Remember Me: 5 reasons you won’t forget Capcom’s new adventure

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Hi everyone. It’s Jmax from Dontnod here to say ‘hi’ for the final time before the release of Remember Me and to also give you a look at the launch trailer and show some more, never seen before, art from the game.


I’d like to start by saying thank you for your comments and questions on my previous couple of posts. It’s always really gratifying as a developer to be able to hear what fans and those that buy the games are thinking and also hear your questions directly. Once again, if you have any questions I will do my utmost to answer them below.

First up, here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Now, for this last post I thought I would take the opportunity to give one final plug for the game and convince you why you should part with your hard earned cash to play it! To do this I thought I would employ the classic ‘list’ format (everyone likes lists, don’t they?):


  1. It’s a brand new IP, a brand new character and a brand new universe. With so many games on their millionth version, here is a totally new concept. Here is a totally new character to play as, in a new world, that you can immerse yourself in as you follow the intriguing story.
  2. As an elite memory hunter Nilin has powers that have not been seen before. With her powers you have the ability to break into people’s minds, not only steal memories but also remix them. You can then see how the butterfly effect will change their personalities and reaction as you change a few details in their memory.
  3. The cool, very accessible yet deep combat system that gives you more options than most action titles. We think it’s very innovative and has options for all levels of gamers.
  4. It looks beautiful. Okay, so I know I am biased but I genuinely believe this is one of the best looking games on the PS3. We have worked hard to create a unique vision of Neo-Paris 2084 and I hope that it is one that you enjoy exploring.
  5. The soundtrack is fantastic. Really, Olivier Deriviere is a genius and if you are interested in hearing some excerpts from the score (which should be on sale by the time you are reading this) you can hear them here

So, I hope that you have at the very least been intrigued at what I have had to tell you about the game and once again, I’d like to thank you for your time and your questions. À bientôt.


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12 Author Replies

  • I’ve been eyeing this game for some time now, and it’s one of two games I will be getting this month to survive the Summer Draught.
    While the reviews haven’t really been helping (other than breathing ‘love it or hate it’), I will most definitely give this new IP a chance.
    I love the graphics, which seem to rival the best this gen consoles have to offer. Plus, I love playing with a female lead, especially one as good-looking as this one!

    Great job people!

    • Hi chrisboers. I’m glad that you have been keeping your eye on the game and I hope you enjoy getting your hands on it. Thanks for the support!

  • I don’t care about reviews.

    I pre-ordered it and I’m not cancelling it :) Roll on Friday :)

  • A really beautiful world. Hope you guys will do well enough to establish your new IP and your studio. I think the positive aspects of the game should justify a chance to please your critics better in the next round.

    • Hi Golwar. Thanks for the positive vibes. We certainly hope we get the opportunity to build on this game as we have lots of cool ideas for the universe.

  • The new concept, graphic, and Your rewiew, get me in ! :-) Looking forward to It !

  • pre ordered, paid for and ready for collecting from blockbuster on Friday. Really looking forward to this bad boy, however, if it turns out to be a let down then your days are numbered.

  • I think game media in general isn’t being fair to this title. I haven’t played it, of course, but from the videos I’ve seen it looks so nice and fresh that it deserves a fair chance at competing with the bigger names. The world you play in looks amazing and different from what we’re used to, and so do some of the gameplay mechanics.
    It’s common trend to talk about how the gaming industry is lacking inovation, with the same IPs coming at us every single year with nothing new enough to justify calling it a sequel. But I think Gaming journalists should take some of the blame for this, by praising every repetitive sequel and then bashing on new games like this just because it isn’t as polished as Call of Duty 45. It’s the first game, let people enjoy it and buy it, then developers can think of ways to turn it into an established IP.
    The Ps2 era truly was the golden era of gaming, let’s see what next week will bring us

  • “With so many games on their millionth version, here is a totally new concept.”

    Yeah, don’t try to hype your game by looking down at others. After-all far too much of this is a rip-off of Uncharted, Batman and other better titles.

    “The cool, very accessible yet deep combat system that gives you more options than most action titles. We think it’s very innovative and has options for all levels of gamers.”

    Judging by the critics the gameplay is unnecessarily complex and janky. Which I agree with based on the videos Ive seen.

    “Okay, so I know I am biased but I genuinely believe this is one of the best looking games on the PS3.”

    It does look good but except for the main character the character models look downright terrible, they come off soul-less.

    AND by biggest gripe with this game is the setting. As you can tell I love cyberpunk but you don’t make a game in that setting if you are not willing to let gamers explore and absorb themselves into that world.

    It’s ironic the game is called Remember Me because it will be forgotten in a week when The Last of Us hits.

    Better luck next time.

    • Hi Cyberendpunk. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. As with most things it is just my own subjective opinion and as I admit, it is a biased one!

  • this game turned out to be like i posted on the last news for this game on this site. The combat mechanics never got fixed even though people mentioned it thousand of times on the gameplay trailers. I guess this is just how a game company works the combat developers try to keep saying the combat is good constantly to their bosses and that it will work to keep their jobs at the company and as a final result it turns out to be a pretty poor game overall.

    Overall it seems like it has decent visuals & soundtrack but thats the only thing its got going for it. I might give the game a chance once it drops 75% off on sites for PC but till then i will have enough in other good 3rd person games especially with The Last of Us comuing out.

    This game will most likely bomb hard even though you tried to hype it by deviating from not showing actual gameplay but just screenshots and cinematics instead clearly trying to hide the gameplay mechanics the reviewers mentioned. Summer time+poor reviews+The Last of Us in 1-2 weeks and you got a game that will bomb hard

  • @#9 cool spoiler. Obviously wrong, but whatever.

    Anywhooo, I do have this game. I’m reviewing it for a website. I just wanted to talk about the ‘clunky combat’ that a post mentioned earlier.

    It’s not really clunky, in some parts it flows almost as well as Batman. However, there’s no ‘parry’ button, just dodge, so it feels too much like you’re punching and cartwheeling, and there’s no real feeling of a ‘fight’ per say.

    The powers you get to use during fights soon become less of a feature to your fighting, and more of a ‘you have to use this power or else not beat this guy’ and that means you’ll spend a long time using a power, and then fighting a few waves of enemies so you can recharge that power and do it again, which feels bit drawn out for no reason.

    Also, the ‘deep combat system that you can customise’ isn’t quite how it says. You can customise, you can change what power is assigned to what button. But if the combo is XYYXYX you have to use XYYXYX, and given that each button press is unlocked and pre-assigned a power, this actually leaves you quite limited

    • Hi MafiaCub. Glad to hear that you haven’t found the combat clunky. I think the combat is actually very fast and fluid and you are rewarded for timing your combos correctly. However, I have to correct you on your last point – yes the button in the combo is preset, but the power is not pre-assigned. You can then assign any one of the 4 different pressen types to that slot in the combo which means there are 1000s of different combos to utilise, depending on your style or the enemy that you are taking on. In terms of comparison, my own opinion is that Batman is more reactive, whereas this is pro-active. I hope you have enjoyed reviewing the game!

  • regarding the beauty of the game, in parts it does look incredible. At one point Nilin climbs up a building, and as you do you see the Gateway to Neo-Paris after you’ve caused a little trouble (wont spoil what you do) and you can see the after effects, the way the camera pans and visual that it creates is fantastic and truly memorable. There’s a lot of that in the game, but it’s a shame that 99% of the city is covered in HUD’s telling you about stuff, but offering no form on interactivity. It’s beautiful, but you can’t touch it… like a high class stripper.

  • The game is fantastic.

    We want a sequel, please. <3

    Thank you very much for making this awesome game. <3

    • Hi YYujiY. Glad that you like what you see (and have been playing?). We have plenty of ideas for the world of Remember Me and where the story could go, so we sincerely hope to make a sequel too.

  • @#10 I wonder what’s wrong with the reason of some people.

    Why would fragile female caracter without any armor should “block” attacks like Batman did? Ask someone to hit you with cudgel – I’d be amazed if you’ll block more than 2 hits since both your arms will be broken…

    • Hi Hymeleon. For Nilin it made much more sense for her to be using her agility and skills in combat, rather than just her strength, as she is not a brute fighter. That said, she still has a pretty formidable range of moves to take down enemies, even if there is no parry!

  • whoaaaaahh people- this is someones hard work , dont be so mean. Personally i admire the risk you took with the games great atmosphere and story. Difference is sometimes misinterpreted as jankiness. Just how i love oblivion’s weird ass combat, remember me has its own play style that’s quirky and natural for a new ip. i hope it does well enough for a sequel or another great ip. Good job :)

  • Heya, couple of questions – can I turn off the prompts showing me how to climb things? And also, are there more than four memory remix events? Thanks :D

    • Hi monuk. No, the prompts can’t be turned off. We had a lot of discussion and testing on these prompts during the development and in the end, we found it worked best for them to be on as a guide. I appreciate this isn’t to everyone’s taste though. With the memory remix there are four key moments in the game when these individual remixes drive key points in the narrative, which was their ‘raison d’etre’. I hope you enjoy the game!

  • Finished today :) wish it was a bit longer but thoroughly enjoyed this game :) thank you!!
    Although… did encounter a few glitches. Occasionally voice audio would cut out luckily not during the riddles haha, but also I was having problems with a fight with two mourners in the capital city place, turned the difficulty down to script kiddie and finished them off but the game thought there was still an enemy alive and wouldn’t let me unlock the door… I replayed it twice on “easy” then thought I’d try going back to “normal” and that sorted it… (lucky I had the knack for the fight by then haha).

  • Ok I just finished the game. For sure a very good one that I really enjoyed. I normally buy titles from new development teams just for support but Remember Me was more than fun to play. Hope it will go really well.

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