New Destiny video showcases PlayStation-exclusive Exodus Blue map

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New Destiny video showcases PlayStation-exclusive Exodus Blue map

Get a closer look at the infantry-focused stage ahead of launch next week

Within the shadow of a great Golden Age colony ship, Guardians hold blood-pounding contests of skill in memory of Exodus Blue, and all the ship represented. This mid-sized, infantry-focused competitive map is exclusive to PlayStation until autumn 2015, and has been optimized for both 3-on-3 and 6-on-6 matches.

With the launch of Destiny just days away, we take a closer look at this exclusive Crucible map and what secrets it has in store for aspiring Guardians.

Like Bungie’s previous works, Exodus Blue is built with intricate exteriors and set before gorgeous backdrops. The map supports five different game modes (Skirmish, Control, Salvage, Clash, and Rumble) and has been designed with all three Guardian classes in mind.

Enjoy our video walkthrough for a look at Exodus Blue, and prepare to fight back the darkness when Destiny launches on 9th September for PS4 and PS3.

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  • This game sure is gearing up to be the biggest launch ever. The polish in this is astounding.

    • Amazing what marketing $$$s can buy i am sure raising the price in europe to 69.99€ a game helped.

    • Oh look who is back on a Wednesday. Mister moaner with another spam troll PSN account yet again. When the big sale on PS4 games was on 3 weeks ago, you moaned why there wasn’t anything on PS3, then today on the Rising Star games sale post, you moan about PS4 games not being on it. There is no pleasing somebody like you.
      And seriously now you are hating on a post that is talking about one of the PlayStation Exclusive maps of Destiny? Xbot confirmed.
      Mods or Fred could you please look into blocking this new PSN account too please?

    • Did you take a breath while writing all this?! Please take care of your health :)

    • Don’t worry, its nothing compared to the 15+ comments you are going to leave on the PS Store Update post today haha ^_^

  • Really looking forward to next week! Nice that Bungie aren’t sending out review copies until Friday too so ‘review’ sites can’t spoil the game before launch!
    I dunno how you can fairly review a game like this at launch anyway.

  • Looks really boring just like the beta scenerys. People love maps like Hijacked, Nuketown in Cod because they are so colorful and fun, brighten up your mood. Ghosts failed because of all the broken, bombed out, destroyed sceneries. Now destiny is the same? Dissapointing. Better had used your billion dollar marketing for some more fun maps and better gameplay.

  • My hype is beyond 4 hours, I am in a state of overdrive. I have never been so excited to preload something in all my life.

  • Pre-ordered the Destiny PS4 bundle months ago. The hype is at the maximum.
    Now just give me Minecraft Vita and life is complete.

  • got my Destiny digital guardian edition on preorder cant wait now i wait for my 50 psn card from Gamestop MY BODY IS READY

  • Hype! Btw can i upgrade to digital guardian edition after release or should i try to cancel my current digital preorder?

  • Wow is the game out this week? I have not even looked at one thing about this game yet it does seem to much like halo IMO.

  • Does anyone know if we can preload the digital version on the 7th, as they will in the US?

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