Tales from the Borderlands: First screenshots revealed

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Tales from the Borderlands: First screenshots revealed

Narrative masters Telltale Games venture into the violent wilds of Pandora

One of the first things people say when they hear that Telltale is working on a Borderlands game is: “wait…what?”

After all, how does a game series that’s known for bazillions of guns morph into something like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us? Why make a Borderlands game that’s not a first person shooter?


Because, if you pause to take a breath between shooting everything in sight and stealing your buddies’ loot in multiplayer, you’ll know that Borderlands features some amazing characters and stories in a world that’s rich in dark humor. Handsome Jack, Claptrap, Tiny Tina, Angel, Moxxi, Zer0… it’s a big list. We (Telltale) are all about compelling characters and stories, and we see an amazing opportunity to build on what Gearbox has created.

Gearbox’s world is huge. The main Borderlands games and the DLC have only scratched the surface; they’ve built a world that rivals Star Wars in its richness. That sounds like crazy hyperbole, but the details, the characters, and the history are all there. You just haven’t seen it all yet.

Pandora has a wealth of stories to offer, and Gearbox wants them told. Telltale is going to collaborate with you through the choices that you make to get some of those stories out there, and to create a brand new Borderlands experience. If you play Borderlands simply for the sake of shooting stuff, then you might not be a fan of Tales, but if you enjoy being on Pandora, hanging out with and finding out more about all of the amazing characters, and/or you’ve enjoyed what we did in The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, then this might be a game series for you.


What else can I say about this game series?

  • The loot you grab in Tales will be available to use in other areas of the Borderlands franchise
  • It’s an episodic series that you can purchase per episode (or you can save with the Season Pass)
  • Your choices matter and will help create YOUR version of the story across the season
  • The series takes place after the events of Borderlands 2. Handsome Jack is gone. Or is he? You might have seen the trailer we put out a while back
  • You’re going to play two different viewpoints. Rhys works for Hyperion; he’s a company man with grand ambitions that have been thrown off the rails. Fiona is a fast-talking con artist, with very few people left on Pandora she hasn’t swindled one way or another
  • They both have a very different opinion of the events that brought them together, and the only way to find out something near to the truth is to live their lives and make your own decisions

And the loot; don’t forget the loot!

Tales from the Borderlands

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  • Another episodic series. I need to hire a personal assistent to keep track of all my episodic games and tv series.

  • I like. But what systems ? PS4,PS3 and Vita??

  • @Telltale Games

    Learn from your mistakes and make this cross buy (PS3, PS Vita and PS4) but if you insist in not to (dumb decision in my opinion) than for the sake the different platform gamers, release the episodes at the same time.

  • Can’t wait to see this in action. Are you saving the best for last (Game of Thrones)? ;)

  • When will we get the first episode?

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    Will it run like garbage again? Awkward stutters and glitches?

  • The story is certainly not Borderlands’ strong point but perhaps that’s because story telling and sprawling open worlds are not particularly compatible. It did however carry a good amount of humour and admittedly has potential for good stories amongst the diverse character roster, something which I think Tell Tail Games may be perfect to take advantage of.

  • Will this series suffer from the same bad planning that lead every episode of TWD and Wolf to be delayed by a minimum of one week on PS platforms for Europe? I don’t think you guys realise how much hard work it is us for avoid spoilers on these episodic games.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love your games and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with Borderlands but they need to release on time otherwise there’s little point of running the episodic format, may as well just make full games and release them when they’re done.

  • Got to agreed with some comments here. If they’re sticking to episodical games at least launch it at the same time, also like VitalogyPJ said, the best option is cross buy.
    One thing that bothers me with TT games is since they hit jackpot they only announce games with this kind of mechanics. Don’t get me wrong I like this genre but it seems that TT got stuck with it and are milking various IPs with the same core. It’s like they are making the same game with new skins with all the framerate issues and bugs included.

  • Tell tale can do no wrong – absolutely love all of the work they do :D

    Although I hope they finish off the other games they are working on as I hate waiting between episodes.

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