The Last of Us music video and looking ahead to 2014

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The first half of 2013 started off with the big news of Uncharted 3 Multiplayer going Free-to-Play and the critically and commercially successful launch of The Last of Us. In the second half, we marked the two-year anniversary of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, dropped new The Last of Us DLC, and managed to nab the first of we hope many Studio of the Year awards.
We wanted to celebrate your support, our hard work, the holiday season, and the coming New Year. Please enjoy what we’ve decided to call a The Last of Us music video. It features Gustavo Santaolalla’s beautiful, spellbinding main theme from The Last of Us. If you haven’t beaten the game yet you might want to do that before checking this out.

Between the media and fan voting, The Last of Us has taken home over forty game of the year awards so far. As awards season has just really begun we’re honored and ecstatic to hear such high praise as Yahoo Games calling The Last of Us “a moment, an instant classic, and the most important video game released in 2013” and Amazon giving us the nod as best game of 2013. There are a lot more awards out there and we hope we can count on your votes to take home of the reader and fan voted awards. But, above all, thank you for your numerous hours playing our games as those hours are the best votes we can ever get.
If you haven’t heard yet our first ever single player DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind, will be available to download in early 2014. The teaser trailer is out and we’ll have ton of news hitting in early January about it so keep your PS3 humming.
Finally, our holiday card is adorable. Go check it out. 2014 will also bring our full reveal of UNCHARTED for the PS4. So get ready – and visit the PlayStation blog and Naughty Dog blog often – 2014 is going to be awesome.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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  • Oh, guys, thanks for The Last of Us…can’t wait for story DLC

  • some update for the story DLC would be nice :)

  • Such an awesome game deserves more, just voted and hope you will win.
    Also can’t wait for 2014 to hear about Uncharted and The Last of Us DLC.

  • I Love Naughty Dog. You are without a doubt my favourite game developer. Uncharted was the reason i bought a PS3 and The Last of Us is the best game this generation. Top 3 ever for me. Really looking forward to the future. Excited about Uncharted on PS4. Please release a PS4 version of The Last of Us or atleast a HD Remake on PS Store in the future. Really want that game on my PS4 also. Thanks ND for making such great games. Much Love from Sweden :D

  • Keep up the good work Naughty Dog, you make amazing games. The Last of Us is my favourite game of all time and I’m eagerly awaiting the Uncharted PS4 full reveal next year.

  • Congrats on the wins guys, totally deserved. The Last of Us is my personal Game of the Year too. You guys did an excellent job on crafting an experience I’m sure many others will learn from in the future. 2013 had some absolutely fantastic games, but none quite as fantastic as The Last of Us. Well done!

  • The Last Of Us is an amazing game. I loved every moment of it. The video brought some memories and a curious question.
    I don’t want to ruin any surprise or cause any false hopes or see something that isn’t there, so forgive me the question, but is there any special reason why the music video was uploaded to the official vita youtube channel as opposed to the general playstation channel?

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      No special reason, just an oversight. We’re fixing that. It was meant to be on the Official PlayStation channel. Just like the US blog.

  • Yes, our New Uncharted is nearly there!!! After 1 year waiting… And hoping for a new Uncharted game. I mostly play U3 on ps3, and i think the next one will be the greatest game ever! I also gonna buy the ps4 when The new Uncharted is out in the store.. Than I have big reason to buy it:)

  • Hey look, PSN is down again!
    That’s Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and now Boxing Day.
    So glad I decided to buy a new PS4 and pay for PS+.
    The story of my Christmas:
    Sony Entertainment Network is currently busy.

    • Sorry for the headaches! There seems to be a lot of traffic for all the major publishers this holiday season. Sony is working their hardest to resolve it.

  • Has anyone else’s friend list disappeared on ps4 tonight?

  • Has anyone else’s friend list on ps4 disappeared tonight?

  • Team Naughty dog you guys and gals are simply one of the best studios around, last of us was a utterly amazing game. :)

  • I never liked Uncharted games because there confusing to control on PS3 and I don’t understand the plot.

  • Great, a ND, TLoU official for me to moan at, Why ,?.. I bought TLoU launch week, eagerly booted it up and was blown away by chptr1, then the 20 years later chptr2 , What, why, so thinks i surely there’ll be playable flashbacks to the outbreak?, surely… Obviously you know answer and my most anticipated went from hero to zero, for Me, disc is still there now, played up to first firefight with army… Just haven’t the heart, nor interest to see what happens next, Why exclude the actual outbreak,?… 20 years later pff. Well maybe i will see what everyone else is Still praising game for in 20 years, God willing… Btw, hurry on up with Drake’s return…thnx.

  • Great music video and a great game too, talking of music I was wondering if Pixel Junk might be making a new 4am game or an updated version that allows addon packs for different music genre’s? maybe someone at Sony can mention this to the 4am team, I think if 4am had addon packs to prolong the games life more people would be playing it, especialy if it had a larger range of music styles, techno, house, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep etc… I love games that allow the player to create things, LBP, 4am, Teraria and the new Minecraft recently released on PS3, even if the new 4am game was released on PS4 (which I dont have yet) its the play, create, share games that I enjoy the most and its these types of games that would realy make me consider buying a PS4… thanks!

  • Fantastic game with a great soundtrack. Sure it’s not just as polished graphically as Uncharted but it’s arguably the best game of the PS3 generation. Naughty Dog are the only reason I’m still buying Sony products.

  • I love this game. Looking forward for the DLC.

  • @solarwind – comment 14
    If you had bothered to carry on playing the game you would’ve seen why the main game starts 20 years later. I don’t want to spoil any of it for you but the story isn’t about what happens in those 20 years, it’s about Joel and ELLIE and their changing relationship while they try and complete a seemingly impossible journey across a ravaged USA.
    Don’t let your initial disappointment of the 20 year gap decide whether or not you complete this epic masterpiece of a game.
    Trust me, just play it and play it now, before you possibly get the ending spoiled for yourself.

  • @comment 13, Don’t think I’ve ever heard Uncharted described in such a strange way before , confusing controls ??? i’m sorry but controls for a third person shooter don’t come much more standard than Uncharted’s controls , X to jump, square to punch L1+R1 to aim and shoot , seems like pretty basic stuff to me and as far as the story goes, what’s not to understand, there hardly the most complex storys in video games, it’s your basic globe trotting treasure hunt, i imagine you must not have enjoyed or understood the Indiana Jones movies either then, sorry mate not trying to get on your back, i understand not everyone likes Uncharted but for the reasons you gave , it just seems plain weird to me.

  • Cant wait for some Uncharted PS4 news!

  • Bring on the PS4 Uncharted news , can not wait.

  • Dear Naughty Dog,
    With Uncharted 4 try to remember you’re creating a video game so it will need gameplay, you know, the thing missing in The Last Of Us. Great story, amazing visuals, soundtrack, atmosphere, design, sound effects and voice artist work are bonuses that enhance great gameplay to make a fantastic game. Having all of them and no gameplay makes a very dull game. You can have that tip for free.
    Happy Christmas

  • @23
    What are you talking about? TLOU has great shooting gameplay. Much more strategic than any other ‘shoot & cover’ mechanics (inluding Uncharted series).

  • @Rastamadeus; “The Last of Us has taken home over forty game of the year awards so far.” No disrespect but Naughty Dog really don’t need your tip.
    @solarwind12; You had me thinking there. It’d interesting to see your thoughts play out but realistically, I can’t imagine the outbreak being entertaining for much longer than we get and I’m sure Naughty Dog would have consciously decided the same. The way I see it is it would be hours upon hours of running. From a gameplay perspective, it couldn’t sustain a decent level of interest until the survivors got their bearings. Just a rhetorical question since I’m trying to avoid spoilers but what do you really think Joel went through after the opening sequence?
    On the other hand, if you meant certain portions of that time after the dust settled, you may be right although I suspect the most interesting aspect would require another 10 hours added to the game. Still, you should definitely finish it. Hopefully it regains your faith.

  • Please give the last of us DLC a standalone PS4 version

  • No, nonono…. I understand people want to defend the games decision to take a certain route for the benefit of the games ‘real’ story, yes, the outbreak will always play second fiddle to Joel and Ellie, yet surely there could of been more of chptr1, i mean remember the discussion before release on how certain fungus are actually doing to animals what looks to have happened to the outbreak victims, also the opener of uncharted3, with the easter egg, front page of newspaper in the bar, i get what Project2insanity is saying as to how this may lead to another 10 hours of gameplay, am not looking for that amount, or a zombie type shooter.. Just more of how things actually went pear shaped, as i say it is a actual factual and true disease albeit only for animals/insects at the moment, but how many other recent near pandemics started out from there?, ok, i should of carried on playing and then said my piece, instead i asked people questions and my bias is based on there replies, i Will play it through as i know it IS going to be class, just like a fine wine i will leave it for right time, also tbh, i believe the 90 minutes i did spend on it has rivalled the ps4 for graphics and depth, so it isn’t going to look dated anytime soon…

  • We not till uncharted4 at least, cannot wait to see the masters weave That web.

  • Maybe @post13 is referring to his experience playing Drakes Fortune ?, IF he had it set on hard perhaps, funny how a first experience with a game can influence judgements on superior sequels, still people that refuse to pick AC2 and further up, due to first AC, personally i found DF to play average for its era, though the graphics, story and, well everything else about it was before it’s time… Also above should be WELL, (touchscreen etc).

  • Not sure why him playing Drake’s Fortune would make any difference , the controls are still not complicated and are pretty simple and the story isn’t any more complicated than any of the games in the series , now a game like Kingdom Hearts i could totally get not understanding but Uncharted’s, C’mon

  • Also Drake’s Fortune came out pretty early in the PS3’s life and was well ahead of it’s time, imo.

  • Please tell us that you’ll be doing a PS4 version of The Last of Us! I switched to PS4 from Xbox360 and *almost* opted for PS3 just for this game, but it didn’t make sense so close to PS4 launch. Is it in the pipeline?!?

  • Always know a game is gonna be a quality release if Naughty Dog are part of it!!

  • video filmkészítés music

  • Hey, can somebody please finally explain how to play Grid 2 in English? All the moderators are ignoring the December PS+ thread and apparently don’t care about the users.

  • Last of us was in my opinion the best game of the last generation, really looking forward to uncharted 4, naughty dog are brilliant. :)

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