Rising Star Games celebrates its 10th birthday with big discounts!

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Rising Star Games celebrates its 10th birthday with big discounts!

Hefty savings on Deadly Premonition, Rune Factory, King of Fighters, more

It’s time to celebrate! You might not realise it, but 2014 is the ten-year anniversary of Rising Star Games. Ten years! The time has certainly flown by, but over the years we’ve always continued doing what we do best – bringing great titles from all over the world to people that love videogames. And since we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the huge amount of support you’ve all given us since we started, we’re sending a massive thank you to each and every one of you. You’re the best!

But wait… no anniversary would be complete without a party! To mark this exciting milestone then, we’ll be holding a massive digital sale on the PlayStation Store across Europe for all our titles. From 2nd-16th September, all Rising Star Games available digitally from the PS Store will be discounted by a massive 70%.

So, if you’ve ever missed out on any RSG game, now’s the time to grab it as part of our ten-year celebration!

The games that make up our 10th anniversary sale are:


Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut – 70% off (Was €24.99)

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut – Gold Edition – 70% off (Was €29.99)

The King Of Fighters XIII – 70% off (Was €14.99)

Rune Factory Oceans – 82% off (Was €49.99)

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition – 80% off (Was €39.99)

PS Vita

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God – 68% off (Was €34.99)

Virtue’s Last Reward – 67% off (Was €29.99)

Virtue’s Last Reward: Complete Collection – 67% off (Was €29.99)


Blazing Souls Accelate – 70% off (Was €19.99)

Farming Classics Collection – 70% off (Was €14.99)

Half-Minute Hero – 70% off (Was €12.99)

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley – 70% off (Was €14.99)

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon – 70% off (Was €9.99)

RPG Classic Collection – 64% off (Was €24.99)

RSG’s Magnificent Seven – 70% off (Was €49.99)

Valhalla Knights – 70% off (Was €6.49)

Valhalla Knights 2 – 70% off (Was €9.99)

Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance – 70% off (€9.99)

Valhalla Knights Trilogy – 70% off (€19.99)

We’ll be doing lots of other things to mark our anniversary throughout the rest of 2014, so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to for all the latest information and help us carry on the celebrations beyond the sale!

Let the festivities begin!

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  • Deadly Premonition and Virtue’s Last Reward heavily discounted? Amazing!

    • And happy birthday btw. Continue the good work!

    • Virtue’s Last Reward takes at least 30 hours, so you’ll be busy for a while. Some puzzles are difficult, though. If you put it on Easy, then characters will help you out with hints.

      It’s really easy to get spoiled, though. Be very careful when you’re looking up faqs or wikis.

    • Thanks for the love EyvindPT!

      I’m like Lone Wolf and Baby Cart when it comes to VLR

    • I’m quite eager to start playing VLR. Finished all the endings of 999 recently and loved it. Hoping that VLR is as amazing as 999

    • I haven’t played 999, but I can safely tell you (it’s okay, these are not spoilers) that the deaths aren’t nearly as gruesome. The company in charge wanted the creator to tone down the violence in VLR to get more sales, because they were a tad disappointed with the sales of 999.

      VLR ended up selling worse than 999. :/

      Btw, start on the left with the branching paths and work your way to the right.

    • You definitely should play 999, the story is really something.
      The tone down in gore is ok with me. Just the tension around the deaths is more than sufficient.
      I’ll follow that path, thanks!

    • 999 >> VLR –> if you’ve played 999, you will be probably disappointed, although VLR is a great game, but far away from 999.

  • Amazing games, Deadly Premonition is pretty unique and well worth playing on ps3 like all the other hundrets of amazing ps3 games, why would anyone even buy a ps4?

    • Hi Mario_4_Life

      The Gold Edition at that price for Europe was deliberate

      As for the US pricing I have no control over that from the UK sadly…as they say “needs must when the devil drives”.

    • The blog post was actually changed to only show the percentage now – like they do on xbox. Do not like xD

  • Happy 10th Anniversary. Nothing for me in the sale but iv enjoyed many of your localisations/games in the past and i hope RSG can live happily into the future. :]

    • Wassup Silent_Gig!

      If I could hug you without getting electrocuted I would!

      Thanks for the love and I hope we can serve you great games again in the future dude.

  • Not much for a trophy dude like me.
    But happy 10th anniversary!

  • All Vita owners should buy Virtue’s Last Reward at this price!
    And happy birthday btw!

    • Do you recommend new players to start from the most left branching paths and work their way to the right? I did that and it seemed to work pretty well, for the most part, revelations weren’t revealed too early.

    • Nǐ Hǎo Zhao_Yun16

      I agree and thanks for the love!!!

  • Does KOF XIII come with all the DLC, thats all i want…

  • Is anyone able to tell me why Deadly Premonition isn’t available in New Zealand?

  • Some good stuff here, gonna get half minute hero. Thanks! :D

  • Don’t expect much online activity for King of Fighters XIII, it’s pretty barren. It’s good for local competition, though.

    Will the on-disc DLC for KOFXIII also be discounted? They don’t seem to be live yet on the webstore.

  • So, deadly premonition is £8.99 or $5 on the us store. Under defeat is £8.99 or $2.69 on the us store.

    Obviously we’re all mugs over here.

    On a less negative note. I never had a ps3, did dodonpachi and deathsmiles only release for 360? Under defeat was ok but for these games cave wins.

    • They were Xbox 360 exclusives like most shoot ’em ups seem to be. Hopefully that changes with this generation.

    • Hey furryhawk

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention and we’re currently looking into it. Sadly, I wasn’t privy to the final pricing in the US but, it should have been more in line with europe. When I get a clear picture I’ll post an update!!!

      As for the shooters sadly not but, look out for more news from Rising Star Games in the future!

    • Righty-oh furryhawk!

      Not sure if you felt it but, we’ve turned on the Trans-dimensional Bean Counter and the reason for the price difference is as follows:

      The original US pricing for Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut and Under Defeat was always cheaper than Europe so, when the discount took effect the pricing moved accordingly. Sadly, we cannot effect the final prices when the discount takes effect but, the sale is still equivalent to 70% off the original pricing in that territory.

      I hope this helps!

      Live long and prosper you mythical beast!

    • Ok, I just need to move to America anyway :D

      If you read this reply, can you help me out with a years old quest of mine? Where, if indeed anywhere can I get a bus stop-sized deathsmiles poster/advertisement?

  • Australian prices for Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God and VLR???

  • I would have liked a discount on the King of Fighters XIII DLC characters, as I’ve already got the game.
    Maybe next week ;)

  • I guess we’re just gonna never mention last week’s discounts that are still missing again then? I hate to go on and on about it, but I really wanted the F1 classic edition and that still doesn’t exist in the store, and I don’t really want to pay more for the standard edition than I could have preordered it for months before it came out. Another one I’ve noticed is that EA Sports MMA – which I purchased on disc for around £3 a few months ago, is still showing on price drops as £19.99. It’s been a week now and still noone’s replied to any of the comments surrounding it. Thanks.

    • And sorry, I’ve just realised that I’m an idiot and that this wasn’t posted by one of the Sony blog admins. My apologies. Deadly Premonition is a cracking little game and anyone who hasn’t played it definitely should, it’s an experience.

    • WayfaringWalrus thanks for the DP love and I hope you will get the answers you seek!

  • Hi Guys!

    It’s Tyrone Walcott from Rising Star Games, on the behalf of everyone at Rising Star Games we would like to thank you all for your support over the years!

    I’ll hopefully try and answer your question throughout this afternoon so please bear with me :)

    • Could you do me a favour?!

      Get your PSVita ready, I’ll be posting a few codes at 16:30


    • Again, I’m not promising anything but, could someone test to see if these Virtues Last Reward codes for PSVita work?!

      You’ll be doing me a favour!



    • You might mention in which regions the codes will work, it’s all country-locked. I assume they are for the UK Store? I checked them for giggles and they are either incorrect or already claimed in the Dutch Store.

      I already have VLR, so I wouldn’t claim it.

    • EU Store only!!! :D

    • I also tried them in the Dutch store, none of them worked for me. And I don’t own the game yet (on Vita).

  • Welp payday for me is on friday, so will be going download crazy on those psp games. *RIP to my wallet* lol

  • sorcery saga for £8 and pennies? buy buy buy!!!

  • Btw. anyone can recomend any PSP title from sale?

    I have only Harvest Moon atm.

    • Half Minute Hero, but play it in short bursts. Very funny, awesome music and it’s very pick-up-and-play, perfect for handhelds.

      I mean, listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdxQJVRKPx0 Always gets you hyped.

    • I liked half-minute hero. It’s a strange little game, but for that price, I say give it a try.

    • @zalwelgoedgaan & @Rochala
      Thank you :)

      And what about RSG’s Magnificent Seven pack? Is it worthy it?

      Not all games have good metacritic score… and I already have one of games… but do you think it might be the right price for that content?

      Especially Valhalla Knights series, is it worth it?

    • Get Harvest moon on its own & get the rpg bundle with half minute hero and blazimg souls. Ignore the metacritics, especially for blazing souls (I havnt played it, but Spectral souls by the same people got 40’s on metacritic and that was a great game)

    • Half Minute Hero all the way buddy!!!

    • Archacus, I’d recommend you don’t touch the Valhalla Knights series with a ten foot barge pole.

      It’s a true turkey of a series – they were naff on PSP, and Valhalla Knights 3 on Vita was an even worse abomination complete with sexual deviancy minigames straight out of the worst corners of Akihabara.

      Sorcery Saga and VLR are worth a look for Vita though.

    • @DJOates
      Oh thx! Didn’t know that :)

      About VLR and Sorcery Saga those are on my wishlist :) VLR is atm coming to me (should be delivered at the end of the week) with nice retail edition, and I will pick up Sorcery Saga when I will have a lil’bit more time and money. I don’t mind paying more for retails :)

    • If you buy the “RSG’s Magnificent Seven pack” you’ll get each of the 7 games for the lowest price of 2.14€ (unless they fix the PS+ discount thing, then you’ll get them for even less). Sounds like the best purchase option to me, I know I’m going for it ;)

  • Time for Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God!

  • If I may shill for a moment:

    Half Minute Hero and Virtue’s Last Reward weren’t huge sellers. In fact, last time we heard, the latter wasn’t profitable yet for the company who made it and Half Minute Hero sold so bad that the sequel is released on Steam and not on PSP/Vita.

    Virtue’s Last Reward has excellent characters who are well-written and memorable and the story will keep you hooked for at least 30 hours. You’ll be plugging the Vita in the power socket many, many times. I must stress that you should be very careful for spoilers. I accidentally looked at a Wiki page and was spoiled, silly me.

    Half Minute Hero is a tribute/parody of many games and RPG tropes, it’s basically a high speed top down RPG with auto-battles. Stages are short and you have to figure out how to beat it as fast as possible, you can buy equipment and time rewind, so it’s more than 30 seconds actually. There are several gameplay modes, one of them is a sidescroller, one is an escort-type of game and one is a bit strategic where you have to summon monsters and stuff. You eventually unlock a mode where you have to save the entire world. Still haven’t beaten it. x_x

    I recommend both games easily, don’t let these titles die like Tearaway. Yes, I am still angry about that.

  • Nooooo…. Sorcery Saga is only 10,49€ and I can’t buy it because it’s not available in Germany. :(

    • There’s a guy stroking a cat in the original Inspector Gadget who is to blame for Sorcery Saga not being released in Germany and I’m still looking for him :(

      Sorry you couldn’t get involved in the celebrations, I hope there is something else you like!

    • Well, I *was* considering a few other games (like Half-Minute Hero or Harvest Moon) … But apparently, those games aren’t available in Germany either. <.< Seems like I'm out of luck. Seriously, what is it with you and Germany? :P

      I guess I'll import the Sorcery Saga cartridge after I return from my vacation. Though I'll probably have to pay at least thrice the PSN sale price. :(

    • I know how you feel. :(

      If you are interested in the european version of the game, I would recommend you Play-Asia. You can grab it there for ~19 Euros (plus 2 or 3 Euros for shipping when you want with tracking information):

      If you can live with the NA-version, I would recommend Videogamesplus.ca:

      Including the shipping it would also be somewhere around 22 to 23 Euros.

      I ordered mine some days ago via Play Asia. Hope this helps. :)

    • @ crimsonidol-de, thanks for your advice. I’ll definitely check out those options! :)

  • Just in time!I was about to purchase Deadly Premonition from the US store

  • Should persuade a few friends to try kof at that price!

  • Is it me or is everything still at full-price on the store? Have they yet to be properly updated or am I just missing something? :(

  • Congratulations, and thanks for the party! I’m ready to buy Virtue’s Last Reward and Deadly Premonition as soon as these sales become active.

  • Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut is a great game, maybe I buy it again even though I already have and played the PS3 retail release.

    It’s also very unfortunate that Rising Star never released Way of the Samurai 3 on PSN.

    • GOLD STAR for Alestes!!!

      Good knowledge on Way of the Samurai 3!

      We did help promote the WotS3 however, Gamebridge officially published the title so, I’ll take that gold star back thank you very much :)

  • I dont understand the ig difference in prizes in europe if we buy Deadly premotinition ultimate and under defeat in the us store, if we pass dollar to euro it would be 6€ (4+2) but if we buy it in the europe store it would be 24€ (12+129) it make no sense. always happens this, this makes always people buy games at us store

  • Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut is a great game, maybe I buy it now again even though I already have the PS3 retail release.

    It’s very unfortunate that Rising Star never released Way of the Samurai 3 digitally on PSN.

  • „At PlayStation, we’ve always taken the european market extremely seriously” – Jim Ryan, GDC, 2014


    EU – Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition £8.99/€11.99
    US – Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition $2.99

    EU – Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut £8.99/€11.99
    US – Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut $5.99

    • I hope you realize that SCEE doesn’t operate in the United States, does not pay their workforce or their taxes in American dollars, and can’t simply ‘pretend’ like they do.

      Your prices also include 20% VAT. US advertised prices do not include sales tax (It’s added on top of advertised price, and varies between states.)

    • Ok, perfect your explanation, europe are the best (taxpayers)…

    • @blendercat27
      $2.99=€2.20, with 20% VAT it’s about €2.64, not €11.99

  • I will defo have a go at Deadly Premonition, nice1 for the sale!

    And happy anniversary! :)

  • I already own Deadly Premonition on Xbox 360 and Virtue’s Last Reward on 3DS, but with these prices it’s very tempting to support these great games just a bit more. Happy anniversary!

  • I almost bought DP again last night, very glad I didn’t now..*waits for UK store to update*

    • I have a “I should finally get around to buying Deadly Premonition ” moment every few months and also came inches away from buying it last night. Some higher power stopped me from grabbing it off of Amazon, I’m sure of it.

  • Wanted to buy Valhalla Knights, but the Portuguese PSN Store is still showing the regular price both on the web store and the VITA PSN Store. Isn’t the sale available for Portugal?

  • Tempted to pick up sorcery saga, though I wont play it in a while due to Dangaronpa 2, Had Disgaea 4 the week before and stil playing through Black heart destoryer Noire and Neptunia re;birth =? and to make things work got Chaos;head dual and Bullet girls coming this week too =?

    Too much to play on Vita!!!

  • What happened to the plus discount? ????

  • Happy 10th Rising Star! Time sure flies by if you have good games around you… :)

    I can proudly say that I have every PS3 / Vita game on sale but King of Fighters XIII and I will remedy that problem pretty soon… :) Always wanted to try that Futuristic Harvest Moon thing, so probably I will buy that too.

  • Congratulations on 10 years. Looks like a good sale, definitely going to be picking up a few games from this :)

  • Whoa you changed the pricing of Deadly Premonition Gold Edition I thought it was £6something i wanted it at that price I will skip it now as i know the game has game breaking bugs.

  • Are theses available in Australia???????????????

  • Never mind the prices haven’t updated yet i just saw Rune Factory at full price!

  • Could we get the prices in the normal (usual) formatting, by any chance?

  • First things first, Happy Birthday !
    I got VLR from PS+ and after playing it, I regret I didn’t buy it earlier. That game alone made me interested in whole visual novels genre and also made me pretty emotional for a while (Tenmyoujis ending to be more exact).
    After the prices updated, I will definitely take a closer look at Rune Factory and Sorcery Saga (which reminds me of those Pokemon dungeon games that I loved as a kid).
    Whenever you will bring some other VN stuff over seas, you will have my support (probably by a day one purchase) and one very happy customer. :)

  • Have the prices been updated yet? My account is in UAE but still no discounts

  • Your links on here don’t work because you missed out the /en-gb/ bit of the URL. I may pick some stuff up in this sale.

  • I’m happy to see that Sinsita4real actually responds to almost any post. comment is whatever, it’s the thought that counts.

    you guys are going a great job! keep it up and happy anniversary!

    • Thanks Chijatsu!!!

      I’m trying :)

      Just posted some PSN codes for VLR as I don’t know if they work. They my have been ravaged already though!

  • Could you include UK pricing please? after all SCEE is based in the UK !!

  • Yoooohoooo… Discounts? >_>

  • anyone alive at all today regarding these supposed sales? they ain’t showing up on the store and it now seems the post has been altered regarding the price drops and availability. originally we got a Plus discount and now we don’t? also is it available in the UK as the pricing is stated as Euro’s only. Get it together please, it’s either one or the other but just decide and implement the damn things.

    • I also noticed the prices increased. Not by much, but still, it’s a shame.

    • Seems they are in the process of implementing the discounts, because the prices look pretty strange and inconsistent now…

    • I think there must be some maintenance going on guys. You’re right, the store isn’t showing up some prices!

      Bear with Sony guys they must be on the case.

  • Dutch pricing seems to be borked right now. At least the discounts on the RSG games on the PC side of the store. Vita has been updated and unfortunately no mention on PS4 of the discount. Would actually be useful if we had full access to everything on the Store on that system.

    This way I wouldn’t have to switch from the PS4 or the Vita to the PS3 just to check the store over there.

  • Where the heck have our plus discounts gone? You cant just take them down without an explanation. This is very very annoying. Give me an answer please.

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