The music of Soul Sacrifice

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The music of Soul Sacrifice

If asked, most of us can recall a favourite scene or two from a movie, a shot or sequence that lingered with us long after the lights came on and we left the theatre. We retain the visual, but often it isn’t until we see that same scene muted that we discover the music, the aural accompaniment, was a far greater part of our experience than we realised.
Just as in cinema, music is a huge part of what makes many gaming memories so rich. It’s a significant ingredient in creating a sense of grandeur and making something feel epic.
Soul Sacrifice, the next title from legendary developer Keiji Inafune, has just such aspirations.
It may be a handheld action title, but there is nothing portable or small about the game’s scope or presentation. Case in point: the game’s soundtrack is composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama, two of the most recognised composers in the industry. Moreover, their soaring, charged score was recorded using full orchestras and choruses on the Scoring Stage at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, CA, a world-renowned studio with some of the best acoustic technology and audio engineers in the world.
Soul Sacrifice’s satisfying action and adventure may conveniently fit in the palms of your hands, but expect its sights and sounds to feel much bigger!
Watch the music of Soul Sacrifice come to life in this special abridged cut of our “Behind the Scenes” video:

There’s much more news to come regarding the music of Soul Sacrifice, not to mention the game itself, so please stay tuned!

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  • This is brilliant, this is exactly the content i want to see from Soul Sacrifice.
    I love this type of orchestral music, i can only listen to it in the video game space and this sound seems to be in the same vein of Dark Souls/Demons Souls even Dragons Dogma.
    I hope the marketing doesnt underplay this and packs the soundtrack with the game!
    Brilliany blog piece, needeless to say i cannot wait for the game!

  • I have a feeling soul sacrifice has the potential to be the first game on the vita that can actually get people to buy the system just to play it! I’m really looking forward to this game even though I don’t have a vita yet, I’ll be picking one up as soon as I save up enough for it :D current funds will go the xperia S ;)

  • This does look like a ps2 game wish Sony would announce gow for vita then I will buy it again wish I didn’t get rid of it now I fancy playing uncharted & mk again.

  • Great!
    Now I want to try the Demo to hear the music.
    I hope its next month :)

  • Japan has demo, we could get it on our Vitas – snap, no we cant Vita memory cards are grounded to only one account…
    but music is good too ;)

  • Loved the demo. The only problem with it was me not knowing Japanese lol. I enjoyed the music of the game. It makes every fight more exciting.

  • Music is an integral part of any game for me especially if I’m going to be spending hours exploring the world.
    Recently I woke up humming music from Nier, it took me a moment to realise what it was from as I rubbed sleep from my eyes. Music from a game is something that stays with you long after you put the controller down.
    I am really looking forward to this and hope there is a demo as I don’t really want to keep swapping cards around (my mobile is testament to how many sd changes I’ve made (especially as the little rubber thing always breaks on me)

  • Hope see some news on EU demo soon!

  • Music isn’t that important in games to me, i know it’s necessary during certain parts and without it there might be some loss of experience, but it isn’t a memory i have from any of my gaming times, oh, unless it is unfitting and spoils your mood, i hate browsing through my games and saves lists as some devs think it’s ok to put a music file in those, wish there were ways to turn Those off or even down, as they seem to allways be louder than normal in-game music. imo a composer has done there job IF the score goes unoticed, well, apart from a few fitting places like the epic Jaws when the sharks near. But not all the way through the game. btw i Did say it wasn’t ‘that’ important (to me), Not it isn’t needed. Has anyone else noticed the game/save files unfitting music ?, i thought A Creeds games were bad untill i downloaded Ghost Recon FS, deafening, so if anyone knows of a way to mute those, it would be good to know.
    As everyone else has said, Demo asap, Please.

  • Perfect just perfect…… currently enjoying ragnarok odyssey US version and soul sacrifice promises to be even better, the vita needs more japanese titles……

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