Final Fantasy XV demo coming soon to PS4

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Final Fantasy XV demo coming soon to PS4

Watch the stunning new Tokyo Game Show trailer for Square Enix's RPG sequel

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! We at Square Enix know that we haven’t had a huge amount of information regarding Final Fantasy XV so we thought we had better change that. Tokyo Game Show 2014 has now officially begun so we thought, let’s start the show off with a bang!

I am very pleased to let you guys know that you will soon be able to play a demo of Final Fantasy XV on PS4 in your own home.

Your eyes do not deceive you! On 20th March 2015 we will be releasing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS4 and every copy of the game will come with a download code for a special demo of Final Fantasy XV called Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae.


Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae takes place near the beginning of Final Fantasy XV – but certain elements will be different from the final game. This is a special demo and we want you to get hands on with a unique first-play experience that will be able to give you a better feeling for the game as a whole. While we don’t want to give too much of the final game away in Episode Duscae we do want you to have a much better understanding of Final Fantasy XV by the end of it.

Episode Duscae is set near the beginning of Final Fantasy XV so you don’t have to worry about any major plot spoilers and you’ll be able to explore a certain part of the world and experience the new battle system.

We really hope you’re excited about Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae and we can’t wait for you to let us know what you think about it when it is released.


You can pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae on PS4 HERE.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Square Enix Europe Blog for future updates on Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae and of course Final Fantasy XV itself. Also feel free to get in touch with us on the blog as we’d love to hear from you. We’re busy out in Tokyo for TGS 2014 at the moment but we will try our best to respond to any questions you may have.

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9 Author Replies

  • I can’t wait, I’ll be preordering both XV and Type-0 asap :)

  • Thank you Sony for all the great games Indies & AAA! Appreciate that so much!

  • This is fantastic news, glad to hear it :)
    Just wondering if you know whether or not the demo will be in the English language, or if they’ll be speaking Japanese with English subtitles?

    • Glad you like the news :D

      Unfortunately at this stage I can’t confirm any specifics about the Final Fantasy XV demo (including anything about a dub) but keep an eye on the Square Enix Europe blog and when we have more info to share I’ll let you know.

  • Best looking console game ever? Technically, I think so!
    Looking forward to Type 0 and XV, bring it on!

  • Wow that trailer looked amazing!!!! Can’t wait for this. I don’t think I want to play the demo. Well I do but don’t want to ruin the game so will try avoiding it but most likely won’t be able to help myself. :(

    • they said that the demo is really early in the game, with no plot spoilers. something like the ff12 demo if u remember that. also im reading that the tgs trailer is everything in the demo, just battle system with progression/leveling up taken out. simplified just so we can get used to it! should be great! the demo is just a very small chunk of the world, and you get the car too, just cruise around and fight monsters/enemies, no story

    • I wouldn’t worry about any story spoilers if that is what concerns you. The demo is designed so that you get a good feel for how the game plays but we’re aware that people may not want to know much about the story at that stage. The demo is set near the beginning of the game so there’s plenty left to discover in the full game :)

  • I will say exactly the same thing I’have said on SE Blog.

    What you did is insulting. We waited for so long for any kind of reply after that massive blunder with Type-0 news on PS Blog. You didn’t even apologize to people after your mistake (I mean SE, not yours Dan)

    Type-0 should have been Vita exclusive, and the fact that with graphic update it looks like Vita game proves that. It is far from being PS4 game! It looks like Killzone: Mercenary… that Ifirt from your Type-0 HD looks even worse than in FF X.

    About FF XV it looks great… but it is not Final Fantasy game. It is hack and slasher based mashing one button over and over again. It is Type-0 system simplified to minimum.

    For 20 years I was fan of Square Enix and Final Fantasy series. I have large collection of FF games, starting from PSX era I have every game released. Even when after FF X games were worse and worse I’ve kept buying them only out of my affection to series. I have even few games from NES… I have doubles in digital form of Final Fantasy game.


    But no more, after spitting on Vita owners (the people which asked for that game) I don’t want to have anything in common with Square Enix. I won’t ever buy any single game associated with Square Enix, I don’t care if it will be ex-Eidos, Square Enix or even games from SE community…


    Good day to you Dan, I know that nothing of it is your fault. You just started working in SE… but enough is enough.

    • People are still waiting for someone to apologize:
      And after so long period of being silent… it would better for that someone to apologize on knees wearing sanbenito.

    • Pretty sure the whole point of Type-0 being on console is to build up the console userbase in final fantasy. If they released it on vita, people with a vita wouldnt buy a console for it. Since in japan there are more vita than ps4 users, they need to build up the ps4 userbase for FFXV.

    • @Makoto-Hikami
      Yes I also saw what that Tabata said.

      They didn’t care about West for a single second. That game was ready to be released in 2011, even translation and dubbing was completed. The only thing they want is to build fanbase for FF XV in Japan were PS4 is still dead.

      That is why… they wanted more customers?
      Suprise, I’m not buying any single SE game ever again. And it comes from long term fan (nearly 20 years).

      That game at least should be released with Vita version in the same day as PS4/XBOX version… but as it is no longer possible, than it is no longer possible for me to stay with that company.

    • EDIT:

    • Well Agito is coming to Vita!

    • @ThugETH
      Really… a mobile phone F2P title based on microtransactions… really?

      We didn’t ask for this, I don’t want it, they can keep it to themselves. 4 games from SE all poor ports from mobile phones, that is insulting.

      Type-0 was handheld game and it should have stayed that way
      Agiot is mobile phone game and it should stay that way.

    • I’m a massive ff fan, I’m also a fan of ifrit from x, but yeah the series has changed a lot, I’ve been waiting for xv for a long time and yes again it looks different but there seems to be so much more ff in this then recent versions , I also remember playing crisis core and that was different to any ff with it’s similar ways to xv, and don’t forget derge of cerb with Vincent valentine
      , my point still being that ff is progressing in it’s ideas, some good and some bad but it has to progress otherwise it will get reviews about the same old same old , I will still buy there games and I have my fingers crossed that this will b the next big ff game

    • did you not enjoy the music and the way the characters interacted and had conversations during fights, the personal level to me makes the game even more amazing, how the characters talk and act even in downtime

  • ‘Coming soon’ and ’20th March 2015′ is not what I would define as soon… :(

    • Precisely. 6 months is not really “soon” unless you’re using a geologic time scale.

    • Time is relative, 6 months for waiting a game you want is not soon, on the other hand if you know that your mother in law will visit in 6 months, then it’s too soon.

    • It maybe “coming soon” in Japan with english version coming “soon” after that in March. Something like that :)

  • I think it will be the first FF I’ll pass for first day buy, it looks nothing like an RPG, it’s more like an action game with RP elements. Bring open maps and turn based with ATB battles back, like it was up to FF X

  • It’s not too late to bring Type 0 to Vita. Come on SE, do the right thing. =(

    I’ve seen footage from TGS and there’s no way that it couldn’t run on Vita.

  • Maybe you could offer the demo also to those that pre-order FFXV on the PS Store.

  • Looks really good, nice mix of visuals. I just wish they’d stop making these guys like pop singers from the 80’s, call me shallow but it’s like a big mental barrier.

    Exceeded expectations though when I went to play the video.

  • I have been waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and now XV for a long time. I hope you don’t let me wait much longer.

    Also, please give us the option to choose Japanese voice and English subtitles in both games. I’ve seen the opening scene in Type-0 and I wasn’t impressed by the English voice acting.

  • So a game in development this past 8 years in still in development? And the franchise has gone downhill in that same 8 years? Oh dear. And still no FF VII remake that everybody actually wants?
    Who else but the whacky Square Enix. :)

  • I don’t like this action oriented combat, also I’m still mad how you handled the Type-0 situation, so nope – no money for you. I might get XV pre-owned someday, though.

  • At last! But still to wait a half a year only for DEMO

  • Can’t believe this was once supposed to be a system seller for ps3 along with Last guardian.. Still waiting.. Both those projects have really made me lose respect for Japanese gaming development the last gen. They’re slower than ever and while their games used to be some of the most beautiful and technically superior of all, they simply aren’t anymore.. Even from Metal gear solid, which was once my holy grail and -like SE, or should I say SquareSoft?- a few of the best Japanese gaming series , I now get the feeling it could be a lot better as an exclusive and it just doesn’t have that graphical superiority anymore.. The West has clearly taken over and I hope Japanese development gets back on track because they make some of the most unique experiences.

  • I wouldn’t call 6 months “soon.”

    • idk but i think the game will come out 6 months after the demo :) it will come, at least we get to touch it in english dubbed in march.

  • What happened to the “Every PS4 game will have a demo”-announcement? Now it is news if A game has a demo,.

  • So, as others have mentioned, not only is 6 months a weird way to define “soon” but then you make us jump through a couple of hoops to get it? A download code contained within another game? Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t demos basically marketing? You supply a demo to a game to get people excited so they then buy the full game. You don’t make me buy a game, then get a download code and enter it (presumably surrendering my email address and inside leg measurement in the process) and then get access to your marketing?

    I’m sorry SE. You’ve lost another long term fan.

  • Welcome to the mystical world of final fantasy fans. The place where nobody is ever happy. You’ve been wanting news on both of these games and when you get it all you do is whine that it’s not on the console you want or it’s not out yet. We even have people complaining that a company wants to make money. Crazy yes I know but it’s all here. Have a nice stay for the 15 minutes you can stand these whiny people.

  • Why does Square Enix barely ever answer questions? It’s bad customer service.

    • Nah it’s not like this,

      Dan Seto seems like a good guy, he is working in Square Enix since last week (if I’m not mistaken). He is not answering because he is in Tokyo atm. So the problem is different time zone. Give him a chance, mkay?

      Well… still I agree that SE is bad at customer service… as they ignored 1800 angry posts in both threads about type-0 in US and EU… for that alone someone should wear sanbenito and beg for forgiveness. Because what they did was insulting and humiliating to their true fans. But sadly… Dan Seto probably can’t do anything… it is too late for Vita version :/ it’s only 6 months, and the only reasonable thing was release it at least in the same day.

      Well blame Square Enix not Dan.

    • Sorry about the delay in responding to you, it’s been a bit difficult finding the time to sit down and respond out here at TGS. What was your question?

    • @Daniel Seto
      Replying only to easy and happy posts?

      -1 to respect

      Like I said, everyone need to earn respect.

  • This looks amazing, I’m really interested how it plays and what else is in the game…(please bring back summons /aeons ) to me there’s a hint of a reminder of bouncer, loved that game back in the day on ps2, characters remind me of them and the style of fighting too, can’t wait till it’s released…finally

  • Will there be a physical release of type 0? Yes, im still irritated by the lack of physical release of drakengard 3 in europe. (I refuse to buy a game that i know had a physical release in us)

    • I’m afraid I can’t confirm any specifics on the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD other than the date but I will let the higher ups know how you feel and when I’ve got more info I can share, I’ll be sure to let you know on the Square Enix blog.

  • What is it with Sony and the word soon.

    For anyone who does not know what I mean look up H1Z1 :0.

  • i think ff15 will come out 6 months after the demo, im using the trailer as a metaphor where he says “its a long time coming, almost there”. its pry fall 2015 id say. and also the demo will be localized no doubt so we will finally hear the voice actors

  • I just hope both Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV will have Japanese voice option, not really into English voices in these kinda games.

  • Friendly warning, before pre-ordering read this

    ” This has been visually remastered, but it’s still a PSP original, and it shows. The game looked straight up terrible when the camera would automatically zoom in during times of close combat. Given how good both the PS3 and Vita versions of Final Fantasy X looked, I never expected Type-0 to be this rough. Some games are current-gen exclusive because the PS3 and 360 simply wouldn’t have been able to handle them, but FF Type-0 HD is an example of one that’s exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One simply “because reasons”.

    While Type-0 may look powerfully average on a TV screen, it hurts to know that would look stellar if shrunken down onto a Vita screen. Many fans were already puzzled — others, furious — and Tokyo Game Show has proven the lack of Vita version of Final Fantasy Type-0 to be even more ridiculous. These screenshots are, as official media tends to be, much better looking than the real live product.”


    One of best sites about PlayStation games, so I think his words are worthy of trust.

    … and that confirms… it should have been Vita exclusive.

  • Absolutely stunning, i think I’m in love O_O

  • The demo will be released in march 2015 with Final Fantasy TYPE-0 HD
    so i can play it immediately or i must wait a litte bit more?
    please answer this seto-senpai :(

    • Hopefully you’ll be able to play it immediately when Final Fantasy Type-0 comes out but at the moment I can’t confirm the exact time/date that the demo will be available. We’re doing everything we can so you don’t have to wait though!

  • Final Fantasy XV: Road Trip With The Lads.

  • I’m excited, but sceptical. The XIII games upset me so much, that I’m on the verge of abandoning FF altogether. May be I’m too much of a purist to see where they want to take the franchise. ATB turn based combat FTW!

  • Would you release a special coloured PS4 along with the release of FFXV? After all this years since the first teaser I guess it would be worth it! (Not mentioning I would pre order it right away ;) )

    • haha I’d probably pre-order it too! We don’t have anything like that to announce at the moment but we may or may not be able to talk about this in the future. I’d like to hope so because I want one!

  • I just hope Vivi’ll break into SE and cast flare on those devs to wake up and at least not call that a Final Fantasy title. If they won’t cooperate than Quina can be quite persuasive as well.

  • It seems this game already has issues just from watching this latest footage… Where is the diversity in the party? No different races, no different genders? Its cool to ride a car around a city. It’s dum to have some vehicle taking you around nature areas. You gonna get gas from the nearest tree? Why not have some next gen animal (ie chocobo) helping you explore nature as you actually interact with it. These are simple things that people in this business should be able to get right easily. If not, the era of final fantasy will and should end although I do adore some of the installments.

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