PS Vita Adventure Mega Pack bundle coming this Autumn

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PS Vita Adventure Mega Pack bundle coming this Autumn

Includes Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, more

Hi everyone. Today I’ve news of a brand new addition to the popular PS Vita Mega Pack series: The Adventure Mega Pack. This one is packed with – yes, you guessed it – great adventure titles for PS Vita!

Adventure mega pack peripheral

Here’s the full list of games included:

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    Uncover the dark secret behind the massacre of a Spanish expedition to Central America 400 years ago.
  • Tearaway
    The vibrant papery world of Tearaway unfolds in your hands, allowing you to reach into the game with your godlike powers and help your new messenger friend, iota or atoi, complete a very special delivery.
  • Gravity Rush
    Take part in an epic adventure with abilities that use the PlayStation Vita system’s unique control methods.
  • Escape Plan
    Help Lil and Laarg by tapping the rear touch pad, blowing into the microphone and much more to confuse enemies.
  • TxK
    Play through 100 levels of blissful blasting action, complemented by a stunning soundtrack of electronica.

As with all the other Mega Packs, there’s a choice of two bundles:

  • A memory card bundle comes with an 8GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher code to download all five games.
  • The PS Vita + memory card bundle also includes an 8GB memory card and a voucher code for all five games, as well as a PlayStation Vita system to play them on.

Mega Pack with PS Vita is €199.99RRP – that’s the same price as standalone system, and 5 great games included have a total value of €79.95 on PS Store. It is truly a great value pack!

The solo memory card bundle will set you back just €39.99 RRP

Enjoy the ultimate portable gaming experience on PS Vita!


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  • Awesome. Make a Minecraft bundle too! It’ll sell stacks and then hopefully we’ll see more Vita games.

    • I agree, that would give PS VITA a huge boost.

    • Yes! A Minecraft bundle should be a no brainer bundle! It will also help to give some mainstream attention at the indie scene available on the Vita.

    • + GTA bundle would be great… now if Sony would just fund a Vita GTA game…


    • I also agree with Spider-jam. Sony, make a Minecraft bundle with a Vita 2000 that is colored in green and on the back of the touchpad, there’s a picture of a Minecraft creeper. It would sell LOADS of Vitas, trust me Sony.

    • A Minecraft bundle would move many units. If it came with a limited Minecraft Vita… It would move even more, haha :)

      But I have to agree with @crusher915 – GTA would be the greatest. Even just port the iOS versions of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas – these ports with trophies on Vita would be a day 1 purchase. Put them all on one cart and put in stores for full price, I’d buy it in a heartbeat :)

  • All those games are awesome. At the moment I’m playing my vita more then I play my ps4!

  • Are you planning to advertise this bundle so everyone who don’t follow the blog will know about it.

    • Agree! They need to tell whole world about it… or it will be just another bundle…

      1. Nice bundle
      2. Vita TV released in EU
      3. Vita Slim released in EU

      3 nice reason to make online conference about Vita.

  • its a good starter pack for new owners. you might want to actually advertise it so the public actually knows about it

  • Wait, can you even fit all five of those games on the included 8GB card? That aside, this is the best ‘Mega Pack’ by far. Really cool to see TkX included!

  • Nice!
    Quick unrelated question, is there any chance for a Netflix app for Vita in the UK?

  • Out of all the Mega Packs, this is easily the best choice of games.

  • SONY, thats an awesome selection of games. Please advertise this and you will sell tons of VITAs.

  • When will the 64GB memory card be released officially in Europe?

  • First, let me tell you that those are great games that were very well chosen (whoever picked them).

    Now let me tell you that I am (once again) disappointed with you Sony. Can’t you read all these comments and find Vita’s major flaw?

    Memory card sizes/prices, that’s what truly makes your system pale in comparison to a smartphone or a tablet – it doesn’t match their price per storage. It’s truly a pity to watch announcement after announcement being ruined for that little detail – and the worst thing is the fact that you could easily read into this and switch gears… That’s why your fans are saying that you’re killing your own console, it’s painful to watch such a messed up strategy.

    Oh well, at least I still got mine, with a 32gb memory card (bought second hand, obviously). Too bad I can’t have much hope of having a few more friends to play online with me…

  • Wow, you actually managed to make a good Mega Pack for once.

  • Stop pushing older games and give us some new first party titles. Sword Art Online is the first decent major game i’ve seen in ages.

    • Not going to happen, I’m afraid. People should’ve supported the Vita when it mattered the most, not now. I really doubt we’ll be seeing new games from Sony any time soon. Would actually have liked a Vita exclusive GTA game or maybe an inFAMOUS title, but alas.

  • Great bundle. The only thing wrong with it is the memory card. It’s too small. And since most games are digital only nowadays (which is a stupid move and about 99% of the Vita owners agree), people need bigger and more affordable memory cards.

    And, like people said above, a Minecraft bundle would also be a fantastic move!

  • Wait,aren’t most of those games coming free with ps plus?
    By the way,for the 64gb memory card,import it.It is relatively cheap(in comparison to what it will cost if it comes officially).

  • Best Mega Pack bundle ever, UK release?

  • This is an amazing bundle. I already own most of these games by now, but newcomers should definitely pick this one up!

  • Adventure MEGA Pack without Ys: Memories of Celceta? O_o

  • Now this is how you do it! Three, count ’em, three! Of Vita’s best exclusives and two solid digital games. This is a bundle that shifts units, but you will seriously need to advertise the hell out of this!

  • Great pack. I hope this isn’t the Vita’s swan song.

    Get it on the Tele, Get it on the Sony sponsors Agents of Shield promos. You cant rely on us to march the streets banging our drums and ringing our bells to tell everyone…..though I’m sure we’d be happy to have a go.

  • very good bundle itself, though not much use to people who already uncharted and gravity rush from PS+
    still, amazing for everyone else who didn’t catch that though

  • All I want is a Persona 4 golden discount. Is that ever happening?

  • It’s a fairly good deal for anyone who hasn’t already got the majority of those games. We need bigger and cheaper memory cards though.

  • Now, this is a realy nice bundle for people who haven’t got a Vita yet!

  • Memory cards period are a rarity in stores. It seems they want to push low capacity cards with a voucher for downloadable games for a while now, like with that memory card indie pack etc. I rarely see the 32gb nowadays.

    They should go big or go home with the Minecraft bundle. If they can make a BL2 bundle (of all the games possible) then one of the best selling games ever shouldn’t be a problem, unless Mojang is being [edited] about it for some reason.

  • Will all those games even fit on an 8GB card? Enjoy the juggling :lol

    • Tearaway = 946MB
      Uncharted = 3200MB
      Escape Plan = 842MB
      TxK = 108MB
      Gravity Rush = 1460MB

      TOTAL: 6556MB

      8192MB – 6556MB = 1636MB (1.6GB Remaining)

      Hope it helps.

    • If you include all the updates for Escape Plan (which actually contain all DLC), it gets up to 2313 MB. That leaves very little space on the memory card.

    • I’m not sure if they would fit.

      @supersmith Remember an 8GB card won’t have 8GB of usable space.

    • I’m holding onto money, literally waiting to throw it at you when you release a white version of the Vita slim. I really hoped you would include it in the next bundle, and I hope you actually release it at some point otherwise I’ll be pretty disappointed.

      I’m not going to import one from Japan because of the reversed X/O controls. Maybe have an update that let’s you swap them back and forth? Then I could just import a white model. I pray someone at Sony is listening.

    • Damn, that wasn’t meant to be a reply. I thought we were getting an edit button. :(

  • Nearly bought Tearaway the other day. Then I realised it I couldn’t – no space left on my 32GB. Had to delete a bunch of games yesterday (reluctantly) in order to make room for Sword Art Online. An no, swapping cards all the time is not a solution.

    What we need are 64GB or larger (128GB would be excellent) at a sensible price. I’d happily drop £50 to £60 on a 64GB card, or £100 on a 128GB, but the 32GB needs to be £30 or less or I’m forever going to have trouble convincing people to get a Vita if I have to tiptoe around the memory card issue.

    • You can buy the 64gb card online now, nothing stopping you. In the online world it doesn’t have to come from the next town over, it can come from Japan and as its a peripheral memory device it incurs no additional taxation.

      Oh it it will cost you about £60, invcluding postage. You won’t get it Amazon 3 days quick, or pick it up in your local Game next day quick. You’ll get it about a week later……… OR you can post at every opportunity about the lack of availability (even though its readily available) and put off buying infinatum. Choice is yours.

      I bought mine release day, one of the first UK punters to get one in the post if not THE first.

      This is a nice pack, price needs review though, RRP is all fine and well, what are retailers really going to sell it for, if its £149 then it might sell pretty well.

      As for a Mincraft bundle, well that needs to hit the market in November at the latest, and if it does I don’t doubt it will be a Christmas smash. Plenty of parents who know jack about Minecraft will buy a quality bundle like that rather than some terrible books, clothing or plushies for their kids. (*Here you go son/daughter, you requested Minecraft for PC/Xbox/PS3-4, but Santa thinks you’ve been a good boy/girl and gave you this whole console and game bundle*).

      Actually if a PS Vita Mincraft edition also included crossbuy for PS3-4 then even more parents will buy it…. assuming Sony ask Game to market it right (as is typically the case most parents buy from the computer shop in their local shopping center, which will invariably be Game).

    • I’m biting the bullet and purchasing the 64GB card on Amazon soon. The lowest price there (not counting the ones dispatched from somewhere in Asia) goes for around £70 right now (from a Marketplace seller, but fulfilled by Amazon, meaning if I get a shady card I can easily return it and get refunded). Yes, it’s still pricey (though I have it in my wishlist since they were being sold for £100), but I see it as an investment, since I absolutely love the digital side of my Vita, and I plan to sell my current 32GB card to ease the (financial) pain away. There’s just too many awesome games on my Vita for me to constantly having to delete some to get some.
      Still dreaming about that 128GB card, though…

    • Before you deleted the games from your PlayStation Vita, did you back them up to your computer using the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation software application? Or did you just delete the games from your PlayStation Vita without first backing them up to your computer?

  • A great deal Sony, and they are all PsVita games as well not PSP, which is a big plus. Also people TEARAWAY, best vita game ever, can’t recommend it enough.

  • It is a very nice idea even if i already have two of those games because of the PS+. I propose another bundle containing 4 best games of different kinds: adventure, platform, sport/racing and fighting.

    Memory card size is quite the same problem that PS3, PS4 and even PC have when your hard disk become full and that you have to change it for a much bigger hard disk. I can understand the high cost of the vita cards due to the technology or whatever but that idea to produce expensive memory cards is still going to hurt the clients and the sales of the Vita.

    >>>>Sony, since the cost of memory can not be easily reduced, and that bigger cards can not be easily created and sold at a low prices, how about to give the possibility to store our games on our PC as an exchange. People SHOULD NOT have the obligation to own an expensive memory card or a PS3/PS4 to store their games/DLC/save files OFFLINE.

    Furthermore, allow this system to be able to receive updates manually/automatically and also be able to download DLC using that way. Also allow to remotely control the system on the PC from the Vita.

    I understand the high piracy thread that also exists when we store the game on our PS3 hard disk but still, It would allow us to charge our game before going out without being obliged to delete them for good which is seriously frustrating. You still have the possibility of eternal PSN ban for the pirates.

  • I think in the future playstation TV + PSvita + PS4 will really boost development and support for the Vita.
    I love my vita.
    I also love Tearaway and got the platinum on it a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to play the ps4 version.
    Maybe they will use the second screen for the drawing stuff?

  • Just my official statement in accordance with the vast majority of peeps around here: this is, by far, the best pack for the Vita!
    What a superb selection of some of the best games currently available for the Vita! I’m also glad TxK is there, it’s totally worth it for people who enjoy shooting stuff up to an energetic thumping soundtrack! That being said, I hate “Escape Plan” (I removed it from my Vita on the very same day I sadly bought it).
    Sony really needs to advertise the [deleted] out of this thing to keep the Vita alive!

  • Great bundle….. Just a shame it can’t be followed up with some real titles. Don’t get me wrong I love indies but where are the big games that were promised from the start. I think after tearaway the vita lost all of its steam because that game was so clever and original and I am yet to play anything as good since then. The thought of playing another uncharted, gravity rush or assassins creed seem impossible and I guess we will never see a GTA on what was a beautiful handheld.

  • why does every single vita bundle comes with an 8gb, but not the borderlands 2 bundle on EU, that came with a 4gb. Even the US got the 8gb. Plus, the game with the dlc it’s way over 4gb. I really don’t get it.

  • Let think on this…
    40€ for a 8GB memory card? (voice inside head: but it comes with 5 games) But I need 6.9GB for the games included in the voucher… (voice inside head: 5 “free” games!) but 40€ is the price of 32GB micro sd! (voice inside head: ….)
    Skipping it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry SCEE, but I’m not that stupidy (I was tough when I supported a console you no longer support – ps vita – and when I renewed a subscription of a service that has been from bad to worst – ps+)

    • You do realize that those 5 games is the main selling point of this pack right? MEMORY card comes in order to have space to install them…also those games are pretty awesome and high quality.

  • Great pack for starters. But does not matter since you never cared about Vita.
    There are great games for Vita and a few to come, but I would not suggest someone to buy a Vita.

  • In which countries it will be available?

  • Just voted unlike… should have put in some new premium games instead of the old ones, it’s a new release after all!

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