Hands-on with Tearaway, Media Molecule’s new PS Vita adventure

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Media Molecule has proven itself the master of cuteness and community creativity, constructing a passionate fanbase worldwide through the madly successful LittleBigPlanet series. But what happens when the house that built a Planet sets out to create something completely new?

Maybe I should rephrase that. Their new project, Tearaway, isn’t completely outside the studio’s comfort zone. It’s still adorable, inventive, and a true showcase of its platform’s capabilities. Built with PS Vita in mind, Tearaway makes impressive (but not excessive!) use of the integrated camera and rear touchpad to craft a more tactile and immersive world.


Case in point: You’ll occasionally come across transparent surfaces marked with PlayStation symbols, an indication that you can interact with that area via PS Vita’s rear touchpad. Sometimes this means tapping on the back of your Vita to beat a drum, which will launch iota or atoi (your fearless paper protagonists) far into the air above. Other times, it means poking your finger straight into the game to protect your companion from incoming enemies, or to move an object that’s blocking their way.

At one point, I traced along Vita’s touch screen to cut a crown out of construction paper for a rather excitable gopher, who then demanded an impromptu photo shoot. I selected from various backdrops, including one created from the rear camera in real time, then moved the system around to get the angle just right before snapping the shot for the little guy.

Camaraderie permeates the game. Every so often, iota or atoi will look to the sky to see your face (captured by the system’s front-facing camera) beaming down. This, coupled with your direct physical influence on many of the game’s puzzles, fosters a sense of partnership between the player and the messenger. This drives home the notion that instead of you just controlling the character on screen, you and your papercraft partner are in this together.


Aesthetically, Tearaway oozes Media Molecule. The world feels vibrant and animated, despite the fact that it’s seemingly comprised of real paper structures. Bridges fold and unfold at timed intervals, rocks flex and crease when you stand on them, and wind gusts crinkle plants and grass in a Burton-esque style.

Complementing this whimsical world is a charming, folk-tinged musical score that further invigorates an already breathing environment. I only heard a handful of songs during my play session, but I’m already making room in my head for the game’s recently announced soundtrack (Protip: pre-order to snag the soundtrack for free).

Tearaway, out this October, will be one that keeps people talking. Not just because it’s endearing and adorable, or even because it’s a solid adventure-platformer bursting with creativity, but because it proves that Media Molecule isn’t a one-trick pony. Step aside Sackboy — it’s time for iota and atoi to shine.

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  • Please Guys.. Can you Start Wednesdays with the Store Update and the Playstation Plus Update? I wait the whole Day only for those 2 Updates, i’m not interested in New Games or in Games i can Pre-Order now, because i can also see this in the Store-Update.

  • I cannot wait for this game, it just oozes charm! I guess I’ve come to expect that from MM. :)

  • Why do you keep spamming vita news when 90% of people here are ps3 owners?

    And yes make a sticky date + time for store update posts and discount posts , sometimes its tuesday, sometimes wednesday, sometimes something else.

    I know most of the sony people who post here will never answer because they just come here to spam their promotional stuff.

    • Can we stay on topic please? There are plenty of PS Vita owners (and Media Molecule fans) who come to the Blog for whom this post may be of interest. If it’s not for you, there’s no need to read and comment.

      The Store update is the same time every week – 3pm. Sale posts generally go up at 11.00am on a Wednesday – however, we have no new promotion this week.

  • @ImbaMarcel:
    We already have Wednesdays for Store updates and PS+ updates a long time ago.

  • Thx 4 the preview.

  • Can’t wait for this game, I literally bought my Vita just so I could get my hands on Mm’s latest project.

    And a little off-topic: any more news on Ratchet: Gladiator? Is it up when the store updates today?

  • You don’t need to tell me any more about this game as I was sold on the video at E3 last year…October is too far away.

    Persona 4 Golden was the game that made me buy a vita – Tearaway has only confirmed that I made the correct decision ^_^

  • At MASPALOMAZ: 90% of ALL statistics are made up on the spot.

    Store updates have always been on a Wednesday from what I’ve seen in my 6 months as part of the blog.

    And it’s games Tearaway, and Littlebigplanet, that make Sony – and the Vita too – the most exciting consoles to date.

  • #3: because they want to convince you to buy a Vita, maybe? And PS3 users should, as Vita is getting awesomer every week!

    On Tearaway: I was sold after the very first trailer that was shown back then. Pre-ordered it already, now I only have to wait until October, which simply seems to be WAY to far in the future…
    One question though:

    Will Tearaway have a user-creation mode like LBP has? Hope so, evne though it looks to be a SP only game so far…

  • This game looks promising! I’m looking forward to some more jewels on the Vita. :) (it needs more love!)

    On a side note I as a vita owner am actually happy PS plus gets vita games. The majority of the PS plus games are still for the PS3 so I’m not sure why people are so salty.
    Sony can’t just ignore the PS vita crowd.

  • @7 You were sold at E3 last year?

    That’s impressive considering they didn’t announce the game until Gamescom last year, but I’m guessing that’s what you meant ;)

    I too was sold at Gamescom last year, but it’s nice to hear something more from the game. :D

  • Any way to get the retail version of this game and both Pre order bonus?

  • @MASPALOMAZ – I have a vita, which I use pretty much every night. We have a PS3 in our house, which I never use. Maybe you wouldn’t be so upset at it is you just bought a vita…?

    Anyway……… so excited for this game! Had it on pre-order since it was announced! I got distracted away from little big planet a while ago, but completed it last night – lovely game… can’t wait to see what Tearaway will be like!

  • Looks BRILLIANT:P I wish it was coming to the PS3 to tho:(

  • I’m really excited for this game. I hope it receives a lot of attention at E3; it’s barely on anyone’s radar at the moment!

  • I hope a demo will be available. I am not yet convinced in buying it, but it looks great.

  • oops yeah gamescon – have had the trailer on my ps3 since it made its way to the store – guess I’ve just got E3 on the mind

    or trying to figure out what happened to the last few days in May

  • This game looks really amazing. Looking forward to playing.

  • Anyone knows this music?

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