The Last of Us Multiplayer: 24 Survival Tips

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The Last of Us Multiplayer: 24 Survival Tips

Two things. First, The Last of Us has a multiplayer mode called Supply Raid that is the freshest, most addictive mode I’ve experienced in years. Second, I apologize for not posting this guide weeks ago — I’ve been playing way, way too much TLOU!

The Last of Us differs from other multiplayer games in many ways. It’s stealthy, ammo and resources are scarce, and teamwork is absolutely vital. What’s more, your total kills take a backseat to Parts — a currency that you can spend on weapon upgrades, ammo, power weapons, and armor. All of which are capable of evening the odds in a match. You score Parts by downing and executing enemy players, but also reviving teammates, healing friends, and crafting and distributing items.

This tip guide will focus primarily on Supply Raid, which is TLOU’s answer to the venerable Team Deathmatch. Stick around for some tips we solicited from Twitter, and leave your own tips in the comments below!

  1. Upgrade melee ASAP. The upgraded two-by-four is the ultimate equalizer, and you’ll want it right away. It’s capable of downing an enemy with one hit, cuts through armor, and you even get to keep it if you die! At the start of each match, your priority should be to find and upgrade a two-by-four — you’ll usually find one in the second salvage box you open. The Brawler survival skill is also strongly recommended.
  2. Party hardly. When selecting your play mode, do yourself a favor and select the “no parties” matchmaking option. The toughest teams always roll in parties, and they’ll cut you down lickety-split. Taking them out of the equation will give you a fighting chance if you’re still learning the ropes.
  3. Slow and steady. Walking and crouchwalking (Circle) are essential because they keep you off the enemy’s radar so you can sneak in for a surprise kill. Then, when you spot an unsuspecting foe, don’t attack right away. Lull him into a false sense of security, then strike when he gets distracted or turns his back.
  4. Starter skills. Sharpshooter is a great choice for any build focusing on precision weapons like the semi-auto rifle or revolver. Brawler and Crafter are also extremely valuable, and Explosives Expert are no-brainers if you’re handy with a molotov or bomb. But be sure to experiment — the survival skills are complex and multilayered.
  5. Poison the well. Booby-trapping salvage boxes and health kits with bombs will keep enemy players off balance and paranoid. Salvage boxes make a particularly tempting target: they’re an essential resource for all players, and many players will drop their defenses when they spot one. Place your proximity mines cleverly, around key corners in inside grass clumps, and you’ll be racking up Parts in no time.
  6. Heal early, heal often. When your health dips by a third or more, stop, drop, and heal. TLOU’s cautious play style will afford you many opportunities to patch yourself up — even mid-firefight — if you’re bold. Equipping First Aid Training helps, too. And remember: you can heal and move at the same time.
  7. Armor apprehension. Tapping Select and then R1 enables you to purchase armor and ammo from the in-game store. Armor is a constant temptation, but it rises in price with each purchase so it’s best saved for the final minutes of a particularly close match. Most times, it’s better to funnel your Parts towards a weapon upgrade or two early on — you’ll gain a noticeable advantage that lasts for the whole match.
  8. Smoke ’em out. TLOU’s smoke bombs are ridiculously effective. Obviously, they produce clouds of smoke that obscure the battlefield and help route enemy movement. Better still, these stinky saviors will stun all nearby enemies. If you’ve got a Shiv, you’ll have a few seconds to score a one-hit kill from the front or the rear.
  9. ,st Being generous with your teammates is not only nice, it’s rewarding! Every time you revive, heal, or gift an item to a teammate, you gain Parts — and they add up fast. The Crafter 2 survival skill is especially useful, rewarding you with rapid crafting speed and the ability to stock your friends with health and munitions for bonus Parts.
  10. Lean in. Here’s a nuance many players miss: While aiming (L1), you can swap shoulders by tapping R2. With a little practice, you can use this to lean out from behind a corner to squeeze off a few shots from relative safety.
  11. Down but never out. Take too much punishment and you’ll go down, dropping to your hands and knees as you await death. But you’re not helpless: you can scuttle away to be revived by a teammate, or lead your pursuers into a nearby ambush or bomb.
  12. Pistol power. Lately, my favorite strategy has been to take the 9 millimeter or revolver and skip the larger primary weapons. This loadout brings a host of unique benefits: You’ll reclaim two Loadout Points for other use (say, a silencer); you’ll only need one type of ammo; and you’ll save buckets of Parts that you can invest elsewhere. If you go this route, fully upgrade your pistol early in the match (it’s only 800 Parts) to gain greatly increased accuracy, fire rate, clip size, and stability.

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  • I really enjoyed the single player game, which was the only reason I bought the game.

    I haven’t even touched multiplayer because the SCEE version has compromised the artistic integrity of the product by inexcusable censorship.

    Why censor the EU version for all countries? That’s what people want to know! …Instead of reading some mindless marketing drivel.

    Why couldn’t we have the game in the form the creators envisioned it?

    First GoW:A then TLoU. I’m done buying the crappy SCEE versions of internally developed SCE games. Censorship is indefensible where I live. I won’t support it.

    SCEE doesn’t even have the decency to let customers know up front. Utterly shameful!

  • I agree with cowbanana, there should be an option in settings atleast to choose to censor blood, gore and swear.
    Though im not too fussed, I do actually want the blood effects.

  • Don’t go off alone, signing your own death warrant.

    Certain maps always have areas where a shootout between all players will take place, get used to the surroundings here

  • Cleared Hunter’s journey, taking a break before starting Fireflies… Real nerve breaking experience, hated those 100% Population in danger events! Great multiplayer otherwise :)

  • I played a couple of matches after finishing the brilliant singleplayer but just couldn’t get into it.. Too slow for my tastes to begin with. Stealth is my favorite genre but not for competitive multiplayer, and that’s pretty much the playstyle I go with in this game. It’s also more strategic than actionfull and therefore very clan/friend focussed. I always mind these kind of things as a lonewolf, and believe a competitive multiplayer should be just as fun as a lone player as it is for clans or multiple people playing together, which obviously already comes with huge advantages.. It’s getting harder and harder to digitally survive out there as a lonewolf with all this focus on social gaming..

  • I actually wouldn’t have minded it being more actionfull, providing a completely different experience than the singleplayer. That worked really well for me in Resident evil Revelations, which has a slower singleplayer than the modern RE’s but a great actionpacked co op mode which provided a lot of hours to its replayvalue. Imo this experience tried to stay too true to the singleplayer experience, and doesn’t do it for me competitively. To each his own I guess. I’m still gonna try to get into this but I doubt it’ll happen.

  • provided = added -_-
    Any chance we’ll get to see an edit option here, ever?

  • The Multiplayer is excellent but this “minigame” between matches is not and it makes people actually exit thru PS-button when they have a bad game so it does not get recorded.

  • Ahh yeah edit button , me too please. The Multiplayer could have been spiced up greatly with some clickers in it :) But really it is/was a nice MP ;)

  • The MP in TLOU is surprisingly addictive! I’d say the Crafter and Revive skills are the best for getting lost of parts – But then again I always liked playing a support character in multiplayer games.

    I didn’t know that the EU version had been censored though… I would have considered getting the US version if I knew.

  • I am dissapointed to learn of the multiplayer censorship, thanks cowbanna for pointing this out. It leaves a somewhat sour taste. Please sort this out.

  • If you’re going for the stealthy option, select Covert Training 2 as a Loadout skill. Enemies won’t be able to spot you in Listen Mode while you’re sneaking.

  • Awesome Game!!!!!

  • Awesome Game!!!!!!

  • @Cowbanana and the others complaining of the censored version:
    It’s really pointless NOT to play the multiplayer based on the “censorship”. I played it extensively until I learned about the “light” version. And never until that day I thought it was censored. It’s brutal, visceral and violent. The only difference is heads don’t blow up and limbs don’t fly off. Other than that it’s as visceral as the single player. And one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve had in the last couple of years.

  • Oh, and for those willing to buy an import version from Region 1 to get the “uncensored” version, keep in mind that all DLC will have to be bought at that region’s store, otherwise if won’t work. Never forget about the region locking in the DLC.

  • about this mp censoring for us EU customers, i suppose IF you never knew then it wouldn’t matter,however after actually seeing a kill through a US customers viewpoint, as opposed to what our kill looks like, well i really wouldn’t care to play it After seeing, i mean Why does one player get to ‘totally’ blow someones head clean off, yet thier competitors reward is a red mark on opponents forehead, followed by them falling down, i mean this is competetive, isn’t it?. or did i miss something these past 5 years or so.

  • Heck even Call of Duty: World at War’s is uncensored for Europe and you can even shoot other player’s limbs clean off. I seriously don’t know why SCEE censored the multiplayer. Oh that’s right German laws. *facepalm*.

  • I got The Last of Us of course because of the SP. Then I heard about someone from Naughty Dog saying TLOUMP is the best MP ever. I thought that it was quite the huge statement. But when I started, I totally agree, best MP ever created.

  • Wow didn’t know the multiplayer was censored, what a joke.
    Multiplayer was pretty dull though and a mark on a brilliant game.

  • Loving the multiplayer thus far. My tips would be;

    Easy kills – Some maps have a quick line of sight to the opposing teams spawn point. So whether you are playing Supply Raid / Survivors you can usually mark a few opponents, maybe a down or two and know which routes your opponents are taking on the map.

    Marking enemies – Try not to mark enemies whom you are sneaking upon. If you have them in your sights marking them before shooting can result in the opponent knowing that split second ahead of time and making the necessary adjustments before you manage the kill shot.

    Planting bombs – To get the easiest kills with bombs all it requires is planning ahead. Think of the route the enemy will be traveling and what wouldn’t be in their line of sight. Supply Raid will net you much more bomb downs purely because on Survivors any planted bombs disappear after the round ends.

    Bombs also aren’t just about killing an enemy, but as a tell tale sign of enemy movements. Most maps have a choice of two routes. Placing bombs can tell you exactly whereabouts on the map the enemy is.

  • Survivors – Far too many people go into this mode with the call of duty mindset. When the real key to winning is not to die. The goal should be to pick off a single enemy of the opposing team. You then have a much bigger advantage in pure numbers and firepower meaning its yours to lose.
    You dont have to kill the enemy to win, time is your friend.

    Earning tons of parts – If you want to earn a lot of parts, simply stay back crafting, marking, reviving, executing enemies your team mates have downed and make sure you are the last one alive in either mode.

    And my best advice would be. Never enter a firefight with the opponent unless you have the advantage. Two teams fighting head on becomes a toss up. To win repetitively you need to create advantages for yourself. Baiting opponents into traps, sneaking up on them and even using downed allies as bait.

  • +1 calling for an official statement / patch regarding the censorship. This should have been advertised in advance and I’ve STILL yet to see a mainstream games website pick up the story. Seems like a can of worms no one wants to open as it’s probably more pervasive than anyone realises.

    Film censorship has been a hot topic since the beginning of time but the debate around it has always been healthy and progressive. But in games? We get a wall of silence.

    It’s the inconsistency that’s really grating, why one game but not another? There is no clear policy or guideline, if it has to exist it should at least exist to a strict set of rules and parameters and there should be a dialogue open between governments, developers / publishers, and gamers about it.

    What the hell’s wrong with a little transparency on this? What is there to hide? Are we not adults?

    We deserve better and should make more noise about this until the head honchos start to feel pressure on it.

    Yes THIS TIME the gameplay wasn’t affected, just graphics, but it’s the principle, and who’s to say what might be missing from TLOU2, or even the single player DLC? I dread to think…

  • TLOU MP delivery to SCEE is yet another stuff up in a long line. Whether it’s delivery of services to all territories, no clear channels to offer specific criticism on said services, or content SCEE has a problem.

    The good news? You can fix this one. Just patch it, it happened with GTAIV in Australia.
    Naughty Dog deserved better than to have such a important game it seems censored not because of any real ideals or concerns. Just miscommunication and idiocy through how mismanaged SCEE is.

  • Sorry, but is it possible to complete remove this stupid multiplayer from nice game?

  • @Zeydlitz oh boohoo you don’t like the MP so they should remove it so no one gets to play it… Grow the hell up and don’t play it, it’s not as if it affects the single player at all.

    Most tips have been giving but I highly recommend the silenced 9mm being your primary gun it’s so damn powerful. Easily one of my fav MP’s love the little minigames every so many days. Really keeps you on your toes . Would have loved a horde/survive mode with limited supplies like the MP.

  • Still on the censorship topic, even though I wouldn’t mind to have the original game like the americans, I don’t think that it’s a reason not to play it. I have shot a guy in the gut at close range with the “shorty” and I totally eviscerated him. His intestines were all over the place.

    I think that it being lightly censored (and I do feel it’s a light censorship, considering the heavy violence still present in the game) is NOT a reason to quit playing the game.

    On the fighting tips, I’m more of a stealthy team player. I have the perk to mark the opposing team showing their silhouettes and marking 2 or more if they’re together. This makes a HUGE difference, as you can anticipate and shoot someone in the head as soon as they move from behind cover. Marking one and suddenly seeing 3 is also good.

  • @Brunno

    But how far are you willing to let them censor your games? This time its the level of gore – but next time you might have have the whole plot of the game changed just because some ass-hat politician in another European country finds it offensive.

    My stance is always anti-censorship, and at the very least we should be told beforehand that the version of the game in question has been tampered with.

  • i agree on what was said on a survival/horde kind of multiplayer (with clickers, please!)

    i think there will be 3 DLC coming and 2 of them will be multiplayer if i remember right.

    BTW it would be so nice to hear about what happened with our 3 bioshock infite DLCs that a ton of people bought and paid for already but we receive nothing and soon we will all probably havea ps4 oO.

  • I had the game for weeks now. still can’t play online every time i sing in it says “error syncing levels”. :(

  • @Lunastra
    I don’t defend censorship of any kind. I was born free and I sure want to continue to make my own choices.
    I’m only saying that the fact of someone’s head not blowing up in the multiplayer is not a reason to stay out of such a great, tense, engaging and strategic online game, especially when nowadays everything else is a ridiculous respawn fest (BF3 with 500% tickets?? wth is that for???)

    Meaning that it makes me happier to play the game as it is today than not playing it at all out of spite.

  • 1. I don’t like competitive MP. This game desperately needs a coop MP mode.

    2. Do you have any “survival tip” against glitchers and cheaters?

  • @Brunno

    Then we are in agreement, my friend. I also enjoyed the MP very much. Never played anything quite like it – and the facebook integration was nice(although I wish it was more fleshed out).

  • Co op would’ve been awesome. 4 guys bunkered down somewhere trying to hold off clickers and thugs, that would be something I enjoy more.

  • Have tried to play MP a bit and its pretty average. I’ll try using some of these tips to see if that helps but literally the only reason I’m attempting it is for the platinum.
    I wish there was a way to separate single and multiplayer for achievements because I just don’t enjoy MP and you get no particular benefit for maxing out a single player version of a game.

    Also hating the power of the 4by2. The number of times I was taken out my first ever game by one swing is just hugely demoralising

  • PLz Dark Cloud 3 on PS4…………………….

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