Ratchet & Clank: Nexus release date confirmed!

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Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

Hey guys. We hope you’re excited for Ratchet & Clank: Nexus. Everyone here at Insomniac has been working really hard to bring you Ratchet and Clank’s latest adventure, and we’re happy to announce that it will be available in-stores and online on 13th November, 2013!

An epilogue to the Future games (Tools of Destruction, Quest For Booty, A Crack in Time), Ratchet & Clank: Nexus is packed with an all-new story, an all-new arsenal, and all-new gadgets – and it’s only €29.99.

Ratchet and Clank Nexus_PS3_3D_Packshot_NO PEGI

Some of you have asked us why we made a shorter Ratchet game. The truth is, we relished this ability to tie a bow on the PS3 era of Ratchet with a shorter title. All of us love the Ratchet universe – and after 12 years developing the series, it feels like a very close friend.

We have a lot of stories to tell, some longer, some shorter. This one felt just right. It’s a very polished self-contained return to the Ratchet adventures of yore. It’s impactful, too; filled with planet-hopping, guns blazing, joke-cracking Ratchet & Clank, and events happen here that will change Ratchet forever. Think of it as a small epic.

Another question we get asked a lot is how Ratchet & Clank games get created. We unearthed this excellent VHS promotional tape all about the Insomniac Gamatorium, detailing the process. Check it out:

We’ve also been asked if we’ll be offering a pre-order bonus for Nexus. We’re happy to reveal that we will have a pre-order bonus at participating retailers. Ratchet’s Pyronox Armor is inspired by Gadgetron’s popular Infernox Armor. This lightweight durable suit is for the fashion-conscious adventurer. Besides granting a 5% damage-reduction, it also all-but guarantees “Best-Dressed” awards at high-school reunions.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

That’s all for now. The wait for more classic Ratchet & Clank is almost over! As always, keep up with the latest R&C news on eu.playstation.com or Insomniac Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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14 Author Replies

  • Great box art. Any plans for the Vita release. = )

    • We haven’t announced a Vita version at this time. We would love for there to be one but only if it’s the quality that our fans expect and deserve

  • can’t wait.

  • Where can I get the pre-order bonus? Is it given in all stores, or only some specific?

    • It’s available to all stores, check with them to ensure they are participating and of course it may be a week or two as the program rolls out

  • So any chance for a Ratchet & Clank complete Pack (and hate to ask you again but why no digital release for any of the Insomniac games? (and please don’t say it’s because they are to big because i doubt that all of them are over 40GB heck I suspect most of them are around 28-33GB))

  • Hi James will the game have any multiplayer elements, also possibly a VITA version?

  • That video is HILARIOUS loved it! just as much as ill love the game!

    ps will there be local multyplayer? i hope so cuz r&c 3 has my faverite multyplayer in a game ever.Period.

    • No multiplayer. We focused all of our efforts to bring the best and deepest SP campaign we could for the price point / size

  • how mch cost the vita version?^^

    and to the people, who asking for it, it is already confirmed ;)

  • I’d rather have someone giving more information as to why Europeans had to wait 5 months for the release of Ratchet: Gladiator. Next to nothing has been fixed, it’s basically the same of Ratchet: Deadlocked, released on the US store MONTHS earlier. An explanation or insight into what has been going on these past five months would be nice.

    Into the Nexus looks good, can’t wait to play it myself.

    • Insomniac didn’t develop the Gladiator port, so I’m not really the right person to comment. I know there were fixes required by SCEE and it took quite a while. Apologies for the delay,, though you did get the collection itself months before North America did

  • Use the US blog for questions, you won’t get a reply here.

  • @darkdudes_2:
    Actually it’s not confirmed. They only announced the PS3 version. =(

  • Wow so soon. Didn’t expect it to be so soon. Damn that’s another game to add to my list. This year has far too many good games it’s hard to pick something!! My poor wallet is suffering already. So £25 for the uk yeah?

  • So how long is it roughly?? Are we talking Quest for booty length??? Hope its longer than that at least :)

    • Definitely longer and way deeper than Q4B. But also it isn’t near as long as say ACIT.

      We think the price is fair for the content in the game

  • EXCELLENT News :P I can’t wait to play it ;)
    + PLEASE do a R&C game for the PS4? ? ? I JUST LOVE’EM! ! ! :P

  • Good stuff. I’ve enjoyed every single Ratchet & Clank game so far (I think I have them all now I got Ratchet: Gladiator for free the other day and enjoying that a lot). Would be nice if you patched ToD and QfB to have trophies as it would encourage some more purchaes and replays of those games. :)

    By the way why are trophies so much harder to get in the PS2 HD R&C games than in A Crack in Time? Spread them out a bit please. :P

  • I hope if this gets a Vita port it gets done better than QForce, that runs horribly on the Vita

  • £16.60 on Amazon UK

  • any sale on ratchet and clank trilogy????

  • @dogwalker4000:
    There’s no plans for a Vita port but love to see it though.

  • @supersmith2500

    Don’t get me wrong I would love to see it too, but done to a playable standard.

  • @supersmith2500
    bt the news confirmed, there was a japanese trailer with some new footage on the vita^^

    • yeah, no idea what was up with that trailer, but there has been zero footage of this game running on Vita out there.

      Again, we’d all love to have it on Vita, but only if it’s up to the quality standard of the series.

  • I wait for the reviews, the preview code had some awful technical glitches in there and I’m sure Insomniac is doing their best to make the game perfect.
    Not sure about the price for a short game. Was expecting about 15 euro’s….
    Anyway great to see a game that fuse the story to an end (see what I did there, I mentioned that “successful” multi platform game for EA).

    • Not sure what glitches in our preview code you are discussing, besides perhaps the audio issues in cutscenes which we said up front weren’t done yet

  • Is Dr. Nefarious coming back? He was an awesome villain.

    • Not in this game. Nefarious (and poor Armin’s vocal cords) are taking a well-needed vacation on this one :-)

  • “The wait for more classic Ratchet & Clank is almost over!”

    And what a long wait it’s been. A Crack in Time was lovely, but everything since has been uninteresting. So glad it’s getting a disc release too.

    Hopefully one day there will be a Ratchet & Clank game that combines all the best elements from the series. The cool fully 3D space battles from R&C2, a great story like A Crack in Time, the armour system from Size Matters, and the fun weapons and characters from… Well, every R&C game (but especially the first one, the classic Suck Cannon needs to come back, it looked the best).

  • Is this still being released on the Playstation Store as well? And if so will the preorder bonus be available on there too?

  • Can you confirm if Mr Zurkon will return? He’s my favourite weapon ever! :)

  • First of all I would like to thank the Insomniac team for one of my favourite game series! In an age of story cutscene games, its really great to see that great games with pure gameplay in mind are still being developed. Ones you can play pver and over just because they are fun to play, thats R&C for me! Big thanks!!

    Secondly, really keeping my fingers crossed for that vita version. I know you can do it guys, you are a talented bunch!

    Regards from Poland!

  • gladiator has killed my r&c vibe as its a terrible port(never played original) it looks bad for a hd port and has many issues.

    ill prob wait for a demo, still looking forward to the movie as i really enjoyed escape from planet earth from the same studio.

  • Loved TOD and QFB. Amazing games. Glad to have Insomniac back.

    I thought the Size Matters PSP game was one of the best ever on the PSP. I have it on my Vita and it plays great. Would love an equally good made-for-vita version – but as you say, only if it keeps the quality. Vita is buzzing at the moment, don’t miss the boat!

    But would not want a bad port. Just tried playing Jak & Daxter HD Trilogy on Vita and it plays pretty lousy (the PS3 versions are awesome and run smooth as butter).

  • Any collectors edition for this game.

  • I want to support this so much as i love R&C but after the stinker that was Fuse i don’t know if you guys can pull it off anymore.

  • I still need finish replaying the HD ones but this will be great game to tie me over till the ps4 is out.

  • I just realised that is a perfect date to keep me busy until PS4. I love every Ratchet and Clank game ever made! Been a fan from the very beginning. The only problem is I never finished my HD collection.

    I have the platinum on the first game but on the second I am really struggling to play it because of no subtitles. :( Does the US version of Ratchet and Clank 2 have subtitles? If yes can those of us that have a hearing problem get a free copy of it? After all I do already have a copy just cant play it due to no subtitles and I don’t want to start Ratchet and Clank 3 until I’ve finished the second.

    Oh and can we have some news soon about the movie? Hows the progress going with it?

    • Movie is still coming along. I believe @RatchetMovie on twitter posted a little teaser.

      Still a long way to go there, but it’s coming along!

      In terms of the HD collection, I’m not sure about the subtitles on Going Commando as we didn’t develop that port in house, I’d be surprised that they aren’t there?

  • Thanks for your reply James. Glad to hear the movie is coming along well. Looking forward to it! Will surely check out this teaser.

    For Ratchet and Clank 2, it does have subtitles as an option tho but it is grayed out as if the game doesn’t contain any subtitles. I done a lot of Google research on this and heard others say the same thing that it doesn’t have subtitles but some have reported the US version does and the reason why we don’t is because of different languages. But the US and UK both speak English so I don’t see why us UK consumers couldn’t have got it in ours.

    Is there anything you could do to help with this? Perhaps some kind of update or even a copy of the US version (if it does have it). It is very strange to have the first and third game with subtitles but not for the second. I’m sure many others with hearing problems would appreciate it if we could have it.

    • I honestly wasn’t even aware of the issue. We didn’t develop the HD Collection, and we’re fairly focused on our own products while Sony and Idol Minds developed the collection.

      I wish I could help with a code for the HD Collection US, but I don’t have any. I’ll see what I can do

  • Can’t wait to get the 18-axis experience!

    Hope to see this on Vita, and Ratched and Clank on PS4 with lots of particles and crazy colors and zany characters. Zany!

  • Ratchet, Ratchet. Too excited to tpye.

  • Ratchet. I meant Ratchet. Hope he’s not too upset. Too excited to tpye.

  • Sweet thanks James. Can understand that. But no harm if nothing can be done about it. Am more excited for this game anyway than to be worrying so much about an old one. At least this one is new and exciting. :D Just don’t forget the subtitles. :P lol

  • Is it 60 fps? Otherwise it will not feel like the other “real” R&C games.

  • I really hope Ratchet and Clank: Nexus can live up to the standard of the future trilogy. It certainly looks good so far, and the box art is great!

    However, like many others, I too hope to see a full-length Rachet and Clank game on PS4 eventually, even if it’s years from now.

    It looks like you’ll be exploring some interesting mechanics in Nexus. I hope this means we’ll get to see some good innovation in this game, to keep the series fresh, while maintaining its roots. I want to bet some of the elements of this game can be used in future Ratchet and Clank games as well.

    Might I add, I think it’s great to see someone answer so many questions and comments – both the good and bad. We may not always show it, but it is very much appreciated.

  • Thats great news about the length and the price, thanks for replying. Q4B left me wanting more (which was a good and bad thing) and I guess time flies when your having fun.

    Looking forward to Ratchet and Clanks final (PS3) Adventure.

    Now if only my code for the Free Copy of Ratchet Gladiator would arrive I’d be a Happy Lombax!

  • Aaaand pre-ordered! If I fail all my exams and get terrible marks for my essays in November, I know exactly who to blame!

    …Me, for having no self-control. (Keep up the great work, Insomniac!)

    Addendum: I’m well aware you guys had nothing to do with Gladiator HD, but I’ll pop this here just in case Fred or someone sees it; I still haven’t received my code! D:

  • I can’t help but feel a little bad for you folks at Insomniac. You truly haven’t received the praise you deserve this gen. The Resistance titles were pretty great and I absolutely adored ACIT, easily the best in the entire series for me. My only complaint about Nexus is that it isn’t a full retail title, since I love R&C so much! I would have liked to sink myself into a nice lengthy game, but I suspect I will enjoy it nonetheless.

    Keep up the good work guys, and remember that for every mean spirited comment, there are many fans who feel the opposite.

  • james, would it be possible to get PSN avatars on the store? :D i also never thought the release date would be so soon :)

  • 1) Vita version: now way! Please a ONLY vita game: just another reason to buy a vita for the people who don’t have one.
    2) DLC’s: I hope this one is coming as all other Ratchet Games: In ONE package (NOT as NFS most money: i hate that {also some of my friends, who play games illegal}).
    3) My first game of Ratchet was ‘All-4-one’: awesome game. Now i want to play them all…

  • Hey great art man. Thanx

  • Hello insomniac!

    I was just wondering.
    Will the ‘Rocket boots’ from ACIT come back in this new adventure?

  • @Steven: Its good to hear you care bout your products by saying its SCEE who delays the release for Gladiator and puts it in store with all bugs included. Great way to treat your fans, people will still refer to it as Isomniacs game. I wouldnt worry that much bout a Vita versions quality, just let SCEE port it to Vita and quality problem is instantly solved since you can point at SCEE if it turns out a crappy version.

  • “Some of you have asked us why we made a shorter Ratchet game. The truth is, we relished this ability to tie a bow on the PS3 era of Ratchet with a shorter title.”

    Does this mean we can expect an announcement of an all new R&C game on PS4 in the far-off/near future? :D

    I wonder if it will continue the R&C Future PS3 saga or have an all new one.
    Whatever it may be it will be just as great as the series so far!

    P.S. Keep up the great work Insomniac, been a huge fan since R&C 2, my 1st ever PS2 game :)

  • Been with imsoniac games since Spyro, and I have faith in them to deliver this truly amazing game!

    People say: this game will never be like PS2, but in all fairness… it has evolved into something different, but even better!

    Seriously cannot wait!!!

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