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PlayStation.Blog Recap

Phew, with Christmas bearing down fast, it’s been all hands on deck here at SCEE this week. I hope you’re all getting in the holiday spirit too. If not, check out our on-going 12 Deals of Christmas sale – that should do the trick. The next deal goes live very early Sunday morning offering a massive saving on one of this year’s best games.
Oh, and congratulations to the sleuths who cracked our thinly-veiled teaser images – impressive stuff. Hopefully you’ll still be surprised by a few of the offers remaining…
Elsewhere on the Blog this week, we had a first-look at the incoming Kat and Emmett DLC for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, posted a status update on the very exciting PS Vita action RPG Soul Sacrifice and got the full lowdown on the digital release of Mass Effect from the good folks at BioWare. See below for the full reading list.
And we’ve another busy week coming up. Set your alarm clocks for Monday – we’ve got a really exciting post going up early doors.

One final thing – I’ve got a brief note from the Sound Shapes team to pass on, regarding issues with the new patch:
“We have just released an update to address the compatibility issues between Sound Shapes players in different territories. Currently EU users are experiencing issues when playing levels created by non-EU users, and this update will address this issue. The in-game store will be enabled by this update, but new content will not be available to purchase until Wednesday 12th December. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused by these issues, and we appreciate your patience.”

Playstation EU

  • Weekend Essentials – Batman: Arkham City on PlayStation Plus, Mass Effect and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune… let PlayStation brighten up your weekend.
  • Bundles of fun – Start your PS3, PS Vita or PSP adventure with a great value hardware and software pack from PlayStation.
  • Win BIG: PS Vita plus 6 games to be won – Sign up to Inside PS Vita for your chance to win a PS Vita system and six top titles.
  • Game On – Start your week with news no Batman fan can miss, and see if your passion for Call of Duty: Black Ops II matches one record breaker’s…

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  • Dear Fred,
    Indeed, a very busy, impressive week, especially for PlayStation Plus! I am not subscribed and bought this week’s 100% off PS+ games on launch day at full price, but one cannot deny the value for money PS+ is offering to its subscribers. Games need to be played – PS+ may generate new love for some of gems which weren’t the store blockbusters they deserved to be (the excellent Vanquish comes to mind).
    That said, my Xmas could be made complete with a move/delete option for The SingStar Icon which just doesn’t want to budge from the prominent position it underhandedly – as it wasn’t mentioned in the 4.30 release notes – claimed for itself on my personal Games XMB. Where it has absolutely no place being. Or simply removing the SingStar icon entirely and make the product an optional download like in the United States. Did any updates trickle in from the informed relevant teams?
    Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks – some more great Plus content coming soon too – hopefully we can snare you in with that!
      I’m afraid I’ve no new news on SingStar – if anything changes, I’ll let you know.

  • up early doors on monday, im up early doors everyday now as my wife is in the late stages of pregnancy lol
    well i look forward to whatever this mystery news is :)
    another fun week gaming for me, mutant blobs has been done to 100%.
    i got a surprise when i found that my cloud save works on the digital version of batman yay :)
    started to play rayman that i picked up with the extra plus discount, its fantastic fun and kinda glad i wated till now to get it as i get the joy of playing it fresh on the lovely oled of the vita.
    looking forward to squeezing as much gaming out as i can before something else is squeezed out lol ;)

    • The very best of luck with your new arrival! I’ve got plenty of Dad friends who manage to squeeze in some gaming here and there (usually late at night) – I’m sure you’ll find time eventuially!
      Also, I’m investigating the unpleasantness below, and will take action as necessary. Apologies for any offence that was caused – our moderators do their best to jump on this sort of thing as quickly as possible.

  • @CoolRichy008UK-2
    biggest troll comment i have seen from you yet and im not going to bit back.
    what a tool

  • @CoolRichy008UK-2
    and its my wife actually so if your going to try to insult me get it right

  • @ CoolRichy008UK-2
    That’s absolutely disgusting! You carry on hiding behind your computer little boy & I hope one day it comes back & bites you hard in the backside! You should be banned now without exception & you can’t be that smart, as SONY can trace all Accounts & Sub Accounts. I’m pretty sure you’re under investigation now anyway & it’s only a matter of time.
    @ Hayzink
    I’m over the moon for you fella :)
    I hope it all goes well when the big day happens & there is no other better feeling in the world that can compare to the love for your child.
    Kind Regards

  • ^ +1 what he said

  • @CoolRichy008UK-2
    thats going way too far RICHY! and yes i know its you and you probly made theese accounts so you dont get band on your main account, thats just pure evil what you said. once again GROW UP
    @Fred please get him band

  • Fred Dutton
    grts. whith psn store on pc = 100% beter then ps3 store
    only – point = if u buy somting from pc store = u need option to start auto download on u ps3/ vita u klick where u need dowload ;)

  • Hi Fred
    Great Blog recap, I enjoyed all of it this week especially the weekend debate, good luck to everyone who wins.
    The new playstation mobile games are going great Fred with psn integration coming in the future, there’s defenetly going to be a lot of great games coming in the future and games from ps2, ps3, psp and playstation vita. It would be good for in the future if we could get plus content on Mobile too, I also had an idea for an Xperia Home on the Xperia smartphones and tablets in the future like ps home on ps3.
    Thanks Fred hope to hear back from you soon. ;)

  • @HayZink Congrats man. Best wishes.

  • @3 if theres any justice in the world you should at the very least be banned from PSN

  • Coolrichy that was just evil what you say to hayzink …..grow up would you…. hayzink ignore ppl like this hope it goes will for ya

  • Fred The Last of us, May 7 2013 ND said it is worldwide, but knowing how SCEE rolls will we be seeing it that day? @1 are we still complaining about that singstar icon, yes it is annoying and intrusive, but it does not affect anything. But i would like the option to remove/Move it Fred.

  • @Catkiller1 IM SORRY HUGS

  • thanks for the well wishes guys i dont like to do things by halfs so its twins :)
    im not worried about the comment above as someone must have a really sad life if they get entertainment out of posting insults on a gaming blog.
    i just need tips on how i can continue to game after the delivery date as my wife seems to think the world will stop and i can no longer have fun, i said i want to get wwe 13 for christmas and her reply was why you wont have time to play it when the babys come!!!
    my reply was and why is that?
    lol i wont get into the rest of the discussion but lets just say ill be a twilight gamer going forward i think ;)
    anyway thanks again for the well wishes guys :)

  • @ CoolRichy008UK-2
    Keep your hugs to yourself, you pathetic excuse for a human being!

  • @ Hayzink
    Why do you think I mostly game on evenings! LOL ;)
    It’s not that bad after roughly 6 months once they’re into a routine. You’ll find your twins will bounce off each other so-to- speak & be in the same routine as each other after a couple of weeks. I was worried at first but they’ve been fine :)

  • @Catkiller1
    i know man your never on at a normal hour these days, at least there will be someone else up at the same time as me for some mp action :)

  • @hayzink
    Congratulations I’m so happy for you and your wife, best wishes hope your wife is okay.

  • congrats. hayzink , wish you and your family a very healthy & happy life..

  • Fred any hope of PES2013 Landing on psn this year …?

  • Also @ DAVIE222
    I thought you were better than that but i’ve watched some of your youtube videos, where you invite people to voice chats just so you can take the micky! You need to act on what you preach also!

  • “Hm, there are a lot of replies, let’s see what’s going on in this blog post.”

  • @fred
    getting back to playstation lol.
    you recently got some hands on time with Soul Sacrifice when you visited the land of the rising sun did you not?
    how did you find the game?
    is it going to be another game like gravity rush that people would class as a system seller?
    also on this weeks access video zone of the enders is talked about in the this week on the store section, did i miss something or is this more a coming soon type thing?

    • Well, I only got a bit 10 minutes on Soul Sacrifice. It was in Japanese, and I was playing with Japanese people, so I didn’t fully grasp its intricacies, but it seemed like a really interesting game. Very deep, very dark and great enemy design. Quite different from Gravity Rush! Hopefully we’ll be talking more about it early in 2013.

  • Hi Fred.
    First off can we have an ignore feature for the above comment.
    Also could you talk to the Playstation Plus people to see can they get the PSP/Vita version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky for free or at a big discount?

    • Suggestion noted. It’s a niche title that might not be to everyone’s taste, so don’t hold your breath. That said, we are trying to keep the Plus line up nice and diverse, so you never know.

  • So will there be any replies this time ?. i mean last weeks and a few weeks back there was zero interaction by the blog team to any posts left here.. and there was some interesting comments i was hoping to see get a answer, totally rude, also b4 the fred defenders start there moaning, yes he may of been ill, or busy, or on another sce funded holiday, erm fact finding thingy, but this is still no excuse for saying the reason when he had a spare 30 seconds or so. out and out rude, rip ps blog, if it isn’t the staff that will or has done for you, then the bend over and accept everything squad will. i used to be angry at a giant corparation, until i read that there as white as driven snow and its me and others who are the real bad guys, kind of gives me a sickly feeling, still i noticed that lots of other people i once agreed with and respected their posts, are also either less frequent or no longer bothering, with the blog. so the tree huggers have mostly got it to theirselves now. hope you’s all have great times together.
    lol at the group hug crack, that was misunderstood though..

  • @hayzink
    zone of the enders is out, if thats what your asking i mean, 24.99. i was thinking about it but want to see footage first, also the disc i seen said it include the new metal gear rising demo.

  • another_gamer195 ( 26 )=replies????
    1 = weekend to them to ;)
    2 = if them have almoast no time to reply in week them are sertenly lesser in weekend .
    no updates to store problems make store more like pc store !!!
    no updates spamkidy star
    no update utube – netflix psmobile ….
    only ting makes mi weekend good = dark souls 2 premier ( pssss tip , make deal on dark souls 2 to ps3/4 stil not now on what console ith comes out !)

  • Another poor week from SCEE. Two games define it… CS:GO and Singstar. Disaster run up to the holiday season for Sony globally. Not a single Playstation exclusive in the global top 20. PSAllstars failed to sell in any numbers and was almost outsold by Uncharted 3 this week.

  • @ another_gamer195
    Wasn’t misunderstood, you didn’t see the disgusting post! It’s been removed…..too little, too late!

  • what a brilliant idea about ignore features in the blog, but better still if there was a rating or likes dislikes feature built into the comments box that would be even better, can never happen here i know, as this is classed as a family type blog, but when thing get heated i bet someone could make a website where any deep debates could be duplicated or continued, and those thing added, or simply make a over 18s version of eublog.

    • We are looking at making some changes. You might not see them in early 2013, but hopefully it will be some time next year.

  • @catkiller1
    i thought he was calling you hugs, not asking for hugs ?.

  • ???? what’s going on with all CoolRichy008UK-2 stuff anyhow whatever it was about, JUST BAN HIM.
    @catkiller1 and don’t be so gullible with coolrichy again like you did in the past ppl hardly really change.

  • @another_gamer195
    i was meaning digital version as it was in the on the store section of this weeks access.
    and he was deffo not calling him hugs.

  • @Catkiller1
    your right, i have been verry mean to people in voice chats on psn, i dont do that anymore but i used to do it for fun, but now i undersand that it was bullying.

  • VAAS should be in playstation allstars battle royale…..

  • @voodoo341
    Another good week for Scee I think you mis-spelt that word. As I will explain Scee are making profit with new games such as Playstation all stars, games coming in the future like ratchet and clank Q force and the much awaited releases of god of war ascension and the last of us. Much great progress with services like music unlimited, video unlimited, vidzone etc.
    Fantastic profits in different echo systems ps3 is selling like a train, ps vita is doing well and the Share of playstation mobile is doing superb, no other company can make games as good as playstation can, psp is still selling although ps vita is out same goes for ps2 it’s still selling in certain parts as sony says its still as great use to publishers and game developers.

  • @dgnfly
    lets just say he said something to me that i would not have dreamed of saying to my worst enemy(which sounds daft as i have no enemys lol)and leave it at that.
    fair play to catkiller as a human being he was offended by what was said and i appreciate the fact he voiced that, but with regards to his actions towards coolritchy id say he was being more civil with him rather than being gullable and taking any change in attitude with a pinch of salt over the last few months like most people have.

  • @hayzink
    the gullible was meant for the last time there was a store update
    when coolrichy was at it again and when he so called apologizing
    catkiller1 thought coolrichy really changed his attitude.
    when i said he should have banned.

  • @ hayzink
    so 008 strikes again ?. as with others have said just how far can sony allow this man to go. as it stands at the minute even if they banned him, blocked his ip and stuff, he can just make another account and comment from a friends house or internet zone in city centres, even a library, i guess the best way to deal with a person like that is if everyone else just stuck together and completely ignored everything he posts, but that would be difficult. i read somewhere that that is the best (legal) way to deal with constant insulters, prospective bullies.

    • Yes, as stated above, I’m investigating the incident now with the moderation team and will be taking it very seriously.

  • Hi Playstation BLog staff
    I was searching some info about Castlevania Symphony of the Night on the PSN and i found these articles…ises-on-eu-psn…t-is-psn-bound
    the question is: where is the game? I NEED IT. No, seriously, I can’t find it.

  • Fred please tell us when the new PS All-Stars patch will be fixed. I can’t even play arcade mode because ether the opening cutscene won’t come up or the game stays at the loading screen. If i try online it says ”can not connect to servers” and then some error code comes up

  • Link to Win BIG: PS Vita plus 6 games to be won is the same as the link to Bundles of Fun.

  • @ dgnfly
    I think you’re twisting my words. I said he had improved & that I hope he’s changed for the better & that was weeks ago when I had a disagreement with chrisandsheva. I would like to think people can change & i’m not gullible in the slightest. You must have misunderstood what I said as i’ve only ever kept it civil. That’s all you can do with a person like that! What was said was disgusting & even for CoolRichy, unlike him so i’m skeptical not gullible! Take Care everyone & i’ll catch up on Wednesday. Hayzink, chat later fella!

  • it look like my post been deleted but others remind very nice your posts been screenshot i had enough Im seeking legal action truly disgusted by SCEE.

  • ”And we’ve another busy week coming up. Set your alarm clocks for Monday – we’ve got a really exciting post going up early doors.”
    And it can’t be Spyro since Jawad already made a journal on it and if that’s thinking what I’m thinking like RCR or even Stranger’s Wrath coming to Vita soon. Fred I seriously love you.

  • So my post about action shows up but my other got remove most odd.
    Anyways I can’t shake this feeling it won’t be a game maybe a feature to be announce or those 2 games you said hmmm intrigue. :O

  • * but I guess stick my neck out and say it a feature :)

  • “And we’ve another busy week coming up. Set your alarm clocks for Monday – we’ve got a really exciting post going up early doors.”
    I know three things it wont be. CS:GO is coming to EU PSN or Singstar is being made optional or the Store actually works.

  • Hello there Fred
    I’m truly glad to be a playstation gamer with news that square enix is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony corporation. Does this mean Fred that we will get exclusive access or exclusive square IPs in the future please reply back. Thankful Fred

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