PS Vita system update adds new features today

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PS Vita system update adds new features today

Hi everyone. I’d like to let you know about an exciting update for PlayStation Vita. Today, system software update version 2.60 is released with lots of new features.

The big news is that PlayStation Plus has been added to the LiveArea of each game, making it even easier for you to back-up and download data.

Other new features for all PS Vita owners include easier access to network features in Settings, plus music and video streaming from PlayStation 3 and PCs. Read on for more details.


Firstly, PS Plus subscribers can now easily upload your game data from each game. Just select a game and tap the PlayStation Plus icon on the LiveArea screen – from there you can upload your game data to Online Storage. You can also choose to download previously saved data to carry on playing where you left off previously on another PS Vita.

If you haven’t picked up PlayStation Plus yet, visit PlayStation Store on your PS Vita to buy a subscription first .

Secondly, We’ve made it really easy for you to access your Settings. Simply hold down the PS button to bring up a range of options including setting up Flight Mode, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network (3G/Wi-Fi model only) and Bluetooth features.

Thirdly, you can now play music and video content on your PS Vita from a connected PS3 or PC. All you need to do is open the Video or Music apps from the home screen, select a connected device and then pick which content you want to play.


On top of all this, we’ve expanded the video formats supported on the PS Vita system’s browser and introduced new privacy settings so you can choose how you want to share your Trophy information.

Watch the video below to take a closer look at the features included in system software update version 2.60, or head to for more information.

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  • Cool, sounds like a good system update. When does Toro Friend network come to Europe?

  • You forgot to mention that the homescreen icons now have antialiasing! ;)

  • Not even a mention of Anti Aliasing on the bubbles!


  • This looks like a nice update.

    The PS Plus addition to the LiveArea is great as it was previously a horribly convoluted process to get each game save to upload.
    The quick network settings are equally welcome :-)

  • “On top of all this, we’ve expanded the video formats supported on the PS Vita system’s browser”

    Can anyone clarify what the new formats are ?

  • Care to explain the streaming from PC a bit more?

  • That is crazy. I was just thinking yesterday how I would love faster access to WIFI settings as going into the settings was a bit of a pain. Usually its to turn WIFI off if I won’t be using it and to conserve battery power.
    What video formats are now supported? Oh it said “web browser” in the video not “system browser” like in the description above :(

  • Is there any news on a date for when Spelunky will be released on the PlayStation Store?

  • Cant stream music or video from a ps3 it needs to be cabled, or does the ps3 need to be in remote play

  • This is a very good update, all useful things being added, especially the PS+ tab on the livearea. And the bubbles look much better now too.

  • 2.60 add feature makes me wonder, what next big 2.x will bring and not to think on Version 3 as Vita seem to have pretty must everything except… Abilty to use US DLC on EU account :)

  • Regarding “hiding” trophies – People never requested this from Sony,

    What people requested was the option to DELETE games from their list under a certain percentage (I would say 15%) which would affect their trophy level and lower it accordingly!

    People did not request the ability to HIDE them which affects nothing about your trophy level and also lets your profile appear to artificially have a high completion rate (even though websites like PSNProfiles will show the actual, lower completion rate) and results in skewing other numbers and stats. It results in mass confusion and doesn’t fix one thing, it only makes things worse!

  • And still no separate accounts? Please make this a feature on PSN then:

  • Nice update, like the nicer UI, plus the holding down the blue button makes it now allot easier to save battery by disabling Wifi.

    As a small request though, could we have a copy/paste button in the browser on the next update

  • I like this update. Just one thing, the streaming from a PS3 thing is pointless. You can only do it wired!!!!! Silly really when remote play is cool and streams anything that’s thrown at it.

  • Seriously, the most useful thing you could do for the Vita, is either make larger capacity memory cards, or make it possible to hot swap memory cards while the machine is on, without having to shut it down just to change a memory card. Its getting frustrating to carry all these memory cards around, and have to wait each time for the Vita to shut off and restart with the new memory card just to check a game. This should be priority No 1

  • I hope they’ll add the same “hide trophies” option on PS3, i’ve always wanted to get rid of 0% games i don’t really care of, like SingStar F2P.

    Still nothing like COMPLETELY DELETING them, though.

  • Any chance there could be an option to turn off auto-dim in a future update? It’s pretty annoying on some games like Persona 4 and Virtue’s Last Reward when trying to watch story scenes having to nudge the analog stick now and then to stop the screen from dimming after a minute.

  • Will there ever be a function added to filter the download list?
    Every time I want to find a PSOne classic or mini I bought years ago, my download list has hundreds of ‘not compatible on vita’ entry’s on it from my PS3 downloads and no way to remove them to see what I can actually download on my vita.

  • PSstore in vita, need new visual.

  • Really appreciate the cloud storage update as it was a little tedious going to the Content Manager all the time (and because automatic update doesn’t work when the system is turned off).

  • i saw someone else asking for it as well. i would like to hav copy/paste in the vita browser.

  • i would like copy/paste and a search function on the browser.
    would be so much easier if we could search for a word instead of reading thru entire walktroughs

  • Arrange option for jpegs would be nice

  • All very welcome, but a Netflix app would be even more welcome.

  • I second Netflix, it’s about time we had it, there’s really no excuse. Also does this update fix the incredibly annoying bug that causes the store to regularly freeze up when trying to download something? It requires a restart of the device, happens almost every other download and and has been present & ignored for ages.

  • Great update. Would like to see PS Home on the Vita tho. Even if it was by remote play. Would it be possible? Perhaps more people would buy a Vita to use Home on the go.

  • The only feature I want is to be able to set a custom time for PS+ Auto Upload/Update like PS3.

    Mine for some reason does it at 4:30am when i’m clearly asleep. I don’t want to have to leave it on standby and drain it’s battery all the time.

  • Great Update but…

    EPIC FAIL #1

    Can anybody tell me who and for what sake put 20MB restriction for 3G downloads!? I cannot even download Retro City Rampage… It’s 31MB!!! I’ve got 5000MB every month for what!? YT?

    EPIC FAIL #2

    Another thing is… why save data is deleted with game when I remove it from Memory Card? PSP and PS3 do not have this problem.

    I hope next update will fix those problems.

  • @Splutterbug

    I second that, although I think the idea you’re looking for is to actually sort images in general into named folders.

    Should you ever have to rebuild the database, it resets all folders so it’s one massive pile of images, and the fact you can’t sort them all out while it’s plugged into a PC like the PSP could makes it very irritating.

  • @icecrasher_zero

    You’ll need to contact your 3G provider concerning that issue.

  • I forgot…

    EPIC FAIL #3. is not supported with PSVita browser…

  • Now all it needs is more games and no not indie games, real games.

  • @MaxDiehard

    It’s SCEE fault.

  • @residentSteve

    Don’t start this again. We’re getting Killzone, Tearaway, etc

    The AAA big titles you want are finally starting to show.

    Remember, patience is a virtue.

  • @icecrasher_zero

    SCEE just provide the 3G hardware, they don’t control the subscription your 3G provider places.

  • A few things I’d like added to the next firmware:
    The ability to re-name photos and videos directly from the Vita.
    A few more apps; LoveFilm, for example.
    The ability to remove/change the location of the clock on the lock screen.
    The ability to remove apps like ‘e-mail’, ‘maps’ and ‘welcome park’.

  • Really excited for this!

    Could I suggest that there be a way to implement the:

    PS Vita home button to Flash when the battery is low?

  • thank you for the update, did not know this was coming until i turned on my vita today

  • I do like the new features on the vita, but what about ps3 new features the promise cloud gaming but other features as well. Or is ps3 not getting any more firmware now? :|

  • @icecrasher_zero

    That article is 2 years old. The restriction has been in place since launch and it was said at Vita’s reveal that 3G game downloading would not be possible as it’s just not fast enough.

  • Not that it’s not a nice update but why put time in stuff we didn’t ask for instead of caring for your customer to make the changes we need?
    – Multiple accounts so we can have a US account to get the stuff you are to lazy to put in the store
    – Give me access to the PSN store (not only the Vita part) so I can start buying my Plus content and push it to me PS3 before I get home
    – Give us Chrome of any other professional web browser instead of the crappy browser you made, IT DOESN”T WORK FOR MOST STUFF I CARE FORE! (just like the PS3 browser!)
    – More apps on the system instead of the cap you have now

  • Yeah, some nice features added there but the update i’m most awaiting is the Netflix app being added for us guys in the UK. It’s been long enough now, you could at least tell us why were not getting it. Is it because so many countries in the EU don’t have Netflix at all? cause that would be a pretty lame reason.

  • Nice update with many sweet little improvements.
    I agree with BlindMango (#13) though, the option to hide specific games and their trophies, should experience some limitations. The way Sony solved it now, unnecessarily causes confusion and/or benefits cheaters.

  • Could you make controller settings unique for each legacy PSX game?

  • Where is DLNA support as was promised at release? Are we to assume that it is not being implemented to force people to either fork out for your own music/video services or to buy overpriced memory cards. Either way it proves you like money more than customers.

  • @27 I know what you mean about the freezing issue when trying to do a store download it happens to me A LOT! and its really starting to pee me off.
    Also some kind of filtering on our own private download list is really needed its way to time consuming trying to fiddle your way through them all, i have 805 and they are a total mess, loads of them repeat them selves as well. Please fix these sony!!

  • finally! this “quick wifi switch” is great :)

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