Malicious Rebirth coming soon to PS Vita

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Malicious Rebirth coming soon to PS Vita

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Hi everyone, my name is Ando Yota from Alvion. Following on from our European release of Malicious on PS3 I’m really pleased to confirm we will be releasing a remastered digital version for PS Vita!

Once again you will be able to slay monsters and bosses in this full on 3D action game. HOWEVER we really wanted to make sure we give you the best possible ‘Malicious’ experience. So we’ve been hard at work adding loads of new content for you…




You can expect new levels, bosses and moves, and I think pretty much making it almost twice as much content as its predecessor (hence the title ‘Malicious Rebirth‘ :)). I hope you enjoy playing through all the additional content when it releases later this year on PSN Store.

For those that are luckily enough to be at E3, a hands-on demo will be available to play at the SCEE booth, so make sure you stop by and give it a go!

Make sure you stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for future Malicious Rebirth updates. Have a great day!

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  • I’m yet to play this on PS3, so i’m looking forward to seeing anything new on Vita. :)

  • YES! This Is good news, loved Malicious and will DEFINITELY be picking this up.

  • That artwork is amazing! Do you have anymore possibly from the original Malicious? :D

    Also since I got all the trophies on the PSN game, I’m definitely trying to get another 100% on this one ;)

  • I loved the look of this game on the ps3 and I bought it when it launched, tbh i could never get into it as i found it pretty confusing and did not know what was going on at times.really must try again before my backlog gets any larger

    I’m guessing as this is a reworking of the original there won’t be cross buy but could ps3 buyers end up with a discount when the game comes out?

  • AeonTheGentleman

    YES! This is what i needed!
    Bought the original when it released, too bad that this will be a digital release only, i would love to have a physical copy.

    Great work guys!

  • PS3 vers was quite large, around 6GB (?) which proved to be a shame, for me. as i found myself hating it from start, i somehow stuck out the explaination of what game was going to be about, barely, then when i Finally found myself on field of battle i couldn’t do nothing to keep my (whatever it was) character alive, for more than few minutes each try.. perhaps If it’d had a more intuitive and (much) shorter explaination of basics, i might not of deleted it within the hour. But tbh, even then am not sure, as i just couldn’t help but despise the (it’s) characters look, will go so far as to say ‘attitude’.. just came across as a little freak, obviously if i couldn’t care for lead character then for me the same applyed to story/gameplay.. Good it’d being remade for vita owners who like this Japanese (?) type of game though.

  • As a great fan of Malicious, and having asked for this game on this very blog, I just have to say:


    I’ll be picking this up for sure.

  • I have a big problem. 16gb card too small. Looks like I need 32gb. 6 games on vita still to play and about 15 on ps3. someone please invent the time machine

  • Great news, I’m looking forward to this if it scores at least 7s.

  • I’ve still yet to play the original on my PS3. I’ve got it download and everything!

    Good to hear you’re localizing the vita version.

  • I hate to be that guy but the I think the important question here is will the leaderboards actually be up and running when the game launches? As I was one of the ones who picked up the PS3 version on launch and it took something crazy like a month before the leaderboards were actually working… :(

  • Loved the PS3 version, super excited for the Vita one!

    Hopefully it’s a little better optimised though, the PS3 version had some gnarly framerate issues at times.

  • I couldn’t play this on the ps3. Too hard!
    I managed to defeat one guy, but the others were impossible to defeat.
    One was a woman, kept blocking my attacks. I managed to get her health down, just needed a few more hits. But then I got game over!
    The other one was a flying ship, that has a shield that never gives me a chance to hit it, so I gave up on that game.

  • Unless this game will be less than 500MB, please release it as a physical copy aswell, because I’m interested but won’t want to buy it if it’s going to take up alot of memory card space. I’m sure there’s also alot of other people with this opinion, so it would boost the sales.
    I have already filled my 32GB!! :D

  • I gotr this on PS3, its a ruddy hard to understand game, so us existing owners have to rebuy the enhanced version? I feel burned as the original is soooo bad IDK what to do…now a enhanced vita version when I paid for the PSN original..humpf!!!

  • Sony, how about you cut the price on those memory cards? Eeee? Eeee? Come on you know you want to…

  • I’m Looking forward for the game, I’ll certainly buy it.

  • Looks promising but Will NOT buy due to digital only.
    Really ppl get IT toe retail stores top got 1 32gb card
    And 1 8gb card wich are both full. Costs 80euros for a 32gb
    IF u can find The store selling it at that price took me 4 days
    Dont het me wrong om not against digital releases but really
    A handfull of games were released retail over a years time.
    READ THIS for Christina’s sake. And do someyhing about it
    SONY and DEV’s¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicr! looking forward to this game!

  • amazing! retail?

  • Awesome!

    Also really wish this was coming to Retail too :)

  • Just to correct my comment, ie Malicious (ps3 vers) being a 6GB download, totally Wrong, it’s a mere 540ish Mb, don’t know why i thought it was 6GB.. best guess is Okami HD, with it being Japanese ‘style’ game/art, sorry for any misguidance caused.

  • The game wont come to retail because once you understand how it works, it can be beaten in about 40minutes! :P

  • it would be nice and awesome if there a lot of games coming way to ps vita. Especially BF4

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