Watch the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan press conference 2014

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SCEJA previews its plans for the rest of the year and into 2015

Over in Tokyo tomorrow, our colleagues at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan are holding a media briefing to showcase some of the great titles and services heading to that region later this year and into next. While we ask you to bear in mind that not everything showcased is confirmed for release outside of the SCEJA region at present, any early birds among you who want to tune in and watch the presentation can do so – in English – at the Ustream event page.

The conference begins at 3.00pm Tokyo time – that’s 7.00am BST/8.00am CET on Monday morning, and you can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag ##PlayStation0901. Enjoy!

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  • The USTREAM site is blocked in my work place, can you stream it using YouTube as well?

  • The Last Guardian!

  • I predict more complacency and a deafness to what player want.

    • I’m just curious how they’re gonna screw over Vita owners, I’m sure they’ll find a way. Expecting absolutely not Vita games announced but I wouldn’t be surprised if Gravity Rush 2 is either cancelled or moved over to PS4


    • no*

    • @X_Blood_Curse_X Japan is much more portable focused than consoles, unlike US/EU, so you can bet they’ll be plenty of Vita love during the stream, as with past SCEJ press conferences.

  • can i watch it on PS4 via “Live Events Viewer” app?

  • What’s up with the weekly summaries lately? Haven’t seen any since the gamescom.
    Besides FutureLab nobody answered to the comments about the recently announced Plus update either and we got no poll, opposed to the US.

    All together this leaves quite a bad impression about the recent feedback appraisal.
    Well and the obvious part where we see by the results that people don’t really seem to listen. While it is nice to get new great games as Velocity2x right at release, this alone can’t compensate for the rest.

    • I see what you mean, and I would suggest it’s because it’s large business’s biggest time of the year (other than holidays) where they are finalizing fiscal year plans, deals, and getting everything from the last year swept under the carpet, (hence why this month’s PS+ update was weaker than others)

      I expect things to pick up again from next week and it should be steady till halloween.

    • Fiscal year wasn’t the right one, but there is some sort of word that i’m on about. (

    • Okay without been spammy, it could be the end of the fiscal year, because it can be between any date’s, so Playstations could be sep-aug. (!)

    • I also wonder about the quality of this blogs words black list
      My comment remained in moderation till today and I can’t see that anything would have been changed. So what purpose has this kind of moderation?

      That’s a nice idea, but financial report dates never impact the level of a company’s interactions on social media level. The blog only reduces their output when they travel around the world or have to prepare a flood of new announcements. Neither of that is the case currently afaik.

    • @Golwar Well, in a way, gamescom happened. And also, I guess I was thinking more about the PS Plus content rather than feedback and replies on it. I noticed in the last couple of months that replies from the team have been minimal, as I always like reading the replies. Hopefully tomorrow, as it’s the store update, PS Update and September things will be back to normal. And I just realised DriveClub is out October so that should be the next PS+ game, backing my thoughts on the fact that they are gonna start picking things up!

  • Plz something worthwhile. Not mediocre compile heart games. Gotta get dem AAA JRPGs on the ps4, hopefully something that can compete with xenoblade >.>
    And dont leave the Vita.

  • I’ll have to watch later tomorrow. Joy of working early mornings.

  • Another show already? God going on holiday has made time fly for me :D Cool can’t wait :P

  • If you guys ignore the Vita again, or only announce some indies, I will seriously—Ah never mind, they don’t care about their Vita fanbase anyway. I have a little bit of hope, because it’s SCEJ and the Vita is doing OK in Japan, but well… I also had hope for Gamecom and look how that turned out.

    • The problem is Japanese Vita show won’t help us.

      We need something for West. I mean everyone is aware that in Japan there is huge number of games right? The problem is that those usually don’t come to West.

  • Ok… I heard about it long before you wrote it… and I don’t know what to expect.

    It is not TGS which will be 2 weeks later.

    So is it something about Vita? Did they listen and decided to do Vita Direct… if so… I must say that it would be probably bad news for us. Because Vita Direct should have been West oriented show, we need something to boost sales for new products such as Vita Slim and Vita TV in EUROPE not Japana. (congrats SCEE you failed to realize how important for Vita was GC ). And frankly speaking we already know that in Japan there are games for Vita, we already know that! But the problem is only small part of it comes to Europe. That’s the problem.

    But there are also rumors that it will be about PS4, and that players will be quite surprised… if that is the truth I hope that Gravity Rush 2 won’t turn to PS4 version.

    What to expect?
    -probably not Type-0 for Vita – Tabata said that they needed Type-0 to boost sales in Japan to prepare fanbase for FF XV release (side note Type-0 will be around August probably… so FF XV will probably end up being Q1-2 2016). So yeah… West was never supposed to be the happy one. And another reason for Tabata to make it for PS4… is that he is old and prefer playing on bigger screen because of hid bad eyesight (not joking about that one)
    -Maybe…. Tales of Innocence R… but chances are probably very low. We already know titles which Bandai Namco will take for TGS… so yeah… low chances.
    -probably not Last Guardian – Yoshida said something about it not being ready yet.
    – maybe Persona 5 for PS3

    But as I said, I don’t really know what to expect….

    I was thinking that it will be show for new SCEJA CEO but it seems I was mistaken about it.


    What are your guesses?

  • Please, let this be a win for Vita. Just this once, let the Vita shine. We asked at E3 and got nothing. We asked at Gamescom and got even less. Let TGS be the one. Gravity Rush 2, Persona 4 DAN… that’s as much I want to see. Please give us that at least! =(

  • I can’t believe how crap the instant game collection is for the ps4 no good games for free at all. If I wanted games with 8-bit graphics I wouldn’t have wasted my money I thought it would be more like it was for the ps3 top games for free a little thank you back fro Sony .
    Now that would had been nice.

    • Can you really complain? PS4 hasn’t been out long, there aren’t enough of those “top” games to put on the service every month. Maybe you should broaden your horizons. Or take advantage of what PS Plus offers on PS3 and Vita too.

  • Looks good, I really hope they announce some exciting new next-gen games!

    Going off topic, and I know this isn’t the place to post it really, but there isn’t anywhere else appropriate, I was just wondering what happened to the sale this week? The post seems to have disappeared completely and a number of the games that were said to be in the sale still aren’t there – e.g. from a biased point of view, I really wanted the F1 2013 Classic edition which doesn’t exist on the store at all, and the standard edition is still £39.99!? I know a few others were complaining of other discounts not being applied aswell. Thanks :)

  • There are rumours FFXV will be shown. But anyway, will different, and better, PS Plus games be announced as well instead of what was announced this week?

    • I wouldn’t bet on it.

      Dunno if you saw the interview with Tabata on Kotaku, but basing on what he said I think that are low chances for FF XV to appear.

      Just like I said above, type-0 is being in production for PS4 since 2012 (just after they abandoned PSP idea for West). The main reason it is coming to PS4 is so that it will prepare fanbase for Final Fantasy games on PS4 in Japan.

      So the logical would be to say that it MUST be released before FF XV, right?

      And according to what Tabata said Type-0 is in about 80% completed BUT it will take probably one more year to finish it. Most probably it will be released just before next July or August. So I think that it FF XV will be released in Q1 or Q2 of 2016. And if that would be true… than probably the best time to show something new is next TGS.

      But… well… they might tease us a lil’ bit with short materials. Or just release some gameplay materials just like they did before.

      Today on PAX they are going to show 20 minutes of gameplay of Type-0 on PS4 (which I will boycott like all SE games from now on)… so it wouldn’t be suprising if on SCEJA conference they showed the same stuff.

  • Ape Escape / Siren PLEASE SONY JAPAN. I beg.

    • Oh my god yes! Ape Escape revival on PS4 and/or Vita would be excellent. Sony Japan just sits on these great IP like Legend of Dragoon, Parappa the Rapper, Patapon etc. Would be awesome to see some of these come back on PS4 or Vita.

  • Final Fantasy XV info?
    Seriously, I am close to dying here from the drought of info regarding it D:

    • I’m more interested to know what’s going on with Deep Down. It’s getting a delay after delay, and little info about it is posted around here.

  • I really hope JAPAN Studio announce some PSVita games especially existing IP’s.

  • How can we watch it in English?
    It will be subtitled in a live feed? Because I never saw anything subtitled in live stream, so I am curious how can we watch it in English if they will speek in japanese.

  • Ah get ready for dissapointment guys and gals. They’ll be little to no mention of the vita. More of Sony shoving the ps4 down our throats, and a montage of boring interesting ps4 titles coming next year. Luckily ill be at work all day tomorrow to avoid this :D.

  • I can’t wait to see more Japanese PS4 games. They have a good thing going so they need to continue to press its advantage. It is a pity the Vita is taking a back seat but they are not getting anywhere with it. I think it will be the last hand held. The PlayStation TV looks like a way to play all these old games for when the Vita is retired.

  • Cool, sadly i have to go to school in the morning

  • Need some Vita love(btw,the name does not sell it)

  • boosh! hopefully I can wake up on time

  • will mgs 5 be at the conference?

  • Oh look, Vita exists!
    Morita-san mentioned Vita! Sadly he is speaking about strategy only for Asian strategy.

    1.Vita Slim… yeah… we don’t have color versions
    2. VITA TV oh yeah that’s the right name, did you hear that SCEE
    3. Zettai Zettai Shoujo (not coming to EU) and Drangaronpa 2,
    4. Way of the Samurai? That’s great, really great! I like it for PS2.
    5. Phantasy Star not coming to Europe… that’s Sega
    6. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3
    7. Gundam Breaker 2 probably not coming to Europe
    8. Looks like htol#niq… but no it’s not…. music game and looks great
    9. Another great game…and it seems to be…Luminus Arc Infinity!
    10. 6 new shoujou games (that’s great thing to do!) Neoromance games… but hey those won’t come to Europe, because SCEE don’t care about girls playing on Vita. M3
    11. Vita Updates… pink Vita-White Vita… that’s great idea, encourage woman to play Vita!
    12. System software update. Themes can be updated! Woooho! Freedom Wars icons! That’s grand! Available through PSN store.
    13. Special model of Vita Danganronpa… looks great…. but
    14. Live from PlayStation… geez… that SCEJA is much bettter than SCEE at least they know what to talk about.
    15. 600 titles! I think I saw Demon Gaze 2! Lot’s of jRPG! And good one too. New SAO fighting game, Muramasa Blacksmith, Niesekoi, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Phatnasy Star Nova, La-mulana ex, Ia/Vta colorful. Even manga maker! That’s something typical for DS!… but that’s great idea!

    20 minutes about Vita… and I’m quite happy. There so many games! Sadly only small part of it will come to Europe.

    But hey it’s not like only Japan has initiative! Get new type of software for Vita!

    Give eBooks, I would gladly ready LN on Vita, maybe even rental service for Manga! That would bring us so many new customers for Vita!

    Give learning software, maybe even Rosseta Stone, it would fit perfectly to Vita! Really! Or maybe some less expensive software. I would prefer learning Chinase and Japanese on Vita rather than on PC… because why not?

    Give us game making software! You already had RPG Maker for PS2, right? Why don’t you give us RPG Maker for Vita? Even something more like RPG Maker VX ACE rather than PS2 version. It’s not about making games… but rather having fun and sharing! Just like LBP.

    Try remaking it, to be device which is mainly about gaming BUT can do much more. Think about manga rental service, something similar to spotify. So yeah it was BIG +

    • That game from point 8. is named Deemo deemo ラススリツイタル – rasuto ritsuitaru – so for Europe: Deemo – Last Recital

      Looking very good! I hope it will come to Europe! I really do! Previous Deemo games seems to never leave JP.

    • Edit. that last Recital is my guessing, don’t take it for granted.

      I might be wrong

  • when you want to help a company way more than it does itself

  • PS4
    also looks great
    The Crew, Witcher 3 (bit sad that in Europe it was shown only for XBOX), Bloodborne, The Order 1886

    Many new games!
    Summer Lessons (i’m quite sure it will be success in Japan), Kingdom Under Fire 2, Let it Die, EDF 4.1, Bladestorm, Disgaea 5

    Hideo Kojima about PT, Norman Reedus… my jaw just hit the floor Guillermo del Toro (0.0) is working with Kojima… wow just WOW.

    Capcom and Kawata-san!
    Resident Evil HD Remaster (for those who don’t know it is known in JP as biohazard, so no there is no mistake)

    Something new… OMG I saw cupcake in trailer! Just kidding :P Probably something about zombies, yup… looks nice. Evil is Watching, Resident Evil 2 Revelations early in 2015. Hmm… I think it already leaked before.

    Ahh Nagoshi-san from SEGA
    Give another Valkyria Chronicles! *begs*
    instead Yakuza Zero (nice suite) more on TGS settings 1988 economy bubble period of Japan. Nice!

    Bandai Namco with Asanuma-san
    Project G.E. game for both Vita and PS4! nooo…. GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST. I’d rather God Eater to stay as handheld exclusive :/ dunno what to think about that :/ well… maybe finally God Eater 2 will come to Europe for Vita :/ but still…

    buhahahahahaha….formal outfit… Zodiac it seems that it will be Saint Seya.
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse for PS4. With character creator.
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 for PS4
    New Gundam
    And no Saint Seya (-.0)?

    Rest of new games
    Koei Tecmo – Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on PS3 :P
    Senran Kagura Estival Vesus for PS4 only?
    Fairy Fencer
    Ys coming to both Vita and PS4… dunno if it is new game or the old one.
    3 other games but quality of video is too bad too read kanji

    OF course, Persona 5 coming to PS4… most probably it will come also to PS3, they won’t take risk. Persona 4 was released at the end of life PS3. Yup PS3 and PS4. Coming in 2015.

    Most probably most of PS4 titles will not be exclusive to next gens. Unless SCEJA will force them to release those only on PS4… but I don’t really see developers taking risk of making games only for PS4 in Japan.

    Themese coming to PS4, TV application Nasne only for JP.

    Overal…. really good conference! much better than E3 or GC.

    • Oh there are still many more….

      I saw Croixleur coming to PS4 not bad.

      That is how much time you should have spend on indies! You end being end looking like a loser.

      Oh the last title (o.o)
      Square Enix…. Type-0 for PS4 I’m sure of it…. oh no… it’s not…. New Dragon Quest Heroes PS4

      Yeah great… looks great… but I’m boycotting them for Type-0

      Hue hue hue :P Kou Shibusawa refused to work on X because he thought that it will end up being disaster

      That PS4 metal slime design looks cool! Much better than white glacier edition for Destiny.

      Total of 44 games announced during conference! WOW.

      We will be bold… yeah… not SCEE or SCEA :/

  • All 6 missing Yakuza titles (7th in the making) for the West – PLEASE, ONEGAI, POR FAVOR and so on.

    And Yakuza 0 trailer wouldn’t hurt :)

  • Now… can we get info what will come to Europe?

    Oh and Mr. Fred please give us info if Oreshika will have retail in Europe. I don’t want to be suprised that in next month Oreshika will come as digital only title, ok? Sorry I don’t trust you guys.

  • @Fred

    Will Dragon Quest Heroes, Demon Gaze 2 and Persona 5 becoming to Europe? is there any chance you could compile a list of games coming to Europe so there is no confusion, i mean I want em all but…..I know that isn’t happening :(

    • Those 3 are coming to Europe for sure
      Demon Gaze 2 – is released by NISA so yeah… it is quite sure
      Persona 5 – most probably it will come to Europe… year later than NA.. and with digital only release… we are talking about discriminATLUS after all
      Dragon Quest Heroes – that’s Squeenix, they don’t care about European customers or what they want… but they wouldn’t miss chance to earn on you guys.

      But yeah some list would be nice.

    • @Witcher70 See below – we’ll have more news from individual publishers as it becomes available.

    • You seem to ignore that Sega owns Atlus now Archacus. And naturally they’ll use their distribution channels and not the limited sources Atlus once had.

    • @Golwar
      You seem to forgotten how Atlus still screwed us over on SMT IV and Conception 2.
      And Sega also screwed us over on Project Diva F.

    • @Fred @Archacus

      Thank you :)

  • …… I woke up at 8 am for this, I demand a refund. How that legally works, I don’t know, but I’ll try my hardest to make it happen. :/

  • I know you say games in the conference arent confirmed for the west, but….you can confirm God Eater 2: Rage Burst right…? ;) Danganronpa Another Episode too while you’re at it!

    Other than that, there were perhaps some bombs dropped that people liked, but overall, seemed pretty disappointing to me personally, hope Japan loved it though.

    The worst thing about it is…still no FFXV… Kept in the dark for another year. Even after they said they’d be more transparent. I really expect nothing from SE regarding this title anymore. If it comes great, if not, just kill it already.
    KH3 I can live with being kept in the dark a little more seeing its been said it was early in development last year, but I hope that won’t have a 7 year development time, 2015-2016 would be awesome for KH3.

  • There’s any hopes for releasing persona 5 on vita?

  • there’s any hopes fore releasing persona 5 on vita?

  • Unbelievable.

    Fred, please pass up the line from PlayStation fans that THIS is how you organise a press conference.

    THIS is how you treat gamers with respect, with Vita as an important part of the PlayStation ecosystem and a console in its own right, while at the same time promoting PS4 and new technology.
    THIS is the correct balance of established names to indies, not oversaturating the presentation with indie after indie, some of which may well be great but which aren’t what should define the console.
    THIS is how you cater to fans of all genres, not just pander to the pew pew, casual twitch gaming dudebro crowd that SCEA and SCEE have been trying to leverage off Microsoft.
    THIS is how you leave people feeling excited after what they’ve seen, and not bored or disgusted, which was the general feeling of a lot of fans after E3 and GC.

    From the first moment when this opened up with Vita shown alongside PS4, it was the press show that E3 and GC should have been.

    So many titles for both Vita and PS4
    Way of the Samurai
    Phantasy Star Nova
    Luminous Arc Infinity
    SAO Fighting game
    What appears to be an impressive new JRPG
    100 new titles between now and March in Japan

    All the usual PS4 titles we’ve heard before plus:
    Kingdom Under Fire 2
    EDF Shadow of New Despair
    Was that a new Disgaea?
    Yakuza 0 (PS4/Vita)
    God Eater 2 Rage Burst (PS4/Vita)
    Persona 5
    Dragon Quest Heroes (loved the way he said he didn’t get involved in DQ10 because it was sure to be a disaster)

    Why is this the first time that we are hearing about some of these great PS4 titles? These are exactly the type of games that will get the kind of gamers who loved the PS2 era titles, who haven’t bought a PS4 as yet as there are no games to suit their tastes, to take the plunge and buy this new console. What SCEA and SCEE need to do now is work with Japanese producers to bring most of these titles to a western audience.

    This single, 90 minute press conference made the entirety of Sony’s presentations at E3 and Gamescom look inept. THIS type of content is exactly what Sony needs to be promoting to win back one of their longest serving traditional fanbases, who have been turned away and persuaded not to buy a PS4 because of the lack of games directed at them or the way we feel we have been treated as Vita owners.

    Ys, Dragon Quest Heroes and Persona 5 alone on PS4 would convince me to buy one.

    THIS is what we’ve been waiting for!

    • That’s true. Japan/SCEJ still know what a Vita is. Personally I’m not looking forward to the announced JRPGs but many others do, so good for them really.

    • how is this a “correct balance” if there was nothing from the other things you talked about? that’s not what “balance” is..
      anyway this was pretty damn good, though i still preferred Gamescom. E3 was the weakest of the 3 though. The fact that Bloodborne was leaked earlier didn’t help it either

    • Porcupeth00, it was the correct balance because they also showed the titles that are Western-focused (shooter / driving / sports) in a Japanese show, and which are the only things being promoted apart from indies in the west.

      They showed Driveclub and The Crew for driving fans

      They showed Destiny and Farcry 4 for shooter bros. They even had an extended segment for Destiny, which reflects that it’s one of the most important titles for them in the upcoming line-up, but importantly they didn’t let it dominate the show.

      They showed The Order, Assassins Creed and Bloodborne for adventure fans

      They showed the horror title, and the social gaming stuff.

      They showed indies as part of the mashup videos (not as if they’re the most important things on the console)

      They ALSO showed JRPGs, strategy games, Vita games and the like.

      What they did in this press conference was to show games for every type of gamer, which is something they failed to do at E3 / GC.

  • Hey Mr.Fred we would be really greatful for few replies!

    Which games are coming to EU?
    Which will have retail?
    Will Oreshika have retail?
    What are you going to do to boost sales of Vita TV and Vita Slim? Are there even considered any commercials for those in Europe?

    Price in Poland for Vita TV is nearly as high as for normal Vita, you would have to be mad to buy it! Back when SCEJA showed it for the first time it was supposed to be cheap device! Because there is no screen, no battery, no nothing. Similar case with Vita Slim which is worse than normal Vita, cheaper materials, worse screen…. and cost exaclty the same!

    They made entire great event! Which you guys wasted on talking about indies and stuff we already know about. USE IT! Make English trailer with those games! Tell us what’s your plans!

  • info about FF XV would be nice!! and maybe some more AAA content to ps4

  • Hi everyone. I hope those of you who watched the stream saw something that grabbed their interest. As stated above, not all titles that were featured are necessarily confirmed for release outside of Japan at present, but we’ll have individual publishers come onto the blog to confirm details for their respective games when they’re ready to do so. Watch this space.

    • We can scratch Yakuza 0 off the list, at least. ;_;

    • Not all… probably smaller part of it :)

      But yeah it was great!

      Question? Watch this space? So… will they reply here in this thread? Or do you mean entire PS blog?

    • No, not in this thread. We’ll ask them to do individual guest posts if/when they’re ready to announce details for EU. Sorry I can’t provide greater detail than that at present.

    • Ahh I see :(

      I hoped a bit today will be massive day :P But if/when part… kinda bursted my hopes.

      Anyway can you at least tell us already about Oreshika? I’m guessing it is Q1 2015…. but is it going to be retail or digital only? I mean SCEE will be publisher so you can tell us at least that. We want that game with nice retail edition… and I hope Freedom Wars will prove that those can sell nicely.

    • Alas, I’ve no new news for you on Oreshika today

    • Hey Fred, please tell Atlus that we would like a physical release of Persona 5. It’s my most looked forward title for the whole ps4 generation and I’d get really sad if we don’t get the game or if it’s digital only (I have passed on too many games already just cause publisher were too lazy/cheap to release them physically). And while you’re at it please ask for a physical release date for persona 4 arena ultimax. Thanks for your always helping and communicating with us blog readers.

    • FW 2.00 with themes, September? Or later?

  • Hey Freds back- we may get replies to stuff- Fred there are nearly 1000 comments on the ps plus and the store post combined yet only 1 reply from a staff member- what are the rest doing?

  • Fred, what SCEA / SCEE need to be doing now is making it as attractive as possible for Japanese companies to bring as many of these titles over as possible. Whether that’s help with translation, legal issues or promotion, it doesn’t matter – these are the games that will round out the PS4 lineup and convince a lot of people still holding on to their PS3s and the titles such as Xillia 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 still being released for it, to make the jump.

    Persona 5 for PS4 is a big win for Sony, as a lot of people over here were holding out for that as their last game on PS3 – now people may be persuaded to make the transition earlier.

    It seems there’s been a strategy with Sony, to promote a certain type of game that will leverage gamers away from the Xbox, and it’s worked – outsold them 2-1. Unfortunately it’s left a lot of us, who don’t like twitch gaming, social connectivity and casual dudebro games out in the cold as these have been the main focus of the new console.

    The games just announced at this press show are the sort of thing a lot of us have been waiting for since the PS4 was announced – they’re the type of games that made us originally buy a PSOne or PS2. I certainly look forward to hearing more news on which titles will be brought here.

    • Strange, that was supposed to be a reply to Fred’s post 38.

      Hey Fred – can you look at a strange bug on the blog while we have you here:

      My post earlier translated a line as “it was the press show that E33 and GC should have been”, with an additional 3 there. I craft my responses in Word, and then copy and paste them into the post box, and the additional 3 wasn’t part of my original post.

      Not the first time I’ve seen the blog do this to my posts – it’s been duplicating letters in every long-winded essay I’ve posted since you moved to the new coding.

  • Hey Fred, just curious and I appreciate you may not be in the know on this one:

    I’ve been chasing this up with Atlus and NIS America, but have found no answers yet, so I’m wondering if you or anybody at SCEE knows if Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is even coming to Europe and who is publishing it? Again, I know you’re probably not likely to know but I haven’t managed to get an answer from Atlus yet, whilst NISA simply said they aren’t doing it in Europe. The game is out in North America in about a months time but we haven’t heard a peep about a European release. Just curious if any of you have anything and if so if you’d be able to share it with us?

    On topic, I want to echo the sentiments of some others here. That was a much better conference than E3 and Gamescom combined. The Vita had a strong presence and so did the PS4 – neither detracted from each other and there was a good balance (though five more minutes of Vita stuff wouldn’t have hurt). Particularly excited to see Persona 5 make an appearance and there were some good overall announcements, even if most of them will never see the light of day outside of Asian territories.

    But where on Earth was Gravity Rush? =P

    • Can I answer you?

      Atm there is only planned NA version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

      We will probably get only digital version few months later.

      Oh and NISA wasn’t publisher of Arena in EU only Persona 4 Golden. You know discriminATLUS has long history of using 3rd parties to release their games: Koei, Ghostlight, Zen United, NISA, Square Enix… and we are talking only about Persona titles! They are not the best partner to make deals with…. but yeah that partnership of NISA and Atlus is kinda not actual news. But they are working on one more game together… hmm.. it was for PS3…. but I can’t seem to remember the name…. was it Ar…. oh well..

      Gravity Rush 2 may come for TGS (as PS4 exclusive :P)

    • I’m really looking for official responses from people in the know actually. I appreciate your wanting to help, but you haven’t told me anything I didn’t already know. I got more information by emailing the likes of Atlus USA and NISA, so I don’t know what you were really hoping to inform me with? Thanks I guess?

      We got a physical release of the last one, so why wouldn’t get a physical release of this one? Especially considering it’s also on Xbox 360. I also can’t think of a Persona game they’ve not done physically in Europe? Persona 3, FES, P3P, Persona 4, P4G, P4A, Persona 4 Animation all got physical releases.

      You realise Atlus isn’t choosing to “discriminate” European fans, right? They literally don’t have a publishing arm in Europe, so they have to strike deals with other publishers. It’s not discrimination. It’s business. Atlus USA is an incredibly small group of people. Be grateful for what we do get.

      As for Gravity Rush, I was joking. Hence “=P” at the end. I know TGS is 2 weeks away and I’m honestly not fussed if GR goes to PS4.

    • A PEGI rating for P4A Ultimax recently surfaced showed that Sega might be the publisher.

    • @DizzyQViper: That’s awesome. Just saw it myself. Hopefully this bodes well for future Atlus releases. I just don’t understand why it took SEGA so long to say something.

  • If Sega are reading this Blog I can guarantee at least one purchase of Yakuza 0 if released in the UK. Fingers are crossed.

    • I’d buy 2 copies, and I’d be the only one in my hometown that bought a copy of Yakuza 0 period. :/

      Dead Souls was bad, though. A prominent retail chain here slapped a €11 pricetag on it and it was hogging the bargain bin for so long, people still didn’t buy it.

      Sega should just put Yakuza 1/2/3/4 on the PSN Store and ask Sony to feature the 4th game for PS+. Dead Souls should be the alcoholic delinquent uncle that nobody mentions at family gatherings.

  • Idea for the blog: some sort of column where several games are discussed and heads up data, kind of like “what to watch.” Maybe even some developers or company reps can drop by to answer questions.

    This is all a single article so that it doesn’t take up much space on the blog index, but if there were like 5 games in it you could immediately spread awareness. Now, these are only for minor titles, not for games that are backed by multi million/billion dollar companies.

  • I really want God Eater 2 and Phantasy Star Nova to come over the west. But since they are not coming over. I might have to import them.

  • Just saw the news that Japanese gamers with PS+ will get 250 PSP games free via UMD Passport. Any chance of us European gamers getting access to these? I’ve a few PSP games that I still dust off and play now and again and would love to be able to play on my Vita!

    • This is it. Sony really needs some kind of initiative that encourages PSP owners to upgrade to Vita, because the fact is that the 80 million people who had PSP clearly haven’t upgraded. Sony needs to get on that 2 years ago.

  • Is there going to be a PS5? If yes when?

  • Hi Fred,

    Thanks for the post.

    Any clues on when will the Music and Video Unlimited Services be available in Portugal?!?

    The only PS4 app available in Portugal has been Vidzone, since the PS4 launch. At that time (November 2013), Antony Clark responded in the blog saying that for the EU/PAL region, an additional 20+ apps will follow between then and Spring 2014 and, in a related post, that there would be some specific news about Portugal coming out soon (“Cant say just yet though. Watch this space”). But no news or releases so far… :(

    Neighbour country Spain, part of the same “Sony Iberia” has the Music and Video Unlimited Services available since day one and plus more apps and support!…

    What has been going on? Any developments?… Thanks!!!

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