Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken takes flight on PS Vita in 2013

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Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken takes flight on PS Vita in 2013


Hi, my name’s Sian Yue Tan. I’m the ringleader here at Ratloop Asia and it’s my pleasure to tell you that Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is coming to PlayStation Vita in Q1 2013!
Rocketbirds, our cinematic platform adventure game, has come a long way from its three IGF finalist nominations back in 2010. Since then, we listened to people’s feedback and vastly improved the game for its PlayStation 3 release in October 2011.
That version had more technical improvements than we could shake a stick at; we made it fast and stereoscopic 3D, added a new Jet-Pack mode, a two-player couch co-op campaign and polished the heck out of it.
Again, we received lots of great feedback, so when it came down to the PS Vita version, we jumped at the opportunity to iterate on the game once more. We’ve added things like new chapters, puzzles and humor; a unique new Hardboiled difficulty setting; improvements to the controls to utilise the PS Vita’s unique features; and improved connectivity for the co-operative campaign.


From the beginning I’ve really wanted to include these large Orwellian video panels where a boss character would be able to literally talk down at his underlings. For the PS Vita release, we created a couple of huge new chapters from scratch to house these animated panels. I think there’s something funny about such overcompensation.
Now that we’ve managed to get them in the game I’m trying to figure out how to install some here at the office!
Inspired by Mega64’s take on “IndieFilms: Rocketbirds“, we took the idea of stabbing a Penguin grunt and incorporated it into a new Hardboiled difficulty setting. In this mode, you’ll be expected to take down the Penguin regime with just a pea shooter and a very large knife.
The game supports the PS Vita’s front touch screen and rear touch panel and you’ll be playing at full resolution without the ‘jaggies’. Like a proper cinematic platform adventure game, Rocketbirds does away with scrolling to give you big, detailed screens.


In interviews we jokingly referred to our PS3 game as a “non-scrolling-TILT-er” since the screens tilt a bit as you moved from left to right. For the PlayStation Vita we turned it up a notch and wired the tilting to the built-in motion sensors. Now you can counter-tilt at will and it looks great.
The final feature we’d like to highlight is improved connectivity for the game’s co-op campaign. To better fit with the portable nature of the game, you’ll be able to easily connect with a friend via online or ad-hoc multiplayer. We’ve also added two new playable co-op characters (Sniper Guy and Agent-H), exclusive to the PS Vita.
We’re really looking forward to the release and hope you’ll enjoy this Ultimate version of Rocketbirds on the PS Vita when it comes out in Q1 2013!

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  • Hi Sian,
    Will this be free for previous purchasers of the PS3 version?

    • I remember you from last time! We’re still putting together the pricing and all… But we are working to get our PS3 supporters a little something extra :-)

  • Do I smell a PS Plus game? Would be wonderful :-)
    Looks lovely!

  • Scratch that. This looks AMAZING! Really looking forward to the Vita version! (How did I never find out about this game on the PS3?)

  • i bought this about a year ago in a sale and i still have not got round to playing it on ps3.
    really need to work through my backlog, so unless this is cross buy i dont think ill play it on vita. :(

  • Never picked this up on ps3 but will be sure to buy this for psvita :D

  • Got it on PS3, if I get a Vita version free as a late cross-buy promo great, if not I’ll just make do with PS3 version only. Not worth a double dip imo.

  • Wth is this… i have better games on my iPad (FREE!!!) not that kind of stuff im waiting on the vita… silent hill a Diablo Clone? seriously? with decisions like this we can see how the rival portable (ahem 3ds… ahem) is smooth sailing and vita caughting dust.

  • Oh Sony Sony… I dont know where your public relations have their brains… I bought a vita to play awsome games… not games like this, whit the money of my vita i could have bought a ipad and play games like this FOR FREE… and some of them…even better loking than some games that i have played on vita… but yeah…i know whats going to hapen…my coment will be moderated… ;)

  • Also bought this game ages ago on the ps3. Not really played it as much as I should as have a massive back log. However I’d love to have it on my vita which is getting more air time than my ps3 at the minute.
    I would like some cross buy or discount for those that have the ps3 version though.
    As I wouldn’t pay full price for it again. Nice game though.

    • Thanks for the honest feedback (and your support) – we depend on feedback and we will be thinking hard on the pricing for our PS3 supporters.

  • It’s great to here that feedback is welcome and also to get a developer on the blog that actually posts a few replies.
    Think I’ll scroll down my xmb tonight and have another blast in the ps3 version in anticipation.
    Fingers crossed for some ps3 owners deal.
    Btw the music and art style in this game is awesome. It’s what originally drew me in.

  • I will definitly be picking this up for the vita it looks great. Good Job Ratloop Asia.

  • Please HELP: Why the games of the welcome back are not functioning? When it finishes the download and I am going to install asks for connect the system psp or vita, detail: the games are Infamous, LBP, dead nation, do not they be games of PSP. And also that yellow bar of version appears trial 60 minutes and my account is not plus. thanks.

  • @Sian Yue Tan: Wow, never thought I would see a Dutch reply. Well done! Will surely check out your title when it comes out on Vita. Hope you’re going to give us a nice double-pack offer (PS3 + Vita), but I’ll get it anyway.
    @Fred, get this game for PS Plus, please?

  • This game is so amazing and under rated. I’m really glad to see it coming to the Vita and I can’t wait to play through it again with the new levels. Also the co-op stuff via online or adhoc is excellent :D
    I would definitely buy it again and pay full price but I’m sure whatever you guys come up with will be fine :D

  • PS3 version was good – just not spent enough time with it unfortunately. Will certainly pick up a Vita version when it arrives, as the enhancements sound good to me.

  • Great music used in trailer :)
    is there are any vehicles that this RamboChicken uses? Tanks etc?

    • not yet… he puts on a Jetpack though :-)
      The Music is by New World Revolution – the song used is the instrumental version of “The One”…

  • Looks good! I hope it wil be a ps plus game!

  • Played a few chapters on the PS3 again after reading this blog. Really cool game and it’s now back at the top on my xmb list. The new Vita features sound very cool, great to you have made a effort to maximise the Vita version.

  • Hey Sian
    Great game :D I freaking loved this on PS3, played to death and got me the platinum trophy and all. Everything from the presentation to level design to the music was awesome. Especially the music. New World Revolution rocks :D
    Ill be getting this on Vita again for sure, was really pleased to see this announced :D You indie developers need all the support you can get. This game i great, very fun and very underrated.
    Ill be hoping for a discount or even cross-buy (fingers crossed) for players who already own the PS3 version. Even so if this is not the case ill be buying it again anyway.

  • Any developers that takes the time and effort to add extra support for additional bonus features like stereoscopic 3D or tilt-control, front-touch or rear-touch control should deserve some free publicity. They are adding stuff to a game that is not really necessary but still adds to the experience for those users that do like to use those “bonus”-features.
    The developer that incorporates “cross-controller”-features (albeit 1-2$ DLC) into their PS3 games deserves premium publicity. (hint hint)

    • If you were one of the fortunate ones to have played the game in stereoscopic 3D, I’m really happy for you! The screen tilting on PS Vita really is the next best thing (if not better than) – hard to explain why exactly we did these things. We must have been compelled by a little daemon living in the walls…

  • Almost just bought this on Steam. Lucky I check these posts regularily. I will wait to pick it up on my Vita,

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