minority the facts remains that, yes you do save money, yes the service are varied in quality, yes for PS4 users it is mandatory IF you want to play online.

      But, its still there as an optional service, but it seems like you are a part of the group that seems to think that so long as you pay for a service, you are entitled to demand specific content.

      I gave a troll the challenge, and I now offer you the same: Establish a company and provide 24/7 support for three different consoles with one soon no longer being supported. Establish online play for all three consoles. Take into concideration that everything costs money, and you want what exactly? Profit? Good. Now offer your consumers set amount of cloud storage, 2-3 titles for EACH system while maintaing stable servers and earn money of it. Do the math.

      Lets use the imagination for a second. AAA titles tend to stay at $60, and indies range from $15-$30. The entire cost is divided between each company. So, lets just say that each month we do get 1 AAA title each system, thats $720. 1 indie included each month, that ranges from $90-$360. This is for a year, and for just ONE consumer. That means for ONE constumer the entire sum ranges from $810-$1080. The cost may not reach that high, but as mentioned, use the imagination. Add the total and multiply that with the number of PS+ members. The numbers would be way more than what you probably would earn during your entire life, and I haven’t even included the other two systems. $2160, and everything from $540-$1080. For a total of $2700-$3240 with all three systems accounted for.

      This is the total amount. Remove $50 and do the rest. How on Earth are $50 supposed to pay of for the entire service? Sure, not everyone has the privilege to own each system, but somehow Sony earns money on this to pay the game companies, and I can guarantee that the subscription does not do that alone. And again, use the imagination.

      So tell me, are constructive criticism too hard to do? Is it really that hard to understand that no matter how people twist and turn this issue, they still profit of this in terms of saving alot of money? If it wasn’t obvious enough, I am indeed focusing on the economical point of view, not the entertainment value, and even that one is high.

    • And by the way, likes tells me nothing. For all I know, people might agree with just one sentence you wrote, or everything. Some might even like it for fun. Or highly unlikely and unrealistic, you organized a party to only like your posts. What do I know? Just like the 5 likes I got tells me very little. They might have thought it was funny, they agreed or whatever. Its a meaningless thing to use as an aim or argument towards who is in the biggest numbers. If people discuss however, I might reconsider it, if the same people that dicuss with me are the same that liked your and my post.

    • Dude you can keep writing novels about this and try to justify and defend your beloved Sony all you want, but fact is that most people were happy the way it was with less subscribers, so it is very well possible to run a service like that yea. You don’t seem to understand that people are not complaining to have sth unrealistic at all, they’re complaining cause they just want back the service that they were previously provided. I got a feeling that we’re never gonna agree on this anyway though so whatever.

    • “Actually been a subscriber since day one. You got a lot less back then” Err, I don’t think so:

      The service used to be fantastic, now its disappointment month after month.


      Leaving PS Plus:
      25th September: Assassin’s Creed 3
      25th September: Saints Row the Third
      25th September: Payday: The Heist
      25th September: Urban Trials
      25th September: New Little Kings Story

      Entering PS Plus:
      25th September: Far Cry 3
      25th September: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
      25th September: Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen
      25th September: Street Fighter X Tekken
      25th September: Touch My Katamari


      8th October: Velocity 2X
      8th October: Sportsfriends
      8th October: PlayStation Battle Royale
      8th October: Hoard
      8th October: TxK
      8th October: Joe Danger VITA

      Entering PS Plus:
      8th October: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
      8th / 10th October: DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition (PS4)
      8th October: Dust: An Elysian Tail (PS4)
      8th October: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (PS3)
      8th October: Pix the Cat (PS Vita/PS4 Cross Buy)
      8th October: Rainbow Moon (PS Vita/PS3 Cross Buy)
      8th October: Spelunky (PS4/PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy)

      You cant possibly say the standard hasn’t dropped and is better than it used to be.

    • @Robinworldwide
      Every month can’t be as fantastic as what each person considers the previous best month ever, and they can’t please everybody. You really need to understand how and why the PS+ IGC works from the other side. Sony don’t and can’t simply look back 12 months and pick and chose a couple of AAA titles every month to include in the IGC. I doesn’t work like that. It might seem like it does when conditions are right but there are very specific reasons for titles being made available in the IGC. A game which didn’t sell as well as expected, a game with a lot of DLC to sell or a game with an upcoming sequel.

      People set their expectations so high based on the best months when really for the money you should set you expectations based on the average months and count the great months as a bonus.

      PS+ subs may have increased greatly with PS4, but at the same time Sony have a commitment to use some of the extra revenue to make the PS4 PSN better too, because that is what people are paying for – not just the IGC.

  • I’ll try Batman and Driveclub but october is barely better than september.

    • Execuse me, but what games did u want? Maybe AAA titles for this 3 pounds a month?:)))

    • bla, bla, buy a gamer notebook and an ea acount and enjoy the most amazing games and let sony die with the ps4 ([deleted] version 4), the game are really abnomarlly expensive compared with pc games, and if you want your sixaxis4 or 3 controller just buy one they are much more cheaper than the ps3 ps4 sixaxis, and convert you gaming nootebook in your own, ps3, ps4, and psvita, no i’m sory all that about just play pc games because the ps3 games are bad, the only good game was the killzone saga, the last of us, resistance was a good game too, uncharted saga, but only that, and in a few years everyone will be able to instll the ps3 emulator in his own gaming pc and playing this old games, but however just do whatever want, because for me this only means that i’m not giving a [deleted] for the ps3-ps4, games.

  • this will be last ps+ month too this is bloody awful…A five yo batman game is the best you can get for ps3…pffft.

  • That’s something new. We get game older from the previous title from Batman.
    But you know why is that? When we get Batman: Arkham City it was “new, better PS+” as SCEE wanted to have more PS+ subscribers. Now we have “old PS+” which was when this service started.
    I’m just waiting for more BRAND NEW AMAZING GAMES from Creat Studios, and some amazingly outrageous comment from PS Blog Fred God Dutton.

    • Oh, so you’re JUST wanting BRAND NEW AMAZING GAMES. Oh, that’s rich.

    • @Gogata7 – Why you’re so ignorant? Isn’t this giving you pain. It sure would give it to me.
      BRAND NEW GAMES from CREAT Studios – now my sentence is easier to understand for you?
      Google what they’re doing, and which publishers/developers who supported first version of PS+.

      Oh and btw – the old PS+ also got some AAA games sometimes. Burnout: Paradise was one of them. Rest was semi-core games like those from Creat Studios.

      Cheers and relax – irony isn’t for everybody.

  • Spelunky is such a fantastic game. I already own it on 360, PC and Vita/PS3 so it’s not much use to me, but since we’re also getting Drive Club it doesn’t bother me.

    Spelunky might not be for everyone, but I will vouch for it and say this is one of the best titles to be on PS+ for PS4. It’s very difficult, but also incredibly fair. Lots of replayability, and very rewarding as you start noticing how much better you’re getting at the game.

    Give it a chance, you will die a lot.

  • Wow. I love the look of quite a few of those. Dust and Pix cat are new to me but I have to play them. I have wanted to get spelunky for a while now so thank you for that :D I already have Arkham Asylum but a great game for those who don’t have it :D RAINBOW MOON is amazing, I have it on PS3 and would prefer it on the Vita so this is a brilliant deal! Not sold on Dungeons and Dragons yet.

    I have pre-ordered Drive club already :P

  • Arkham Asylum? Are you serious right now? you do realize how much crap Microsoft gets for having ancient games come to Games with Gold right? Clearly the best wasn’t left until last with this blog post. Still better than Arkham Origins, but who doesn’t own Asylum already if they wanted it? It came out around 2008 didn’t it?

    Asylum aside, this update isn’t too bad given the sheer amount of Cross-Buy games. Despite it’s “8-bit” look i won’t hear a bad word said against Spelunky; because it’s amazing and everyone needs to try it and give it a fair shake. It’s punishing but oh so satisfying.

  • Another indie month, thanks for nothing

    • I disagree, keep it indie only! It’s a great channel to promote these games. If you want AAA games, go buy them!

  • If only Driveclube was the full game then it would have been a great month. I’m dissapointed in Sony for only giving indie games. At least do 2 indie games and 1 triple A game a month for PS4 that would be a lot better for everyone. Even if i had to pay a little bit more a month! EA Access is at this moment a better value then PS plus!

    • In Russia from today the price rises on ~20% on PS Plus.

    • You want a new $60 game in your $5 subscription? I m not that good at math, but how is this supposed to work?

    • If u take a look at previous PS Plus games like Battlefield 3, Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption, Crysis, Borderlands, Assasins Creed III Far Cry 3, etc. i think its pretty possible

    • Or at least gave PS Plus members like 25% of the game, not an exclusive “demo” which has a whole 2% WOW :O

    • @Falkenfluegel, It does look like your math sucks, because it’s not $5 subscription, you forget you need to keep paying for it while you want to keep your entitlements, so from the looks of it, Sony will still keep getting the money for what they are offering, no matter what, and much more than just $60, that they will end up getting.

  • Decent lineup for the PS4 and Vita, but the PS3 lineup is pretty bad. If you had included Batman: Arkham Origins instead of Asylum it would have been a lot better

  • Didnt we already get Arkham Asylum about a year ago on plus? Im not normally one to complain but these last few months have been shocking. Was hoping for Arkham City or AC4.

    • We had Arkham City, not Asylum

    • Arkham City has already been on PS+.

    • There was Batman Arkham City. I was expecting Batman game this month, but rather Batman Arkham Origins. Maybe it’s just blog mistake. Or Games with Gold team do classic MS “we can buy anything” style action.

    • Yeah sorry thats what i meant. I though we would get Arkham Origins as its only £15 in shops now. Wouldnt have minded Dark Souls either which Xbox got.

    • I really hope it is a mistake and its arkham origins.

    • Or at least another Resident Evil game, ANYTHING besides Dungeons & Dragons on PS3
      Should’ve brought Killzone or Knack to PS Plus since their basically worth nothing anyway

  • It is a bit of a setback to get Batman: Arkham Asylum 6 months after Batman: Arkham City. Time should move forwards, ladies and gents.
    The rest is as usual, indie land. (which is fine if you love indie platformers so much).

  • Damn, I already own 3 of those games, two which I own for PC. I welcome the console versions as I love those games. Can’t wait for DriveClub in about a week. :D

    And be prepared for the entitled.. Uhm, kids. :)

    • Reading all these comments depresses me. I see more reasonable discussions on freaking IGN. There should be a legal age or proof of social usefulness for someone to use the Internet.

  • Looks like a good month! Highlight here is DriveClub which I’m dying for!!!!! Will give Spelunky and Dust: An Elysian Tail a try sometime in 2015 or so as there are far too many games coming out which I have my eye on (including DriveClub). Just disappointing to see Batman isn’t Arkham Origins but it’s still a good game for people that never played Arkham Asylum

    • Think I will add on Rainbow Moon to 2015 also. Just watched the video and looks interesting

    • Batman: AA is a great game! I think we’d be hard pushed to find a PS3 fan who hasn’t played it though.

      Agree on Rainbow Moon! :)

  • There is a real drop in quality in the last 2 or more months.
    If the deals not going will there is the 1st party games sony(Twisted Metal , Killzone triology…..)

  • Oh yeah give us EA Access!

    • Yeah their reason was that it doesnt represent good value, but sorry sony, PS+ is s**t value now. At this rate id rather subscribe to EA access than PS+.

    • +1

      Sonys reason that EA games lack quality doesn’t hold up compared to the standard of games that have been on PS+ since the launch of the PS4. I don’t even bother downloading most of them any more, so I’m just wasting my money. Give us the choice to subscribe to both!

    • @djnicey

      How do you know if PS Plus games are good or not, if you don’t actually download and try them?

      While I’d agree I’d like the option to get EA Access as well, saying PS Plus is a waste of money is ridiculous as you need it for online multiplayer, just like you would for XBL.

    • Lolno. I will never give a penny to EA’s services, Sony made a good decision not allowing EA to set up their terrible services on PS consoles.

  • And the travesty continue for an amazing 10 month that I don’t give a hoot about any of the games given.
    Where is the service I was excited about and that make me buy into multiple years.

    • It is still there it is just your standards are too high. It is Sony’s fault for raising them.

    • this is the transition period. if you expecting aaa ps4 games…..its too early. if your expecting top ps3 games….your too late. ive gotten most value from the vita this year…dynasty warriors, batman and dragons dogma being highlights. Lucreto comments was spot on…, however reacted like a jerk.

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