Dark Souls II and Destiny of Spirits betas coming to PlayStation Plus

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Dark Souls II and Destiny of Spirits betas coming to PlayStation Plus

Calling all PlayStation Plus subscribers. In this week’s Store update we have two exciting betas for you to get your hands on if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Dark Souls II (on PS3)

Developed by From Software, Dark Souls II is the highly anticipated sequel to the punishing 2011 breakout hit Dark Souls. The unique old-school action RPG experience captivated imaginations of gamers worldwide with incredible challenge and intense emotional reward.

Join the dark journey with this beta and experience overwhelming enemy encounters, diabolical hazards, and the unrelenting challenge that only From can deliver.

The goal of the Dark Souls II Beta is to stress test the online servers. To help achieve this, Namco Bandai are coordinating a worldwide server test which will be available for a very limited time. The server test times are:

Date: Sunday 27th October
Time: 7:00am to 10:00am GMT

The Dark Souls II beta is now available for download ahead of the server test and can be found in the ‘Exclusives’ section on the PlayStation Plus store. We recommend that you download the beta ahead of the server opening to maximise your gameplay time, as the Dark Souls II beta is not playable outside of the above server test times.

Destiny of Spirits (on PS Vita)

We are pleased to announce that the Destiny of Spirits beta is now available for PlayStation Vita users who are Plus subscribers. You can download the beta directly from PlayStation Store.

In Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita, building powerful spirits and working cooperatively with other users will be the key to progress successfully in the game.

The beta servers and gameplay will be available from 6.00am GMT on Thursday 24th October until 6.00am on Friday 1st November.

The development team is keen to hear your feedback about your experience. This can be provided by completing the Beta Feedback Survey which can be found here.

To stay tuned with the latest updates and server availability notices from the Destiny of Spirits development team please follow @dos_official_en on Twitter.

Please note that both betas are available in English only and will be removed from the store once the servers close. Thank you for your support!

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3 Author Replies

  • Date: Sunday 27th October
    Time: 7:00am to 10:00am GMT

    Ahahaah.. what a complete joke, that can’t even be considered a beta

    • Hi ShadowDoGGG,

      We understand that the test session times are quite short for the Dark Souls II Beta which means that you will have a limited amount of gameplay time.

      As the objective of this Beta is to test the servers with as many users as possible, NAMCO BANDAI Games have coordinated a global test session for a few hours to squeeze as many users in during that short period as possible.

      Generally, the longer the servers are open for, the lower the total number of users online at one point will be.

      We advise that you download the Beta and patches ahead of the test times to get the maximum amount of gameplay in the Dark Souls II Beta.

      Thanks for your support.

  • OK, I’m now going to be one of those whiney SCEA Plus members who moans about how the EU Plus is always better…..

    Ha!, that’s why I have both.

  • What a joke indeed, wow.
    was about to renew, then i read this.

  • what are you 2 slagging off for, both betas are welcome for most people, if you dont like the look of the games then simply dont play the betas, and keep your stupid opinions to your selves, developers obviously feel that a beta is needed for these games

  • People are not complaining about the looks. People are asking themselves what a joke it is to have a beta for 3 hours in the early sunday morning.
    You really think that people will wake up that early at their free sunday for a short beta? I don’t think so.

  • @5, showa69, you underestimate the fanaticism of the Souls gamers. I’ll be trying it for sure, and I’m betting it will be so busy it will crash and I won’t be able to get in. And if I do get in, I’ll probably quit because I can’t take the immediate beat down I’ll probably get since I haven’t played a Souls game in months. Nonetheless, looking forward to DS2, beta and actual launch.

  • And Fred, how can the test be “worldwide” since there’s no hint of this in the American blog? I guess they’re going to include just Japan and EU?

  • So i downloaded the beta , and it is only online and i cant connect to the server ??? Is this a joke ? I try ofline play but it is not possible coz this is ‘network test’ … so what is the point ???

  • Ok so I read everything very carefully look around in internet and al I can say is f*** !!! I’v been waiting for this beta so much and its not beta its 3h NETWORK STRESS TEST !!! f*** !!! Cant wait for the game to come out tho … love DS … but network stress test , not beta – f*** me :(

  • Sorry I meant that post for Alex not Fred. Not sure why I’m moderated!?

    I checked https://psnbeta.eu.playstation.com/ and it looks like I’ll be able to play 7-10am on both Saturday and Sunday!!!
    Thanks SCEE and FROM for the oppertunity and as the great Terry Tibbs once said; mache lave ♡♥♡!

  • @5, I’ll be making sure I don’t miss it as I’ve been unable to sample the game at any of the recent events :(

    Besides, I have a 3 month old baby who’ll have me up at about 6am anyway!!

  • Although i’d love to try out the Dark Souls beta i doubt I’d physically be capable at that time on a Sunday.

    On a different note, any chance of Retro City Rampage or Spelunky coming to IGC? or getting a discount anytime soon?

  • @ShadowDoGGG
    It’s a server stress test, of course they want to concentrate the traffic into a small time frame. Also, I played it during the first stress test two weeks ago, and the two hours we got were more than enough to see the limited content and to get sick of the frame rate and slow down.

  • I got the beta code about 3 weeks ago. I thought I was lucky for once in my life… Didn’t have time to play the first time there was a beta session. Don’t have time next sunday :(

    @1 Not all betas are like battlefield’s (just for example) I think it’s more of a server test to them. I get to see what’s new, sure, but they get some kind of idea of what the servers will have to take (Let’s hope same don’t happen to dark souls that GTA had to go through…)

    Oh well I MIGHT be able to play for 30 minutes… Let’s hope I have some time. :/

  • So they are testing the servers for few hours on early sunday morning and if nothing explodes they think they are ready to go. Good luck morons. :D

  • Only 3 hours? *sigh* Well, I guess it’s better than nothing, but I’m still trying to get a code for my US account, tomorrow is the day!!

  • Guys,
    It’s a Beta that is designed to test the network for the game.
    It does not profess to be a fully playable game. That is not what Beta means.. And if you think otherwise then I suggest you look up the term.
    If your interested in the game and you want it to be playable then join in the beta test of the network. If you don’t care for the game then don’t.. Just don’t moan when the game comes out that “it should have had more testing” or you wish you had some input into how the network is or isn’t lagging etc.

  • Knew it would be mistake even trying to download this pay2win mobage ripoff that is Destiny of Spirits…

    Now its stuck at 97%, refuses to finish and hangs system when i try to cancel download.

  • Guys try the beta of Dark Souls, it was fun when I tried it in closed session!
    I will wake up to play this Beta again :)

  • By the way there is a reason why it’s in the morning, because they want Europeans, Asians and Americans to play it at the same time!

  • Destiny of Spirits is just awesome, it’s in this moments you’re happy and proud to be a member of Playstation Plus. Thx Sony.

  • Been trying to download the beta all day but its telling I’m not eligible to do so and not sure why as I am a playstation plus member so dont see the trouble, Whats going??

  • Do you really expect to get the most players online at once for the Dark Souls beta by making it 7am in the morning? Then to make it worse, on a Sunday!

    Hint: Servers will not be ‘stressed’ because people will be sleeping. Useless beta for players and developer.

  • Hi I can’t find the Destiny of Spirits Beta on the store, is it available in Australia??

  • So I take it that “Dark Souls II Beta Registration Ticket” I downloaded last month is now null and void?

    • Hi SchwereViper,

      That’s correct. The registration ticket was to register your interest in the Dark Souls II Closed Beta which took place a few weeks ago.

      The number of users that could be invited to the Closed Beta was limited, so not everyone who downloaded the registration ticket would have been invited.


  • Dark Souls 2 Beta, 3 hours on a Sunday morning? What age is the game 16-18 why 7am, what I’m supposed to do with my 9 year old send them to school, oh hold on its Sunday…… How stupid!!!

  • Hello,
    Do you know how and where to post gameplay feedbacks on the beta.

  • Is there any reason to keep the Dark Souls 2 beta installed afterwards?Will we PS+ users get another chance to try out the beta or is it just a one time thing?

  • It is The 27th of October, roughly 7:25 AM. The Beta is NOT. I REPEAT. NOT Online. Fix it, much appreciated.

  • Netter yet, FIX The Damn problem with Manual Daylight Savings Time, If you’re going to put a feature where the time automatically updates VIA THE INTERNET then the LEAST you can do is make it so that it also grasps whether the daylight savings time should be ON OR OFF automatically AS WELL, because believe me, like my comment above, it can lead people to be JUST slightly confused, doesn’t help I’ve been up all night waiting either, eagerly for the next game in the Soul’s Franchise that I am going to buy, go for the platinum only for the goddamn game to glitch and I can’t get the platinum for both Demon Souls and Dark Souls, BUT I GUESS THAT’S PART OF THE EXPERIENCE, Accepting a harsh reality. Oh Joyous fun!

  • It’s 7:00 am and the beta is not working,cn’t login help!!

  • it worked eventually and i hope the game turns out to be harder than this,or maybe we just had upgraded weapons in this test version

  • Thanks for nothing with regards to the dark souls2 beta.. I’ve kids and a life to sort out and the 2hrs given was jus lame.. Can’t wait 2 get it for my pc…

  • I meant the 3hrs…

  • Apparently there will be another network test for everyone who has the beta installed on nov. 10th at 7am uk time again due to the mulitplayer not working this round, so don’t delete the beta yet!

  • The fact the beta didn’t work as intended in EU and didn’t work at all in NA is understandable – that’s the beta way. The scheduling tho – that was just cruel and pointless. 2am in NA and 7am in EU at Sunday was the most mindless decision ever. People sleep sometimes – especially after a whole week of hard work, studying, taking care of kids and what have you. Not only it was VERY inconvenient, but also counter productive to the network testing process, since probably only a fraction of potential testers were willing to actually try the beta at time like this.

  • Very disappointed and upset by the way dark souls 2 beta has been setup. I have been selected and received an email. Last wednesday For the rest well i had 3 days of trying to figure out how to download the bloody beta client. I looked online forums and others … No success. Some talk about redeem codes and i tried few of them … Fail. Then i bought a PSN Plus, 3 months subscription because i read this news. Saying the client is in uk psn plus exclusive menu… Fail again. I have a bitter taste in my mouth. I played ds, dks for hours and hours … Then i missed the opportunity of trying the only game i am so waiting for just because of your inability to explain where to download the bloody client. Rubbish… And now i am 11.99 pounds poorer for no reasons. Thanks sony.

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