Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock on PS Vita next week

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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock on PS Vita next week

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In response to many, many questions from PS Vita owners, I’m delighted to officially announce that the PS Vita version of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will be available to download from the PlayStation Store next week on 10th October! The PS Vita version of the game will have several new features that we’ve been working on the past few months.


One example are the new PS Vita controls, which utilize the combination of the dual analog stick controls and PS Vita’s touchscreen features, enabling players to switch between the more traditional controls and the ability to tap the screen to affect the action. All of the puzzle games within the game have been reworked to make full use of touchscreen controls as well.

We’re also tapping into “near”, PS Vita’s geo-social service. Using “near”, players can collect “Gallifreyan” medals while playing through the adventure and then drop them in a GPS location for other players to collect. Grow your collection while searching for other players’ medals!

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We’ll also support PS Vita’s Cloud Save option for players who own Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock on both PS3 and PS Vita in the form of “Continuation Play.” This enables you to save your game on one device and load it on the other, which means you can continue your adventure while you’re on the move with your PS Vita and then pick it back up from the same place at home on your PS3.

We hope that you enjoy Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock on the PS Vita and want to thank all our fans for the support! To stay up-to-date on all things Eternity Clock, follow us on Twitter @DoctorWhoTEC.

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  • And the reasons for getting a Vita just keeps on growing.

  • With a Metascore of 39 out of 100 I doubt it.

  • Will this also be a buggy mess like the PS3 version?

  • One of my fave PS3 downloadables of this year. Really enjoyed it. Would I have to buy it again for Vita when I get a Vita or do I get it for free since I own the PS3 version?

  • Why do the screenshots look like a PS1 game? ;P I might try the PS3 version some time anyway.

  • Hmm, only thing that ruined the Doctor is Matt Smith. That is according to my housemate. -_-

  • Just avoid! Move on & never look back.

  • This was supposed to be out in May. It actually looks worse than the other version. I’m thoroughly disappointed. Why are the graphics so ugly in this version? They weren’t exactly pushing the limit on PS3, so why the need to lower the quality? Or is it just bad screenshots? I was really looking forward to this too…

  • I got bored waiting for this game. It should be out over half year ago!

  • Well sounds like the Vita is seriously doomed. Low quality games, bad graphics and bad gameplay. I mean what’s really a shame is the Vita has more power than the PSP and heck even Nintendo’s 3DS!!

    But the Vita was seriously poorly handled with low quality games, games get watered down by removing exciting features like having no online on Modnation Racers, too many rushed games etc.

    I mean, the screenshots on the game looked like a PSP/PS2 title rather than a Vita title. All this long delay for nothing. *sigh*

  • Woop! I’ve been waiting for the Vita version for aaaaages!!!

  • I personally loved this game on PS3 besides an extremely glitchy first section. It seems reviewers gave up on it after that, and that is a royal shame because sections involving the Silence and the Silurians were simply some of the best gaming moments ever put onto a console.

    The reviewers were extremely moronic rating this badly, they basically criticised it for not letting you walk around in three dimensions. On that basis, can we give the next 2D mario game a 2/20 score? Seriously underrated, but I’d like us PS3 owners to get rewarded with a ‘free’ (or discounted) Vita version.

  • Haters. Haven’t your parents ever said to you “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”?

    Personally, I think it’s a good sign that developers are putting the extra effort into polishing Vita titles, and ensuring the features are upto scratch, rather than launching a dysfunctional build just to tie in with the PS3 launch.

  • No more Unreal Engine, right ? That could explain the delay and the poor visuals. Like Mortal Kombat in fact, but not that bad. You can’t count me in…

  • With red dwarf back on Dave who cares about doctor who?

  • Something I’ve asked the developers on Twitter and via emails countless times but never got a response to, will owning the PS3 version entitle us to a free download of the Vita version, like with Motorstorm RC for example, or are we expected to pay again for what is almost the same game?

  • @Supersmith2500

    To be fair, The good games for the vita should start growing around this time with Playstation All-Stars,Assassin’s Creed,Sly Cooper Thieves In Time & Ratchet & Clank Qforce. Even PS All-Stars,Ratchet & Clank & Sly Thieves in time are meant to be exactly like the PS3 Version.

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