The Summer Sale Is Here!

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The Summer Sale Is Here!

Summer Sale

It’s Summer!! The time of year when the sun comes out to play and we can enjoy late nights, early mornings and lots of fun. And of course, for us gamers what it really means is a lot more time to play games, so what better time to introduce the PlayStation Store Summer Sale?

This year, PlayStation Store brings you some outstanding offers on over 50 titles. Starting on the 1st August, the PlayStation Store Summer Sale (or Winter Sale for all our readers shivering away over in Australia and New Zealand) runs all the way to 5th September 2012. With full Blu-ray games, PlayStation Network titles, PS3 add-ons, PS one Classics, PSP games, minis and movies included, there’s bound to be something here to tickle your fancy.

The deals include big savings on the likes of LA Noire Complete Edition (was €39.99/£31.99, now  €23.99/£19.69, with an additional 15% off for Plus members) and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition (was €24.99/£19.99, now €17.99/£13.99, with an additional 25% off for Plus members), but keep your eyes on the PlayStation Store for full details on what’s on offer.

But that’s not all!

As well as having loads of awesome content on offer throughout August, we will also be offering seven Summer savings. These deals will each be on offer for four days only, with a new deal replacing it. The dates to remember:

Deal 1 – 1-4 August
Deal 2 – 5-8 August
Deal 3 – 9-12 August
Deal 4 – 13-16 August
Deal 5 – 17-20 August
Deal 6 – 21-24 August
Deal 7 – 25-28 August

We’ll be kicking off these savings with FIFA 12 at €29.99/£23.99 (was €69.99/£54.99), while PlayStation Plus members will also get FIFA EURO 2012 DLC with their purchase of FIFA 12.

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23 Author Replies

  • Suh-weet, especially since I just got enough money to be able to spend a little on some games. Can’t say FIFA interests me much, but I’ll look forward to seeing what the other sales are.

    • There will be some Vita love with PSP games that are compatable, I am trying to get some PS Vita games for disocunt too but we did have our huge PS Vita sale recently so we might not be able to do this until the 15th August, I will keep you posted.

  • Great, will there be any Vita titles on offer?

  • OH GOD YES! Need Gravity Rush and Disgaea 3 for the Vita, hopefully these will be popping up on the sale and i’l have them bought, downloaded and played within seconds!

  • Looking forward to seeing what’s available soon ;)

  • Sweet. Please put the prices in pounds as no one uses this euro malarkey. Ta.

    • Sure! I will try and get this updated today, currently playing the catch-up game as I have just got back from holiday.

  • MGS Peace Walker? I hope so :P

  • It’s a shame its done this way, means if you go away or not attached too your ps3 for the 4 days you can miss out on a deal , or if your not made of money like the sony exc’s , and you maybe are only able to buy one , you may wait till the end incase something better comes out , then feel sorry for yourself that you didnt purchase something from the first 4 days. A little common sense would be nice. maybe a list of whats coming out when, Or just a massive sale for the month. instead of trying to bleeding us dry by drip feeding. Or even a poll of games we would like to see , and while im on this , a poll of games to pick from ps2 that are been released , instead of the tripe that comes out and no one wants.

  • Deal 1 – 1-4 August – in this sale will be God Of War Ghost of Sparta(PS3)?
    Deal 2 – 5-8 August – in this sale will be God Of War Ghost of Sparta(PS3)?
    Deal 3 – 9-12 August – in this sale will be God Of War Ghost of Sparta(PS3)?
    Deal 4 – 13-16 August – in this sale will be God Of War Ghost of Sparta(PS3)?
    Deal 5 – 17-20 August – in this sale will be God Of War Ghost of Sparta(PS3)?
    Deal 6 – 21-24 August – in this sale will be God Of War Ghost of Sparta(PS3)?
    Deal 7 – 25-28 August – in this sale will be God Of War Ghost of Sparta(PS3)?

    Why is there no list of games that will be?

  • Hooray! Been looking forward to this.
    …although you didn’t really say what was like I’d hoped =/
    Oh well, that’s not your fault, looking forward to the store updates! Guess I’ll have to check twice weekly with the 4-day-change plan. Seems like it starts tomorrow, too. Not bad!

  • Looking forward to seeing what games appear in the sale. This and new PS+ update should ensure a busy summer of gaming!

  • If there’s some decent ones then I’ll have a look.

  • you said that if you buy fifa you can get the dlc free if your on ps+ will there be other games like this and do you get to keep the dlc when ps+ runs out?

  • Hope theres some great stuff in the sale :) . please Journey, Linger in Shadow and Dyad

  • So, PS Plus members who buy FIFA 12 will get the Euro 2012 DLC free. What about us PS Plus members who already own the game?

  • i hope the perfect game for our summer is there

    you know…Heavy Rain :D

  • Can we get all our new games with tomorrows PS+ update please? Breaing up the releases throughout the month sucks.

  • Shame I’ll be on holiday from 24th August. Hope it’s not too good a deal

  • Well, so, err, can w expect a little more inside at what will be in sale on tomorrow’s Store Update post? :P

    I hope there’s something I can grab…!

    On the other hand, Jawad, shouldn’t Ross have posted about what we’re getting tomorrow on Plus? He usually writes it the day before the first monthly update…

  • Sony you better not be delaying our PS+ content because is the 1st here tomorrow and US not got theirs.

    You know this will anger people.

  • How come us has had plus heads up for their august 7th update but we are still waiting on August 1st news?

  • @17: No you can’t. At least one game (Retro/Grade) won’t even be released until later this month.

  • @21: The PS Plus announcement will be tomorrow. Ross announced it on Twitter. Apparently, there is some issue with translation.

  • Can’t be worse than the terrible christmas sale. Can it? Let’s hope not. Although those two examples in the post don’t set a great precent. I bought Midnight Club 2 years ago for £11.

    • The deal for FIFA 12 with the EURO 2012 DLC for PLUS members is cheaper then anywhere else I can find it, if you can find it cheaper however do let me know as I would be interested.

  • @ Nightmare966 The games for PS+ tomo are Dead Space and Rock of Ages, or atleast thats what was tweeted earlier.

  • Ah, will be keeping an eye on this as I have some funds sat waiting in the wallet.

    Please include some Vita titles, partly so I can pick up some good deals for mine but mostly so we don’t have to tolerate the unending moaning on here if there aren’t any, lol! :P

    Look forward to seeing what offers come around and hope they’re not just large % offers based on unrealistic starting prices e.g. FIFA 12 (was €69.99/£54.99)

  • FIFA? Damn, pity I’m too busy hammering nails into my own face, what a shame.

  • looking good…is there any way you can let us know which games would would with our current bluray saves? be nice to go digital with some games

  • @Jawad Ashraf:

    Can you list all games/movies in that seven summer saving deals please ?!?


    • Andy is going to respond to all these comments on his return.

      You’ll get to know each deal in time. Andy has his own plan of action. Kind of boring to just reveal it all, I suppose.

  • Looks promising :)

    Any news regarding Lara Croft for the Israeli store? Will we get a replacement free game if it isn’t available?

  • what a few comments have said, Why the secret drip fed wait and see malarky ?.. also am hoping that tomorrows plus game isn’t Dead Space as still got (re-bought) both of those, as for the digital saves working, Great idea, Hopefully it won’t remain that, an ‘idea’ etc, But have to say the blu-ray saves for Dead-Space2 aren’t even compatible, ie the one with extraction on doesn’t work with the one without (so lame), and i had the complete saves, ie All playthroughs as well. Someone posted last week we were getting Binary Domain tomorrow, which sounded good, Well leastways more like it, i mean after the ageing Saints2 and Lara games Surely they wouldn’t release Dead Space, as if you haven’t allready bought and played this yet then basically you just aren’t a survival horror fan, well as close as we can get to survival horror nowdays at least.

  • I take that Sony now acknowledges that it is summer by putting up this summer sale?
    Although even with that update I don’t know if I’ll keep my Vita or not…

  • Jawad with respect is not boring to reveal all as you say !!, im not Alan Sugar or Donald Trump, but surely it makes sense to tell us what is coming , so you can maximise sales. otherwise you will lose sales , its not rocket science

    • We do it this way for a reason, you must see that otherwise we would not be doing it, plus many other sales work in the same way.

  • Are there going to be any Vita deals at all? Pretty please? :3

  • @chrisboers and Lefonda: Thanks for answering guys :)

  • I appreciate your effort Jawad. I liked those short time deals from last christmas, you had some good offers there like RDR complete. Though I had no time to play that game even yet. :(

    I think the 4 days are a appropriate time frame for the PSN store. It obviously would be nonsense to try daily or even flash deals as Steam does, but 4 days are fine. I just hope that we’ll see some discounts that are good enough to beat the best retail prices.

  • @ Jawad.
    are you only person here today ?.. only i have/am having moderation ‘issues’ on Darksiders2 post, can you Please get me a answer regards that.

  • @ Jawad / Andy

    Forgive me if this is not the right post to ask this on but will we (Europe) be getting War of the Monster PS2 Classic tomorrow like the US are?

  • Where is the Plus Update for the Game of the Month ?

  • This all sounds good to me. The sale sounds good and the deals every 4 days should be fun to track. I personally have no issues not knowing what the deals are in advance.

    If I can only afford one game, It’s up to me to make the choice whether I buy a game I know I want when it’s up, or wait for the next deal and hope. It really is also a lot more fun that way. As long as the prices are good I’m happy. :)

  • Are there any upcoming offers for renewing our Plus subscription?

  • @ all PS Blog staff

    please device some sort of competition that rewards patience and gratitude. These are things that are sorely missing from a large portion (I suspect based on youth) of the populous here ;)

  • I can’t imagine anyone from The Netherlands wanting to buy anything that will force the EC’12 DLC on them ;-)
    stefanv27: It’s Dead Space (1 or 2). Announcement tomorrow.

  • Good to know!

    Now I know Andy will respond to here so (quoting Amanda from Nikita here): “I’d like to ask you a few questions”:

    1) Do you know if MGS: Portable Ops and Peace Walker will be just two such titles to get a discount? I was about to buy Portable Ops but decided to wait till ‘The Backlog’ was conquered (making good progress on that front!)

    2) Resident Evil 1-3 and the Abe games, will they be featured? And will there be a plus discount? Think I’ll be subbing the moment I see significant savings on these must have titles.

    3) How big a deal will these quad-daily deals be? Though the Christmas daily deals were ‘good’, the discounts were a bit lower than we expected (especially on that Driver!). I expect with four day deals you’ll be delivering us the goods in style?

    (To paraphrase Shawn from Psych): “I sense I’m going to be topping up my PSN wallet soon with the expectation I’ll be buying lots!”.

    • Hey Bealinator

      Ok so here we go:

      1) Sadly not and this was a publisher decision, they have there reasons which I can’t disclose.

      2) These have been discounted in the past and I am sure we will see them again around Halloween time as Capcom do love that season for obviouse reasons.

      3) 50% if not greater discounts but these will vary.

  • Months are capitalised. Seasons are not. So, it’s “summer”, not “Summer.”

    I dream of the day when SCEE hire a sub-editor.

    • However this is the name of the sale so I decided capitalise the whole thing but thanks for your comment.

  • Can’t wait, hopefully some good deals to be had.

    Sorry of this is unrelated, but, will we be seeing many top games available for Pre-Order via the store…in particular Borderlamds 2 and the new Need for Speed?


    • We can expect to see more pre-orders coming soon, I know they are ebing worked on but I don’t know for what games etc… however watch this space

  • I REALLY hope we get some of the games USA got in their summer sale, I really want Jurrasic Park: The Game (but not for 25 pounds) and I would probably buy inFAMOUS: Festivals of Blood also.

    As for the PS+ update; I hope we dont get Dead Space, im not a survival horror fan and surely those who are already have the game :/

  • Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Characters Hit Consoles on July 31st.

    So where is it Mr Jawad Ashraf as i can’t see it in playstation store anywhere. I can see it on SFxTK game highlighted characters but can’t play them until playstation network EU adds it to your PSN store?

  • hi jawad
    is the game LA noire coming to the Saudi store Please, we want this game and GTA THANK YOU ^_^ .

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