DRIVECLUB season pass and free DLC plan detailed

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DRIVECLUB season pass and free DLC plan detailed

You’ve lots of add-ons and free updates to look forward to following the 8th October launch

Our players are the heart and soul of DRIVECLUB, and when the game begins on 8th October 2014, Evolution Studios will be going all out to keep the game fresh and exciting for all of you.

We are determined to build up a lively community of millions of connected racers around you, so our post-launch development will be influenced by what you do in the game and the feedback you share with us. New content, improvements and updates will all be shaped by you and everyone you play with. And of course, we’re going to do our best to keep surprising you with our own creativity too!

In fact, thanks to all of the players we’ve met and talked to already, our mission has already started.

We’re already working hard to develop free updates that will introduce a powerful weather system (that you can play around with to change the dynamics of every race) and a photo mode, because they’ve both been requested ever since we first showed how you can control the time of day and skies in the game.

And even though we’ve already got 55 routes over 25 tracks in the game, we’ll be bringing you more new tracks to enjoy and all of them will be free.

We’ll also keep adding more of the world’s best cars to the game and we’ll give you one car every month, as a free series running from October 2014 to June 2015.

For those who want even more, we’re making a full calendar of new release DLC that will run deep into 2015. This will let you buy packs of new cars and new campaign tour expansions, to give you more to play for each month. This calendar will start in November 2014 with every pack offering new challenges to play and new trophies for you to earn.


There will also be a Season Pass available for €24.99 so that you can pre-order the DLC packs and get a huge saving. In fact, it works out that with the Season Pass you’ll save more than 60% on the cost of purchasing these packs individually, as the total value of the packs will be €75.84 (based on regular price on PlayStation Store).

And the best part? All of this is just the start! We keep saying “DRIVECLUB begins on October 8th 2014” because we don’t know exactly how the game will evolve with each update until you get your hands on the game and start playing!

Are you on board and are you bringing your friends along with you? We hope you’re as excited about this as we are. We can’t wait to shape the future of DRIVECLUB with you!

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  • I will 100% get the season pass :)

  • What are ‘Tour packs’? Season pass sounds interesting but I’d like to know more about these. Great that you’re keeping the tracks free so everyone can play them in multiplayer.

    • ‘Tour Packs’ are mini single-player campaigns featuring new events, new objectives and new trophies. Generally they’ll be based around the latest season pass content, or the latest free car or tracks.

  • Can you tell us exactly what each edition contains and what each dlc is. Ps plus is for full games so I don’t want the demo edition of this to replace a full game ( especially when they upgrade costs the same price as a full game).
    It sounds like even the upgraded version isn’t the full game. Now you are nickel and diming for even more?

    I was looking forward to this game- no so much now.

    • They’ve said before, PS+ version is the full game, with the Platinum trophy obtainable. The rest is completely optional.

      Plus, there’s all that stuff detailed for free, and you still consider it ‘nickel and diming’? If only other devs were so generous!

    • A platinum trophy does not make it a full game. It’s not generous it’s giving us a demo/trial/f2p version where we would normally have a full game

    • If someone gave you just 1 world from a super mario game, or just 5 to 10 teams in a football game would you consider that a demo or full game? Even if they let you unlock all the trophies.

    • And if it’s not the full game why does it cost the same price as one to unlock the remaining content?

    • It doesn’t. Those who chose to unlock the “full” game can do so for €49.99 which is not the full price.

      It isn’t the complete game with all tracks and cars but a “feature-complete” game. You get 20% of the tracks and cars with all features the game has to offer for offline and online play which is much more than what demos offer. Furthermore you don’t usually get AAA games at launch with PS+.

      About the DLC. In my opinion this is exactly what DLC should be like. No one can tell you exactly what each DLC is as they have not been created yet. As stated above the players will influence what the DLC will be so it really is post-launch development, assets created after the game is complete. I really don’t see how it is ‘nickel and diming’.

      You can read more about the PS+ edition here:

    • €49.99 (£43 in my money) is not the full price. I guarantee you will be able to get this at retail sub £43 at launch. I’ve managed to get every ps 4 game I own at launch for under £40. It’s cheaper than the overpriced digital version sure.

    • You know what? No matter what companies do, there’s always someone who just has to find a way to complain about it.

      We are being given a game for free on PS+, on its release, and it’s a title that would probably sell really well if it wasn’t, so it’s not like they are giving us a title no one will want otherwise.

      They explained already, that there will still be a retail version, which will contain more tracks and cars if people want that, but it in no way effects the ability to complete the game, nor unbalances any multiplayer, thus making the retail copy entirely optional.

      You are complaining and saying this isn’t a full game because there are still things going to be added? So, if they said, this is a game we are giving you, and there are not going to be any updates or DLC afterwards, then you’d consider it’d be a full game?

      “Platinum trophy doesn’t make it a full game” – The point Paranoimia was making is that the PS+ copy is not a demo or trail version, you can play through it without interruption, you are able to obtain all trophies, it is a full release. BASICALLY – to make this easier to comprehend – we will get it on PS+ for free, then, if you want… you can buy the DELUXE EDITION.

      Still not a full game?

  • Season Passes need to die

  • Who thinks the game gets delayed anyways?

  • Nice to hear that the game will be so well supported post-launch. Might as well pick up that season pass!

    I’m really liking this trend of combining free and paid DLC for first party games on PS4. I hope it’s a trend that continues! ;)

  • Will all the extra trophies be unlockable with the free DLC?

  • Can anyone explain why we’re getting only European cars? 50 cars isn’t that many tbh, and the fact that they are all from EU…

    If you guys put Japanese/USA cars to paid DLCs, I’ll hit you :f

    • I think that’s what Gran Turismo is for.

    • We’re working hard with manufacturers around the world to bring you a great selection of vehicles. Watch this space.

    • I’d say 50 cars is plenty… whenever I’ve played GRID, there’s been so many cars to choose from, yet I’ll stick to the same few cars for each race type, and only change when I’ve unlocked a better car. If you have 10 cars to pick from, you’re going to pick the one that you find has a good speed and acceleration, as well as handles well for yourself.

  • Will you be releasing videos of snowing and blizzard soon? I’m a total fan of winter weathers in games XD

  • Pre-ordered and a cert for the season pass. But can you tell us how to get the steelbook edition in the UK?

  • I’ve heard you will be on EGX 2015 in London. I’ll see you there and try Driveclub for sure. I’m tempted to buy it but need to try it first! Can you tell me how much content will be avaible for gamers at EGX (cars, tracks etc) ?

  • Looking forward to this very much. I will try the PS+ version first, but if the handling is good, I’m very likely to buy the full thing.

  • I like you guys, Sony and evolution studios, but coming out saying that you’ll have 75 euros of paid Dlc even before the game launch its the kind of thing that makes us hate DLC and be unsure about our purchase of a “full” retail game for the FULL price. Well you presented an alternative, the season pass, way cheaper than 75, but the sour taste is still there. More, this pricing is still unreasonable, because 25 euros pays half my yearly fee for ps+, can get me 2 or 3 full games on psn or on retail. You may say, but its alot of content, I say, ok charge me 10 then, you say, 10 is so little, I say, 25 euros sold to 100k costumers is less than 10 sold to 500k. It wouldn’t sell 5x more? You may say… Please you have the numbers, all ps+ subscribers, the sales (not sales in sold to consumers, but the limited time events with reduced prices) boost numbers, the opportunity for a larger number of people to really get into the franchise with obvious advantage for a future second game on the series… I could go on about the benefits you could reap from this game and future games, but go ahead, go through with your reasoning and strategy and we will see how that goes. One thing I know for sure, as a player of ps2 WRC games and ps3 motorstorm games, you will not get my money for this season pass. Sorry…

  • Hi Jamie, is there any chance you can do a blog article detailing exactly how single player works in this game? I appreciate that this game is all about clubs but I don’t have friends that will be playing this.

    I’m tempted to buy the full game and DLC, after all it looks awesome, but I’m just a little wary that the games full potential will be considerably reduced by my lack of club-mates…

  • Will the season pass and the free maps and cars work with the PS+ Edition?

    • PlayStation Plus Edition owners will be able to get free tracks for India (the featured location) and exciting new game features such as weather, but to access new cars you have to upgrade to the full game.

    • Thanks for the reply @Paul Rustchynsky seems fair. I will be downloading the PS+ edition first then upgrading to the full game around Christmas time. Unless good old santa would be kind enough to leave me a copy under the tree.

      Really can’t wait for this. Good time to be a PS4 owner.

    • @Rushy

      Are you being serious here? Surely if the PS+ version is “exactly the same game” as you yourself have said many times now (which is a lie and you know it, don’t make me have to dig out that E3 quote again) then all free updates should be available on that version should they not? Or have you come up with a new reason as to why this shouldn’t be considered a demo?

      Also, the pricing. C’mon, $30 in the US compared to £43 here? UK to pay double the price for that upgrade? Have a word with yourselves, why, after all the lies and shady behaviour with the PS+ version being downgraded and the upgrade being tied to PS+ would you further tarnish your already ruined reputation by asking your own countrymen in the UK to subsidise the US release?

      Very disappointed.

  • Thank you for signalling me in advance that the game I buy is not the complete experience. Sure there are not a lot of tracks and cars in this game but I thought that was enough for a long gaming experience but I guess it’s not. Can’t wait to play CARS with more tracks, cars and game modes then this scheme.

  • Normally I would get very annoyed by such early promos for additional, payed for content for a game but seeing as we get the game free to start with I don’t mind one bit.

    Looking forward to seeing how great this will be.

    • You don’t get the game for free. You get 1/5th or what normal people call a big demo.

    • I look at it like this. The PSN+ version is the full game, you get all the functionality and can earn the platinum trophy. You can buy the game in which can you get the PSN+ version plus a load more tracks ( you could look at these tracks as bundled DLC which accounts for the price you are paying for the disc version of the game). PSN+ users can download these extra tracks ( I presume ) but have to pay for them.

      I don’t see the problem here. You can have the PSN+ download and then buy the extra tracks if you want to or you can buy them right away in one go on disc.

    • So? You get all of the functionality and content to every game in the 1 Hour Game Trials on PS3, so when I download one those should I consider that the full game? I get to play for an hour then I can buy more if I want, same as DriveClub as I doubt the 5 India tracks will keep me interested for much longer than that anyway.

      It has been built like a demo, has limitations like a demo, will be played like a demo. It’s a demo.

    • Maybe they should just not bother giving us anything for free on PS+? Because apparently you have a problem with that, so we should just not be given it in the first place then you can’t complain about it at all can you?

      Seriously, people really don’t think about what they are complaining about and whether they REALLY have the right to complain about it – and before you say “I pay for a subscription, I was promised content” blah blah blah – You pay £40 a year for PS+ (or a bit more if you buy monthly or 3-monthly subs), each month you get more than £40 worth of content over PS3, PS4, and PS Vita; whether you own all of those is irrelevant, that is not Sony’s problem, you can still own the content regardless, and you pretty much get £40 of content on one platform each month anyway, or at LEAST one month of the year, so no matter what you’re getting your subscription cost covered in content numerous times throughout the year, or in other words you are getting a hell of a lot more than what you’re paying for. It is also irrelevant whether you like all of that content or not, not everyone will like everything, but some people like what others don’t, so you cannot expect to be pleased all the time.

      Anyway – we were promised DriveClub on its release for free on PS+ – they never said exactly what would be in this version of the game, and they told us there would be a version with more in it to be purchased as well, and for a long time we have known this has contained more tracks and cars. So far, nothing has been hidden, we have not been lied to. Now we have proper details of exactly will be in the PS+ edition, and what we will have to pay for IF we want it. We have the ability to play through the games features, with a choice of cars, on numerous tracks, and able to achieve all trophies in the main game (before DLC trophies). If people choose to purchase the other edition of the game, they get to do the same as us, but with a bigger choice of cars and tracks.

  • So if the full game requires a season pass in order to get enough content to want you to keep playing it, I’m guessing the PS+ version is going to feel even more like a demo than was expected.

    I have no issue with this, since it was announced the PS+ version was stripped down (despite being a year late) I’ve come to terms with the idea that it’s basically a demo with trophies. I wasn’t gonna buy the game until I’d at least played that demo, but now knowing that I will need to pay full whack for the game, and then pay £25 again straight on top. Forget it.

    DLC to me is something that is fine, as long as you get a game, complete a game and a month later some new content is announced that keeps you wanting to keep the game or keep playing it.

    When a game is made, is delayed for a year despite a promise of it being available at launch as the first game on PS+, but before it is even released they tell you “Spend an extra £25 minimum, and we’ll slowly let you have this extra stuff” it just makes me wonder why they don’t put it on the disc right away. You’ve clearly already got some of this stuff ready to go, it comes out the same month as the game, so considering the delay and screwing up of the PS+ on PS4 launch… give the content for free for the first 3 months. Then ask people to pay extra, when they’re sure that the game is worth it.

    I hate pre-release DLC. I can’t trust a company to release a great game, when the year it’s taken you to tweak the game for release, has been partially dedicated to getting you grubby little hands on more money. That’s not just this game, but various others.

    The only thing worse than this kinda BS, is on-disc DLC, where it’s already on the disc and you pay however much to get the DLC and it’s an 8KB file that unlocks it. That is the biggest BS of the last generation. But this kinda thing comes a close second.

    One question I would like answered though. The free DLC. Is this just for the full game? or will the free DLC be usable on the PS+ version, making that ‘demo’ more of a complete game. If it can be added to the PS+ version, then you’d have my respect for that.

  • I am expecting a child. Does anyone know of this will have an obligatory £30 season pass on its release date?

  • Thanks. Just helped me make my mind up whether to get this game or Project CARS.

    Bad enough the plus version of DC went from the full game with a few assets removed, to practically a demo. Now it’s expected to pay 50% of the games price, to get more items.

  • €75.84, you say?
    Look at how much money I’ll be saving since I wont be buying it.
    Next time you make a game, finish it first, on time, and deliver what you promised, with better PR.
    Stop advertising promises and grab money on them.
    Evolution Studios is in my black list after that PR fiasco some months ago.

  • Awesome, great that Sony first party keeps delivering good DLC practices like this with plenty of free stuff (KZ, TLOU, now DC)
    Keep it up! You’re doing it better than anyone else right now.

    • Some Free Dlc does not excuse the 75 euro of planned even before launch, and 25 euro for the season pass on top of a 70 euro “full game” its just wrong… Like the 35 Bungie is charging for Destiny season pass, its this the direction we want to go? Sure, if we like a game, the option to expand the experience is cool, but charging almost 50% for 1/10 of content that just works with a 70 euro games just sounds very wrong. InFamous approach is much better IMO.
      For me its the complete edition they will launch in a years time for around 30 euros with all the Dlc. They lose my money for the 1st day purchase and the season pass, and I will still play the game giving them just a portion of what the game is worth… All because of the principle they are acting on…

    • @SergioDaly
      I don’t see a problem with planning DLC before releasing a game. Had the DLC been developed before launch it would have been a different matter. With the season pass you will be getting 38+9 cars in total which is quite a lot compared to the 55 you get with the full game. It really is more that 10% of content you get with the season pass.

      I still think paying half the full price to get less than half the content the full game offers is “wrong” but this doesn’t bother me as i’ll have enough content in the full game.

      I totally agree with you and that’s the first thing i thought when i read the details. Like with Killzone you get new maps for free which means you won’t be restricted by the DLC you’ve bought when trying to join an online game.

    • 70 euro full game? don’t know what you’re talking about. game will be 49.99€ for plus subcribers

      third parties charge 70€ just for a base game. 50€+25€ to get every DLC for Driveclub sounds fair and is something I will support, specially with the free DLC.
      I want to see more Free DLC like this.

      And seeing as how people don’t work for free, the free dlc has to be paid in some way. Something more to the “side”, more optional or less bothersome for non buyers. In MP shooters, free maps and paid cosmetic. in racing, free tracks and cars! If you want the extra content you buy the dlc. if you don’t, then don’t buy it. Your game won’t be worse for it, unlike when games charge for really important addons.

      Kudos Evolution and Sony.

    • @ logi
      Cars are it self just a portion of the game, same for the tracks … So 1/10 it’s still a reasonable assumption.

      50 sounds better than 70 but that price is as unconfirmed as the 70 I did mention, I was talking about this and others cases like destiny just released. But my issue its not with the game price, only issue I have is the season pass and DLC, and 25 its to much no matter what. I never said anything about work for free, as I already work in a software house and I know how coding is a dead serious matter, all I have to say is, they would get more money if they charge accordingly, by selling more units. I know I won’t change your mind, all I wanted to say is that Evolution Studios changed mine and I was really sure I was gona buy this game day 1 after the weather trailer and my history with past games by them, but now, not anymore.

    • I don’t think it’s reasonable to make such an assumption when the amount content in the full game isn’t known especially when the definition of “content” can be made so vague.

      Actually the 50 euro price tag for upgrading to the full game is confirmed:

      I don’t see the reasoning in calling 25 euros too much “no matter what”. Surely the content itself and the effort/money that went into it must be taken into account when judging if the price is justified. You aren’t forced in any way to buy the DLC so why get bothered by it so much?

    • @ logi
      I didn’t remember that post, must be my old age… But if you re read my post, I wasn’t talking specifically about this game when I mention the 70 euro price tag, although I might in a previous post, I was only trying to make a point and 70 euro games do exist, I not making something up.
      About the content, I will not further discuss it, because is pointless, I have my opinion and wanted to evolution to know about it, they now know about it.

  • Anyone knows if this game is compatible with the PS Move Racing Wheel?

  • Will PS+ Edition also get free aditional content?

  • Looks like a great game. Unfortunately I won’t be spending a penny on this out of principle. When I prepaid for my day one PS4, I was promised this game for free as part of the package. Now your like, yeah well we changed our minds and gonna give you a demo instead. Sure you will word it differently because otherwise you would be in court before we could say “a year later and a dollar short” it’s bait and switch at best…. and damn right wrong in my eyes. left a bad taste in my mouth this year with all these game company tactics to extort every last penny out us gamers…. starting to wise up to this real fast. shame.

    • don’t recall Driveclub ever being free myself. maybe fact check that one

    • @axe_ninja

      Someone didn’t watch the Sony E3 conference where Rushy himself detailed the PS+ version as and I quote: “the same full game minus a few assets” we took that to mean we’ll get the full game, missing a few cars and tracks, because that is literally what he said. A year later the PS+ version has been massively downscaled to 5 tracks (and some reverse variants) and 10 cars. And now we learn that the PS+ version doesn’t receive the free updates either? That sounds awfully like a demo…

      You might also like to know that Rushy necro-edited his post on NeoGaf that he made shortly after the reveal that detailed this in writing. Thankfully NeoGaf archive every post as its made so when a developer tries to do something shady, it can be proven.

      There’s your fact checking.

    • What we’re getting is exactly what they said. Full game (all features and modes unlocked) but not without all cars and tracks. Period. Nothing “shady” going on.

  • Look how there’s no mention of the Plus version. So the glorified demo won’t even get the free cars and tracks.

    I caught this tweet:

    Don’t get your hopes up guys.

  • I support this content because Evo is a great company with great coders, artists, sound, etc. Top of the heap.

  • …its ridiculous if you buy the full shouldn’t end up receiving half a game …expecting us now to pay for dlc….

  • Guys. Hey, guys.

    Remember how the Plus upgrade-to-full-game was NOT permanent and how we had to smack Sony in the face in order to get their act right?

    So they wanted to do that scummy thing AND an expensive Season Pass on top of it, proudly claiming that you’ll save lots of money?

    It’s a good thing us complainers are here, right? :D

    P.S. Americans, stay on your own blog. Quit invading us with your stupid opinions.

  • Sounds cool(well the free stuff) :D Only because i never buy extra stuff. But looking forward to this game because the only racing games i like are either GT games or Evolution Studios racing games ;)

  • Pretty lame the Plus edition doesn’t get the free cars and tracks.

  • Will the Logitech G25 be compatible with this game? Or will I have to buy the Thrustmaster T80 steering wheel if I want to use a wheel? Either way this game is a day one purchase for me :)

    • as far as ive read online you can only use the thrustmaster with this game and only this game.the reviews for the wheel say its bad aswell.the logitech wheel is the best one i have ever bought and wanted to use it for ps4 games but its not looking like it will ever be compatible.the more that gets said about this game the less i think about buying the full game.personally i hate playing realistic racers/sims with a controller.using a wheel and pedals gives me more control.

    • It is such a shame that driving games have now been inofficially declared dead by Sony on the PS4, by not allowing support for the driving wheels out there.
      I do have a logitech G25, a fantastic wheel in my opinion, and I’ll definitely not buy another one for the PS4. So, I couldn’t care less about Driveclub, or Project Cars, or any other driving game approaching, as long as this is not sorted out.
      @Sony: start doing something for your loyal customer base, or at the very least, communicate openly about this.

  • The game looks amazing but please make a new Motorstorm next!

  • I’m game. Can’t wait to drive, especially now that I’ve got my white PS4 installed.

  • So that’s why the game only ships with 50 cars, there gonna nickel and dime us for all those extras. No thanks! Probably won’t even download the PS+ version.

  • If you get the PS Plus edition is there a way to upgrade? Because I love this game already!

  • Still no sign or mention of Lamborghini :( or Jaguar ??

  • Still no sign or mention of Lamborghini or the La Ferrari ??

    • Or Bugatti,Jaguar,Ascari,Noble or the BMW i8 ? Not bothered about cars from Japan or the States,aside from the Lexus LFA and possibly the Nissan GTR nothing else is in the same league as European Manufacturers !!

  • can anyone put this straight for me.i have plus and want this game.will the plus version version have all the tracks the retail game will have?im not really interested in dlc cars,decals,paint jobs etc.i have been under the impression that ps+ subbers will get everything whilst non subbers will have to buy the retail game,then anything else is just DLC which everone will have the choice in buying or not.

    • PS+ just gives you access to a limited slice of the game for free which you can play indefinitely (some tracks and cars, all game modes, etc).

      With PS+ you can also UPGRADE to the full game for a slightly discounted price (which you keep forever, even if PS+ expires). This digital version is the same as the retail version.

    • No, you don’t get all the tracks with the ps+ version, it only has one location.. India, I’m not sure how many tracks are at each venue.

    • I said it comes with some tracks and cars (which I guess has been confirmed to be in India).

    • @ TiagoPT
      Sorry there was no reply when I posted.

  • Sooo… I pre ordered my ps4 to play this at launch, then its delayed almost a year… I pre ordered the full game a few months ago and now find out i’m not actually going to get the full game unless I fork out again for the season pass… not good.

    • Yeah that’s what I said earlier and got accused of complaining lol. Yeah right screw us right lol. You should be happy to pay Instead of get what was “implied” at launch date. Stop complaining and open your wallet with out questioning it…..and count yourself lucky. lmao

  • When will the weather system patch be available for the game?

  • can’t wait for the game and the DLC :D

  • can’t wait for DRIVECLUB and the DLC :D

  • I have to agree with quite a few of the posts on here, there are quite a few reasons to be disgruntled with this game since the initial reveal. First we were told that the plus version would be the full game minus a few cars and tracks, turns out a few equals 80%!!!

    We were also initially told that you could upgrade the plus version for a small fee and keep the game even if your plus subscription expires, then came the announcement in May to reveal the 80% missing content and the whopping £42.99 upgrade fee and that you now no longer get to keep it if your subscription expires (subsequently reversed due to fans voicing their displeasure)

    Now we have the news of 75 euros worth of DLC before the game has even been released. Add to this the cheek of saying that the weather update is free when it should have been in the game to start with even after a near year delay, the fact it is missing the launch is ridiculous.

    Another thing that caught my eye this week is that the US price was revealed to be $29.99 as seen

    The article is about GTA but the discussion quickly turned to Driveclub in the comments. The fact that it is $30 in the us and £42 for an upgrade is another slap in the face.

    I really had high hopes for this game as it does look mightily impressive but will all the backwards steps and mis-information I shall hold out another month to get my racing fix with Project Cars and next gen F1 in the new year.

    Very disappointed fan :(

  • A little of topic I’m a bit deaf in both ears and need a good headset for ps4 with good volume control help

  • Just wait for project cars

  • €75 worth of DLC on top of the free car every month? That’s kind of bad guys, there better be enough content out the box to warrant this sort of timed money grabbing.

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