DRIVECLUB Special Edition revealed

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DRIVECLUB Special Edition revealed

Full details on all the exclusive content included

Before Gamescom 2014 officially kicks-off tomorrow, I’ve got an exciting new edition of DRIVECLUB to reveal to you.


Landing in stores across Europe from 8th October 2014, the DRIVECLUB Special Edition comes with some unique and exclusive content to give you a head-start over the competition:

  • Foil treated, unique artwork housed in a high-quality card sleeve.
  • Instant access to five high performance cars, each with an exclusive livery design:
    • McLaren P1
    • Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series
    • Ferrari 458 Italia
    • Aston Martin v12 Vantage S
    • Alfa Romeo 4C
  • 2 exclusive in-game livery packs to customise your car and club logo.
  • 2 DRIVECLUB emblem vinyl stickers (one white, one red) – perfect for your laptop or games console.

DRIVECLUB and the DRIVECLUB Special Edition are both available for pre-order now at your local participating retailer (€69.99RRP). Pre-order today and find out more about DRIVECLUB here.

Keep an eye on PlayStation Blog and the DRIVECLUB Facebook and Twitter channels for more exciting info about the game at #PlayStationGC.

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  • Will this be a GAME exclusive or will other retailers have this too?

  • Sounds good! Will there be a digital edition of this? And if so, is it possible to upgrade to it from the PS Plus edition?

  • Can you or anyone else please answer this Q: Will we be able to use our Logitech GT Force Steering Wheels with this game? Thank you ^_^

    • That’s a good question… I’d like to know it too…

    • I looked around online and found an interview with the game director Paul Rustchynsky. When asked about racing wheels, he said, “We love racing wheels! We’re working closely with Thrustmaster to support their awesome wheels already, and when Logitech support wheel peripherals on PlayStation 4, we’d love to support them in DriveClub too.”. Hope this helps! :)

    • Bad news for Logitech Wheels:

    • good luck actually getting a response from the admins on this, I’ve been asking that question for weeks without a real acknowledgement from anyone.

      Pretty disgusting if they decide not to support these when you think that Logitech had a model specifically for Gran Turismo

    • I won’t be in a rush to buy the game if there is no support for the G27. You’d think with the amount of people requesting the support they would be on the case but sadly not.

  • We don’t like pre order bonuses or special edition bonuses that infer an advantage online. It’s a stupid system that should be banned.

    • Neither do I, which is why this special edition doesn’t give you any unfair advantage. You get early access to a few cars, but you can unlock these in the standard editions. It’s not like your car goes faster because you bought the special edition.

    • Well it will in the first few days when some people are driving around in these fast cars but the rest of us are stuck in our starting cars.

    • Well I’m pretty sure they have a system to match up smaller slower cars like the Mini Cooper, and the VW Beetle etc to make sure that races are evenly matched.

    • As long as you are matched up with comparable cars/skilled players then its not unfair at all.

      Within a week or two there will already be a huge divide between the “have tons of spare time to play” and “busy at work and have little time to play” crowd.

      Is it unfair that some people actually have more spare time so can earn the cars quicker? Or that some people are casual (like me) so do not enjoy spending hours on end playing online games so always tend to be outmatched by the people who DO spend every waking hour improving their skills?

      Fact is everyone will play differently, everyone will have a different advantage online one way or another so in the great scheme of things a few cars early will make little difference.

  • So…
    -Paper box
    -Ready to go cars which can be unlocked by playing
    -2 livery packs… erm… you can’t paint your car without them? or is it just like… emm castrol painting or something?
    -2 stickers

    All in all 70 EUR (95$)

    Are you sure that you guys didn’t mix up thing a bit? I mean it looks just like a normal day-1 edition.

    • Foil treated, unique artwork housed in a high-quality card sleeve.

      Nothing but amazing! A creation that holds the disc, PERFECTLY, in place!!!!

    • Seems good to me. Now they don’t take away good stuff from the normal edition. The less the better.

  • I love this, cutting extra content out of the game for the “special” edition for an upcharge.
    You people know exactly how to treat your customers!

    • Nothing is being cut from the game. The only thing you’re getting extra are some liveries which recognise you as a special edition owner. You’ll still be able to access all same the cars, tracks and features.

    • You are saying as it is a good thing, it still is content cut from the game.

    • It’s more like early access than cut content

    • OttoT, Nothing is CUT from the game, it’s just that people who don’t want to actually play the game and unlock these cars are just paying for them, and get some stickers for their ps4 or laptop, it’s not really that big of a deal

  • What a lame special edition. A load of stupid in-game stuff to annoy people who bought the regular edition. “Exclusive content to give you a head-start over the competition” yeah how about no?

  • I concur, lame.

    …although I think most of us getting it for free is likely the cause for a non to stellar “Edition”

    • Yeah we Plus members get the 5 tracks (with a total of 11 variations) and 10 cars edition that is definitely not a demo but is not 55 tracks (or variations of maybe 20 tracks) and 50 cars.

  • Really excited for this game, I understand you need to make extra money with the extended development time so I am not as cynical as others. In 1-2 weeks that “head start” won’t matter. The custom livery will sure end up being a microtransaction if you really want it. Budgets are rising, unfortunately I don’t think it’s greed that pushes Sony to do this but rather keep being able to put out triple AAA titles and run a profitable business. Sony has shown many times they are willing to take bets on very unsure games (Journey, I doubt what they had to show early on was very little) and dev teams like Ready at Dawn that had no technical demo but just a great resume that eventually paid off. Yoshida said they generally have a budget for 10 triple AAA titles in development at the same time, 3 of those end up making enough profit, while 7 others don’t. Thankfully the three that do cover the cost of the 7 others and then a bit more.

    My real question about this game is if we’ll see Lamborghinis? I love those cars but it doesn’t seem they will be included.

  • I agree with the others. This should be a regular day-1 edition rather than a most expensive regular edition.

  • Does this version still include the 50% PS+ discount you get if you preorder the normal/digital version?

    Seems odd not to mention it in this post.

    • That’s what I’m looking for as well, it seems like the 50% PS+ subscription seems to be very silent since it was first announced…

      So wonder if they are trying to quietly remove it…

  • Will every retailer being getting this? And in every region?

  • The only thing I don’t want to happen is what’s happening in the IOS space where almost _everything_ is inapp purchases and you can’t enjoy the game without them. That has ruined that space for me. Big shout out to the games that buck the trend like “Table Tennis” — not to be confused with “TableTennis” (notice the space) which is ruined by inapp purchases — (best table tennis out there with fast reflexes required and great graphics), Infinity Blade series (they don’t force you and you can get through the game for the asking price) and maybe Oceanhorn (good Zelda clone) but haven’t gotten far enough yet.

    I want triple A games to survive. My prediction is that indie games will get more and more graphically impressive due to fair Unreal 4 pricing that may be shorter but some that will stand toe to toe with the big boys. Maybe 2-3 years down the line. I’d play a triple A looking/feeling game if it was $15 (movie ticket price) and contained 2-3 hours of gameplay.

  • I need this game..

  • Will pre-orders automatically be upgraded to this version?

  • Also, tools to create games are getting easier and easier. ZBrush is a huge time saver for modeling (and they are incorporating proper low polygon hard surface modeling in R7), retopology tools like Wrap, automatic texture unwrap tools where you still have to do some work but that will continue to evolve. Develop smart, with talented artist who know effecient tools and you can achieve some pretty awesome things. Driveclub isn’t really a great example (although I really don’t understand how it takes them 4 months to create one car despite the detail level, and I have experience in this area) because of the effort they put into the programming end. Studios need to work smarter to contain the budgets and let more studios turn a business on focusing on developing engines like U4 that are efficient but also TD level friendly (ie, not having to be a programmer to prototype). Mocap systems are coming down in price, including some really cool advancements in facial mocap at budget pricing.

    Just hope we don’t end up in a Hollywood type situation where the actors get a very large chunk of the budget. There are more talented people out there than just Troy Baker you know. Before that it was what’s his name Nathan Drake that was in every game. Wonder how much they push up the budget? Compared to the artists and programmers I bet they get a lot more but I am speculating based on where we are heading.

    Back to topic, please support Driveclub for a long time to come with new unique tracks and new brands of car (maybe try to get that 4 month development time per car down — I realize that’s one artist time when in reality it’s a team effort). On high end TVCs and features we get CAD data for the cars and make feature film quality cars in 1-2 weeks — including shaders with all the attention to detail you guys do. Retopo doesn’t have to take that long to add on top of that to get it into the game. Argh, can keep away from this topic. Anyway can’t wait to play it with all the weather conditions, locations, time of day and all that great stuff.

    • I agree on the actors thing.

      Its a nice novelty to see famous actors in games but I would rather they spent the budget on the game itself.

      There are always PLENTY of unknown actors out there just as good as the famous ones. If they pull off just as good a performance, I really don’t care if I have seen them before or not. In fact it can be better if you haven’t as you won’t have preconceived expectations of their character.

  • This will be a GAME exclusive in the UK.

  • “Landing in stores across Europe from 8th October 2014, the DRIVECLUB Special Edition comes with some unique and exclusive content to give you a head-start over the competition”

    A head-start, hm? How about some DLC where it’s guaranteed that you will get a turbo start? It’s like Mario Kart, but for casual babies.

    Sell that for a dollar and enjoy your wealth. You’re welcome. XD

  • When I get driveclub, my goal is to reach the fastest cars in the game, but that is pretty much ruined if I get the special edition. Also it would kinda suck if u drive a (CENSORED) start car and u have no chance to compete with those who already have the super cars from the special edition… They should found another way to make profit cuz this is stupid in my opinion!

    • That would be assuming EVERYONE buys the special edition. I would expect there will be far more people with the PS+ edition than that so its going to be more a problem finding people not on the same 5 tracks.

  • The physical bonuses are lame. 2 stickers… really?

    Could have atleast had something like a DC branded key fob we could attach to our car keys, or something cool we can hang on our rear view mirrors in real life.

  • Haha the game is not out yet and there is a special edition already and essentially dlc.

  • Special Edition is an easy pass for me. Nothing really warrants the extra cost, Had it been some super duper car not available in the standard edition that might have been a different story. As it is, its just stuff you unlock anyway, fancy packaging you wont see cos it’ll be on a shelf with other games and stickers.

    I like the idea of a Drive Club Key fob on which you can hang the keys for your real car.

    • Make it bluetooth, turn on your PS4 and boot up DriveClub automatically too – that would be quite a gimmick.

  • Logitech wheel support???

  • I buying it digital anyway… But this version is tempting. It would be my first retail game for the PS4. I’m getting DRIVECLUB… no matter what or version.

  • This absolutely fantastic and that the Mclaren P1 is in the game is more fantastic, when I have pre order DRIVECLUB in the september 2013, the day of game exit I receive the special edition or not???

  • This exclusive editions are for lazy people. A good gamer doesnt need a head start, we make our way to the top!

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  • That cover alone makes me want to own it :P

  • Does this game have real circuits?

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