PS Plus members: Try Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer for free 28th-31st December

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As hinted back in August by Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, we’re excited to announce that starting today, PlayStation Plus members who’ve yet to pick up a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall can begin pre-loading now for a special FREE multiplayer extended Open Weekend running from 28th to 31st December 2013.
Through this promotion, PS4 owners who don’t yet own Killzone Shadow Fall can easily try the game’s acclaimed multiplayer mode, and experience first-hand the excitement that thousands of videos and livestreams have already spread via the PS4’s powerful “Share” functionality. Check for current competitions and tournaments you can watch and/or participate in during the open weekend.

It’s also important for us to reiterate that the Killzone Shadow Fall MP experience will continue to evolve and expand with new content and additional features. In fact, a new update is about to go live that addresses many oft-requested features, including the addition of voice chat.
Moreover, all additional maps will be made available for free to ensure that the community grows without fragmenting. We’re committed to supporting Killzone Shadow Fall and we’re excited to share more about that vision early in the New Year.
Don’t forget to start pre-loading today to make sure you’re on as early as possible on 28th December.
See you all online!
NOTE: PS Plus members who don’t own Killzone Shadow Fall but opt to pre-load and participate in the multiplayer open weekend will also end up downloading single-player content as well (although multiplayer can be prioritised in order to complete first). Please be aware that while this single-player content will be automatically downloaded, it will NOT be unlocked during this open weekend.

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  • Guys, please fix the issue with china rising dlc for battlefield4.
    As its already been pointed out, we cannot redeem it free with our vouchers. Its only listed for sale at 14.99€.
    Thanks for your attention, and continue the great work you have been doing on the blog.
    -i know this is offtopic. Sorry about that

  • EA have confirmed that the China Rising code in PS3 games will not work on PS4, even if you’ve paid for the PS4 upgrade. All that can be transferred over is Premium membership and your profile. Mpa pack DLC can’t be used from PS3 to PS4.
    So good of them to highlight that when the game was launched, nice one EA, if I’d known I’d have pre-ordered the PS4 version of the game from the start and saved myself a tenner upgrading.

  • The game is so awesome I can’t stop playing it!!! Have all my weapon attachments done. God the sniper class was hell to do!!! But was great fun!! Loving every moment of it. :D

  • It wasn’t my cup of tea this game, I really liked killzone 3 I already traded it in before I completed it shame really I was looking forward to this game.

  • What a great thing to do, this game is fun

  • I logged in just to say how AWESOME this is! :D I have been thinking about buying KZ SF for some time now, but I really wanted to test it first. Also is there any chance that we will be seeing KZ SF on sale anytime soon, for example in the Christmas deals?

  • Great idea . Thanks !!!!!

  • I have the game already, great game, great continuation of the Killzone storyline and multiplayer is all about DM. :)

  • @Zema7777
    I had this issue.
    Go to the PS Store, find China Rising. Press Buy Now, it will give a drop down menu with the option to select the DLC Free, provided you’ve entered your code for it.

  • Good, this will give those without KZSF a chance to try it out. Have been playing it more since BF4 has so many glitches it drives me crazy. Lost SP progress 5 times, servers become unbearably laggy at times (esp big ones and esp paracel storm) one hit kill, trading deaths ETC. It’s HORRIBLE .. great when it works but HORRIBLE and extremely frustrating when it doesn’t. Also I preordered it for PS4 but my retailer (no retailer in my town) got the preorder edition for some reason! But enough complaining about BF4 lol .. this is about KZSF
    I should really put more time towards KZSF .. I have like a 4+ kill death ratio (but played it very little so now people online will probably be better)
    Anyway .. great game, if you don’t have it, try it out. It may really surprise you .. also THOSE GFX

  • ola, é muito mau ter que pagar para jogar online!!!! vamos todos reclamar, criar pagina contra isso, na ps3 todos podem jogar online sem pagar, porque vou pagar na ps4????? :(

  • the game blows anyway too camp friendly like the shield who’s ide was that to put in the game? the flying robots…

  • Is anyone here who has PS4 without Killzone?

  • Great opportunity! I strongly advise anyone who doesn’t have the game to try the multiplayer. Critics were way to harsh on this game. They mostly attacked the single player campaign (which isn’t that bad. It has some flaws and could use a bit more polish, specially with the storyline, but there are some great and fun moments in there too). But the multiplayer in this game is really well done, Guerrila has done a lot of things right. The game is such great fun. I love the missions and the point system (you actually feel rewarded for helping your team instead of focusing on your kill/death ratio. The maps are awesome, so are the guns. And more importantly, the actual gunplay is almost perfect (not quite as good as COD but miles ahead battlefield, imo). I had low expectations for the game (based on the reviews it got), but boy am I happily surprised! Overall it is the best first party launch game in playstation history.
    @13: when the game is played right and as a team there is allways a chance against the shields and the drones, you just have to colaborate with your teammates and work around them. I’ve never felt the game was unbalanced because of them. If anything they had to the fun element, i’m glad they were included.

  • Perfect timing! Just when half your user base will be away and no where near their PS4 console!!

  • Cor blimey, govner!!!

  • Нус круто

  • Looks good, but i will just wait until whole game is free next year on PS+

  • I would say awesome if I didn’t have to wait for my PS4 till… who knows when :(

  • @SpirosLP
    i have a ps4 and i dont own this.
    a mp weekend is also not the thing to get me into it either as without having the single player to hone my skills on id just be fodder for people online.
    nice enough idea but ill be skipping this

  • @21: Killzone has an offline mode were you can play against bots (played by the computer). It’s a great way for you to try out all the weapons, classes and modes and an easy way to practice for the online matches. And I felt KZ: SF multiplayer to be very friendly for newcomers. The first 2 hours can be difficult, you have to learn how everything works and what works well. After that I thought it was easy to play and to improve. I won my first game on the 2nd day of playing (I didn’t play any FPS the year before). It helps that you can get points for helping your team and accomplish the objectives (rather than having to kill everyone and increase your K/D ratio). Give it a shot ;)

  • Thats nice, Killzone is one of the games im getting for christmas, so would already have the full game by then

  • Anyone else having console issues with Killzone disc game, as in fans coming on full and console getting warmer than usual.. Really give me a scare that my ps4 may be a dud, but have heard unconfirmed rumours of others having similar issue, feel a right idiot regards this offer, seen it on the store and actually believed it was a gift off scee (haha). When i clicked download it even offered me option of what mode to start, once file had reached 12GB, as i was waiting to upgrade AC4 i cancelled out, but now looking at this, how come i got option of choosing sp or mp ?, perhaps it is a glitch and with having disc version it has unlocked full digital game for me?, well can hope, as until i get another disc ps4 game to compare to noise from KZ, i don’ t really want to play it, but i imagine the digital copy would play flawlessly ?… Speaking of AC4, oh how i love what i have seen up to now, though i guess i should try and see IF i can play and finish KZ first, trade in and such, spent way too much as all of us have, so need to try and recoop..

  • Hey, GG? Did you guys lower the max sensitivity in this game or is it because of the joystick deadzone or what? The aiming just feels a little off to me now ;( KZ3 was perfect in that aspect imo. Heavy animations but quick and on point in terms of feeling. In SF it almost feels the other way around to me. Got rid of the heavy looking animations but the controls somehow generally feel slower to me?.. Wonder if you guys lowered it for better framerate, or if it’s just the dualshock 4..

  • controls : aiming in particular.

  • The game us awesome, graphics are amezing… Everything is cool…

  • It’s kinda silly to download over 30gb of this game ONLY to get to try the multiplayer free for a couple of days…Why doesn’t Sony just give this to PS Plus members for free considering the seriously poor offering in January for PS4 owners?

  • @ SuperSaiyan4 .. Every time I read a comment of yours I feel like you are trolling. It’s a brand new game on a brand new system. They had announced all the PS+ games for PS4 before hand, you knew what you were getting (IF you paid attention). They aren’t going to give you a AAA title on a system that barely has any AAA games out. KZSF, BF4, ACIV, KNACK are practically the only AAA games on the system right now. Stop being so ridiculous.
    It will take a couple of months/half year maybe even longer for them to start giving AAA games. And quite frankly I am very happy with the games we are getting I enjoyed contrast, love resogun, and I really love don’t starve and can’t wait for it to come out on PS4.

  • @ Hayzink, SP is barely ever good practice in a FPS for MP. Not to mention there is an offline mode vs bots. Giving the sp for 2 days would simply be ridiculous, if you put a lot of time in to it in those two days you could easily finish SP

  • Would’ve been great if it weren’t for the fact that I still don’t have my PS4 even though I pre-ordered months ahead….

  • SEN is it not possible to make the free stuff on the store easier to find? I just happen to find it while im looking on the store.Wishing you all at SONY a very happy Christmas and a happy new year,Cant wait to see what you have coming for the PS4 in 2014

  • I don’t understand I have playstation plus for a year Ive downloaded the game but I can’t play I always get the error that i need to unlock the full game in the store and pay… someone help?

  • @33 I think it says quite clearly that the free weekend is next weekend….

  • but if you get plus for a year isn’t the game free then?

  • No? Why would it be?
    Resogun and Contrast are the free PS4 Plus games right now.
    This is just a free weekend of multiplayer for Plus members who want to try Killzone out.

  • aaah oke my bad thx for the information

  • Killzone free weekend dont work in Poland

  • Nice of them to let us try the MP for free, but unfortunately i can’t play the game. I’ve tried it a bunch of times now, and the game crashes before i get into a match, so i guess i won’t be playing Killzone or end up buying it either.

  • i have the same problem,I’ve tried many times (+ 30 times), and the game crashes before i get into a match.
    i downloading the game twice and the problema continue.
    killzone demo sucks.

  • Same problem here in Sweden.
    I got the free-weekend-version and my buddy bought the game with season pass.
    Game crashes for both of us and none of us has been able to as much as try the game.

  • Change language to english it help to me and game work now

  • TheDarkOnePL: Excellent!! That did the trick for both me and my friend.
    I changed to english in both system and in-game and now I can play.
    Many thanks and a happy new year to you!

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